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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we've got Ripple in The U.S faster payments Council report And you're going to like it in the 156 Trillion dollars worth of cross-border They're talking about and we've got Brad Garlinghouse who's going to talk to us About what's going on and we could see a Judgment and a ruling in this case any Day we got that and so much more Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now The market is off by 3.7 percent and we Are at 1.07 trillion dollar market cap For crypto good morning everybody Bitcoin 22 000 351 and change it's off By 6.6 on the seven day four point two Of that in the last 24 hour damn near The same here for ethereum at 1566 and Change tether market cap 71.1 billion Plus xrp coming in at 36 Cents right now It's off by 2.4 on the 24 hour 5.3 on The seven day let's get started right Here you need to check this out this Here is Ray Fuentes from the link to fam Telling us exactly what's going on with Poli-science strategic partner Cowan You're going to like it it only gets Bigger from here ladies and gentlemen Take a listen

Hi everyone it's Ray link2 coming in hot With some news fresh off the press the Strategic partner to the link to Portfolio company poly sign Cowan Inc Was just acquired by the Legacy player Toronto Dominion Bank collectively known As the TD Bank group also known as TD or The bank for short I'll play a clip Including the announcement in just a Moment TD is the sixth largest bank in North America by assets under management And serves over 27 million customers Globally Cowan Inc is an early investor In poly sign which means TD is now an Investor in poly sign right alongside The leading investors Hard yaka AKA Greg Kidd and the Brave And Howard Asset Management who has over 26 billion in assets under management to Celebrate the news link 2 is offering Exclusive tiered pricing to our team Apollo members all investors with the Portfolio size of seventy thousand Dollars or greater also for all Investors that invest a total of one Hundred and fifty thousand dollars into The link to portfolio company poly sign During the month of March LinkedIn will Treat you to an exclusive Las Vegas Private dinner with poly sign CEO Jack McDonald when we're all out in Las Vegas For the upcoming xrp Army conference Hosted by the link to team Apollo member Brad kimes AKA digital perspectives and

Yesterday was a record day for our Member investments in police sign not Only did we sell over 1 million dollars In poly sign inventory but a number of Our members already qualified for our Exclusive Las Vegas private dinner Please reach out to our sales team to Get more details on the lead to Portfolio company poly sign the Exclusive VIP dinner and our Participation in the upcoming Las Vegas Xrp Army conference here's the clip Including TD Cowan's announcement thanks For tuning in we are thrilled to Celebrate this tremendous Milestone as We welcome Cowan to the city Securities Team the combination of incredible Talent and similar beliefs coming Together make us a formidable partner With a much larger scale We cannot be more excited to take this Next step on our journey we are better Positioned to leverage our unique Strengths as an organization station and A platform in more meaningful ways to Truly cement our partnership in the Months and years ahead Well said don't mess around and click That link and I'm telling you get your Tickets to xrp Las Vegas 2023 May 5th May 6. get a ticket for each day you're Going to have the opportunity look you Know Look there's no there's only so much

Time in this world this is a moment Where people are coming together and This is going to be your moment to be in The same room with people that you Wanted to talk to and speak to ask Questions of all of these things you're Going to have that moment at this Conference don't mess around it will Sell out click that link and check out Poly sign you guys know I love it and I Love my sponsor here we go right here It's suspends US dollar Transfers via silvergate look we know And we reported that silvergate bank Received a huge bailout from home and Say or say it was a home and savings Loans uh bank and that is not what it's Designed to do we reported here the Gentleman that was in the Congressional Hearing that said as much as well I Believe he was an official from the SEC If my memory serves me correctly if I'm Not put a link underneath the video I'll Correct it but nevertheless Silver Gates had a lot of troubles and You know you have to build on this idea That you know watching silvergate go Through this if silvergate were to Continue to go down Don't you know that Gary Gensler will Use this just as he's done FTX after I Believe he's helped prop that up through The meetings that he had before ftx's Collapse awarding FTX with a broker

Dealer's license and now uses it as an Example now that it's collapsed after Not doing his own job to stop it He actually endorsed it and gave them a Broker dealer's license we may see the Same example here if silvergate goes Down we're watching closely and we will Report John Deaton says right here he's been Saying for a year that Gary genzer has Had the exchanges in his sights and it's Absolutely spot on here as Bitcoin Archive shares that new cryptocurrency Exchanges cannot be relied on as a Qualified custodian I mean it doesn't Get any clearer than this I've been Talking about this for years about the Centralization of exchanges for years I Think 2019 2020 Certainly 2020. The idea of understanding that Everything is bottlenecked there and it Doesn't mirror The traditional conventional Market Structures and framework and if you Superimpose the traditional Market Infrastructure over top of this merging Market you see that you don't have what You have at Fidelity like you buy Fidelity they don't hold your stock it Goes to a custodian that's what they're Going to do here don't believe it it's Still true and there's going to be pain In order to get it done however that

