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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor check this out rxrp wheels Assembling for a win as the as Ripple President oozes confidence says here xrp Well transactions between a hundred Thousand dollars and a million have been Remarkable have remarkably increased Ripple's president showed optimisms are Talking about Monica long at the Paris Blockchain event Um then it says uh for over two years Ripple's been locked in the lawsuit led By Gensler several points within this Period rumors have flown around about a Judgment that was near Um then but it goes more transactions More confident according to sentiment Well transaction count on Ripple Network Hits several highs since 18th of March There's been 167 transactions in the 100 000 Spectrum So Um Things Are heating up it looks like Now Um Then there was this from xrp crypto We'll affects our piece becomes largest Trading crypto on South Korea's major Exchanges and here's a visualization of

That let me hit the old refresh button Here All right so you'll see the this is from A snapshot from Fiat leak when it when Xrp was moving the other day and for Those of you that weren't around South Korea was what drove XR one of the big Drivers of xrp to its all-time high back In 2018 early 2018. now we got this from Dark Defender hi there um xrp bullish Expect we'll touch 50 cents in days and Staying above it will trigger one dollar Plus instantly And then egrag crypto says this he's He's calling for xrp has to close above The area of confirmation have better Conviction that the Elliott wave count Is playing out as projected assumption Bitcoin price in USD between 28k and 48k Xrp seven he's got he says xrp's Programmed seven to thirteen dollars I Don't even know what that means but look When this lawsuit's over I think Anything can happen Especially if it's favorable now here's Kathy Wood she's talking about rumors This this would be the smartest Political move that Ron DeSantis ever Did there are rumors I don't know if They're true uh there are rumors that Governor DeSantis is going to work with The banking system in Florida the state Regulated banking part of the system and Open them up more to crypto uh just like

With your book as as as we know from Your book taxes have consequences uh if He were to do something like that or any Other government Then I think you would see a huge Migration of the crypto digital asset World into Florida and into Florida You're totally right oh it would be wild It would be a genius move on his part Now folks I want you to listen to this Clip what this guy says because I Believe what he's saying here is that Our federal government literally Caused a global uh banking crisis to Tank things and at this and Simultaneously take away tries to take Away crypto as an option And he Compares it to When They Confiscated gold back in the day listen To this clip it's a really interesting Article that was just published on sub Stack by Nick Carter who I guess a guest Writer on Mike Solana's sub stack called Pirate wires it's a follow piece to an Article he wrote six weeks ago where he Laid out the an operation by the byte Administration called operation choke Point which made the case that the bind Administration was quietly attempting to Ban crypto and now you know a month Later there's all these things that are All these steps that the administration Is taking to go after crypto and he you Know he lays out a bunch in a bullet

Point list so the SEC announced a Lawsuit against infrastructure company Paxos crypto exchange Kraken so with the SEC SEC chair Gensler openly labeled Every crypto asset other than Bitcoin to Security Senate committee on environment and Public Works held a hearing land basing Bitcoin find an Administration pose a Bill that singles out crypto miners for Owner's tax treatment New York attorney General declared ethereum which is the Second largest crypto asset of security That's a huge change by the way yep SEC Continues as anti-consumer protection Efforts By doubling down their attempt to block A spot Bitcoin ETFs OCC let crypto Bank Protegos application for a National Trust Charter expire and then the SEC Just sent coinbase a Wells notice so I Think it's hard to argue that there Isn't a concerted effort now to crack Down On crypto by a wide variety of Government agencies and authorities Starting with Gensler at the SEC who Seems incredibly hostile to crypto So now the only question is is this Correlated with the stress that the Banking system is under or is it just a Coincidence and that I don't know but I Think the argument biology would make is That

