Ripple/XRP-Central Banks FOMO,The Grayscale Effect,CBDC/R3/Ripple/BIS, XRP Price $5.88 Incoming?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines SEC the broken Regulator we got binance coinbase rippo And how about the grayscale effect You're going to like it cbdcs R3 the United Arab Emirates and USA USD tether But how does Ripple fit in we're going To talk about it and what's going on With price ladies and gentlemen xrp is Going the wrong way we're going to take A hard look at it somebody roll that Beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's $ 1.73 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 0.9% in the last 24 41,800 Plus right now for Bitcoin 2,400 Plus For ethereum 94.8 billion plus market Cap for tether we're going to talk about That today 55 cent for xrp is it's up6 On the 24hour off by 4.2 on the 7 day Look at the range of price very quickly Here ranging between 54 and 55 cents so We're back to that very tight trading Range after falling off a cliff Yesterday we'll see what goes on if this Turns around goes the other way we're Going to take a good hard look at the Technical analysis where we get out of Here and I remind all of you tickets are

Selling like Gang Busters here ladies And gentlemen with 102 days left we can Already see projected that the VIP Tickets are going to sell out very Soon if you're interested in a VIP Ticket it is limited you better get your VIP ticket before it is gone and the Only thing will be available then is Your general admission Ticket this is going to be an incredible Two days ladies and gentlemen an Incredible two days we're 100 or two Days away from it and I encourage you to Click on this button right here to go to The Fundraiser the future of digital asset Benefit dinner so you can break bread And hang out with brag garlinghouse John Deon Michael Arrington and The Honorable Christoper Gian Carlo ladies and Gentlemen get your tickets limited Seating for all of this do not wait this Is going to sell out there's no question This is going to sell out and look just Very quickly here look at how this is Shaping up Perry and borne from the Digital Chamber of Commerce The Honorable Christian Carlo co-founder Digital dollar project David Schwarz CTO Of Ripple CEO Simon mcgoffin CEO Kevin Maloney for my Trust think of it we're not even done Yet oh wait till you see what we got Coming it's not oh my goodness that's

What I say you better get your ticket Meanwhile Elon Musk and X launch lach Their new payments Account it's coming right here you can See they' started it X payments right Here okay keep it coming keep it coming All right well here we go right here Let's move through this because the Hearing for binance was moved to January 22nd due to the weather conditions Because we've had snow on the East Coast Here we'll keep you up to date to that And give Ashley Prosper a follow super Super smart and big influencer in this Space a lot of great information coming From Ashley Prosper Bloomberg analyst Thank you Michael Branch give him a Follow estimates there's a 70% chance Listen to this coinbase wins the motion To toss the SEC lawsuit now I'm not a Lawyer but what I can say is is that This is if this happens I think this is Going to be just as pivotable just as Pivotal as the Ripple case and if you Add in where the Ripple case is right Now and winning this toss of this SEC Lawsuit from coinbase I and Understanding the arbitrary capricious Ruling in the grayscale case you really Start to say that the SEC is running out Of places to go Legally so I think if there's 70% chance Coinbase wins this motion to toss the SEC lawsuit I think that means that the

If if coinbase wins that and I will talk With James Murphy we're going to talk With him next week metal law man and He'll help us out with this as well but It would appear to me that the SEC is Very close to being sanctioned if they Continue this kind of Erratic erratic approach to regulating This market now let's hear from James Murphy metal law man himself as he was On Paul Baron right here about the SEC Versus coinbase dismissal possible soon Fine I I was sitting next to uh my buddy John Deon and we were rolling our eyes Hearing there was there was no ecosystem With Bitcoin and the SEC said yes the Tokens are securities and then about 15 Minutes later they changed your answer To no the tokens are just code and are Not in and of themselves Securities and There there's I think they changed it Maybe once or twice after that if the Answer is no then Gary gentler has to Stop going around referring to a thing Called a crypto SEC asset security and You just got to wonder are they unaware Or are they telling the judge something That is not True purposefully well you know what you Can't come to any conclusion other than They're not telling the truth purposely P purposefully because Gary gendler had No confusion when he was at MIT teaching People that these things were not