Doesn't mean I endorse Gary gensler's Full agenda I think we all know that Then we get right here oh boy Shout out to Meadow law man John Deaton Here uh Gary Gessler just stated that he Believes the SEC has jurisdiction to Make rules concerning custody of all of An Investor's assets not just their Funds or securities Let that sink in You know I asked a question here where Is Congress to stop Gary Gensler Where is all the posturing and you know Political posturing and soapbox uh talk That we've heard from Warren Davidson or Tom emmer or Patrick McHenry with all Due respect Where's the action I don't want words I Don't want things that I hear that People in this space agree with I want To see you take action that's why you're Actually there and I'm home here talking On a microphone We're waiting We're waiting and by the way I'll take Somebody on the left hand side of the Aisle too I have no discretion here at Who's got sense enough and the courage Enough to actually get this in order Here I have no problem with a regulatory Framework for digital Assets in fact I Encourage it to the behest of all the Libertarians listening here this is Where it's going and at 51 I realize it

But I tell you this The way Gary Gensler is going about it Is the part I have a problem with he Sees himself as a hammer and everything Is a nail Now I want to thank Perry and boring in The digital Chamber of Commerce for Having me on the digital Chamber of Commerce Twitter space yesterday it was An incredible privilege and an honor and I certainly don't take it lightly I was Very grateful for that the digital Chamber of Commerce are doing great work To put a stop to the sec's overreach as Well as John Deaton and others check out The Amicus brief they filed in a very Important SEC versus wahi case if I Could quickly hear the reason that case Is so important And it is so important what they've done By filing this Amicus brief in that case Is to Simply understand that you know it Is because they're going after a Secondary Market buyer and holder and Claiming that what he has done is a Security as well it's it's a different Argument when you understand the SEC Going after a ripple or another entity And saying no no no the digital asset They use or have been escrowing or Whatever is a security that's an Argument of itself but to go after an Individual who bought off the secondary Market say this what he holds is a

Security is another matter and it should Scare the hell out of all of us Gary Genzer has said Bitcoin is not a Security but I have to ask how do we Know where it came from who's behind it What if it was designed by a bad actor Or country that we're not even aware of How can Gary Gensler make these claims That he's made take a listen again if I Could uh You know I thought it was fitting that Stuart El doradi Ripple's General Counsel had commented on uh Gary Gensler Talking about Bitcoin being the only Thing that was not a security and it Really puts him in a position where he Should really recuse himself from any Votes that happen within the SEC based On digital assets and any kind of Lawsuits because he's prejudged Everything without the information and Another thing you know and I don't say This from any other position than the Legal argument of being able to invest In alphanumeric code which is what we're All talking about with digital assets Here you know How do where do we know Bitcoin where it Came from right you know how is it that We can just say that that itself is Nothing wrong with it how do we know That there's not a bad country uh a North Korea let's say or a Russia that's Behind the creation of that and God

Knows what could happen 10 years from Now if you guys could just comment on That on the way out I'd appreciate it And I tell you once again I do Appreciate that incredible conversation With Perry Anne and all the other Participants on the panel it was a great Conversation and I look forward to Hopefully being able to do more I Learned so much Phillip Rowe former Ripple executive now Over here helping out as a director of Aipac and maina at when he was in aipac And maina uh Ripple executive here take A look at where he's at now This is pretty nice Dfcrc digital Finance Reserve Bank of Australia yeah Dylan Brown a program director cbdc with The dfcrc said the variety of use cases Proposed covers a range of problems that Could potentially be addressed by cbdc Including some of that involve the use Of cbdc for Atomic settlement of Transactions and tokenized assets the Process of validating use cases with Industry participants and Regulators Will inform further research into design Considerations for a cbdc that could Potentially play a role in a tokenized Economy that's what we're talking about Here they're talking about around Publishing that project in that report There in the middle of the year we'll

Keep an eye out for that as it comes but That brings us to this A new report from the study and Survey That was done here with ripple and the U.S faster payments Council now you know As we move through the understanding of This case the SEC versus Ripple and we Don't know the outcomes and you're going To want to see the next video I put out Of Ripple's general counsel talking Exactly about what the outcomes could be I offer everyone to understand this Information we're going to move through Extremely quickly here just as a Highlight and remember Ripple is a Partner to the Federal Reserve U.S Faster payments Council as well as the Digital dollar project And that's not for nothing as you're About to see Now I'm going to scroll down here you Should read this whole report here which You can find on my Twitter here but I'm Going to scroll down here very quickly And just show you rip One faster Payments Council collaborated on the Inaugural global payment survey to Explore Trends among the growing market And crypto expansion in order to better Understand payments provider sentiment And their adoption of blockchain and Crypto payments Now quickly we move Through here because we still have Brad Garlinghouse to get to here what I find

Interesting about this is that it says U.S cryptocurrency payments use case Maturity in 2023 remittances and Infrastructure is at a 10 which means Its highest maturity level which tells Me the payment infrastructure is already There and what has Ripple been doing all Of these years building the market Infrastructure to allow this to even be An opportunity to take advantage of I remind you now as we move through here I want to go to page seven very quickly Here where it talks about 97 percent of Respondents believe blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency will have A significant or very significant role In enabling faster payments within the Next three years come on in Then we talk about the size of this Market here an estimated 10 billion They're talking about here they say Increasing savings financial Institutions cross-border transactions An estimated 10 billion by 2030 thanks To fast reliable transparent payment CIS Settlement it says observers shouldn't Underestimate the transform Transformative opportunity here global Cross-border payment flows are expected To reach 156 trillion Driven by a five percent compound annual Growth rate How about that

