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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I got a little late start And the reason is I sat down in my son My 16 year old's truck last night which I don't do often this kid had a Maintenance light on he had a a check Engine light on and his oil had not been Changed in like 3 000 miles and I let This kid have it not too bad but I he he Deserved for me to let him have it and I Said what do you think this means son When these lights all come on and you Don't have your oil change what do you Think this thing just goes until the Wheels fall off and it just happens So I had to go take and I said we're Taking your car tomorrow to get all this Done to it so that's what I've been Dealing with the frustrations it's like These 16 year olds it's like they took Their brain and just threw it out the Window until they're like 30 I think For the third month in a row China has Reported an increase in their gold Reserves prior to November 2022 John had Not reported their gold holding since 2019 why are they reporting now all of The sudden Maybe to put the final nail in the U.S Economy's coffin but I'm not sitting Around wondering that's why I glint's

One of my sponsors that's why I'm buying Gold in my Glenn account Um and I'm also buying physical and I'm Going to show you something on that uh This week later on too Um but the uh you can bind your you can Buy gold in the Glenn account and then You have a debit Master Card and you're Able to buy gold with the debit Mastercard it is Cutting Edge folks Links in the top of the description go Check it out Now Um you know there's been a lot of Controversy in the last week or so over Uh some of the xrp valuations and all That stuff but I wanted to bring it back To a more simple thing and so this is One of the things that's always not just This but several things that have been Said over time by the people at Ripple Is what has kept me so focused on this Company and this digital asset and this Is one of the things this was from Bob Way's uh I guess LinkedIn page way back When and I've read this before he says Several people left fancy jobs and Joined Ripple because I paraphrased if We capture even a minor fraction of the International payments Market do you Know the value xrp will need to support That do the math really really big trade Number divided by 100 billion xrp well Now this is no science folks this is

Just his little simple Um you know division equation or Whatever okay and so but I decided to Take that which I like simple and just Take it and granted folks this is no Science okay I'm just taking what Bob Way said and and I took put it into chat GPT how large is the international Payments market and this basically says That according to World Bank Global Cross-border Payments amounted over 30 Trillion in 2020 Um so that it's probably more like 35 to 50 by now but I used 30. and I used I Just made the Assumption let's say Ripple got 10 of the uh Global Cross-border Payments Market 10 of 30 Trillion 10 30 trillion is three Trillion what is 3 trillion divided by a Hundred billion per Bob weighs little Division problem 3 trillion divided by a Hundred billion is equal to thirty Dollar renis and I think that's I don't Think that's crazy I think it's nice and Simple all right Eleanor there's Something happening today a with the the Our government my uh I'll show you what My hypothesis is now but our government Seems to really be trying to put the Screws to crypto uh this week Um starting now so Eleanor terrett is Retweeting this is total law which I Think is Fred rispoli's update as Expected SEC filed a motion to dismiss

Alleging lack of subject matter Jurisdiction to preserve its ability to Continue to keep secret its position on Whether SEC will Target ethereum as a Security an Eleanor terrett says while This is not surprising it's actually Kind of mind-blowing SEC is being sued To disclose its position on ethereum in The interest of business and investors But instead of being transparent it's Filing a motion to dismiss so that it Can carry on with its regulation by Enforcement pitiful Why is Gary Gensler not in front of Congress yet And then this guy Um who seems to have some sources Um he says update the fed and the OCC Are in the midst of a massive crypto Debanking operation Source what is going On is Draconian and aim to kill crypto Vet and OCC are going after Morgan Stanley custodia bank and even states That are crypto friendly like Wyoming More sources paxos Global and others Were told by the OCC either withdraw Their banking Charter applications or They would be denied by Friday VCS are Starting to become very very concerned About their crypto portfolio companies Are being debanked in Mass OCC has said To produce a paper shortly that is said To be so Draconian that the sizable Portion of those CC employees May depart

People are quitting now folks Then Brian Armstrong we're hearing Rumors that the SEC would like to get Rid of crypto staking in the U.S for Retail customers I hope that's not the Case He goes on he talks about how important Staking is and I I wanted to make him Aware hey Brian Armstrong I don't think That Joseph Lubin got the same memo and Then I'm asking Gary Gensler and Hester Pierce this was my whistleblower alert This week we'll aggregate to different Protocols enabled people to just Um I pay lend on Stave Etc Simplicity he's the only higher Level stuff he and Sam bankman freed are The only two people that seem to have Gotten plenty of clarity from the SEC That I have been able to find then um Jake travinsky who's uh in DC he's with Blockchain Association he's an attorney Have you I I've heard the same rumor and Strongly strongly agree with Brian that An attack on staking would be an extreme Error in U.S U.S policy thankfully we Are in a country of laws even if the SEC Would like to get rid of crypto entirely Which may be the case the law and the Courts won't allow it yet rumors are Often worse than reality while it's good To follow stories like this it's Important not to get carried away by Every insinuation of impending doom that

