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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here Ripple shows us The direction they're going to be going And you're going to want to know about It and guess what else so does the G20 President and she's talking about a Moment that sounds a lot like flipping a Switch somebody wrote that beautiful Intro [Music] [Applause] [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter excuse me and YouTube for exclusive content good Morning everybody 1.22 trillion dollar Market cap for crypto the market is up One percent careful what we call Progress 27 600 plus right now for Bitcoin 1800 Plus for ethereum tether Market cap is 81.5 plus billion we're Watching it 46 cents per xrp is it's off More than 10 percent right now in a Seven day what's going on before we get Out of here we're going to take a look At a possible 10 cent xrp scenario Believe it or not but we got a lot of Stuff that's good news to look at here And we're going to start with this Because this is fantastic news take your Investing to the next level by investing

In private Equity what we're talking About is linked to the link to platform Is for private equity and yes you have To be accredited but let me tell you a Little secret about link two there is Not a company on this Earth in the Accredited investor space that is doing More to democratize finance than link to Itself don't believe it it's still true Click that link underneath the video Find out if you're accredited if you're Not find out what you need to do to get It credited and make it happen it is a Hell of an opportunity check out my Sponsor Just to let you know Larry Fink from CEO Of the world's largest Asset Management Fund unloads 25 million dollars in BlackRock shares Really Oh my gracious I wonder what Larry might Know about what's coming you know it's No guarantee but some would say That this is a bit of a signal That there is some kind of a pullback Recession drop in the economy coming When you see CEOs like this take huge Huge shares and dump them prior to a Moment like that happening no guarantee But we'll be watching Ashley Prosper shares here I found a transcript from one of Gary Genzer's blockchain money lectures at MIT he is well aware of East Ico and

Even knows how many purchasers there Were I'm more convinced now than I was Before that he himself is a disguised Eth whale he says when his company did 25 million initial coin offering the day Of that offering which only had 40 to 50 000 purchasers on the day it does sound Like Gary Gensler Goldman Gensler might Have a little more knowledge than Originally thought here Mark Phillips Says if true it could be evidence that He lied under oath to Congress and then We went on to see comments come up from This too as well and shout out to Ashley Prosper for this work but there's also Comments brought up from Mark Phillips And others as well that hey you know we Look into this what if Gary is one of Those disguised whales right And if he did lie underneath uh oath in Congress and wonder if chain Alice's Could actually provide analysis on this To ID those disguised whales or at least Their wallets uh-huh that's Mark Phillips working right there I tell you If you're not following Mark Phillips You should be let's take a look at this Because while we're seeing all the Melees and confusion for clarity of Digital assets and crypto stable coins Here in the U.S the UAE introduces a new Bill for 100 tax exemptions in a free Zone That's see see that's the disappointing

Theory disappointing thing for me here In the United States right is that it It's not the United States saying hey We're we're all just trying to figure Out what this is no Singapore Japan the EU UK the UAE they all have Clarity they All know how to treat these things and It's disappointing because the U.S is Absolutely dragging its foot as the Largest economy and I have to feel that It's deliberate at this point Janet Yellen says China Russia and Iran Are finding ways to move away from the Dollar after witnessing how the United States used the world's Reserve currency To impose Financial sanctions I've also Seen reports which I haven't been able To completely verify that the U.S is now Hooking Russia back into the Swift System if anybody has any information on That we'd certainly appreciate you Sharing that with us underneath in the Comment section or tag or DM me on Twitter because it does feel like they Are going back into relations somewhat From what I've read so far but we still Need to verify however major Asian Economies China and Singapore have set Up a task force to deepen bilateral Cooperation in green and transition Finance now this is important because we Know the green agenda we know the xrp Ledger carbon neutral is poised Beautifully I believe in my opinion for

