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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and it looks like CNBC is Telling everybody we're going into Recession check it out Right so maybe they go from building Houses and buildings do you think a Recession comes this year because even Larry Summers was kind of yes you're Going to have a recession third or Fourth quarter and I look uh the Consumers sort of out of doe his savings Rates are at all-time lows the 2.3 Because that would explain the tenure He's on credit credit is credit cards Inventory this guy it's interesting one Thing about inflation because we talked About the supply chain it's not totally Fixed and so if you're building a Building and you can't get the generator You've got everything else it's no good Right you've got to get all the supplies And I look at what we're doing and I'm We're opening a hotel in Hawaii in two Weeks and we can't get this and we can't Get that we can't open this we'll open Part of the and it's all because the Supply chain is broken still in places It is getting fixed but it takes time so Supply chain I don't think that's it I

Think it's money printing for over a Decade acting like that's normal It has to do with irresponsible Politicians you we'll get to that here In a second but let's check this out so This came back up James Flynn had put This back out about this investment Banker declarant files a response to Ripple's opposition to the motion by Investment banker to Shield he wants to Shield his name so this is basically my Understanding is that he's a guy that Entered himself into the Ripple Uh lawsuit in support of the SEC okay And Yasin Mubarak says so the investment Banker works for a broker dealer entity That is heavily regulated by the SEC he Admits he was not in a position to deny The sec's request for support doesn't That put into question the objectivity Of his day in other words Almost like under threat this guy steps Forward and uh supports the SEC Um they're in a position of power over Him and then he steps forward but we Would love to see who his name what his Name was wouldn't you I would now look At this it's almost like if everything's Going according to plan for the U.S Regulators and Wall Street From Zero Hedge and here we go CBOE Global markets wants to list more Tokens on its crypto exchange as Established firms from traditional

Finance seek to capitalize on demand for A reliable counterparties following the Collapse of FTX so let's run through This in your mind here folks so Gary Gensler is having planning sessions with FTX multiple he and the cftc then when It collapses as a fraud They all throw their hands up like they Couldn't have known anything and then File suit against FTX because they are The Regulators that go after people like That and now because of all the fear Created in the market now that is on all Of crypto not just FTX as a fraud it's An indictment of all of crypto and what Do you do then oh well we should have Had Wall Street should have been Handling this these crypto startups Can't do this Wall Street should be Handling this see how this works folks So I think things are going exactly According to plan or as Gary Gensler Said who can do it better than JP Morgan Or Goldman Sachs because that was the Plan all along watch this remember this Amy Diamond so let's bring it back to Jamie and JP Morgan what do you think is Going to be the the thing that they will Have to change the most for lose market Share and somebody else is going to do Better faster You know serve their clients better All right then JP Morgan Goldman Sachs You know the drill there's also this

This is another thing that people aren't Thinking about you you think it's a Coincidence that all these random Lawsuits have been filed against people Like Ripple and some of these others Really Ripple This is Nancy wotos who in my opinion Was one of the few good guys in the Whole Heath Gate scandal that was Involved and I don't think that I think She had complete I think she had Completely good intentions in the thing I wish we could talk to her listen to What she says she's referencing one of The lawsuits back in 2018 against Ripple This was all by Design folks to me the Biggest threat to this industry in Third-party Planos Uh the Ripple case is something that you Know you really have to watch I mean the Lead plaintiff in that bought two Thousand dollars worth of the tokens Held it for 10 days and they had a 200 Loss and he's the lead plaintiff on a Multi-billion dollar class action and if That case is successful I mean it is the Death smell to many many token companies Okay now uh Brad garlinghouse I had Missed I think I missed this tweet but I Just wanted to show it to you uh when he Came back from Davos he said his take on Davos I honestly think it's healthy Seeing the change in how crypto showed Up this year folks are focusing on

