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Welcome back to the show everybody and It's good to be back I love to smell a Crypto in the morning fed now and ripple James Wallace from Ripple Ripple partner We're going to talk about Patton and Swift and you're gonna like it and how About a new Ripple user Monica long in The news talking about billions between U.S and Mexico Putin cancels Africa's Debt the U.S dollar no longer the World's standard we got that and so much More somebody rolled that beautiful Intro Dips with bread kinds come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.25 Trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up two Percent Bitcoin 28 500 plus ethereum 1914 and change tether market cap 79.992 billion plus we're watching it Close 51 cents for xrp this morning it's Up 3.4 percent is it out for a jog we'll Keep an eye on it let's see what the Range of Price is Right Now 51 cents We're sitting between 50 and 54 cents We'll keep an eye on it this morning Ladies and gentlemen if you haven't done It Ledger's mission to become a global Consumer technology brand has been Accelerated take a listen here from Ray Fuentes in the link to family where you Can get private Equity of Ledger Ripple

Uphold poly sign and AI companies even They have so many incredible products Check out my sponsor here check it out Ledger just received a 24 million dollar Investment from True Global Ventures to Accelerate its mission to become a truly Desirable consumer technology brand Ledger built the only secure governance Layer for Enterprise self-custody and Proudly secures more than 30 percent of The world's digital assets with zero Hacks ever Ledger recently announced the Demand of its Ledger Stacks Hardware Wallet has already exceeded Supply Making it the most successful product Launch in the company's history further Inventory will be available for purchase Later on this year from Retail Partners Including Best Buy visit to Learn more about Ledger's critical role In the web 3 space and if it aligns with Your investment thesis happy investing Exactly check out the spot sponsor link Underneath the video look at this right Here tell me it's time for a BP test Without telling me it's time for a PP Test listen to Michael Saylor I can't even just listen and there's Every indication that nation states are Embracing it uh Jerome Powell says it's A digital asset Christina Lagarde says It's a digital asset correction uh Christine Lagarde has said multiple Times it is not the Bitcoin but let's

Keep listening entertain it uh the head Of the SEC taught a class on it I think That people understand it's it's not a Threat to the Dollar by the way uh What's going on it's absolutely it's by Its design and Inception is supposed to Be an anti-bank anti-government currency But we listen trying to happen is the US Dollar is going to be the world Reserve Currency and it's going to run on Billions and billions of mobile devices And the digital asset that underlines Underlies that currency is going to be Bitcoin oh my gracious In the world now I certainly agree that The US dollar is going to remain a very Strong dominant dollar for this world Especially if they get the digital Dollar built properly where it respects The Privacy rights of everyone who holds It but as for Bitcoin being the Underlying factor to backing that U.S Dollar I have to say it's time for the Pp tests Bank of England right here signals Earlier in Faster reversal of high Interest rates ofc they are it says jaw Boning unwind here we go may need to cut Interest rates earlier and faster let it Begin says John Dean and I say so too Look I I don't say it with pleasure I Just say it knowing that there's an Inevitable moment coming here and it's a Liquidity crisis and it's a monetary

Crisis to be perfectly honest right Because the dollar is in trouble and Dollars around the world are in trouble The US dollar is not alone in this fight It's not alone with the problems that it Has Now let's take a look at this we know That the uh And the U.S faster payments Council and Fed now are in fact working with ripple But here's something I haven't seen Before and I think you should see it too Watch this gentleman uh zanos coin uh And shout out to him for the clip here And the research but take a look at this There's another little connection here That I I just felt like it made me feel Good to see it you should want to see it Too check it out okay so is this proof That the FED now Services has a Connection to a ripple Labs well let's Check it out and see so you click on the Fednow service Service website and then you go down to Fed fednow service instant payments Education click on that and then you Scroll down to find the it takes an Ecosystem Boom boom and then you want to follow This link or this PDF at the bottom in The footnotes boom right there And then um scroll down again to find This link right here faster payment task Force

If it would load So that takes you to this website here You want to scroll down again To the download final report part two Then you want to go to page number 12. Check this out And you scroll down to here where it Says Ripple Right Leverage distributed uh Financial Technology to enable real-time across Border payments for financial Institutions that join their Network Interesting So do you think this is an actual Connection to the fed or do you think uh I do now you're entitled to your own Opinion about the matter but I do know That they've worked with them plenty as Well we know this goes back years and Years at 2017 at least if not earlier Than that But right here I want you to hear this Quick Clip we're not going to play the Whole six minutes so you can breathe the Sigh of relief here and I want you to Hear this clip and it's James Wallace From Ripple head of Central Bank cbdc Engagement take a listen to here Just uh this elegantly leads us into our Into our next question which all three Of you have briefly alluded in James Kind of foreshadowed which is which is Its interoperability at the end of the

