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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you visas In the news how about a new xrp price Formula 1754 xrp I think you're going to want to See this formula Ripple and the British Pound somebody wrote a beautiful intro [Music] Bad kinds come on in Welcome back to the show everybody take A look at this right here right now we Have 1.07 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto the market is off by 2.1 percent Good morning everybody 22 700 plus for Bitcoin ethereum 1500 plus right now Tether market cap 66.8 billion they say And we see xrp is at 40 cents we're Going to talk about that before we get Out of here but take a look at this join Us the Las Vegas in Las Vegas that's Right for the xrp Meetup event of a Lifetime a conference the first ever xrp Army conference it is going to be Amazing and the reason I can tell you That is because wait till you find out Who's coming so make sure you sign up And get that email in there so we can Contact you with more details as soon as We clear it up and lock it in by the way If you want a VIP ticket to that live Event you can get it but you got to join The digital perspectives Mastermind Group and you should join the digital Perspectives Mastermind group because it

Is truly a mastermind group you get On-demand classes private lessons weekly Live streams full access private Telegram group this is no joke what's Going on in here ladies and gentlemen do Not mess around make the investment in Yourself you will be glad that you did Let's get started Right here we see representative Bill Hazinga wasting no time now that the Republicans gain control back in the House says a hundred percent agree with Hester person Phil Graham on the Comments they made saying the SEC has Taken on the role of telling companies How to run themselves and investors how To invest he said I will lead the Republicans response to Gary genzer's Incessant desire to exceed his authority Well let me tell you I hope that that Happens okay and we're not passing out Any trophies until we see people Actually deliver This shared right here by Eleanor Tarrett shout out to her for a great Reporting here August edition of Gary gensler's uh Public calendar has been added to the SEC website Gensler met for a fifth time With IEX CEO Brad katsuyama on August 16th five meetings that we know so far In 2022 with the chairman who uh so say Is famously hard to get an appointment With and FTX had initiated a partnership

With IEX to further establish crypto Market structure and held a joint Meeting with Gensler in March 22. It says unclear yet whether they were Any more meetings with bankman freed and Then she posts here the documents here For for you and it says in addition to Katsuyama meetings Gary Gensler met with Some of Chinese Regulators with um U.S Ambassador to China former speaker Pelosi who's got an incredible Investment track record New York Stock Exchange Executives a handful of fund Managers it says Elizabeth Senator Warren not surprising and Executives of Virtue Financial now listen I tell you Uh look here's here's what I want to say I want to add to all of this great uh Tweet post thread reporting here by Eleanor I want to add this How did FTX get a dealer broker license A broker dealer license issued to them Knowing that their books were in a Shambles and it would take about 30 Seconds to figure out that they were Co-mingling customer funds Hmm And I say here it sure does look like The country is for sale we certainly Could use that new day is coming that Tom emmer talked about When you question Gary again so don't Forget to ask him about how FTX got that Dealer broker dealer license

Visa CEO says the company believes Stable coins and cbdcs can play a Meaningful role in the payment space Yeah remember currency Cloud was bought Ripple partner bought by visa for 992 Million dollars I'm pretty sure they They got their foot planted in the right Direction when it comes to the fourth Industrial Revolution and Japan's about To do the same thing here as they Introduce regulations by June this year That will allow domestic investors to Trade certain stable coins issued Overseas I've said it a million times I'm gonna say it a million and one Stable coins and stablecoin legislation Is going to open up the Avenue for Trillions of dollars of investment to Move into space once we have Clarity Make no mistake about that UK government is hiring a central bank Digital currency lead for treasury team Oh to tell you're gonna love this you're Gonna love this I did too and basically What they're saying here is they're Talking about strategic Direction Because they're going to be releasing And developing a digital pound uh-huh Yeah they are it says uh her majesty Treasury in the United Kingdom has begun Calling for applicants to lead Central Bank digital currency team behind the Efforts towards a digital pound and this Was just said and released and basically

A team of roughly 20 people focused on Exploring the potential for the digital Pound we've even had remarks we covered Here a few days ago where they said they Could be releasing a a pound stable coin In the coming weeks Head on a swivel out here ladies and Gentlemen oh it gets even better Because don't forget that Susan Freeman Head of Ripple policy is also on the Digital pound Foundation to be helping Out with such a measure and you know What and they will be speaking and Hosting a panel on digital pound for Ripple was hosting and it won't be just Susan uh Friedman that's there it'll Also be James Wallace head of Central Bank engagement for cbdc's at Ripple Come on in let us not forget that when James Wallace just recently sat down With thinking crypto He expressed to him that this year will Be a big year for cbdc news taking place So lots going on in the near term this Is a very quick clip of just past November here of Susan Friedman right Here from Ripple on the UK treasury Committee talking to them about the Benefits and use Take a listen Uh but that's the the nature of those Isn't purely speculative it's it's as an Investment thesis Susan say the FCA in its consultations

