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The great reset is the world economic Forum giving us the exact blueprint on Where we're going to land by 2030 there's a turning point happening Right now and most of the public Specifically America is not paying Attention in today's video I'm going to Break down and continue on the Conversation around the big debt crisis Coming and how you can win during these Economic Times believe it or not believe It or not you can win during these Economic Times so my name is coach JB What I work to do is make very comp Le Macro and microeconomic Strate Strategies excuse me very simple so the Normal everyday person can Implement Them I have amazing free resources for You number one everybody messages me JV You talk about ensuring your wealth and Tax code 7702 some people call Infinity Banking concept I ensure my wealth and Index universal life if you want to Learn how to secure your principle During these volatile times and the System that I use to get out of volatile Assets securing my wealth things that I Can compound and borrow against click The link down below or in my social Media platform you can set up an Absolutely free consultation with my Team okay second is a 16-page absolutely Free guide or book on how I built my Blueprint and at the back end of every

Video I share with you guys exactly what I'm doing so let's Dive Right In so um This stuff is not you know Bitcoin to 100,000 this is not xrp to 589 this is Really what people need to understand at A deep level if you want to win this Game it doesn't matter how much money You make in crypto if you don't know how To take those profits and move it Through the system as they move debt Remember money is just debt so now we're In this weird position and I'm if you Don't believe me you're going to hear it From the horse's mouth or one of the Horses mouth at the world economic Forum Okay debt is just a money money is just A debt instrument the Federal Reserve Has printed so much money that there's No value to our money since 1913 number Number two is every single Dollar in the System is debt there's only two things They can do they can print more money And create more debt okay they can lower Interest which a lower interest rate so Debt is more attractive because we have To borrow in order to have money in the System or we'll have a debt reset okay This isn't going to happen tomorrow These YouTubers saying oh there's going To be a switch hit and all of a sudden All your debts going to be released it's Not how it's going to work family There's going to be moments that are Going to shock the public which one is

Coming on the back end of this year They're going to lower interest rates And all of our assets and go into Hyperinflation it's going to make stuff Super super expensive so they may keep Lowering interest rates to get more Money in the system but the problem is That makes everything expensive but if You understand money in debt Monetization and how money moves through The system your assets are going to go Parabolic if you're in crypto stock Market or real estate and from there you Need to pull profits and secure and Diversify across different platforms and That's how you can win in these Economic Times so all the news is starting to Come out now I've been telling you guys All about this since 2020 all the way to 2023 here it comes IMF says Global Soft Landing in sight lifts 2024 growth Outlook okay World economic Forum was Really heavily about you know the new Systems what's coming up all these Things around the debt crisis and so This one is from the world economic form At Davos uh pulling debt back from the Brink okay so we're going to listen to This gentleman and he basic basically Talks about all the things I've been Talking about the big debt crisis maybe A debt reset but here's the thing I know A lot of YouTubers and Tik tokers are Telling you about nisara Jara and all

Your debts going to get wiped out you Don't know if that's going to happen so Waiting for that to happen and not Taking action now and Building Wealth And getting out of bad debt do you want A bunch of credit card debt right now Absolutely not do you need a car loan That's $700 a month or 1,200 absolutely Not I would get rid of all bad debt I Would sell your car that $700 a month And I would take that 700 and put in the Capital markets get rid of bad debt Start to use debt to build assets to Build money you have to move on the Right side of the cash flow quadrant you Have to use debt to build wealth okay That's the type of debt that you want to Be in very important okay I'm GNA start With you and maybe just problematize the Notion that there is a looming debt Crisis because it seems that we often in These types of circles talk about some Moment Reckoning for Global debt so will It actually happen in 2024 well I I think the big issue is not Just the size of the debt but what's Happening to interest rates we had this Period after the global financial crisis In 2008 2009 where uh interest rates Just fell off a cliff now inflation fell But interest rates fell even more than Inflation fell and everybody got this Idea um let's make every yeah Everything's free so that's certainly

