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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today the spot Bitcoin ETFs and what's Going on and what about ever Grande tied To tether we could have bad news there And what about xrp spot ETFs we got some Clarification on that and John Deon we Got that and so much more somebody roll That beautiful [Music] Intro digital perspectives with Brad Kinds come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.7 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 8% 42,000 slightly over For Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for ethereum Tether market caps 95.9 billion plus Xrp's 52 cents we're off by 1.4 on the 24hour off by 1.7 on the 7 day the range Of price very quickly 52 cents on the Bottom 53 on the top it's not moving Around a lot today so we'll keep an eye On it and here I want to remind Everybody right here ladies and Gentlemen the countdown is on 94 days Away till the most important Conversations with top industry leaders On crypto begin I kid you not get your Ticket today to xrp Las Vegas let Go he's going to sell out

[Music] Soon have dinner with Brad Garling house Get your ticket support the digital Chamber of Commerce David Schwarz on stage ladies And gentlemen one thing that I really Like is I think you'll see a lot more of These Neo banking type of services come Into play I think you will start to be Able to use your your crypto portfolio To have a debit card and pay or you'll Be able to send money you know I could Send money to Fabio or crypto to Fabio Just like I send venmo Today that's exactly right and I just Want to show you something here too Because if you haven't gone to the site To take a look I really encourage you to Do so because look we have obviously so Many incredible people like honorable Christian Carlo perryan Boron Simon mlin David Schwarz Kevin Maloney and so many More are going to be announced yet you Don't even know but look at all the Companies that have been coming on Ladies and gentlemen it just keeps going This there's so much more I want to tell You about and I can't speak on but make Sure you get your ticket VIP tickets Will sell out ladies and Gentlemen let's Get started right here do not forget Ever Grande shares have been halted in Hong Kong court ordered Liquidation this is because they are

Absolutely having problems it is a big Problem remember ever Grande can be a Cascading effect that goes outside of China not to mention it has been said Multiple times and we don't have Absolute proof but we have heard Multiple times that ever Grande could be Tied to USD tether as remarked here by Egg rag crypto that's the point of Trying to understand this news story Outside of the fact that you got to Remember ever Grande tied heavily to China and their banking system all Central Banking systems are tied to the Hip so this could end up being a Cascading thing if it gets worse we'll Keep an eye on it meanwhile Black Rock Spot ETF here at home hits two billion Assets under management as Bitcoin Roars Past 42,000 and we see today starts the Day it marks a significant shift as Google's latest policy update now allows The ads to be shown for Bitcoin and Bitcoin exchange traded f funds how About this this is a big deal ladies and Gentlemen today's a big deal and I find It to be no surprise that this is being Lifted two weeks before the largest Event in the world is to be watched on Television the Super Bowl meanwhile it Must be Dawning on Charles Schwab as Well as the multi-trillion dollar asset Management firm could make its foray Into Bitcoin exchange traded funds

Market analysts predict uhhuh funny how That happens but meanwhile the battle is Still being fought inside of Congress specifically here in the Senate There's more crypto advocacy it appears From where I'm sitting in the House of Representatives than in the Senate and Right now we have 18 US senators Predominantly Republican now support Cryptocurrency according to stand with Crypto now this is a big deal because Look there's 100 Senators we're going to Need 5501 to get anything through this Is not enough it's a start but it's not Enough so uh look at the ETFs for Bitcoin if we could I want to play this Clip here of the CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce one second here uh it's A great clip with Tony from thinking Crypto and Cody Carbone and I want you To hear his remarks because of the Awareness that it's bringing to the People on Capitol Hill and I think look There's a couple things I'm taking from This you guys know that I believe that The approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs And soon to be many many other ETFs in This space as well on top of these Digital assets because I think we're Going to see hundreds if not thousands Of these actually launched in the near Term now with that being said I want People to understand that I have always Said that I believe seeing that approval

Of the spot Bitcoin ETF is confirmation For me that we are going to see a Correction or collapse in the Traditional stock market and through That collapse you're also going to see The uh tokenization Of traditional market stocks and Derivatives so now listen to this clip Here with Cody Carbone and how couple What I'm saying and and my my Speculation with what Cody's saying and About how these spot Bitcoin ETFs are Waking up the Congress uh or Congressional officials to to really Start to see all of this in a different Light because they're familiar with ETFs Take a listen the big names like Black Rock fideli Franklin Templeton and many More uh who got their ETFs approve and Uh I'm curious you know how is this Echoing in DC are members of Congress or Other folks now like whoa what's going On here you know in a positive way of Course uh are you hearing comments Around the ETFs yeah absolutely and I'm Gonna steal this from Michael sailor but He called it bitcoin's IPO and and and so what it did um it Really brought additional legit Legitimacy um to so many members who I Think just get their information on this Industry from headlines from the media And so now when they see you know all of These one headlines like Bitcoin ETFs