Recognized that the fact that Individuals may speculate in tokens in Unbacked crypto assets does not detract From the the reason for which they were Created and its taxonomy turns on an Analysis of are they an exchange token Are they a utility token are they a Security token Ripple uses an unbacked Crypto asset for cross-border transfers It was xrp is specifically designed to Help facilitate The the transfer Fiat Fiat Stablecoin to stablecoin Etc and I think The as as we look at regulations Certainly there needs to be a Recognition and I think everyone has it That there is speculation consumers need To be protected but there needs to be Nuance built in to to acknowledge the Fact that the tokens many of these Tokens are built as Tim noted Civic Projects have specific value Propositions and and that is What should be regulated the business And the risk attached to it there you Have it right there I'm just sitting right there with the UK Treasury committee right I mean you Can't it does it get any better than That I mean look I I think we got an Interesting couple years ahead of us Ladies and gentlemen no doubt about that Now let's take a look at this speaking Of interesting shout out to Dark Horse

For this and shout out to Merlin crypto Future invest for sharing it dark horse Has come up with and I've had the Pleasure to speak to him he's a very Smart guy and I had great conversations With him a couple different times on Tick Tock and I want to share with you Him laying out his idea of how to take a Valuation or Price formula to figure out How you could arrive at a certain xrp Price and he does it through changing The value of the transaction cost and he Makes quite an argument for what he's Talking about here take a listen here And watch what he does And we and they're going through every 3.8 seconds So I mean I don't know how I'm just Going through on each one of these Without actually expecting it but the Average transaction fee Which is how much xrp has been Is what I'm into engine right and as you Can see it's changing all the time so What I'm going to do is I'm going to Take that value And I'm going to enter into this so What I'm saying here is this is The price The average transaction price so I'm Going to enter where I can see on my Screen now which is zero point Apologies 0.00

5701 And as you can see it's given me a total Cost per transaction Which is less than One cent and this is how many Transactions I can do per xrp and this Is telling me how much xrp is if I times That by that and that's how much you get As a price now Let's predict Using the same logic Let's put the price of a transaction to One cent Now xrp is worth 17 pound 54. let's put This down to 50 cents Now with 877. now let's do the ultimate One dollar It's now worth 1 754 dollars Now That was using the burn rate of an xrp Per transaction and like I said these Values change as I put in those three Zeros Change to now two zeros Go back to that three zeros It's a good way of looking at this and Let's face it xrp is not going to make a Lot of money Sorry Ripple is not going to make a lot Of money if they're charging less than One cent per transaction I mean like I Said Swift charges five pound fifty for 1252 Australia One cent

Made a 17 pound Do the mask guys it's definitely worth More than 401K right Pretty damn compelling right there isn't It and shout out to Dark Horse with that Merlin crypto future invest for sharing It you know it is something to think About when you think about the idea of What transactions currently cost right Now in today's friction filled world and They're very expensive now bank transfer Costs 50 or more and you know what's Interesting about that is if you start Thinking about bringing it down from 50 To a dollar What would that implication be to price How accurate is that formula well I tell You I have reached out here to Bob way And Matt Hamilton and curious to hear Their thoughts on this metric and we'll See if they actually respond I just to Put this out but we will keep you up to Date and see if we can get their Insights on that as well now take a look At this because this is egg rag crypto Before we get out of here is a xrp pump Similar to dump update he says tick tock Tick tock and then boom and what he's Showing us here If we don't see drone power pull a rug Pull is he showing us here like what you See in a fractal that you know we've Seen play out before in history and Where we currently are and saying

Basically the breakout and then if we Retest whether we come down and retest This line here that may set us up for The rest of this fractal to play out Just as we've seen a very similar story From before we don't know it's not a Guarantee but if it's not that then it's Going to be a dog and if it's a dump I'm Gonna Fill my bags because the truth is For me and it's not Financial advice Obviously for me or anyone else but Obviously if it dumps I still believe in What's happening here and ultimately it Is the ruling of this case that is going To provide an enormous amount of Direction for where Ripple and xrp will Go and they are already taking off Around the rest of the world so I am Excited to see what happens in the very Near term think about this we're getting Ready to roll into February and if James Cave island is right Sometime inside of two months we may Actually get that ruling on the SEC Versus Ripple and xrp not Financial Advice for me or anyone else it's just My digital perspectives I'll catch all Of you on the next one


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