Day Um you know DLT rails they they promise To collapse time distance and and cost Uh however if you look at Enbridge or The experiments between capgemini and Swift or for example what the bis is Doing Um the biggest challenge seems to be how How to intermingle intertwine Interconnect these these cbdc Arrangements cross-border what what do You view as the biggest impediment Currently to realizing that kind of Digital currency connectivity in the Future Yeah I think the um thirsty I think Interoperability as a term is widely Used and there are several different Definitions so you know one level of Interoperability has just been able to Interoperate with the existing payment Schemes you know be able to go and buy a Coffee with your cbdc with your wallet Another is the more technical which is The interoperability between different Protocols you know different countries Will pick different protocols for their Their Ledger and now take in mind we Just heard that the FED now the way that Described it is as exactly the role what It's doing for the FED now systems and Then the third one which I think is Really where you're driving here is Cross-border interoperability there we

Go um it it does depend a little bit on What you really want to try and Achieve If you're trying to achieve you know an Atomic settlement across border on Different protocols and there's some Deep engineering problems that need to Be solved If you're trying to really solve the Um more of a business uh solution in Terms of actually being able to make the Transaction very efficient Um you know there's some techniques that Could be used for cross-bought it like Automatic Market making and so forth or Digital exchanges Um lots of different sort of technical Aspects but at the end of the day you Know there has to be a willingness or a Desire from those jurisdictions to want To be able to do trade and business with Each other so there's definitely going To be a need for standardization Um but I think we shouldn't wait for That if you wait for standards should we Still you know I'll have a beer The Gray Beard down to here but to understand the Standards have developed so I think they Evolve over time Um you know just a quick you know Comment on Ripple so we we use um uh Digital assets on our cross-border Payment Network as a as a neutral Bridge Currency so we have a instant settlement Without the need for pre-funding

Um through the use of digital assets so And we know that that is a huge key Component in going forward with Cross-border payments we also know that Fed now is domestic and it doesn't Necessarily need to settle with xrp but Nevertheless Ripple has a very very deep Intertwined relationship with fed now on A domestic level I personally believe That is to organize domestic liquidity To eventually set up the organization of That liquidity to draw on it for large Value cross-border payments in the Future now this is identity which is a Ripple partner here and I want to play You a clip here this is not the clip From this article there's a new clip That I'm going to play you but this is The level set for anybody who hasn't Seen it about a year or so ago and shout Out to bank xrp it was a great Researcher in this space Let me play this clip from about a year Ago and then I'll give you the clip from Recent today you see what's going on You'll see it last month your share Price spiked briefly above 30 cents it's Now around that 18 Cent Mark what caused The spike and why wasn't it able to be Maintained I'm honest with the market The the bike came from some public Discussion about States and drawing some connections with Uh the what our patent could be used for

We've made it public that our patent for An idea that uses blockchain and tokens To send and receive very rich payment Information around the world has the Ability to connect both old and new Payment networks around the world so for The transmission of payment messages we Could be connecting members of the Swift Network with members of the Ripple Network and I think that's late in August we submitted some additional Claims to the US patent office and that Received some really Keen interest from Investors around the world city that's a Big deal right there now let me bring You to the clip that we saw that's more Recent rate here from not long ago take A look at here Good morning John Raymond from Identity With some news for our investors that we Are among the first companies to Successfully submit transaction reports To oztrack in the new Global ISO 20022 Format for our customers here in Australia the new ISO 20022 format is The global standard for the 10 billion Payment messages being sent around the World on the Swift Network they're more Than 11 000 Banks and payments companies Will have to change too before the end Of 2025. The transition is one of the Financial Services Industries largest change Programs and we're very excited about

The opportunity that this presents for Our company This important Milestone of the Development of our platform is important For two reasons firstly this now places Us in front of many of our prospective Customers who need to adopt the change Or face the risk of non-compliance and Secondly we see this as a key enabler of Our business development agenda and Should see us win more Banks as Customers For more information please and you get The gist of it right there so we know That there's technically no such thing As ISO 20022 tokens but we also Understand that that new standardization Of that payment language which has been Around for more than a decade is really Designed not only to bring that Standardization to the payment industry But deliver a much deeper Rich data Collection of those messages and Payments and it does allow for the Introduction of new coding of assets Like cbdc's and obviously xrp xdc XR xlm And other tokens as well and that's Where people get the slang ISO 20022 Tokens from but what's interesting to me Is understanding that identity is a Ripple partner understanding that They're putting their self and position Yourself to help Banks and be in front Of this Innovation knowing ripples