At the same time they're going to Deflate the dollar they're going to make It harder for you to find an off ramp And I mean in other words take away your Options Take away your crypto uh that's what I Think he's Inferno take away your Ops And options so that you're stuck in the Dollar he actually brought up a Historical example that I wasn't aware Of I think it's called the executive Order 6201 which is FDR way back in the 1930s actually had an executive order That confiscated all the gold private Gold bullion in the country and They Seized the gold bullion making the Accusation that private citizens were Hoarding Too much gold so in any event this is The theory I don't know whether it's True or not it could be a coincident That's a pretty amazing thing that that Guy just said and I think he's on to Something too I think these people are Some sick some sick mofos I think that's A good way to say it the federal Government has no authority to Unilaterally establish a central bank Currency so now you got the Conservatives in Congress they don't and And I think what they're doing is Correct what they don't want is a CBD Upset a thousand times this can be used For good or for evil they don't want a

Programmable programmable cbdc that's Used to control us like the Chinese Controls their people and that's luckily We've got some guys like Ted Cruz and Tom emmer who have spotted that a lot of These these people in this country These politicians would love to have a Cbdc for the purpose because half of Them are commies I mean it is we our our country is in a Bad State of Affairs folks we got we Need some good things to happen now Here's Nick Carter talking about Um what the feds did with f the FDIC Watch this so this is something that I Don't think is publicly known FDIC went To all of these banks in November of 2022 and said as part of your routine Data sharing we need you to identify all Of your crypto clients To us on an ongoing basis And you need to identify them by name And you need to clear with us the names Of new crypto clients so an extremely Intrusive level of oversight they also What they didn't do at that point was Clear that with the Office of Management And budget This is kind of like an esoteric thing But basically you're meant to do that if You're going to update A template form where you're asking Banks for information you're meant to Ask them first they didn't do that

Okay so that's what's been going on Behind the scene now this guy summed it Up perfectly he says on the bright side Pretty pretty big name to be in crypto Because he's talking about NASDAQ Entering custody we talked about the Other day he says however seems we're Set up for Nasdaq Fidelity and bny melon Which write it down poly sun is involved Here To be the main crypto custodians in the U.S meet the new boss same as the old Boss so what I've been saying for over Five years now Is what is got exactly what we're seeing Happen we're seeing the federal Government now try to squeeze all these Crypto startups and hand this industry Off to Wall Street that's what you're Watching it right now now this came Across my desk today and I had to show It to you many of you were not there but We've it's been quite the journey here With digital assets and one of the most Fun things and I I hope you know there's Some people that don't that think John McAfee is uh McAfee or whatever is that That think he's not dead I hope he's not Dead because he was pure entertainment If they didn't if he did not die in his In his prison I can't remember if he was If he was supposedly killed or what I Don't even remember how it went down but If he didn't he might be dead from

Alcohol by now even if even if he was Not killed because I used to show these On my show and this one came across Today and I had to show it to you Because I used to love watching these And it's a it's a god the guy could Drink for all his faults listen watch This he called them Um and when I saw this guy he said I Miss this crazy bastard I had the same Sentiment but he called these Mixology And it was always fun to sprinkle these Into crypto videos because he was a Crypto guy and he would talk about it Good morning Sean McAfee here this is my Mixology Class so that you can learn how to make The get ready for work vodka now getting Ready for work is very important it's Morning time here I get ready for work Every day like this First you take the vodka I prefer titos And titos is paying me nothing You know it's very important that you Pour the right amount of vodka he always Had guys with machine guns standing There which made it even funnier A lot of this Silver stuff right oh my gosh I think that's like three or four shots Right there Oh my gosh All right please tell me you're not Gonna drink that whole thing prepare

This Glass by putting a tiny bottle sick About simple so hang on Anyway ah here we go Triple Sec in the bottle Blue Curacao at The end Just a tiny tiny Dash Let's do this Then a piece of lemon juice he's always Fascinated me Roll it around Then Oh man Wow Yes how are you doing I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family That that crazy bastard could drink some Vodka I've never seen anything like it Thanks for [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]


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