Securities right it was completely Different when he was at MIT shout out To both of those gentlemen here then we See this from steuart alera Chief legal Officer of Ripple basically calls the SEC a broken regulator which is no joke Ladies and gentlemen it'd be a lot funny He a lot funnier if he hadn't caused so Much damage shout out to steuart alar For that that is absolutely true and uh We will see as we say the these faces Are mounting against the SEC at some Point they're going to be out of room And if they continue what they're doing Listen to what James Murphy Described they yeah they're Securities 15 minutes later oh they're not Securities they're just computer code You know this is what it means to be Arbitrary and Capricious this is what it means to act In an Unfaithful allegiance to the Law how much longer are we going to Watch this happen in all these different Cases the only thing consistent about The sec's approach is the lying the Manipulation look at the debox case they Lied and hurt People and they were lying so you know This is our country this is our Government this is our government Agencies using our money to infect and Do whatever they want to do for their Own personal

Interest where is the Accountability Ripple rejects the sec's Unreasonable demands in a new filing Again the SEC now looking to change the Rules on the Field they would like to reopen Discovery in the Ripple Case when it should not even be Considered so we'll see what the judge Does to this we'll wait for judge net Burn's decision on that again the SEC Acting erratic you know anything goes There's a different set of rules for Gary gendler in his SEC than there is For the rest of the world there's a Constitution for all of us and laws but I don't know what the hell they have to Adhere To Meanwhile take a look at this because This was a absolute I thought this was Fantastic Chad Stein robber was showing Here after six trading sessions down Here Black Rock now owns 33,700 Six Bitcoin while Fidelity Crossed 30,000 as well consider this a Full first week now do a a month in February These funds will be passing 100K under Possession so you can see the numbers Are gathering very quickly to custody The physical digital asset Bitcoin for These funds now come up here to this now That you've been shown how fast These Funds can ramp up think about this the

Grayscale large Cap Fund has 1.04 xrp Physical backing per share that means Once this list this up list to live Trading it will work just like BTC if Someone buys 1 million shares the fund Buys 1 million xrp you can clearly see How quickly you can soak up that loose Liquidity into the custody for these Funds very good point now we're going Down memory lane because we're going to Take you somewhere Today blockchain quarter settler Ripple Swift and this was from back in 2019 we Covered this where we know that they Were all working together IBM Ripple However are not players in the Blockchain payments World late last year And this is 2019 keep in mind R3 Launched its new Corda settler platform Using ripples xrp but here it comes in January Swift announced a partnership With R3 uh where they are collaborating to uh Uh test quter settler specifically Integrated with GPI with quarter settler However quter settler depends on xrp Token the partnership to put Swift and Ripple the two new rivals in an indirect Connection now we know and we've come to Learn over the years that xrp is not the Only digital asset that can or will be Used but it certainly is and has been so That is extremely exciting to see that Tie now I want to share with you uh uh

This clip here from Clayton Moore used To be on Fox this is Clayton Moore here Talking with Whitney web who does Incredible work and I want you to hear How she's explaining to him a mainstream Media guy who now has his own podcast Like a Tucker Carlson type right and now You have them talking about Cbdcs connecting R3 why the United Arab Emirates is so important and as we move Through this information and you hear This uh three minute clip here I want to Just show you obviously there's a Connection and has been an early Connection with R3 Swift and ripple over The use of xrp this was a conversation That was open in 2019 now before I play This clip I want to just run a a few Other things remember R3 and ripple were Partnered for a while and then F fell Out of uh agreement with one another and Had to go to court to sue over their Relationship Ripple said that R3 did not Deliver on their end of the agreement Now that being said it was said in 2020 That there was a settlement between Ripple and R3 estimated to $240 Million because R3 had an options Contract which is probably one of those Contracts that's in dispute as far as The SEC versus Ripple case goes however They had a 5 billion xrp option at that Time yes so there was pre-allocated xrp To R3 in an option contract which is

What we've been saying for years on this Channel and it's one of the things that We use to understand the credibility of That of that understanding that Speculation is validated but then I want You to look at this we're going to play This clip with Whitney Webb in a minute But I want while you're hearing all of What she's going to say think about These connections here Ripple expands And this is May 88th of 2023 okay Ripple expands the Middle East Deepens commitment with new office Brings annual Global conference to Dubai Of all places right and for those of you Who don't know Dubai is the biggest Popular city in United Arab Emirates now Let's get back to the clip here and Think about how Whitney Webbs explaining Cbdcs which Ripple helps create a Platform for the Central Bank digital Currencies and different governments Around the world the connection from R3 I just went back over with you and then The Deep connections that they have Inside of the United Arab Emirates with Banks financial institutions partners And the region itself then she's going To talk about tether to take a listen to This Deltech and FTX had a lot of Connections with tether which is the Biggest US dollar uh Peg stable coin and It's interesting that they in creating This you know in in utilizing Farmington