They're live they were approved but then They see the names Associated the ones That you listed Black Rock Fidelity Wisdom Tree Bitwise they go whoa wait a second What's happening here this is legitimate And i' I've heard from several members Of Congress who know nothing about Bitcoin blockchain technology and I'm Trying to change that and rectify that U And they're like oh so I can I love ETFs And so now I can have exposure to Bitcoin and I don't have to go through That whole like wallet rigar roll and And try to figure that out and go on an Exchange but now I can get exposure like That's pretty cool like I've been Investing in ETS for years and I'm like Okay there's there's light bulbs going Off and so I I think the the sentiment Has been um that this is overwhelmingly Positive um I know the market hasn't Looked great in the last you know two Weeks since they went live but members Of Congress for the first time and the Ones I'm referring to are the ones off The you know the Committees we always Talk about the financial services Committee the ACT committee the ones That are doing this it's those members On other committees who haven't been Paying attention and they've only They've only paid attention when they Hear like FTX or now Elizabeth Warren is

Saying something Um but they like money and they they Hear about something that they've Invested in forever and now they've got Exposure this new asset class that People are talking about forever and now It makes sense to them for the first Time this is a key point that Cody's Making here because this is how you Build a bridge to get people to Understand these these assets better You've actually touched them in an area That they invest so now they're kind of Putting the dots together and they can Reverse engineer their not knowledge and What they need to know to Gap fill from Where they actually are I think this is A huge positive uh step forward no doubt About it and because listen at the end Of the day we've got to get the votes in Congress to put the right bills through That it doesn't stifle Innovation again I don't fool around with politics but Unless it comes to a Crossroads of my Pursuits and my Endeavors and here we See J JP Morgan Chase City Bank Goldman Sachs drafting Landmark lawsuit against The Federal Reserve wait a minute don't The banks own the Federal Reserve yeah They do but here's what the here's what It's over the FED wants the banks to Hold an additional 20% in cash on their Balance sheets the designed to ensure That there's enough Capital to withstand

Concerns about liquidity and avert the Types of Bank runs that ripped through The banking sector one year ago but the Banks say the rules are far too strict Remember Banks take $10 from you and Then they'll lend a 100 they only hold One tenth of what they lend because That's fractional lending that's what They do this is why they don't want to Hold the additional 20% because they're Saying that that actually with internal Analysis shows that they would actually Be forced to keep 30% in cash oh God Forbid right well Scalia the son of the Supreme Court Justice says that the FED Has plenty of explaining to do as a Matter of the legal process it's not Going to be enough to say that a bunch Of regulators got together in Switzerland and this rule is the way They brought down from is what was what They brought down from the mountain the Agencies have to do their own work Explaining why these new requirements Are properly calibrated and why their Benefits are worth the cost this Proposal doesn't do that Banks across The US can face significant losses on Bonds and although Banks can simply hold Bonds until they mature they can become An extreme liability when Banks need an Injection of liquidity because they Can't get the liquidity if they have to Hold it to maturity right because it's

Upside down Otherwise so this all plays into what Cody was saying like the the exposure to ETFs kind of gives awareness to Capitol Hill right but it also we need to have That momentum and understanding to get These things approved but it also speaks To the cynicism of what I believe and The speculation I've had that these Products the spot Bitcoin ETFs are going To be introduced as a Band-Aid as a Place a flight to quality let's say like Larry Fink from Black Rock says to give Them some high ground because they Obviously is going to be something Coming A Day of Reckoning coming because The banks that own the Federal Reserve Want to sue the Federal Reserve and say I don't want to hold more cash on hand Because that means I'm holding more Bonds and if bonds are going to face Significant losses that means I have to Hold that bond to maturity which means I Can't call on it when I would need the Liquidity so why hold 20% why hold 30% If I got to hold a bond that's upside Down till five or 10 years it doesn't Help me that's what the banks are saying Which is another signal that they know That there's a collapse coming Too that's what I take from That moving to this now there's been Conversation ever since the spot Bitcoin Approval what we would see a spot xrp

