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Welcome back to the show everybody well We all have heard the news and if you Haven't is the xrp ETF real or fake We're about to get into it somebody Rolled that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now it's $1.44 trillion Market cap for crypto the market is off By 1.3% and I don't blame it there's a lot Of confusion out here today Bitcoin 36,300 plus ethereum just over 2,000 Bucks at this point 87.1 billion plus For tether market cap xrp at number five Spot at 65 C up point2 on the 24hour off By almost 5% off by 4 .8 on the 24hour Look at the range of price and what Happened you could see this obvious Spike here right that took place and I Mean wow oh wow we went up to 74 plus Cents and this was on the heels of news Breaking that black rock was introducing And filed for a xrp ETF right well we're going to get into This and before we do I want to make Sure you understand that this is very Real and this is the itust capital IRAs

Crypto gold and silver IRAs they are the Best on the planet Bar None all you have To do is click the link underneath the Video and get started you will find out What hundreds and hundreds of thousands Of customers have found out so far and It's no mistake because this is the Reason that it trust Capital happens to Be one of the top 50 xrp holders for uh IRAs on the planet so that ought to Speak for itself right there let's get Started now yesterday we covered this And this is very quickly before we get Into the xrp ETF news real or fake we Will get into this uh it's been 10 years Since the CEO of grayscale said uh a 10-year dress rehearsal we're ready for The main event this was talking about a Spot Bitcoin ETF and here is a quick Clip from Fox here and Liz clay Liz Clayman I think it is go ahead take a Listen no days off for crypto investors This weekend Bitcoin toed $37,500 it's high highest level in 18 Months and the Bitcoin Bull's enthusiasm Is spilling over to altcoins which are Basically cryptos other than Bitcoin and Ether salano is one of them over just The past month it has surged 164% polygon up 76% cardono and polka Dot have rocketed higher they've been Boosted over 50% while Dogecoin remember Shiva enu that one's Up 34% the fire under all of these

Bitcoin included is being fed by belief I stress belief that the sec's stamp of Approval on a spot Bitcoin ETF might be Days away let's bring in one of the Wealthiest Bitcoin billionaires who's Taken big bets on many of these joining Me now on a fox business exclusive Draper Associates founder and venture Capitalist Tim Draper Tim this window For the SEC to Greenlight one of the Dozens of applications closes November 17th does the SEC pass or Punt You know I think the SEC um allows it to Happen I think they' they realize that Uh the US is starting to fall Behind in technological advancement Around crypto and around Bitcoin and I Think uh we've lost a lot of our um Innovation because of the Dark Cloud That has been The I think it's very accurate statement However I would remind people I think Linda P Jones had a great outlook on This we covered yesterday is be very Cautious when everyone else is so Optimistic uh you can't help but be Cynical in this space right uh and I Hope it does get approved so it sets the Market off but then also remember as I've highlighted here on the channel Remember once the big players bring Their money into something like Bitcoin Knowing that it's not something that can

Be used for payment so a real utility is Missing for the asset it's just coveted To hold and I get it I like it I've got Some exposure to it too but the reality Is is this is that be careful once big Money enters the space because big money Could enter this space use it during a Correction of the traditional stock Markets and then once they're done with It pull the money back out and close up These funds which they're not exposed to Only their clients are and once they're Done with it and they close out funds Like these they which they could choose To do and if they do something like that Someday Bitcoin would collapse back to Just retail speculative holds right be Very careful of that long-term approach Just be aware that that could happen not Saying it will but now let's get to it Uh this was shared yesterday evening um And it was the fact that there is a Filing here and it's in the state of Delaware Division of Corporations as it Has to be and it's basically here it Says that there is in fact a filing for A i sh's xrp trust okay that created the Spike people finding this out created The spike Then we had a notice uh and actually I Want to go here first Eric buunis uh Basically said this is False confirmed by Black Rock by him by Him some wacko must have added using