The case and so this is important to Understand okay since 2008 everything's Been free low interest rates low Inflation you can buy real estate at 2.2% interest you can borrow money at 1.2% up to 3% I mean money was Absolutely free so that free fall fall Stopped in 2023 they stopped the Printing of money they raised interest Rates inflation kicked in savings are Drained now people are stacking up their Credit cards and now we're in a debt CR Prises because now the credit cards are Getting Stacks the savings are depleted So what they have to do is lower Interest rates to stimulate debt back Into the system which that's where you Need to understand where the money is Going to flow and that's how you get Wealthy in my country the United States Uh and it took a lot of pressure off uh Everybody and now I believe and I that They're very good reasons that that era Is over that covid was a turning the Pandemic was a turning point right but It wasn't just the pandemic a lot of Things uh we have much higher debt which Eventually feeds into higher interest Rates okay so now this is my narrative And just my opinion as Rosie Rio said in 2012 you need a shock to the system to Change consumer behaviors they have been Working to take us into tokenization of All assets right to take control of the

System so in 2020 so 201 2012 they Turned on the printing machine full Blast okay by 2020 we had a shock to the System which started to move everything Into digitization Zoom calls changing Your consumer behaviors changing how Banking operates it's problem reaction Solution now we're heading into the big Debt crisis we're going to go to war Which gives them permission to print Money the guys this is a 10-year Transition this isn't a great flip That's going to happen everybody's like Oh there's a switch going to be flipped On December 12 2024 no it's a train it's A every switch is it's being flipped day By day guys this is these YouTubers and Tik tokers that are like oh I got the Insight that on November 16 16 at 2:00 It's not how it works guys we worked in Banking for 22 years combined me and my CFO they don't switch systems like that There are huge massive systems that are Being switched behind the scenes we Can't continue in this old Financial System something has to break something Has to change yes it has there's much More populism in politics which is good It redistributes income but that pushes Up interest rates we have the green Transition much talking about here I Don't know you know if it's happening on The scale that we need but it's probably Going to keep growing and that's going

To add to pressures on spending and Interest rates and I'm very sorry to say Defense spendings almost certainly going To go up all over the world and I I Could list some other factors so that's The problem now it's not the same for Everybody so the United States I can Tell you that if whichever side wins if They really control things they'll spend Like crazy on their constituency what They want I me the Republicans will cut Taxes the Democrats will raise taxes a Little but raise spending a lot more and We already have 7% GDP debt which is Fine if you're in an epic recession but We're actually in a huge Boom at the Moment in the United States so that's Going to end up in inflation so in the Country okay so I want you to hear that And I'll get off the soap boox with this Gentleman there's like a critical time Right now we are going to experience an Inflation ass inflationary assets boom Right but guys what goes up this is Going to go up like crazy because They're going to try to get reelected And then if the new president comes in They're going to improve the economy They're and then we're going to go into War they're going to print money so you Have this window right here where all Your assets are going to go up and so For me I'm going to share with you what I'm doing on the back end I'm pretending

That this is just going to go to Zero crypto is going to go to zero all The Fiat fake money Fiat money crypto Funny money right when it goes up I'm Pointed out of the funny money and I put It into index universal life tax code 7702 I'm locking my wealth in okay you Don't see them bailing out insurance Companies guys there's a reason behind That you when you put your money in a Bank a bank puts it into a third party They put it into insurance companies They ensure your wealth they ensure your Money and they give you less than 1% They earn 6 point 6% to 12% that's what We do okay so that's one Avenue I'm Going to get into real estate I'm going To continue to expand my businesses and I'm going to make sure that I'm secure Right and I'm gonna hold 50% as a Moonbag just in case it goes parabolic And I'm wrong right so we have to start To pay attention how the system works Because everybody thinks they're going To figure this out guys it's been Happening the Jesus's times right we're Not going to beat these the only way Everybody's fighting this invisible Enemy they're at the top of the house Laughing at us fighting with each other You understand that right just like Jesus said when when he walked up to him And tried to mock Jesus he said' who do We give our taxes to and he said' who's