Behind that Innovation and as well with Fed now I you know it's all adding up For me and I hope that it is for you too But if not I get it I totally get it We're not all the same This here from Wrath of conman a new Potential Ripple user take a listen to This today Ripple user integrator Valente partner which uh they it is a Ripple partner but also partner with Indian tech company HCL Tech to deploy solutions for instant Payments real-time uh growth settlement And multi-low high-value domestic and International payments methods and why It matters and he says here Valente Connects business to various payment Rails including fed now and very public Offers Ripple two it says they offer an API for businesses Source send payments And very early on provider provided Ripple net as a part of that it goes on To say here their new partner HCL Tech Is an infotech company that provides Among other things a blockchain Integrated platform via AWS Amazon web Services Notice the emphasis on interoperability That recently expanded from India to Romania hiring 1 000 people and now Valente their Building Center of centers Of excellence in India Romania to affect Payments as a service and help Banks Modernize currently they are working on

Multiple implementation engagements with Some of the largest banks in the world You see what's taking place here while Everybody's screaming crypto is dead Right you know HCL Tech also seems to Have some designs on tokenization here's An article from their website talking About exactly that not mentioned uh is XR xrp Ledger is not mentioned excuse me What does this have to do with ripple I Think HCL Tech is interested in Implementing Ripple net in their Offerings Their Forum with ripple ET whistle went Under the radar at Davos in his Interesting retrospect so now we have Expanding Tech implemented interesting In tokenization hosting Ripples and Whistle at World economic Forum 22 Signing a significant partnership with Ripple's implementer I think there could Be fire behind this smoke I am inclined To agree with him as well so there you Have that shout out to and Give him a follow Monica long the President of Ripple Talking here about the importance of the U.S Mexico Corridor sees tens of Billions of dollars in payments every Year remittances treasury you name it And last year bitso processed 3.3 Billion dollars of that through crypto With ripple and others this is real World utility whoa go Monica long right

There And look I think all of these things That we've just looked at leading up to Now take us to this now there's music in This so I can't play it I'm afraid it'll Be copyrighted but the reality here is This is that Putin the Russian president Has just erased 20 billion dollars of Africa's debt now what do you suppose he Did that for And then we had this just recently said And I want you to listen to what's said About our currency is crashing and will Soon no longer be the world standard Which will be our greatest defeat in 200 Years and this is where I tell you you Know I don't talk about politics on this Channel I try to do everything I can to Stay away from it and as I am an Investor an entrepreneur a business Person when politics intersects with my Pursuits that's where I get involved and I want you to listen to the statements Before he talks about the dollar losing Its standard and not being the standard I want you to listen to what he says About China and Russia working together All of what we're talking about is now Hitting a political Crossroads ladies And gentlemen take a listen that's the Country in which we live however right Now the USA is a mess Our economy is crashing inflation is out Of control Russia has joined with China

Can you believe that Saudi Arabia has joined with Iran China Russia Iran and North Korea have Formed together As a menacing and destructive Coalition Would have never happened If I were your president would never Have happened Nor would Russia attacking Ukraine have Happened all of those lives would be Saved all of those beautiful cities Would be standing Our currency is crashing and will soon No longer be the world standard Which will be our greatest defeat Frankly in 200 years be no defeat like That That will take us away from being even a Great power You know uh this again is where the Political Crossroads meets our Investments our Pursuits and what we're After and what we've been following for Years here on this channel I think it is Getting very very real and I don't find All of what we talked about today to be Mutually exclusive I absolutely believe It is all correlated but that is just me It's not Financial advice it's my Digital perspectives and speaking of Digital perspectives this is egg rag Crypto right here talking about xrp Double FIB regression Channel if you Look at this xrp is bounding bouncing

From FIB uh 0.786 which is the major Confluence area uh with above upper Trend line of the regression Channel This bounce is bullish and the Bulls Defending each millimeter of the chart Next major Target is 63 cents close to Close three daily candles above it then The road to one dollar is wide open and That's what we're waiting for isn't it Ladies and gentlemen so here's is a 786 That he's talking about here and if we Could hold above that 63 Cent Mark for Three candle closes daily candle closes Down it looks like we're wide open for a Dollar according to the charts but you Know what again not Financial advice From him me or anyone else and a final Thought before I leave here I just want To thank each and every one of you Whether you're an influencer or whether You're an audience member or just Somebody who saw that I was in trouble With the channel and I was fish attacked And they were able to get a hold of my Primary email address and then they were Able to Ask if they could get into my Google Email I denied it twice and they still Got in and once they got in they were Able to change and alter my two-factor Verification they were able to change And alter my Google Titan key so the Extra layers of security didn't matter Because they were able to penetrate the

First layer itself Then they were able to take over the YouTube channel now 24 hours later I'm Still doing everything I can to make Sure that we've gotten plugged all the Leaks and holes you can never be too Careful I've been in this space for five Plus years this is not the first time I've had to deal with this and we try to Be very vigilant for this so stay safe Out there in a gigantic thankful thank You to each and every one of you I am Extremely grateful for every single Person who took the time to tweet and Tag YouTube Creator Studios and Everybody else that was necessary to do So to get this rectified so quickly I Really just want to say thank you so Much I am grateful and I am honored and Privileged to be able to do what I do Every day for all of you That's going to do it for me I'll catch All of you on the next one


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