Utility and how these Technologies solve Real problems the only way the industry Will move forward great to catch up now What this reminds me of folks and I Don't think there's any better example From the.com boom and bust you had a you Had a boom and and you had probably 85 95 of the boom was You know companies without business Plans or Mickey Mouse companies like Pets.com where there's no business just A.com on the end of it That's what I compare what we just went Through with all this cartoon monkey Stuff and all here's the greatest Example this is Paris Hilton when she's On uh Jimmy no not Jimmy Kimmel I don't Even remember the guy's name this was a One exactly one year ago yeah I got I I Jumped in I know I heard I'm so happy I Taught you what they were you did you Taught me what's up and then I bought an Ape I got an ape too because I saw you On the show with people and you said you Got a moon pay so I went and I copied You and did the same thing you did this Is your this is your sleep it's really Cool Let me tell you what folks maybe it's Because I'm old enough to have gone Through the.com but when I was seeing All this going on I promise you this I was pointing at it going That'spets.com I can see it a mile away

That's uh that's what happens when you Um I guess when you get burned coming up You you learn things the hard way and Luckily luckily that was a good learning Experience for me but what Brad Growinghouse is saying here right here Folks uh I honestly think it's a healthy Seeing the change in crypto showed up This year folks are focusing on utility And how these Technologies solve real World problems and when I when I hear That I think yeah not stupid monkey now That's not to say that nfts cannot be a Legitimate thing You tooking us some real world art or Art or art artwork or antiques or actual Things with value I'm in but I'm not Buying a cartoon ape What I what I do have is Ripple private Equity this is why on the link to Platform Ripple Equity some of these Things no these are not tokenized Equities or anything this is private Equity but linked to has Ripple Equity Available still I think they ran out recently and then Stocked back up this is one of my spots There's the links in the top of the Description go check it out this is real This is not cartoon monkeys I promise You all right Um now I love this I saw this um earlier The earlier I think yesterday this is a Represent he needs complete credit here

Thomas Massey representative is that Kentucky that he's from he has a Wearable running national debt clock at The votes what they should do is require All members to wear that debt clock that Shows how much debt this country is in And then before they vote on any bill They should be required to say we are About to spend this amount of money that We don't have that should be at the Beginning of every single Bill and this Guy's over the Target too this is from a Robin Williams quote I guess politicians Should wear sponsor jackets like NASCAR Drivers then we know who owns them we Should also also have our Regulators Wear jackets of the companies that They're meeting with to try to create Policy while they block out all of the Rest of the industry the way Gary Gensler did with FTX and the way the SEC And the cftc did with consensus and Joseph Lubin and all of them involved in Eastgate That they should have been wearing an A16z or a Union Square venture or Consensus jacket That's what Jay Clayton should have been Wearing or Phil Hinman Anthony welfare from Ripple what is the Digital pound GBP really useful for Ripple VP Central Bank engagement James Wallace will cover some some of the use Cases for cbdc's and a digital pound at

4 pm this is a like a webinar and you Can register for it go to at Anthony Welfare now check this out this video Was going around yesterday now I don't Know if this thing's got music copyright And stuff here but we'll try it anyway I'll cut it out if it won't play getting Into this stable coin introduction that Was for the DEA and ripple is working With them that is 100 facts You're just gonna have to go watch this Because there's music playing over this Thing and I don't wanna this thing to Get copyright it's at 24 hours crypto One you can go and see that now there Continues to be drama over Flair they're They're Um Oz crypto he was he had apparently Ever uncovered uh some a lot of the People involved that had gone and dumped Their flare ahead of the flare drop Um on bit true and now we have this by Implication out of the total vote of This a total of this or in support while Those against equal this at press only At press time this has raised eyebrows In the xrp community so now Everybody's questioning whether these Guys are controlling the vote and that This is now and I I haven't looked into Any of this stuff I'm just Telling you what's going on right now I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for

Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that there's a lot of Drama in the whole flare xrp Community Right now with all that [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]

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