Black Rock executive name Etc come on Man so appreciate his effort on that and Then I said well here's the problem We're all having here we should Certainly believe a black rock Spokesperson they're they are truly Honest people said nobody ever that is The problem right you know that really Is and then you come back to this the Sentiment that happened when the uh Announcement of a black rock ethereum ETF was filed everyone was cheering it On no one doubted it but the moment Black Rock files an xrp Trust the entire Maxi Community starts having nose bleeds And saying it's fake news claiming They're Anonymous non-existent Black Rock insiders told me that laughed my Butt off and it says here this space has Interesting bias against xrp I think it Mostly stems in fear fear it will Destroy its competition now is it real Or is it fake we're going to get to that But we got to sort out through the Really ton of information then there was This little fun fact I saw Ripple van we Say this blockchain backer and a handful Of other people say why did xlm follow Xrp during the Black Rock xrp ETF news Fake news maybe but why would xlm follow Xrp identically this doesn't make sense Something is sketchy it is something to Note no doubt about it and shout out to All the people that recognize that then

There's this here this is Wall Street Bulls that came in and showed the same Posting basically said this is true I Just verified it myself uh it says you Can check it out right here so if we go Here and you could type it in you could Find out the whole thing I'm not going To go through it because I have the we Have it all we've already seen it right But you can file it here and you see the I shares xrp trust it's right there and It is there but now with that being said Here's Fred risoli weighing in here and We're about to hear from Jeremy Hogan as Well and I think these are very good Takes on what has taken place here at Least with the information that we've Had thus far let's get into this he says My thoughts on the ey shares and Remember this is ey shares I'm about to Show you an xrp product that actually is Live so he says here this is my thought On I shares xrp trust story it is indeed On Delaware corporation commission Website I search this all the time to Look up the right entity to sue in my Legal cases could someone file a fake Entity I'm only familiar in filing these In California and Arizona and yes I Could easily file a fake entity on a Real corporation commission website in Those States maybe it's hard to do in Delaware the xrp trust filing 11323 matches the ethereum trust filing

11923 exactly except the date of the Filing and obviously the name of the Trust Bitcoin trust has a different Registered agent than that listed with Ethereum and xrp Trust searching the SEC Edgar site I shares Bitcoin ex uh exists But then the ethereum and xrp Trust do Not however Bitcoin Delaware filing Preceded the SEC registration statement By seven days you could see the date From the 8th of June to the 15th right So no trademark has been filed for I Shares Bitcoin ethereum or xrp trust a Lot of I shares products don't have Trademarks although some do I saw a Bloomberg article that said a Spokesperson from Black Rock denied the Filing but it was behind a pay wall and I couldn't read the uh beyond the first Paragraph it says here which had no Source reporting on who the spokes Person person was forgot to add that an Xrp trust wouldn't be entirely new Remember there's G grayscale xrp trust For four years 2018 to 2021 something Happened though that made grayscale take That down H can't put my finger on it Right now I think we all know what that Was it was a lawsuit right so now let's Move here where Jeremy Hogan chimes in With much the same kind of uh Understanding you can spoof the Formation of an xrp ETF trust it's fraud But it's actually very easy and just

Costs $500 you only need to file two Documents pay the money and you get a Placeholder on the State website that's All I can tell you other than good night He does go on to say right here Conjecture just something to think about Right criminal saw what happened with The E trust filing files the xrp trust Filing buys $100,000 worth of xrp on Leverage sells at 74 cents and Pockets To2 to3 million or Black Rock has Clients who want exposure to xrp and Have begun the process tomorrow will Tell you know uh you know this is really Interesting here and then he says uh Jungle says sounds like you're very Familiar with this kind of thing and You're connected to xrp he says I value Freedom over money yeah me too and shout Out to both of those gentlemen for Chiming in on that right because it is Important to note that we still don't Know it is there but it doesn't mean That it's not necessarily fraudulent and It doesn't mean that it's not Necessarily true so we really need to Have a definitive statement directly From Black Rock and that's what we're Waiting for but what I want to share Here before showing you a very real Exchang traded product uh and a trust For xrp is this these are the kind of Games only the big Financial players can Play we're about to enter much deeper

