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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we've got a clip From swell for you you're going to want It actually a couple clips from swell And a very very candid interview from Brad Garling house at DC fintech week With so much fire in it we're not even Going to waste any more time somebody Roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad k Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.43 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 3.1% this morning we love Hearing that Bitcoin 36,800 plus right Now and 1,900 Plus for ethereum 86.1 billion plus for tether market cap But for how long I don't know you you Should go to the freedom Zone and see What I've put in there today I wouldn't Touch it to the depth that we went into It in the freedom Zone but you're going To want to know about what we're talking About about USD tether and the rest of The United States is saying about it now Too on a congressional level very big News 68 cents for xrp ladies and Gentlemen and the market is telling us In the last 24 hours we're off by 0.4% But we're still up over 10% on the sth Day so let's look at the range of price Very quickly because we know the

Technical analysts have told us to watch It we're staying above a 66 Cent range Here so it's exciting for all of us Hopefully we continue the uptrend and Even though we see some retracements and Uh retests but you know what we are Ranging between 67 and 70 cents right Now I'm loving it let's keep it going is What I say and you know what I wanted to Tell you about this it's glint you guys Know you've heard me talk about it but If you haven't taken advantage of it Now's the Time to do it what are you Waiting for become your own Bank Empower Yourself the alternative to banking is Right in your own hands it's glint pay Buy save send and spend real gold Instantly with glint this is an amazing Product and service that they provide You get to load up gold on your account On your phone on your app and be able to Spend it through a MasterCard debit card At your leisure or just continue to save It as a hedge however you prefer to do It but what's really incredible is is That you have the power in your hands And you don't need a bank to do it it's Pretty Remarkable then there's this you can Also get glint on link to private Equity Investment the best in the world click The link below to get some today let's Start really quickly here it's crypto Insight UK out there at Swell holding it

Down for all of us listen to what is Said here about Ripple payments and how You can leverage it directly and not get Hung up into technology and by the way Unsure if you can see the video but it Directly leverages xrp so for all the People who say it says Ripple but not Xrp this one's for you the best part of This is there's no Tech heavy Lifting they're able to on board to us And immediately start initiating Payments using an intuitive user Interface and I'll draw a little bit of A contrast here with a lot of the Licensed larger institutions that we've Served today okay and if you are are an Existing customer of Ripple Payments you manage crypto in your Workflow today and you have the Expertise and sophistication to do so And this works well but it's challenging For smaller corporates who don't have That expertise or resources to build That in house and now with our latest Product capabilities Ripple payments can Be managed end to endend by Ripple so a Customer can initiate that payment with Simplicity and that notion of Simplicity We are able to abstract all of the Complexity associated with interacting Or managing digital assets or Interacting with a blockchainbased Solution so that corporate customers can Transact with ease focusing on not being

A crypto expert themselves but solving Their core Problem I'll draw another Contrast larger financial institutions Today Day have developed over many years Fantastic expertise and sophistication Around transaction Monitoring around ensuring that they are Maintaining maintaining compliance in With local standards and regulations in Every jurisdiction of Operation but similarly smaller Corporates who don't have the resources And means needs a partner who can help Support them along in that Journey so That they can focus on what they do best Which is quite frankly operating and Growing their business and so we there You have it now let's take a listen to This clip as well talking about Tokenization of real estate and Gold who doesn't love hearing this for Instance company called tug is one of The main electric vehicle manufacturers In Turkey well the main actually the Only and they use the organization for Various use cases that you would never Think about when you when your brain is Is you know looking at you tokenizing Gold or currencies with stable coins Etc It really pushes you to a point where You can think about tokenization as a Way to you know manage the ownership of

Your house you know opening the door is Actually some from of a token Relationship opening your car securing Your ownership Way Beyond the Traditional assets that we deal with Today so Junior because you are today Very Advanced of course in your journey Can you tell us a little bit about the Use cases that you have imagined as a Company and where you see the market Moving Um yes I think there is um a number of Opportunities that are often talked About in terms of Securities and I think Actually property has a greater Opportunity in term in terms of Tokenization um and I think there's also Those areas where transfer of value is Difficult or challenging whether that's Through economic or regulation or Society type challenges um the point I'm Just going to move the conversation a Little a little bit and you can pull me Back if you want a but I think the Bigger challenge that we've got when we Talk about tokenization is around both Regulatory and legal state to say who Owns those assets and what it is but Also the Control Function and just very Simple example you know if Apple have Got a th000 shares I think they have one Or two more if they have a th000 shares And I buy a share I have 1,000th of that Business

Okay how do I know they haven't given 1,1 100 okay I have people the exchanges The Auditors the accountants the lawyers All giving me Assurance there's only a Th000 apple uh assets out there so if we Tokenize this building and I haven't had The joy of coming here do I know it Exists do I know it is stamp of Substance do I know the occupancy rate Etc I'm going to have to rely on a lot Of experts to understand the physical Asset and the Providence of that before It then gets tokenized and I think where The use case is going to come out is Where you can get that uh that Providence absolutely nailed and done it In a very effective way that becomes Really really interesting and I tell you Something he spot on here ladies and Gentlemen if you're hearing what he's Saying how do you tokenize something and Make sure it's not fraudulent Essentially right that if I tokenize 1,000 shares of Apple the company you Know and it's just for an arbitrary Number right then how do I know that all Those Shares are actually legitimate how Do I know that the fractionalization of A building is completely legitimate and That it's not being double sold or Undersold or o you know so th this is Why I have said and we're about to Listen to Brad garlinghouse Now this is why I have always said I

