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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and I've got several things to Share with you in this very latest Moon Lambo Hot jam and I'll be starting with An xrp price prediction table which Frankly I find the contents of just I Find it to be a little bit ridiculous And you'll see why very quickly there's Also this article from the Crypt basic History suggests xrp on course for 70% Gains in November uh there's this Article from you today xrp volume slips As bare flirt with key support level oh Well that sounds scary how I going out Sleep T night um and then I got Prospector from Attorney John Deon um And kind of some bigger picture stuff But before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun all Right so here's a piece titled xrp price Prediction 2023 through 2030 and this is from today November 8th 2023 and I broadly find this to be a bit Silly but I came across it and I decided I'm going to oine because you know it's Kind of what to do on this channel and

What they put down like everybody's Entitled their perspective their Analysis and that's fine uh I'm Certainly entitled to mine as well and I Gotta say that what they put down here In terms of price expectations is a Little bit silly because they're not Bullish enough Actually um so so take a look at this I Don't need to cover most of what's in This piece um but here you have the xrp Prediction table and they're stating Here for for 2023 that uh we'd have a maximum price Of 78 cents really I mean maybe it Depends so like and fine if the market Doesn't heat up sufficiently and Especially if Bitcoin doesn't lead the Way okay fine maybe we don't see xrp Higher than what it just hit up but I'd Kind of be surprised because because That's not what it's looking like and if You watched Um my a video I put out earlier today I Mean in terms of strength of the market I don't want to rehash that video but in Terms of strength in the market there Are so many analysts that cite various Metrics that are indicators that should Lead us to believe that what's most Probable is yes a move to the upside so Just 78 cents for the for the remainder Of this year but you know what's more Ridiculous is look it's already been

Almost 6 years since xrp has had its All-time high and I firmly believe we Would have had a new alltime high in 2021 during the last cycle if the SEC Hadn't attacked but they Did and so look at what they're Expecting the next all-time high to hit Because again the alltime high was shy Of four bucks the soonest this would Happen on the high end in terms of price Expectations would be in the year 2027 They're saying the maximum price would Be $4.22 four years from now how big are They expecting the crypto asset class to Be do they expect xrp is going to be Falling out of the top 10 crypto by Market cap like is Bitcoin going to take Off and it's going to have a multi- Trillion dollar market cap or something And then what xrp just it it rises but Now it's going to be like maybe ranked Number 90 or something because that Doesn't seem to compute to me that Doesn't make a damn bit of sense here And then on the low end they're saying By 2028 the minimum would be $522 oh Well hoay now look that would Be that would be I'd love to see that Price but five years from I just don't Think that that's going to happen and Nobody knows for sure and I'm not making A price prediction or anything like that I don't know what's going to happen with

Xrp price but I am saying that this Sounds completely silly completely Absurd the market is hot xrp is going to Get a piece of that and if you look if You're paying attention and I know you Are look at the money that's been Flowing in xrp having legal Clarity I Mean whether you're talking about Fundamentals chart analysis social Metrics you you pick it chart just Anything everything looks amazing for Xrp right now and and for Bitcoin which Leads the market you you telling me like Xrp is not going to maintain its Relative position in terms of Market Gap I mean if anything it should be climbing Now that we have legal Clarity that's What I would expect anyway so I just Thought I highlight this and just sa my Piece on this for a second because it Just kind of made me laugh a little it's Like this is ultra conservative as far As I'm concerned now they do note by 2032 that on the high end uh well let's Say this on the low end $222 for xrp by 2032 on the high end 26 40 that's such a Narrow band do they know how volatile ex Like crypto is that's that's that's That's a very narrow band but look the Like the idea of xrb hitting $26.40 that doesn't sound absurd to me And maybe it does take a while for it to Hit that but I'm I'm I got greater beef With what they're saying in terms of