ETF Approval future ETFs is not required for Approval says Bloomberg analyst now this Is different than what we've heard Recently so let's clear the air here Because that's what this is for now we Know there was some confusion that James Seaford had said that there wouldn't be A spot bit spot xrp ETF approved without Having a xrp Futures ETF first so let's Go through it here very quickly the Crypto Market anticipate to spot xrp ETF After the SEC approved the spot Bitcoin ETF in mid January setting the stage for Potential approval of the spot ethereum ETFs as well moreover Ripple's hiring of A senior manager role in institutional Decentralized Finance as we covered Hints from uh Bitcoin ETF issuers are Considered Preparatory move for xrp ETF But if you remember that Ripple job Hiring was for more than one ETF it was For ETF products so not just xrp I would Imagine because remember xrp Ledger is Also a decentralized exchange so I think That's also to manage multiple different ETFs so however it says here reacting to An X poost by grock the AI chatbot on X Response to a spot xrp ETF will not Require approval of a future ETF Fox Business journalist Elanor terret ask Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric buunis and James sefor whether future ETF is Necessary for a spot ETF approval and

This is what grock said no a future ETF Does not need to be approved for a spot ETF to go live there are two different Types of exchange traded funds that Track different aspects of the market so There's that from grock just to shorten It out Elanor Tera asserts CME uh Bitcoin Futures Market as surveillance Tools is one of the key reasons behind The SEC spot Bitcoin ETF approval Bloomberg ETF analyst James cfor said a Future ETF is not required however a Regulated market is an essential Parameter for the SEC when deciding to Approve any ETFs the CME Bitcoin Futures Market is indeed a surveillance tool for The spot Bitcoin ETF Financial expert Scott Johnson also agreed with James Cord that you need a Futures Market not Necessarily A Futures ETF moreover he Explained that a Futures ETF helps add Liquidity to the Futures Market Improving trading activity for Correlation with spot prices that boost Probabilities for a spot ETF so there's A difference between a Futures market And a Futures ETF right so we don't have The Futures ETF for xrp uh in the us but We do have it outside the US so keep Your eyes peeled ladies and gentlemen Remember remember xrp in and of itself Is not Security John Deon explains Ripple's Victory over the SEC and also talks

About the revat case which plays a very Important role here now I want to update You on what's going on here because we Know coinbase is in the throws of it as Well John Deon said when people brought Up the District Court ruling of the Library case his response every time was Read the second circuit revac case Library was a case governed by the first Circuit and the SG case the rippo and Coinbase cases are governed by the Second circuit and revac so with that Being said in Praise Paul gral the chief Legal officer for coinbase Drew Attention to the revet case by praising The part that raised questions about Whether defining an investment contract Based on an Ecosystem access point of view was Possible he discussed the Court's view On the hoe test and emphasized That a simple link between the Investment wealth and promoter efforts Does not meet the requirements the court Said that for Investments to be based on Chance the everyday business must depend On promoter's knowledge in a big way John Deon agreed with G gwall and said That the revat case was similar to Legal Fights between Library Ripple and Coinbase he went on to detail about the Differences in jurisdiction pointing out How the revet case which the second Circuit heard was related to the current

Cases of Ripple and coinbase in the big Picture the current legal battles Between the SEC and two well-known Cryptocurrency companies like Ripple Labs and coinbase have big effects on The digital asset industry the most Recent event happened on January 18th When the federal judge said the SEC Could proceed with its case against Coinbase however the judge limited the Lawsuit's reach by leaving out some SEC Claims people thought that this move was Partly good for coinbase because it Limits the company's possible legal Problems and you know what this is where We're at right now right we're at the Place where because Capitol Hill doesn't Want to address legislation we're at a Place now where the SEC is pushing the Cases they feel like they can win and Thank goodness they have not been Winning but that's what they're doing to Try to set legal precedent now so far It's been in our favor for the most part But this is like wow why are we not Seeing Congress put forth legislation And it's because I believe that Congress Has given the blessing regardless of the Soapbox talk that you hear from the Right side of the aisle they could issue A subpoena and shut all this down if They wanted to but they haven't and they Haven't because I believe that there is A coordinated agreement or consensus

Amongst Congress right and left that has Decided they want want the courses to Set legal precedent on a certain amount Of decisions and cases in this case or In this space and once they have that Those legal decisions can be used as Watermarks or a frame or uh outline of Legislation for Congress and Capitol Hill so this is where we are today Ladies and gentlemen and look it it may Feel like it's going to take forever to Get here and I'm sure that it does but You know what I do understand it won't It won't We're going to get there and it will Feel like it's going to take forever but Once we do there's no going back it's Coming and the next couple years are Going to be absolutely critical to Making this transformation complete and It will happen there's no question and I'm here to see it happen I'm here with All of you and I couldn't I wouldn't Want to be anywhere else that's why I'm Asking you to join us dig perspectives. Join us in the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen we're going to get into it Today oh my oh my we've got a Whistleblower ladies and Gentlemen an Arch Bishop now is exposing The world economic forum and we're going To cover it inside the freedom Zone Where we know we got freedom of speech Because it doesn't exist anywhere else

Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else I'll catch all of you on the next One we'll see you in the freedom Zone Come on In


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