On the coin he's like Caesar he said Give your taxes to Caesar give to God What is his and give to me what is mine He's like dude let them play their game Pay their taxes dude go get wealthy as Hell spiritually mentally and physically And let these little boys and girls Fight against each other and you go take Care of your family you go get your Together you'll be the richest man or Woman in the world okay so Davos Predicts a stormy year ahead but Everyone's story has two sides so there It's all the new story right we know What's going to happen we understand That there's going to be a big switch This is the biggest uh election in Presidential history in a very effed up Financial system the problem is the Middle class is going to get wrecked I'm Going to keep saying that okay I want to Show you guys this really quickly let's Go to page one here I want to show you What this is and you guys can go find This for yourself the global risk report 2024 19th Edition this came out I highly Recommend you go read through this it's Like dude they are literally giving you The blueprint they're giving you the Blueprint at the world that economic Forum and their stuff comes true man They it's the richest people in the World they get together man CLA Schwab Created the world economic form in 1971

When we detached from the gold standard Okay so if we go here it show it's it's Wild man you guys I would highly Recommend you go find this on the Website um let's see here okay so we're Gonna go to page 12 and it says Global Risk 2024 at the turning point right the World in 2024 so I'm going to go over to The right side over here it says uh is That as as we enter 2024 results of the Foreman's Global risk perception survey 2023 to 2024 highlighted prominantly Negative outlook for the world over the Short term that is expected to worsen Over the long term surveyed in September 20203 the majority of respondents 54% Anticipate some instability and a Moderate risk of global catastrophes While another 27% expect greater Turbulence and the 3% expect global Catastrophy risk to materialize in the Short term only 16% expect a stable calm Outlook in the next two years the Outlook is um I can't pronounce that Word dyslexia more negative over the 10e Time frame boom 10 years guys I'm Telling you this is a 10y year Transition and this is our time to put Our blinders on and the biggest wealth Is built and then you should go read This right here the path to 2026 guys There's a transition into 2023 2030 Excuse me they say you'll own nothing And be happy it's true if you don't get

Your together the middle class is No longer going to exist guys think About it if you made a $100,000 in 2020 now in 2024 because of inflation You make about I'm just rough numbers You make about $75,000 you didn't do Anything all you had to do is show up to Your job and they took away your money Inflation is illegal Taxation and what They're going to do is you can go fight Back and forth guys you can go protest You can go do all this stuff as Jesus Said give to Caesar what is his man give To God build a foundation with God Follow the life of Jesus get your Together create a budget get rid of your Two cars go down to one take that $700 a Month invest in the capital markets when The capital markets go up take some of Those profits and secure it for your Family the beautiful thing about this Everything is a wave of energy when it Goes down we go opposite when it goes up We go opposite it's just a wave of Energy the devil is the prince of the Earth what is he going to do he's going To play games with you so if your if Your emotions are off the media and all This stuff it's like it's unfortunate It's unfortunate but you can complain About it it's been like this in history Over and over again study ralo study the Bible study uh the Roman days guys it's It's the same cycle the problem is we

Keep repeating it we keep repeating it But you don't have to there's always That one person that one person in the Family that has the balls to go the Opposite direction but it's not easy so Read this right here the path to 2026 Go Download this guys it says the economic Chapter I'll just put the highlights out There it says economic downturn uh in Interstate and uh armed conflict Civil War misinformation and disinformation Okay inflation economic downturn uh Geopolitical confrontation guys we're Going to war we are going to war that's That creates economic growth think about That really quickly why do we go to war What happened after World War II after World War II America became the dominant Currency and techn ology change there's New innovation it happens every single Time so the economy is effed financially Effed so now they're going to ever Grande guys they just I think everg Grand just went bankrupt or whatever They just liquidated it China's real Estate system got rocked right we are The ones that caught the ball okay so we Caught the ball what do we do we have an Innovative technology just like the auto Boom just like the internet boom we now Have cryptocurrency boom okay it is Extremely extremely persective and I Would not Bank it on your retirement Here's why is regulation is coming and a

