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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you this morning Major currency switching to Iso20022 we also have bricks looking to Kill the dollar in three years Ripple Strategy have a huge payoff oh I think You're going to love it R3 Swift and xrp $250 trillion Market City Bank and new CBD launch on the by the end of this Year somebody roll that beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KS come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.1 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 0.9% 27,000 slightly Over for Bitcoin 1,500 in change for Ethereum tether market cap 83.5 billion Plus number five spot 48 cents now off By 1.9 is xrp on the 24hour and off by 88.7% on the 7 day oh my goodness you Know what you got to have a strong tummy To be in this space right well let's get Into this ladies and gentlemen it's Miles Franklin precious metals Investment I want all of you to do me a Favor I bet this guy I told him I said You know what my audience loves precious Medals they love glint and you know you Love glint we know you love glint buy Save send and spend real gold instantly With glint but let me tell you you got

To click the link underneath the video But do me a favor reach out to Miles Franklin as well but you have to tell Him Brad K from digital perspectives Told me to use the code dig gold di gold Miles Franklin's got the best prices on Precious metals that you can have Physically delivered in in your hands And more importantly you're going to Call the number underneath the video and Talk to a real human being now how rare Is that these days make sure you try to Call that number and tell them that I Sent you the best pric is around I tell You right now Chad Stein gber shows the Article here we covered it uh we didn't Cover it yet but I saw it going around And I read it we're going to talk about It here new development Bank from bricks Coalition officially announced a Threeyear plan plan to completely end Reliance on the US dollar still think It's a joke the three-year D Dollarization initiative will lead the Bricks to settling trade in local Currencies and not the US dollar you Know um a lot of people don't know about The brics Coalition look I make no Mistake about it this is why I have a Glint card this is why I'm telling you Call the number to Miles Franklin get Yourself some f physical gold in your Hands and make sure you have something That can hedge these trying times this

Transition that we're going through I Love taking risk in highrisk Environments like crypto but I tell you Having some real gold in your hand There's nothing like it make sure you Call and tell them I sent you I tell you This is very real and this has been Escalated now and we've said we're not So concerned about the bricks currency They want to make as a reserve currency This is the first step By settling in local currencies of the Countries within the bricks Coalition you know I I I tell you this Is a very very big deal we got to watch This closely and you know that the US Has to do something you cannot sit back And wait for that three-year Mark to Happen and watch 30 to 40% of the GDP of The world stop using the US dollar and Not have a plan okay let's understand That and let me tell you about speaking About a plan Ripple strategically Expands its roots in the corridors with The highest remittance volume not a Mistake ladies and gentlemen Ripple has Covered 85% of these regions a final Settlement of the SEC versus Ripple Lawsuit will help things move quickly The remittance image is from the recent City Bank paper right here you can see The level of remittances here includes 47 countries accounting for 90% into Global GDP and it lists these countries

Here majority of which are inside of Bricks too by the way let's remember That one but then here's some great work From a guy we don't uh get to talk about Much it's working money working money Channel does a great job shout out to Him I hope he's doing well and xrp drops As well for sharing this great work here From working money channel for porting Out some of the deep relationships to Ripple in the thunes payment Global Network chart that's this thunes is a Ripple partner let's understand that Right here Ripple partner Thun secures New license in France launches Global Payout Solutions across EU we covered That when it happened but I just want to Get that tie in for you so you Understand take a listen to this and Look at all of these incredible matter Of fact let me open this up Here our ability to deliver money into Markets so the clip ends there I just Wanted to point out some of these Relationships that uh thunes has uh with Other Ripple Partners too you know it's It's a great uh flowchart here just to Kind of uh show us what companies are Active in which countries or which Regions of the world uh which continents Like Africa we can see some Ripple Connections through Mesa uh and I Believe nfb in the APAC region we have DBS another Ripple partner Ali pay we

Chat right bcash another one uh pnb uh And then just kind of going around here Just off the top of my head World remit World pay World line uh soet remitly uh And we also have Visa Mastercard of Course Ria another Ripple partner paneer Uh beex in the Americas or beex just to Name a few so it is a big big deal to See that Network inside of thunes and Understand the relationship with Ripple Uh again let's let's bring the macro to This three-year plan for bricks to ditch The US dollar and go to local currency Trade okay right just so happens that The case in the United States has forced Ripple to pursue their strategy around The world as if they had already lost The case but in fact have won in great Majority right well this has been a Smart strategic move because Ripple has Continued to build the reward Level and diminish the risk right Because what they've done is say you Know what we're going to make sure that We build the relationships in all of the Other countries where there isn't an Issue and get those corridors open and Moving however small they may be at the Time and look at what the stage is truly Set for now that's really the play that Is true strategy right there R3 ctis Settler code which shows the hooks into Xrp Oracle Alongside