Crosses your Twitter feed we have plenty Of live challenges in crypto policy to Handle let's stay focused and andersel Says so when Wall Street lobbies Congress to stop crypto what then Yeah okay then this guy says that what He's saying about coinbase being told to Wind down crypto staking or face fines Is totally false and he's a DOT eth guy Okay Maybe it's false for ethereum And some of their Associated companies Um and I said so then this guy says for Those thinking the U.S government is Secretly attacking crypto it's right in Front of of all of you in a White House Statement Friday laying out a road map To mitigate risks of crypto its policy Direction from the White House to U.S Regulators and I said I guess their plan To have FTX do the dirty work for them Didn't work out so now they're getting Aggressive isn't that what's really Going on then Library tweets this the SEC will probably Pat themselves on the Back when they read this but unless Things change you'd be better off Starting a blockchain company in North Korea than America Maybe North Korea will start a Silicon Valley Um silicon communist Valley it'll Probably be more productive than the United States now

And then Eleanor terrett tweets this I Mean those like a whole series folks Scoop my SEC sources tell me to be Prepared for a potentially big Announcement tomorrow could it have Something to do with Kraken settlement Following a closed meeting at 2 pm could Settlement terms have industry Ramifications we'll see And then there was this from whale chart Leak reveals SEC will make major Announcement today Ripple or Kraken Settlement And then coinbase did a whole other Thing on the importance of staking and Then uh this from the digital pound Foundation digital pound Foundation Policy lead will be joined by experts at Ripple MasterCard Barclays and check out To discuss future potential of digital Currencies A lot going on folks and then I wanted To remind everybody I put out this video Yesterday where it showed um Brad Garlinghouse talking about what a threat Ripple was to the traditional big Banks Like JP Morgan City group and some of Those and how he said 99 of banks wanted Ripple to be successful so they would Stop having to pay JP Morgan and the Boys a toll to move money and so I Decided in conjunction with that video Since it's been watched almost 50 000 Times and we've copied it to Congress

I said congress Gary Gensler has been in Seven meetings calls that have not been Scrubbed from his public calendar since We know he does this with Jamie Diamond As SEC chairman and I put all seven of Them right here There's one on March 11th March 16th This one was in April I clipped off the Date Um June 15th then we have down here Um June the 9th and we have September The 29th right here So yeah uh and that's all while they're Suing Brad garlinghouse and ripple Jamie Diamond has easy access he can go in and Talk to Gary just like Sam bankman freed By the way we're still missing all of Gary's calendars I think since August Pub quote public calendars now I want to Show you something that really really Excited me that I that I decided to buy Some of these this morning which I just Placed my order and I wanted to show it To you watch freaking this somebody made Me aware of this yesterday this is one Troy ounce of 24 karat gold broken down Into goldbacks we've got the 50s the 25s The tens fives ones if you add them all Up you get to an ounce of gold now this Is also one troy ounce of 24 karat gold It's an American gold buffalo very cool Coin here if you wanted to spend gold to Use go gold as a currency which would be Easier this gold coin or all of these

Gold bags I think it's pretty easy to See the goldbacks win in a barter Situation I can break them down way more Times than I can this gold coin but the Question a lot of people have is how do You know that the gold is in the gold Backs the company that makes these is Called valorum and I thought at best That the president and founder Adam Valorum actually manufactures these the Company that came up with it is gold Back exler actually talk about them and Give you the answer himself and I'll Just say the testing that they do is Quite amazing my name is Adam Trexler I'm the founder and president of valorem We manufacture the gold back using aurum Technology This is so cool So when we talk about the gold and a Gold back I'm always asked how do I know That the gold is there the answer starts With the underlying technology where We're building up a thin layer of gold Adam by Adam and we very precisely Control that as we're doing it as we're Making multiple passes and building up Those gold atoms we are constantly Checking the thickness as that process Goes then after we're done we shoot an X-ray all the way through the gold and We're able to check both purity And the thickness and verify that the Batch is Good from there we do another

Quality control check and we do a fire Assay of bills where we actually melt The gold down recover it and weigh it Using a very precise scale and that Becomes the basis for establishing that Every production run of goldbacks has That amount of gold I'm not going to Play any more of that it's a they've got A whole YouTube channel that is so Freaking cool I did some research the uh This is the company's website it's Called and they have Um they have all kinds of different Places listed and I researched it and I Found the places that where you can do It they've basically make it available On different retailers I went and bought Some on this bullion Max I'll put a link In the description of this video up at The top that what I bought this morning Was Um which one did I Uh I think I got that one yeah I think I Got this one right here it was like a Bundle and um but I'm gonna start Getting Um bundles of these every once in a While to add on to what I do with glint I'll have bundles of these and then Actual physical gold I'm ex this is one Of the coolest things I've seen since Glint so it's like a in my little Portfolio of things I'm doing now link Will be in the top of the description

And you can go uh get your gold backs if You want to I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family Gold backs off

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