Lot of these cryptos are going to get Smashed so I set up a fundamental Long-term crypto portfolio that I will Exit 50% using Merlin the smartest way To track your crypto you have to have an Exit plan because if you don't you'll Get emotional and you think you're going To continue to get rich and what goes up Will come collapsing down harder than You've ever experienced in your life People lost 80 5% of their portfolio From 2021 going into 2022 and they've Been in depression the whole time and They're going to repeat the same cycle Because they think they're going to get Rich quick again it doesn't work okay Multi-millionaires and billionaires Aren't banking on cryptocurrency for Their retirement they're using Cryptocurrency and playing it like a Casino you have to do the same thing Guys until this thing normalizes the Good thing about it with it being Extremely spective is that it's very Volatile and you can make a lot of money But if you don't understand how the game Works you're going to to lose that's why The casino wins 100% of the time in my Opinion there's very few anomalies That's why they give you free drinks Guys that's why there there's so many Lights and there's just they give you Free rooms because you're not going to Beat the market but what you can do is

Understand how the market works so if I Walked into a casino and I put down $1,000 on a roulette table and I hit 2,000 pull your house money get out You're on house pull your money and be On house money that's the first rule Second rule is if I keep winning I'm Going to pull a little bit off the table I'm going to pull 20 bucks here 30 bucks Here 40 bucks here so when I stop my Winning streak and it collapses I not Only got my house money back but I Gained a little bit of cash and I would Take that cash and I'd put it into Something so so that's that's what I'm Explaining here so in cryptocurrency I Have a very fundamental portfolio I'm Holding 50% longterm okay 50% that Portfolio I'm going to exit 100% from 2024 to 20125 I'll be using Merlin you Can download it 30 days for free you can Try it out before you buy it okay you're Going to download Merlin you're going to Put up your exit strategy okay we're Going to exit the market we meet my team We're going to exit the market I'm going To Max Fund my index Universal Life Policies from there I'm going to sit Tight I'm let everything settle okay I'm Going to continue to buy real estate Right now and I buy I'm going to be Buying real estate with my increased Earning income from my businesses I I Feel entrepreneurship is the quickest

Way to wealth I have equity in multiple Companies I you know explain all that Stuff so as I increase my wealth I'm not Buying a bunch of nice guys I'm Putting every dime I can bes besides Living expenses and supporting my family My ecosystem into Investments that's my Goal my next goal is real estate so for Me I want a ton of insurance I want a Ton of real estate and I want equity in As many companies as possible then I'm Going to use boom and bus Cycles like Cryptocurrency AI technology and all These things to gain a large amount of Wealth in a short amount of time doing The opposite of the public and putting It into these fundamental tangible Assets gold silver all this stuff does That make sense hopefully that makes Sense okay when you see me buying nice Things or big homes those will be be Paid for by assets so I love supercars And someday I'm going to get a Lamborghini but I'm not going to get it Until somebody else is paying for it That's what's changed in my brain that's Why I went broke three times because I Didn't understand the wealth game so After the third time I said damn Something's wrong so I rewired the Foundation I started studying how Multi-millionaires and billionaires Operate multi-millionaires and Billionaires use debt to buy assets that

The Working Poor use Okay when you see the Working Poor goes And they get a auto loan and they spread It out over 72 months and they pay $700 a month for a car and they're Making $40,000 a year it makes zero Cense if they were to drive a hoopie a Piece of car and put that $700 into The Capital Market since 2020 maybe into A cryptocurrency do you know how much Wealth they would have gone or even Don't I don't even want to mention a 401k that's the shittiest invest in the World in my opinion have you put it into Ilul policy 700 bucks a month month and You started that at 22 25 years Old it's game over guys you it's it's The the eighth wonder of the world is Compound interest you need to start Putting your money into things that Compound that grow that you can leverage Against okay so that's my exact Blueprint if you download the book You're going to see that exact blueprint Uh there's also coaching that we have as Well but there's so much free content That we can help you with so uh so your Next steps download Merlin get your it's An interface we don't hold your keys or Combo it's just an interface get your Exit strategy set up we have C customer Service FAQs videos to show you how to Do we have Live customer service you can Talk to somebody uh what else do I we

Need to do we need to download the book You need to get the resource the book uh If you want if you need more education You can jump into our Academy um yeah we Have so much stuff for you guys we're Here to help a million people by 2025 I Love you guys I appreciate you as we Always say Warriors rise get your Together let's Go


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