When it's going to hit a new alltime High five year four or five years from Now I ain't buying that I'm just not Buying you guys tell me what you think In the comments section but I I am not Buying That um and then there's this history Suggests xrp on course for 70% gains in November uh xrp investors have enjoyed An explosive start to November with Nearly 22% gains amassed in the first Seven days of the month however if History is anything to go by there might Be more mouthwatering profits in the Pipeline historical data reveals that Xrp returns an average of 71% profit in November making it one of the best Months for anyone to hold the coin only December has recorded a higher monthly Return with an average of 82.7% gains and it's interesting because They actually pulled data from a website That I was talking about two or three Days ago and this is a brand new article Here it was data from coin rank or I'm Sorry crypto rank rather and I was Highlighting How what it is to hold xrp is to mostly Be moving down or sideways that's what It is most of the time and I shared this Chart this is an xrp monthly return Chart in USD uh dating back to in well The first month that xrp was ever traded On Exchange which would be August of

2013 and you can see the green months uh Those are months were that were positive And then all red that's negative and so Pick any month and it's most likely that You're going to have a negative month so How's it that we have positive months as I pointed out in the video when I went Through this it's because when xrp goes It really goes so yes you're down for Most of the month and you Trend down Which is why people get they really get Beat up and people just are tricked out Of their positions happens all the damn Time but the reason that it works out is Because when xrp goes it really goes so Think about it in 2017 we had that from The bottom to the top for that cycle Anyway xrp increased from bottom to top About 880,000 per Literally so and not that we're going to Have another 880,000 per increase that's Not the point you know when even when Xrp does go from the bottom to the top But what I'm saying is when you have the Big movements and I do believe there's Going to be another one uh it's going to Be absolutely massive and change People's Lives like yes I believe that but that's The reason that even though it's bad and Negative most of the time this is why People get washed out of the markets They can't stand like Oh and it feels Like it's always going down because most

Of the time it is that's what I'm saying Or it's moving sideways um so when They're stating here that historically November is a great month well how is That possible well that's it's because They said average they said the average Increase here now if you look in in Terms of where's here's November all Right so throw out this year because This this year isn't complete so let's Say we've got 10 data points from 2013 Through 2022 so that's 10 data points You can see that six of the last 10 Years showed negative price action so Most if you bet whether or not November's going to be down if you say Down you it's better odds that you'd be Correct than if you said you think that November would be an up month but if you If you look at the percentages here look At this when you factor everything Together you're still up on average what Whatever they said SE what they say 70% I think that's what they said right this In the headline yeah 70% gains okay but Is that really useful because if there's Like a let's say there's 10 years of Data and nine of the years you know You're down 10% each year and then one Year there's this outlier and you're up A thousand does that make it reasonable To suppose that we're going to have a Great November well obviously not that's Not the way this works that's because

They're talking about Averages uh um so you know it's more Meaningful frankly to look at median Data rather than averages just generally Speaking if you want to if you want to Get a reasonable picture of what is most Probable but even so I don't care about What's most probable because those rare Instances when we move to the upside That is what matters so the average is It makes for a fun headline here but I Wanted to break it down a little bit Further because that's not what matters The most even if we Rec recognize that In terms of what's most probable is Downward price action on any month at Any point in time in any year I Understand that and and now you do too Right even though that's true that's Fine I'm just explaining that's why People get shaken out because it does Feel bad and people do get impatient but Then when it goes It goes and either you Have exposure when that happens or you Don't that's just the nature of things That's just how this is and um then There was this headline from you today Xrp volume slips as Bears flirt with key Support level look I don't even need to Read the article look xrp volume slipped A bit over the last day or so um I Checked earlier today it was at $1.8 Billion roughly down from three billion The other day when xrp was up closer to

