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Welcome back to the show check out this Headline we have JP Morgan versus Ripple Who's going to be king of the mountain Ladies and gentlemen well somebody roll That beautiful intro so we can find Out digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now xrp 60 cents Off by 3.97% on the 24hour and in the last few Hours here as well uh ranging between 60 And 63 cents right now some people would Say falling like a manhole cover from The sky but I tell you what I'm not I'm I'm hugely bullish on this space and I'm Not trying to sell a used car I'm just Telling you where I'm at this morning $1.44 trillion market cap for Cryptocurrency ladies and gentlemen the Market Market is down by 2.8% Bitcoin Here 36,300 plus ethereum 1900 and Change and we see tether market cap 87.4 Billion plus xrp 60 cents and again off By 7.3 on the 7 day now let's get into This pure VPN ladies and gentlemen it is The golden ticket because of the Black Friday deal take advantage of this and Get 83% off per month and you could have Access to all of this not just a VPN but Secure password manager this is so Important you know I was subject uh I

Was victim to a uh Cyber attack and and Essentially it was a fishing attack that Got me and had I had a secure password Manager set up that you could not access I wouldn't have had to worry about all My other accounts being Invaded and honestly that's what that's Where some of the trouble started right There so end to end file encryp ion and Privacy manager look this is really a Hell of an opportunity at this time I Would take advantage of this I have used P pure VPN for years uh and just been Tickled to death with their service and Now that they've expanded their offering You should check it out link underneath The video look let's start right here we All know about the bricks Coalition and Their intentions so we'll move through This quickly here but the world is Changing very quickly here ladies and Gentlemen and this is why I don't Concern myself with what the chart says I con concern myself with the Geopolitical movements that are Happening around the world that are Affecting not only the geopolitical Landscape but the monetary system itself Iraq ditches US dollar for imported Goods that's where we're starting this Morning here then we're going to move to This 155 countries signed belt and Road Initiative with China for trade 155

Countries we have heard Andy sheckman Talk about the Belt Road initiative more Than any other person that I've come in Contact with about how it is the biggest Project and initiative going and this if This doesn't lean into it 155 countries Signing to do trade with China and this Is because China is trying to strengthen Their relationships for what is to come Remember China doesn't work on a Five-year plan 10year plan China works On a 100-year plan and they don't give Up now this is Russia and they're Speaking specifically here the Russian Foreign minister Sergey lavro uh is Talking about the dollarization process Going along with bricks and it's already Been launched and a process has been set In motion for the world leaders to make Recommendations on the alternative Payment platforms there is no stopping It take a look at this process And in fact most of us don't speak Russian I will read it as it happens and Let's do this so a process has been set In motion the following most recent Summit in Johannesburg which was last August Right let it go here and then world Leaders asked their Finance ministers And Central Bank Governors to make Recommendations On alternative payment Platforms thus the process is underway

And there's probably no stopping it this Is what we call dollarization the Transition to payment methods Independent of the dollar this is I'm Telling you this is coming speaking of Which this is not limited to just bricks He says but also the Latin American Continent president Lua of Brazil Suggested that CAC the community of of Latin Americans Caribbean States Safeguard their trade and economic Relationships against the Abuse of the Dollar's role in the Global Financial System that is what is Happening and Chad Stein grber here Shout out to him and ingred uh you know Not many times do you get them to Straight up tell you what's going to Happen but here we go and it is what's Going to happen they're doing it then There's this from Mike christ8 here oil Is no longer being sold in dollars my Friend it's being sold in Gold back Rembe in the on the global markets if The US wants oil get rembe on the FX Xping pulled the plug this morning you Know uh and here you can see the chart That's being referenced here from Expound the profound uh look you know we We have talked about this that I Believe and I lean into it more and more That I'm in this space and the more that I

Learned first the dollar was elevated as The global Reserve status from the gold Standard that was pulled away from and We all know why and introduced the Petro Dollar agreement where all oil producing Countries would agree and Exclusivity to trade US dollars for oil In return for military protection That agreement is now being Unwound is What we're watching happen with things Like this taking place and that's why I Believe there is a great opportunity for Something like The xrp Ledger that can House because of the Decks all things of value when they're Tokenized and you could back a new US Dollar introduced or a digital US dollar Introduced a wholesale cbdc back In bu all of the different assets on in The world that are tokenized oil gold Dollar reserves all of it this would Make the dollar stronger than it is ever Been in its history or any Dollar in its History some say you know it's too far Off some say this is this is this is out There buddy Okay well the United States needs to do Something because they've printed more Money in the last handful of years than Have been printed in all of its History it is clear that the bricks Nations are welcoming Iran United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia January 2024 more than 80% of the world's oil

Production will be inside of the bricks Coalition that kind of power and Leverage doesn't bode well when it is The elevated status of of the Petro Dollar agreement that helps support the US dollar as a world Reserve currency Don't believe that it's still True then we see This the WF Forum here listen what's Being said here Central Bank of France Declared we said clearly in the G7 that We appeal for a quick Global strong Regulation of crypto assets worldwide Because the world is moving to token as Ation take a quick listen this could be One of the very few good news of the Last weeks or months that we said Clearly in the G7 that we appealed for a Quick Global strong regulation of crypto Assets worldwide if we can take this Opportunity we will protect investors And we will preserve the word from an Unnecessary Fragmentation and there you have it we Preserve the world from an unnecessary Fragmentation isn't that what brics Coalition is doing they're looking to Fragment the actual payment system the Dollar system the monetary system what Is Coming then there's This JP Morgan talking about what They're planning to do with blockchain And the JPM coin take a quick listen