Swift now we know R3 quarter platform s Allows you to settle with digital assets Xrp was the first one to be tested out And obviously our 3/4 platform is set up To use multiple different digital assets Out here and xrp is in fact one of them And you can see here through the code Because of Chad Chad Stein graber's Great work here import code R3 Cod Corda Finance Ripple types xrp payment xrp Settlement uh Swift Services right here Through R3 quarter as well Swift payment Status type look at all of this Happening here all of this is going to Be this when I see this I see a Reflection of the internet that we have Today multiple different networks and System working together for one Ubiquitous experience that's what I see Happening and that's why I believe we're Going to see a combination of many Different winners that have been Geared For the moment that's coming Ripple xrp Being one of one or two of them looking Right here City Bank recent paper who Will be moving $250 trillion in the next 5 years quick listen to this fast clip Start City have uh published a paper on The future of crossb payments can you Tell us about it sure so in the paper we Are discussing who is going to be moving That 250 trillion or so in crossb Payments 5 years from now we know who is Moving it today but the players who are

Moving in today and the players who are Going to be moving These funds down the Road are going to be different because Of the transformation which we see Bingo And that transformation just a look at Some of this you could see here back in 22 of August City appoints X IBM R3 exec To lead digital assets for treasury Trade there's that integration looks Like transitional team acquirement of uh The kind of knowledge and players from Different areas to bring them in and Don't forget it there is no direct Relationship that I'm ship that I'm Aware of between Ripple and City however City Bank extends its partnership with Ripple powered Volante vulpe which is a Huge connection which tells me there's An indirect relationship to city and That $250 trillion that the gentleman Was just talking about City settling in The next five years how much of that Will Ripple powered Volante do I don't know the answer but I bet you This and this is one of those College Terms a lot I bet it's a Lot and then there's This it's the continuing move and the Adoption of cbdcs for which you're Hearing major announcement at cbos Switzerland will begin live transactions With a cbdc at the end of this year Months away ladies and gentlemen Actually two other points but the last

One is in an as an FMI we need Central Bank digital currency so today an FMI Settles in central bank money for good Reasons to make sure that we reduce Risks and counter party risk and have a Bankruptcy remote asset for settlement Uh and uh we don't have that today so in Our case we using tokenize Swiss frank And tokenize Euro which is things that We create based on cash that hits our Account at a Swiss national bank and Then we tokenize sdx so there's an Exposure to us the good news there in Switzerland at least is that we will be Starting with real life transactions in Cbdc by the end of the year meaning Meaning that the Swiss National Bank Will be the entity deploying Swiss frank In tokenized form so cbdc on our Infrastructure for settlement so that's A barrier that is lifted it's going to Be a a six- month trial to start with But it's it's promising and I think Other central banks are looking at that And I think it's really important at Least for fmis uh to to play and the Last one is mindset I think this is There it is right there that is Happening within the next couple months Six Monon pilot right there and then Probably a full-on roll out ladies and Gentlemen and then there's this there's No choice major currencies are moving to Iso20022 Bank of Israel take a listen to

This not like we woke up and we say We're going to do ISO because that's What we the world needs the major Currencies are moving to ISO there is no Choice so that boat has already left Right it's it's left we cannot go back Because as the major clearing currencies Move to to the switch data anything we Going to follow on that front So let me Illustrate what it how difficult it Actually can be to be instant and Frictionless by showing you a picture This is illustrative right you will see A chain of banks that are processing a Transaction cross border usually the Transaction is initiated by a customer Somehow it hits either PSPs or a Financial institution it is usually Processed in one country or one Jurisdiction and then it needs to cross Over that little bar there cross the Borders and to go to another Jurisdiction and you have important Roles to play that the intermediaries Play the intermediary banks that hold Liquidity this is the biggest a biggest Asset of the economy they are key to Make sure that transactions flow in Between now those could be done by PSPs That hold account in several Jurisdiction or banks that hold account Several jurisdiction we see a future Whereby

Those ecosystems are going to hit rtgs a Instant Payment Systems that's what IPS Is for Cbdcs tokenized ecosystem digital Currencies which instant Payment Systems That's what IPS is for Cbdcs tokenized ecosystem digital Currencies digital wallets right and the Way either you build a different system Along the chain for each or you try to Be smart about it and you say okay how Do I make sure that we are inter our Prop and on the top it's a it's a linear Chain on the bottom is some of the Experiments that are happening where for Example of Market Infrastructures are experimenting how do They Interlink so example the Bank of Israel recently launched an Experiment where they interlinks with uh I believe Sweden Norway to to issue Cbdcs cross border these these are Schemes that can work as well right they Can interconnect directly the liquidity Between the two countries cross border Digital currencies major currencies Moving to Iso20022 we've understood this Iso20022 standardizing the messaging of The financial system the same way that The shipping industry was standardized With the same ships the same cranes the Same containers the same style ports the Same trucks to carry them this is the

Standardization that's taking place in The financial world don't believe it It's still true and all the people who Told you that Iso20022 is only about messaging are Really misleading you CU although that Is legitimately accurate about it Standardization of messaging and that Messaging protocol has been around for More than a decade but the reality is it Also allows them to move and settle the Value from coding digital assets as well Along with that new messaging and Rich Data collection and don't believe that It's still true because all the major Currencies are moving there too that Isn't my opinion that is the Bank of Israel ladies and gentlemen and it's not Financial advice or me or anyone else That is where we're going I'll catch all Of you on the next One


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