Water we're swimming with sharks and Killer whales now and I go back to the Analogy of dilip Ral when I asked him Years ago if retail holders would be Pushed out of the market or whether we Could hold our xrp and he gave me an Analogy that was basically in an ocean There are many kinds of fish in that Make up an ecosystem big fish and small Fish right and we are small fish and the Big fish are coming into this space and This is what we need to know about Filing that actual trust form uh for xrp First Delaware Division of Corporations Requires all trust documents to be Signed by the granter the person Creating the trust and by two witnesses So if it was fraudulent they have a Trail back to these fraudulent people The trust document must also be Notorized Notorized ladies and gentlemen this Requirement makes it difficult to create A fake trust document without the Granter knowledge or consent second the Delaware Division of Corporations also Requires registered agents to verify the Identity of their clients before they Agree to serve as their registered agent This requirement makes it difficult to File a fake trust document without the Registered agent's knowledge or consent Shout out to Cowboy crypto for that cuz That really makes me feel like uh I

Don't know if you could really fake this Without going to jail right that's what If it if procedure and protocol was Followed like shown here by Cowboy Crypto then I don't understand how this Could be done without people who did a Fake version would end up going to jail So I'm leaning into it's quite possibly Black Rock moving forward but but we Still don't have the definitive answer But I love what cowboy crypto has shared Here now let's look at a product that is Very real and it's by 21 shares Ripple Xrp exchange traded product however that Fund only has distribution rights in Austria Switzerland Germany Spain France Italy and Netherlands for now so that's Where that is now let's take a look at This look at the the charts and what's Happening Here the 12-hour symmetrical Triangle and we need to pay attention to This because there's a T minus Z now According to crypto Insight UK shout out To will for the stuff we're going to Look at here in a second and in fact I Think I have that from him right here Where he says we take a look at the 4our Stochastic RSI we are Blast Off T minus One day and he's pointing to around a Dollar six and everybody is aligning Here in the technical world so this is What's interesting to me eggr crypto Says disregard the wick it's pure Manipulation aimed at the ETF Nar ative

We are still witnessing the price adhere To the symmetrical triangle pattern in The next two to six sessions 12 hours Per session expect a significant move Remember these charts offer short-term Analysis and don't sway my long-term Perspective I stress this to help Newcomers discern between short-term Fluctuations and the broader long-term Outlook what an excellent way to say That and this is here is what he's Sharing here so you can see the points Of interest again the 85 uh range to Dollar Plus is what a lot of the Analysts are seeing as well as will from Crypto Insight UK and our friend dark Fender dark Defender as well uh I hope All is well the people who cause this Fraud can be caught and punished if it Was a fraud as they well deserve uh xrp Yesterday touched 75 cents with the Misinformation however it pulled back to The previous level discussed earlier the Good news is that xrp closed a daily Candle above 6649 and continues to stay Above it today so short-term targets for A dark Defender are 87 cents just as They are egg rag crypto and a do five Just like they are for egg rag crypto And will you in the UK so uh stay strong And stay stronger now imagine xrp move As long as you get the ETF news so look Uh there is no smart smoke without fire Sooner or later ETFs will be on the

Table Yeah xrp has legal Clarity why Wouldn't they right so that's where we Are with that but check this out I hope Hope you will join us in the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen you know not Only we discuss eth gate and tear that Apart we tear other things apart that I Couldn't even dream of touching and this Title right here is something you are Going to want to hear because it will Make you sick and we have so much Information inside of here around things That are happening current events that Are happening and taking place that most People will say that we are wild Speculators we're conspiracy theorists About but you know what we've got Information in here that clears the Record shows real facts about what's Been done to the human population and I Tell you you should join us in here to Find out what it is we got fun stuff Entertainment stuff as well but more Than anything this is an insurance Policy that we all stick together in Case something happens because we know That the largest xrp influencer the goat Himself digital asset investor was Silenced wiped off a map with over 300,000 in or community members and Taken away for nothing no reason without Warning and it's just despicable and This is the world we're living in so I'm Asking you to join us for almost next to

Nothing click the link underneath the Video and join us in the freedom Zone You'll get this and so much more content You won't believe it we'll see you Inside not Financial advice or me or Anyone else I'll catch you in the Freedom Zone


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