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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines project Sandman 100 Countries set to drop the U.S dollar and We got Chris Giancarlo from the digital Dollar project who tells us about Liberty coin Freedom Coin it could be The most desired digital Dollar in the World somebody rolled a beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.23 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's up by point four Percent twenty eight thousand six Hundred plus for Bitcoin eighteen Hundred dollars slightly over for Ethereum tether market cap 79.5 billion they say xrp is 54 cents We're up 28.1 percent on the seven day But off by four and a half on the 24 Hour let's take a look at Fiat link it Says we're actually at 55 cents we're Ranging between 57 and 54 cents on the 24 hour we're going to keep an eye on it We got some news for you here today link Two members worldwide are capitalizing On our policy poly sign offering build Your private Equity portfolio including A top performing private company invest In Poli SCI today on link two yeah take A listen to this quick little clip here

You're gonna love it Many of our members scored yesterday by Participating in link two's poly sign Offering capitalizing on a company with High growth potential poly sign is at The epicenter of all things Transformational in the finance industry And is Guided by a highly credible Management team backers and advisors and The company owns patented technology That's trailblazing the digital asset Industry and to top that off it's never Been easier to invest in companies like Poly sign thanks to link2's proprietary Investment technology linked to is in The trenches right alongside poly sign Radically transforming how accredited Investors invest in private companies With our simple application don't miss Your chance to invest in private Companies available on link2's Investment platform build your private Equity portfolio with link to Absolutely and shout out to Ray Fuentes In the link 2 family there click the Link below and get your private Equity It runs out so quickly you just never Know when the door is going to be shut And you So make sure you get it you know what I'm reminded about what Paulie said I'm Reminded about the tuck in or bolt on uh Idea that could happen with poly sign Could be very attractive for a very

Large institution to just buy poli-sign And bring it in and tuck it in to their Business model how about that one yeah Tell them uh tell them Brad sent you and Tell him I said to come on in yeah this Is James K phylen right here Sharon Stuart El doradi's tweet which has got Some fire to it here the sec's 2.2 Billion dollar funding request includes 680 million dollars for 1500 enforcement Staff So how much of this is for rulemaking to Provide actual guidance versus more Enforcement actions that stretch Theories and the sec's jurisdiction far Past any faithful allegiance to the law Well said Stewart El doradi right there And shout out to Jim filing for that one Yeah I tell you It is Despicable the way Gary ganser's Been handling that agency no doubt about It and right here Wrath of common Reminds all of us to keep an eye on India Ripple user Fable fintech is in Talks with public sector banks in India To provide their platform for Cross-border corporate trade FX to 9 out Of 10 large PSU Banks including HDFC Bank ICICI Bank and idfc Bank First Bank and Public sector canara Bank say all of That five times fast I dare you As a reminder he shows us back here in 2018 remember what Ashish Berlin said

Ripple claims it's 50 percent share in India is inroad to Global markets I'll Never forget that so India is definitely A place to watch and so is Japan with SBI and yoshitakatau and not only that We need to be watching the global Landscape here and what's really been Happening we've been talking a lot about Bricks because Brix is expanding bricks Is making arrangements to drop the US Dollar and here we see more information Of that is Saudi Arabia is entering a Trade alliance with China Russia India Pakistan and four Central Asian Nations To step further away from Reliance on The US dollar is this thing on Hello let's take a look at it right here This is exactly what we're talking about Specifically reported by Saudi Arabia's Cabinet has approved a recent memorandum To take steps towards joining the China-led security block Additionally The report notes that the move Strengthens riyadh's Eastern ties in a Further step away from U.S interests Something is afoot here ladies and Gentlemen and then there's this I saw This yesterday in a thread of Molly Elmore shout out to Hurricane rafalo a Shout out to crypto family for sharing This It said abandon the Petro dollar when This decision is triggered the dollar in All dollar denominated assets will

Plunge to near zero literally overnight It says 100 plus Nations have Global Agreement now being deployed called Project Sandman to drop and end Dominance of the US dollar and Petro Dollar well that is disturbing okay and I'm not saying it sharing it to be an Alarmist here but it's disturbing and if We look at this this is all I could Basically find on it so far and Basically this is really the uh scenario Ice Nine that James Rickards has told Told us about shout out to Jim records But it sounds exactly like that kind of A scenario here project Sandman Describes a hundred Nation agreement That when triggered to see all those Nations simultaneously dumped a dollar And abandoned the Petro dollar status as Has allowed the US to enjoy 50 years of Fiat currency counterfeiting and Material abundance at the expense of Everyone else and this decision is Triggered the dollar and all dollar Denominated assets were plunged near Zero this means all dollar denominated Bank accounts bonds pension bonds Treasuries and other Investments Vehicles uh will essentially be worth Zero for simple simple reason that all Banks and markets will freeze operations And like I said this is the scenario That was painted by Jim Rickards in the Ice Nine scenario right any funds you

Have in stock stock market will be stuck In those markets entire infrastructure Banking Financial supper catastrophic Liquidity crisis that will freeze nearly All transactions credit cards stop Functioning food stamp machines ATMs you Get the idea the halting of everything It goes on to say that this project Sandman that is that is suggested here Or Ice Nine scenario is a dollar Collapse is a deliberate plan to force The starving masses into the digital Dollar control grid we all know that That is what we're talking about here is To force everyone into a digital dollar System run by the banksters it says and Certainly the governments right the Powers that be That's what we're talking about here so You know inside of that idea and Understanding I found this incredible Clip of Chris Giancarlo talking with Coindesk and you need to hear every Single bit of it it is an amazing clip Shout out to blockchain trucker This awesome clip of cristiane Carlo is Discussing the digital dollar project as You know which he heads up And don't forget that Christian Carlo Also wrote a paper about how xrp breaks To how we test it does not fall in line With it And that it is not a security shout out To Christian Carlo here but he talks