State Bank as this apparent front were Moving away from uh one dollar Peg Stable coin tether to this other one Produced by fluent Finance which was Positioning itself as a version of Tether that was more trustworthy quote Unquote and more likely to make it past Uh the you know the requirements to be Put forth by you know coming regulation Of the crypto industry can you also so It seemed like an effort to position Themselves for that you know Post-regulatory Environment you also talk extensively About the UAE um and these overseas Connections can you talk about that what Is the UAE connection here here to all Of this the United United Arab Emirates Yeah so fluent Finance was created for a Particular purpose dissuaded from Fulfilling that purpose by the collapse Of FTX and the scrutiny applied to Moonstone and so in the aftermath of all Of that uh they ended up essentially Rebranding to an extent and establishing Themselves in the United Arab Emirates Where they teamed up with this other Company uh called R3 which is currently producing the cbdc For the United Arab Emirates uh but the UAE right now is trying to position Itself as a Silicon Valley for the Future of Finance essentially and They're doing this with this this Nexus

Of companies that includes R3 fluent Finance uh the xdc network and some Other entities and R3 is uh important to Pay attention to here because they uh For example were named by this the Publications Central Banking is cbdc Partner of the year uh they've been Building cbdcs all over the world but They're also not just building cbdcs They're building um Bank issued stable Coins deposit tokens all of the Infrastructure for these things and These are terms that maybe a lot of People don't know about I mean I'm sure A lot more people are familiar with uh Cbdc than these other terms but the idea Is uh overall different classes of Programmable surveill money that don't Necessarily have to be issued by the Central Bank in the case of like a Direct issued cbdc you can have private Banks issue money that's also Programmable and available in the form Of a stable coin or in the form of Tokenized deposits or deposit tokens and There's a big push particularly from Wall Street uh to have that happen so Essentially you have fluent Finance now In the United Arab Emirates building the Infrastructure uh for these deposit Tokens and in these stable coins in such A way that they're compatible and Interoperable with cbdcs in the UAE and Beyond and so the goal here um as I see

It and as is outlined elsewhere in this Piece is to uh have the UAE sort of Serve as a bridge between the bricks Block uh model or bis model of cbdcs Which is a direct issue cbdc where like The Central Bank itself is issuing the Cbdc um with this model that's likely to Be followed in the US potentially the UK And elsewhere in the west where it's not A cbdc in name but it is in practice Something called uh sometimes a Synthetic cbdc which is essentially a Stable coin um but its reserves are Backed with the Central Bank of that Country or there's some sort of Interbank settlement Network like fed Now uh where which Ripple is a partner Of you know there might be some sort of Uh cbdc but it's not interacting with The public the end user really at all And look this is this this is Interesting to me because first of all She's nailing it here and everything She's talking about rip rle has some Kind of indirect or direct connection To this is going to be amazing to watch This next year or so play out ladies and Gentlemen now let's go ahead and take a Look at this technical analysis where we Get out of here because I just felt like That was so strong and understanding That the market is down so much I want To take a look at a couple different Opinions here one is dark Defender says

I've summarized what I've been saying For months below finding it complex Please grab your coffee first xrp coiled Himself as he did in 2021 relative strength index at the same Level equation xrp stays below 52 cents For three days 39 cents is in play yikes Number two xrp stays above 52 cents for Three days and 66 cents is in play now Here's the other part that I liked one Way or another wave two will be Completed and wave three is expected to Taret Target at $188 to $585 both scenarios for both scenarios So whether we go to 39 cents or we stay Above and go to 66 cents it looks like We got sunshine and rainbows headed our Way I love that dark Defender and theyr Crypto too and I wanted to show the Alignment here and you know they're all Using some of the same tools some Different tools but xrp's egg rag Krypto Says uh 585 is on the horizon and tat ICal insights unveiled look I think this Is the same thing too whether we see More downside or whether we fight in the Buyers and the Bulls get back up above 66 cents they're saying we're going to Find our way to the same Outcome which leans me into Understanding patience is the greatest Attribute of any investor there's just No question in my mind to be perfectly Honest

Now ladies and gentlemen it's time for Us to go into the freedom zone go to dig Perspectives. comom click on the freedom Zone and join us it's almost next to Nothing it's you're talking a cup of Coffee for goodness sakes for the month For goodness sakes and we're having the Conversations in here that we know we Need to be careful about having out on Social media because censorship is just So alive and well if you want freedom of Speech you can find it in the freedom Zone not Financial advice for me or Anyone else this is where we're going I'll see you inside come on in


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