We're not going to listen to this whole Thing but take a quick listen in this First minute and a half here uh that Blowing up have you done we know that J Morgan um JPM coin uh has seen Transactions in axes of a billion each Day I think a billion each day really Quickly here they are preparing for the World that we're coming into right and They're trying to be a leader because They know that they're a gatekeeper of Crossb payments for most other financial Institutions going up sounds more more Destructive than it actually is frankly Uh our core remit is to redesign the Infrastructure on how to move money how To move assets Etc and we've made we Believe more progress than anyone else In the world in rolling out Enterprise Blockchain Solutions everything from JPM Coin to Onyx digital assets Collateralized tokens Etc so in our mind We've made a huge bunch of progress and I think you can see some of our peers Now starting to follow what driving all Of that and where do you see it going if You're looking at a billion dollars Worth this time round where will you be How many X I'm hoping something at least 5 to 10 x that's 5 to 10 billion a day Listen how long or how long it'll take Or how quick it'll come um and within What time frame within next year or two So if you really think about how much

Money we move it sounds like a small Number within JP Morgan I mean our Business moves 10 trillion a day so Compared to 10 trillion a billion sounds Low However I think starting from zero and We've gone sort of 10x over a relatively Short amount of time and we launched it A couple of years ago um now we look at Real takeoff our client numbers have Started to really kind of you know take Off exponentially um we have a lot of Interest from Securities Companies Etc And using this uh particular technology So we really think it's going to start Taking off um and that just shows in the Numbers and I always tell my team that If it's not growing exponentially then What's the point yeah that is a good Point and you know what we're talking About massive numbers is what we're Talking about let's just get a quick Look at those numbers here all right First of all we're talking more than a Quadrillion dollars at 365 days a year At just five billion right it's like 1.8 Quadrillion or some something it is an Astronomical number when you're talking About a year from to now took the low End he said 5 to 10x so here's what I'm Going to do let's just say that we Capture One trillion of that and shout out to Xrpl lhq for putting this Susan ay

Robert mitnik who is the head of digital Assets at Black Rock and we'll put one Trillion in here and leave everything Else the same let's suppose that we Catch one trillion of that 1.8 plus Quadrillion that JPM is talking about Let's see what we get here $457 plus xrp if we capture 1 trillion According to the calculator and all These settings you Know pretty remarkable right pretty Remarkable but now let's listen to this Clip because this clip is a quick clip Of David Schwarz himself happy birthday To him I understand it's his birthday And listen to this clip here of what he Says about the JP Morgans of the world Like people are still not using Cryptocurrencies for payments like let's Be honest like that's where the product Market fit is really good and they're Not there's a lot of volatility which I Think is and I think we do think that Like that's going to start to go away Like the logic of Economics as it has to Like you can't really have a highly Volatile asset just because this Volatility is a profit opportunity and So somebody should be turning that Volatility into Revenue we have massive Pools of liquidity now like you know the Trade volumes are enormous so I think I Think we are set up for the next couple Years I think one one sign is like

Giants like Bank of America you know JP Morgan are starting to you have to be Careful with them because they want to Seem like they're on the Forefront of Technology but also they're very Successful companies so like if they Could push stop on technology they would You know like if you you know if you Have one of the top five banks in the World you don't want anything to change You want the world to stay exactly the Way it is and most of your hyping of Technology is going to be defensive but If you look like there their CL their Customers are really recognizing the Potential of these Technologies and They're realizing that they are going to Have to adopt them if they want to Remain relevant you know there so There's the story of you know Apple Eating the music industry Sony could Have made the iPod but Apple did and I Think nobody wants to be in the position That you know to have the technology Industry eat Finance um you know none of The established companies want that to Be happening and I think Ripple Through The xrp Ledger is right at the Nexus of That convergence of these defi Technologies with institutional adoption And focusing on you know the specific Problems that are necessary like like I Said like sanction screening and other Other things that institutions are going

To they're going to have to have they're Going to have to have if they're going To be part of this ecosystem there you Have it that's from the one and only Right there right so the question is When you see charts saying you know will Xrp explode to $10 look I'm excited to See that myself but when I look down the Road for why I'm really here I Look to What JP Morgan said about 5 to 10 Billion a day now that's what they're Planning on doing 5 to 10 billion a day 365 days a year is more than a Quadrillion dollars okay and we're Talking about capturing 1 trillion of That according to the calculator would Give us over $400 xrp look I'm here for It all I'm here to see it hit a dollar Again I'm here to see new all-time Highs But you can bet your ass I'm really here To see Ripple and xrp served the Financial system the way it was designed To be and the way the company was also Designed to be that's what we're doing And today inside the freedom Zone you're Going to want to join us Ladi as and Gentlemen look I look you're missing out I can tell you that right now in for 20 Cents a day $6 a month you don't have to Miss out we're tackling topics and Subject matter in here that we're I have Wanted to talk about for years with you And share my insights and perspectives On and have not felt comfortable because

Of the censorship that exists on social Media today but no longer and today we Are tackling things like eth gate The Whistleblower The conversation with balic butan our Thoughts your thoughts on it no scam Bots we get to hear it and you're going To love it and I tell you what we're Also going to tackle a lot of other Subjects that have nothing to do with Crypto at all and I know for a fact You're going to want to hear about them And I hope to see you and you will join Us in the freedom Zone not Financial Advice from me or anyone else I'll catch All of you on the next One


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