About the progress for a U.S digital Dollar and how if done right he calls it The Liberty coin or Freedom Coin will be The most desired digital Dollar in the World take a listen here Eventually the United States as the Dominant player in the last Century's Financial system in the analog Bank-based proprietary balance sheet Financial system is struggling with this Change it doesn't surprise me that we Have forces of resistance and forces of Progress battling out for what is going To be the United States now other Countries have worked this out they Didn't dominate the old system so Greatly that they're going to resist This new transformation they're going to Accelerate it the United States is Trying to work that out ultimately the United States as I think it was Winston Churchill said after trying all the Alternatives the United States always Does the right thing eventually we'll Realize that our future is in an Internet of value eventually we'll take A rightful place as a leader of this Change but right now we're still Fighting out as to whether we're going To be a leader or whether we're going to Be a resistor to this movement of value Away from proprietary balance sheets to An internet-based basis Outside so so my views from the outside

Are probably no better than yours what I've really been focusing on this day is Looking further down that road I'm and I'm looking around It's clear It's clean very clear that the world is Advancing with Central Bank digital Currency many central banks reaction to This movement of value to the internet Is to say if we can't beat them let's Join them and it began with China which Is as you know already placed it's Digital you want what it calls it's E-c-n-y in over 240 million Chinese Wallet holders and that's an 18 month Old figure by the way it may be double That number by now but around the world Over 114 countries are working on Central Bank digital currency 50 of them Are Advanced stages of development 19 of The gp20 Europe has said they'll start Beginning rolling out their digital Digital Euro by 2025 and Great Britain Has said they'll have a digital pound by The end of the decade so the question is What is going to be the United States Response to this That's it yeah the perfect uh segue Because we also learned last week that Senator Ted Cruz was introducing a bill Aiming at blocking cbdc's at the federal Level in the United States uh this uh Governor DeSantis also in Florida wanted To ban it at a state level and then we

Also hear from the FED wanting to create Fed now so where does that put the Development of a CBC in the United States with the digital dollar project Which you've been working on and what The FED is now wanting to release fed Now and what we're seeing in policy Makers wanting to ban them all together Listen carefully but with so much Development going on and here in the United States uh A lot of public One second figures leaders are now Coming to this issue you know I've been Focusing on it for about three years a Lot of folks are now coming to it and And they are rightfully quite Legitimately and I include Ted Cruz in This include uh Congressman uh house With uh Tom emmer I include Governor Santis they are rightfully concerned About how do we protect privacy how do We protect people's autonomy in a Digital based an internet-based Financial system a central uh a Sovereign and non-sovereign digital Currency and they are looking to the Chinese model Which is it let's face it has already Created a benchmark for what a central Bank digital currency could look like And they're saying that does not that is Not sufficiently private for our Citizens that provides the state with

The ability to not only surveil but Potentially even censor people's Economic choices and they're saying just Say no to that form of social Bank Digital currency where I differ with Them is the assumption that we in America the world's most ingenuitive Nation history has ever known could not Design a very different Central Bank Digital currency what I'd like to call a Liberty coin a a a Freedom Coin where we Actually as an affirmative Choice design Privacy into This Central Bank digital currency why Can't we counter China into some degree Europe with a digital currency that Actually affirmatively creates privacy And not even affirmatively Operationally and transparently as Privacy so you don't need to have the Government trust say trust us we're not Surveilling you build it into the Architecture using open open Architecture so that people can satisfy Themselves if they're not being Surveilled if the United States were to Develop that form of Central Bank Digital currency that digital Take over the world because after That's the people the world over would Want to use that currency as opposed to Another Central Bank digital currency That is a surveillance tool for a Government

Well I tell you what I don't think you Could say it any better than that Chris John Carlos got me fired up right there Because I completely aligned with what He's saying there and I tell you I hope That his vision Is where we can end up here and if we do We can LeapFrog to the front of the line And be the leader in this digital Revolution in industrial race here no Question about it now let's take a look At this because famous investor here Trader I should say veteran trader Peter Brandt expects xrp to touch three Dollars and we know that there's a lot Of technical analysts that we look at Every day they're looking for a lot more Than three dollars around here Peter But we got to get there first don't we So we'll take a look at it today let's See what he says here very quickly here He basically goes into this and says he Sees a bullish Outlook and it's set to Hit three bucks near the all-time high He lays it all out here there's no sense In going into it because I don't Understand most of it anyway but the Truth is is in particular Brant expects Xrp to touch three dollars per coin it's Not a financial advice for me or him or Anyone else I'm sure the positive Expectations from xrp Community Regarding the SEC case could among be Among the catalysts who actually uh

Actuality of this price action predicted By the renowned ta Guru we shall see Ladies and gentlemen again not Financial Advice to me or anyone else we're Waiting for a decision a ruling Settlement something from the SEC versus Ripple case we know it's coming we just Don't know when That's going to do it for me I'll catch All of you on the next one


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