Where the world is moving with a global Agenda here and now this move here is Amid at facilitating greater public and Private sector collaboration for a lower Carbon future in the region you know uh Again we'll see some evidence here from Ripple that they're working on exactly The same agenda and I think you'll find It just as powerful as I did but this Right here ladies and gentlemen is very Very powerful this is the president Right now of the G20 this year it is India and you're going to hear from Nirmala and look these are very Important comments and this sounds a lot To me like a realization that one Country can't just do this crypto Business uh regulation it has to be all Of us at once she says don't believe it It's still true Comments there was a lot of interest on Digital currency on European as well as How we plan to regulate crypto you Mentioned in your recent travels abroad That a global consensus on crypto for Regulation is necessary before India Makes any move on that could you talk to Us a little bit about that That's true the G20 of which India is Currently holding the presidency It was India's proportion And it has been taken on board I'm glad To say the G20 Has a

H kept it in its agenda for this year The IMF has given a paper on Cryptocurrency and it's uh the way it Can affect macroeconomic stability The FSB is also fsp is the financial Stability board Which is a part of the G20 it was set up By the G20 even they have agreed to give A report that will also focus on the Financial stability Um and their report and their imf's Report are going to be discussed in July When again the First Financial finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Will meet under the G20 And post that in September there will be A summit of prime ministers and Presidents of the G20 Nations that will Be held in India The underlying principle is because Digital currencies are so obviously Naturally and of course they are Completely digitalized And Technology driven The technology which is very the very Distributed and sometimes identity is Very difficult to be established But with which has potential Will therefore have to be Acted upon only with all states coming All countries coming on board there you Have it take a listen right there Everybody's got to be on board for the Regulation to work and it doesn't mean

That you're controlling the technology Which she is going to say to all of us Again in just a second but I need to Highlight this She's saying all G20 Nations need to Come on board with regulations at once If you don't then you have some kind of Arbitrage situation regulatory Arbitrage Happening in a country listen again People have to be Acted upon only with all states coming All countries coming on board no one Country individually in a matter of Technology driven A crypto asset Can effectively control it because Technology doesn't have any borders it Can just pass through So the very character of it being Technology driven Requires all countries to be on board So if you were to regulate here and not Regulate elsewhere it will only flow Like that and keep hitting back at you It will not be effective and therefore The Understanding today and I'm glad to say Understanding the G20 along with oecd And other organizations IMF World Bank And so on is that yes a global Understanding is required a global Template may have to be created all of Us will have to work together on it Otherwise regulating crypto may not be

Effective And I tell you this is a very powerful Statement a global template That's what we're talking about here Because you have to have at least a Foundation of Regulation that is Consistent throughout the G20 right If you don't you're going to have an Arbitrage situation look you can't stop The technology the Bitcoin Maxis are Right about that they've been right About it since day one but we've been Right about the idea and understanding That they can regulate it or tax it out Of existence and we're not just talking About Bitcoin we're talking about Technology And the truth is if they're all on board Together what we're really hearing her Say I believe Is that they are moving towards adopting A template of Regulation that will be Consistent across the G20 and that Regulation of that technology just as is Of the internet Will be the moment I believe I certainly I have been waiting for I am here for that moment I am here to See the top down Yes I absolutely believe we will see Developers come out of the ashes and There will be a new Google there will be A new Amazon there will be a new Facebook someday there will be a new

This a new that someday all of those Things will happen and they're amazing And beautiful and I don't know anyone as A company that's doing more to encourage The Grassroots Up From the Ashes Adoption than Ripple themselves However A Moment Like what she is describing of A G20 adopting a template of regulation For crypto technology Would be absolutely explosive almost Like a flip to switch moment when that Actually takes place because that Consistent regulatory framework on a Global level will give the confidence to The world that this is the rules to the Road and then you will see adoption like We never have I really do believe it Listen to the last couple seconds here But that is but that doesn't mean we are Controlling the technology of Distributed Ledger technology that's Right it has its goodness it has its Potential it has its own strengths We keep that in mind that's right you Don't control the highway but you Monitor the activity You monitor the activities not not as Much the entities You can register a wallet be kyc and That information be private and personal I've said this multiple times and then What Then the cops on the beat start sitting