73 cents in price but that's expected Volume always increases for notable Impulses in Price you know whether there's an Impulse to the upside or downside volume Increases so the fact that things Simmered down a bit yes volume go down I Just want to be clear that's not an Indication that there's somehow Something horrifically going wrong Here um and then we also had this from Attorney John Deon and this is about Bitcoin and the spot Bitcoin ETF and It's just to paint a picture of like What the way I'd worded is like what is Yet to come and it's going to be Absolutely amazing it's hard to Overstate the significance of a spot Bitcoin ETF but check this out John Deon Writes the following although I believe A spot Bitcoin ETF should have been Approved long ago I believe the timing of a spot ETF Approval is going to help create a Perfect storm for Bitcoin what Wall Street wants Wall Street usually gets And guess what Wall Street wants from The FED we all know no matter what Happens in the not too distant future Second to third quarter rate cuts and The printer of money will happen Combined with rate Cuts increased Liquidity Bitcoins having and 8 to 10 Spot ETF approvals and Max

$220,000 uh might not be so crazy 18 Months from now yeah so I don't make Price predictions but uh if Bitcoin Actually hits $220,000 this this Cycle I mean if I had to guess just for Fun maybe that would be among the higher I I don't know to what degree that's Probable honestly so just there's a Reason I don't make price predictions I'd just be making crap it would be it Would be so disingenuous there's enough People getting making price predictions Uh just to get clicks and stuff like That just it'd be I'm not going to play That game it'd be disingenuous it just For me it's more like just the concept Of number go up I believe that I do Believe number go up simple enough Concept and I say way up so if if if Bitcoin actually hits that this this Coming Market cycle great I don't know If that's going to happen that doesn't Seem completely insane last Market cycle That would have seemed I guess like a Bit much but um not as crazy now but you Know I'll just say this I'll probably Sell all of my Bitcoin well before that If It's I mean honestly I'm I'm starting to Think like even to be honest with you I Haven't completely cemented my thoughts On this I've been thinking about it a Little bit but I'm also not counting on Lifechanging well for Bitcoin but I kind

Of figure maybe by the time Bitcoin gets Somewhere around like $150,000 maybe I finally just sell it All we'll see I mean because then it Would be at least to me at least Substantial but I look I've been holding Bitcoin for six years so like you know The positions I've been holding the Longest I'm well into profit and then Not surprisingly the stuff that I've Been holding not as long for like say The last 3 years or so uh a lot of that Stuff is not in profit some of my the The coins I'm most excited about Including har bar one of my larger Positions um I'm I'm down on har bar Right now for example I'm down on algo I'm down on Filecoin um I'm a little bit down on Flare not much um yeah so there's There's there's all sorts of coins but Again think about that chart I just Showed you though for xrp and I'd be Willing to bet the concepts true for a Bunch of other coins too most of what it Is to be in crypto probably is just Sideways or downward price action so Just like I was down in my xrp Holdings For the first like call it three years Mo like most of that time I was down are At a bot Break Even uh that didn't freak Me out I just understood the name of the Game here and that eventually get the Big bursts um so just like I I went

Through that and now I'm weighing profit For xrp and my average buying price for Xrp is about 25 Um you know it's now we're dealing with That I've been accumulating other coins For the last three years and surprise Surprise those ones I'm down on but am I Going to be down on them if I hold them Long enough if we fast forward another Few years if I still have them would it Be down compared to where I bought in Like I just I I doubt it not that I'm Necessarily going to make a profit on Every single thing Here but that's like that's what it is To be in crypto you have to endure long Periods of time relatively speaking Where you're just getting beat up like Crazy and so yes it's the quickest way To make life-changing wealth but for the Years leading up to the point where Those bursts happen it's just Devastating to people emotionally now it Doesn't hit me like that because I just Let the logic override what where the Emotion would otherwise be because That's what works but I understand why People have a hard time with this but That's why to me it's just there's for Me there's nothing but Excitement but it's grounded in reason And reality I've seen this enough I I Get it I see how people behave I see What's happening I see their adoption

I've been watching this been in the Space for 6 years now yeah why wouldn't I feel excited this is the most exciting It's ever been to be in crypto it's the Most exciting time it's ever been to be An xrp holder with legal Clarity and we Haven't had an alltime high in almost Six years when it goes It goes folks It's just a matter of time as far as I'm Concerned I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy yourself anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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