Massive massive numbers ladies and Gentlemen if we go on here very quickly And I'm skipping over a fantastic easy Read you should read the entire report For yourself Over 50 percent of respondents believe That lower payments cost both Domestically and internationally is a Crypto's primary benefit now we reported Just the other day that the under Secretary to Janet Yellen the U.S Treasury uh said the same exact thing I love seeing this kind of alignment Especially knowing that Ripple is right Here working with the FED come on in Then we go here very quickly to page 13 I want to scroll to here very quickly And show you this which is basically the Sentiment nearly every respondent 98 Percent acknowledged the environmental Impact associated with blockchain use Listen I mean look at that number This is what we're talking about here Would only buy sustainable Cryptocurrencies which we know xrp Actually is And then if you take the other 30 and 24 They would prefer to buy sustainable Cryptocurrencies and strongly prefer to Buy it so you're talking the majority of This survey on this particular answer All being for a digital asset like xrp I Think it's important to highlight this Too the IMF recently probed the energy

Profiles of payment types noting that Some crypto assets can be more energy Efficient than much of the current Payment landscape increasingly both Policy makers and public Express Concerns of the environmental impacts of Money including traditional fiat Currency one University study estimates The total annual environmental cost of 50 billion U.S banknotes in circulation To be 12.9 billion but the problem here Is is there's trillions in circulation So you know this is quite a survey and Quite a revealing number I believe here And you should read the whole report Again you can find it on the Twitter Right now let's listen to Brad Garlinghouse lay it down it's a short Clip but it's what you need to know it Is him right here take a listen He says Kaylee lens asked if the U.S Doesn't get its act together is all of This crypto going offshore he says it Already is Take a listen SEC bringing the case Against Ripple was not really just a Case about Ripple or about xrp it's Really about the industry and how the SEC is kind of playing offense and Attacking the whole industry two and a Half years ago when it started I'm not Sure everyone fully digested that and Now that is widely understood this is Going to be pivotal for the whole

Industry because if the SEC is able to Prevail I think there's a lot of other Cases and some of them just in the last Four weeks I think they brought five Additional Enforcement cases the macro Headline for me is this is not a healthy Way to regulate an industry your Regulation through enforcement as Opposed to where we're seeing in other Countries where they're doing the work Right they're codifying they're creating A framework that allows an industry to Grow while protecting consumers and I Think that's really what the US is Lagging and for some reason why I'm here In Washington is to continue to try to Evangelize and educate you know here's How these Technologies can really Benefit consumers benefit industry I'm hearing from you essentially if the U.S doesn't get its act together and Move more quickly all of this is going Offshore it's just going elsewhere well It already is I mean the sad reality is The US really is already behind you know This is not behind countries that we Haven't necessarily heard of this is Behind Australia and behind the UK Japan Singapore Switzerland there's a lot of Countries that have taken the time and Thoughtfulness to create that clear Rules of the road it by contrast when I First got involved in the tech industry In the late 90s some were saying the

Internet should be banned if they were Saying like here's how the internet is Being used for illicit purposes but the US government said no no we're going to Create a framework and that allowed Entrepreneurs that allowed investors to Come in and look at the benefits to the United States on a geopolitical basis to Have the Amazons and Googles based in Headquarters United States we're at I Think severe risk of having that not Happen in this next evolution of Technology around blockchain and crypto It has already started moving outside The United States and also the consumers Are suffering because of that because You don't have the same protections that The U.S regulatory Frameworks can Provide what would a good framework look Like in your view well look I I think What you're seeing right now is the Securities Exchange Commission you know If your Hammer everything looks like a Nail and not everything here is a nail And I think it has to any framework has To start with clear protections for Consumers but then thoughtfully Understand that these aren't always Going to be Securities some of them are Used as currencies that is you having an Efficient process to trade exchange move Those things would be much harder in a World if they were regulated as Securities

There you have it Brad garlinghouse Laying down the fire you know uh I I Think to the point one of the points he Made in there is that when this all First started with the SEC versus Ripple It was really all on ripples back and it Was just about them and not the rest of The crypto space quickly over time Through this entire journey of this case It has come to light for everyone in the Digital asset space that this case Represents all of crypto and digital Assets broadly there's no question about That everything is at stake here it is Very important that we all unite throw The tribalism out the window stronger Together and move forward now very Quickly here reminder from Eleanor Tarrett here a summary judgment is Expected any day El doradi said maybe as soon as the end Of this month even Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen And it could be something you like it's Something you don't like but we're here For it when it happens shout out to Eleanor and shout out to everybody else This is not Financial advice this is Just my digital perspectives I'll catch All of you on the next one


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