On the side of the highway if you're Speeding they're going to come get you And find out that your wallet belongs to You right if you're doing some kind of Swerving all over the road your Suspicious activity or whatever you're Going to get pulled over and they're Going to say hey what's going on with That wallet whose wallet is that let's Find out why they sent money to that bad Actor That's I believe the world we're moving Towards no doubt about it all right now Then there's this here which is a list a Massive list and I can't play this with Sound because I know it's got Copywritten music behind it but this Really is amazing here uh ladies and Gentlemen and I'm going to read just Some of this to you but it showcases Very nicely some of the partners and People from Ripple like Ken Weber VP of Ripple impact miles holiday co-founder Of carbon title talking about the need To move towards a carbon-free carbon Neutral world and how significant that's Going to be in the future former CEO of RMI discussing collaboration with Businesses and industries And then you'll see here in just a Second uh other people too uh Palau Representative I mean it is really Remarkable to see them showcasing here You go the UN ambassador from Palau

Discussing the importance to certify That carbon uh uh credit aspect in Carbon neutral aspect of The xrp Ledger These are the very important things You're hearing co-founder carbon title Trevor dryer I mean talking about the Important issues and I don't mind Telling you at xrp Las Vegas we will Have a panel about real estate and Blockchain and we're going to have Boone From blockchain Laboratories who spoke At Apex who is going to talk about the Importance of moving towards carbon uh Carbon uh credits and things of that Nature this is a very very big aspect as we know co-founder right There Esteban who is working with the United Nations built off of The xrp Ledger this is the world that's being Built to to grow into that's where we're Going here and it's pretty remarkable And I tell you it goes on and on with The list of people that it has in it so Uh I wanted to share that with you I Also wanted to show you what a solid Presence providing cross-border payment Solution in Asia Ripple has been Rewarded with the hike in xrp adoption Can this get uh better of course it can Clarity in the United States and we'll Really start to see an explosion a Cambrian explosion the way Chris Larson Talked about Here we see crypto now represents such a

Threat to government and Current Financial system that Regulators are Doing everything they can to drive Digital asset adoption uh out of the Country but the reality is we also see What we reported on yesterday shout out To Eleanor tariff for this could fsoc's New proposal possibly pave the way for Classifying crypto companies Systemically important as a way of Regulating them I have been talking about this for more Than two years And then there's this what about the Hypothetical of some kind of unforeseen Black Swan event I always look for Tether That could send xrp down to 10 cents Shout out to egg red crypto here quickly Who says recently a friend posted that Xrp will go back to 10 cents this friend He has a lot of respect for but says he Doesn't believe that that'll happen He does however say barring some Unforeseen Black Swan event unless we Have a Black Swan event due to Regulation because I do believe crypto Started to be immune to normal Economical activity in black swans So it's pretty interesting there and I Say every day we watch out to see what Happens to tether if we were to see a Big big moment happen to tether like a Rug pulled air from the government

Getting it in a framework maybe it's as Simple as they're fined in their order To file papers and the next thing you Know they're compliant and they're good To go I don't know but if it did then You have to entertain the idea that Maybe we do revisit and break through That solid 30 Cent range 31 Cent range Of support there that we've had for so So very long I know what I'll do if it does I can Tell you that but it's not Financial Advice for me I'm here I want to see the Two dollars and eighty cents I want to See the fifteen dollars I want to see The hundred bucks and more I believe That xrp has a role that so amazingly Designed for the world that we're moving Into that we could reach astronomical Dollars per xrp at some point someday Based on adoption but it's all going to Depend on getting clear ruling on this Case from the SEC versus Ripple and then Legislation from around the world and Not just the United States that allows It to happen Now Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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