Believe that the Ripple case may go all The way to the Supreme Court and it is Because I have said Because xrp is a bridge asset and it is Being introduced to complement inside of The financial system unlike Bitcoin Right and other assets and I'm not Saying that to be a dig on bitcoin it's Just that Bitcoin white paper is Anti-bank anti-establishment right and That's okay the libertarian Andy loves That but the reality here is that we're Talking about a bridge asset to Complement inside the Fiat government Central Banking world and if that's Going to work then you're going to have Absolute legal Clarity or need absolute Legal Clarity in order to Define exactly what is happening to that Ownership of value while it is on that Bridge asset being moved from one Protocol to another one possession owner To another there needs to be legal Clarity there when the exchange happens So there is no question because we're Talking about the money and the value of The world moving at times Across The xrp Ledger so that is such a key point to me And I have hammered it home before in Years past but it really is where we are Today now I'm going to play the first Part of this this entire interview is Fantastic now let me get us to the point Where we're past the music here because

I don't want to get a copyright strike Even though the music's pretty Remarkable but nevertheless I want to Give you this shout out to Brad Garlinghouse and shout out to the I Think it's Kaylee who's interviewing him And does a fantastic job and they go for It from the word go and you want every Bit of it so here it is for you uh very Short this time but it's always good to Be back in Washington you're gonna have To spend any time at the SEC while You're here this time maybe a photo up No no uh no no planned visits to the SEC But why would welcome that I mean Honestly I think an open dialogue Between industry and the SEC would be a Step forward from where we are now well Of course what we're all referring refg To and I think everyone in this room Pretty much knows what I'm talking about Is the SDC case which a judge ruled in Your favor around xrp and whether or not It was improperly issued as a security Are we calling that done and dusted or Are you bracing yourself for some kind Of Remedy or appeal process great Question well look I think the SEC Clearly lost on everything that matters Uh there is a remedy process which Continues forward there's the unknown And I know chair gendler is on stage Later you should ask him if they're Going to appeal uh that would be great

Look I that's not a knowable thing uh I From my point of view they lost on the Things they care most about but by the Same token if they move the it up the Appet ladder it becomes more Amplified As a decision of consequence and so It'll be interesting it's a I think There's a strategic trade-off I'm sure There's way more lawyers in this room Than uh I'm comfortable you know that You guys know more about it than I do But uh I I think it's to be determined Whether I choose to appeal I I think Regardless of whether they appeal I feel Really good about it I think it's very Clear the SEC now has Lo they lost three Times with ripple they lost uh I know The CEO grayscale is on you know they Lost the grayscale case and by the these Are federal judges saying things I'll Quote grayscale the judge said that the SEC was being arbitrary and Capricious I mean this is damning Language from a federal judge like you Know I also happen to believe as long as I'm on a rooll here look at some point When you have the same you keep trying To do the same thing and you keep having The same outcome at some point you Change your approach well I hope it Would be magical if chair gendler got up Here and said hey we're going to change Our approach we have lost time and time And time again so let's re let's step

Back apparently we haven't had it right Because the judicial branch is saying we Keep getting it wrong and so like it Would be great to have that constructive Dialogue I would be happy to go to the SEC today actually today would be tough But yeah I know you have he has to get On a flight to Dubai in a couple of Hours so we'll pass the message along to Chair Gensler when he arrives I would Come back from Dubai here to meet with Cher gendler okay on the record he says This so you mentioned that there was a Win in the Ripple case and in the Grayscale case or a loss on the other Hand for the SEC but of course those Aren't the only high-profile cases the SEC is currently pursuing they've Brought cases against binance against Coinbase does the Ripple case teach us Anything about what might happen in Those cases how how do you view the Debate around xrp in the context of Those Cases look I I've followed the coinbase Case a little more closely uh and so Maybe like I can comment there a little Bit more I look I I think that the the Challenge has been and again even if you Read what the or listen to what the Judge has said in some of the early Coinbase uh procedural stuff you know The SEC is not trending well there and Again if at some point you would think

If you keep getting losses you would say Okay wait a minute let's step back let's Reevaluate or even better let's be part Of championing a legislative solution Let's not go to Congress and testify and Say the laws are clear the laws clearly Uh could be much clearer at a minimum And you know I think what you're seeing In the coinbase case that the world is Not just a simple Howe test and we have Seen some momentum around legislative Solutions obviously uh washingt it's Hard to get things passed in Washington Uh in some ways that's a good thing in Some ways that's bad but uh I'm hopeful That in 2024 we do see some legislative Momentum that actually does provide that Clarity and it would be a magical thing If the SEC were part of that working Constructively with the industry to find That right path well you say you're Hopeful that something happens Legislatively but ultimately the way Things are going right now do you think More clarity is likely to come from Congress or is it just going to continue To come from the courts the judicial and Then we legislatively But ultimately the Way are going right now do you think More clarity is likely to come from Congress or is it just going to continue To come from the courts and the judicial Branch I think that's a question for Cher denler I mean right now he has

Taken our approach of Regulation through Enforcement that is not a in my judgment Constructive way to regulate look one of The things is most frustrating about This I mean Ripple spent well over $150 Million defending that case there is no Recourse so you know the the the case Was brought by Bill Henman and Jay Clayton Bill Henman and Jay Clayton let I mean Jay Clayton left office the next Day Right like you know it just feels a Little bit like this wasn't uh this was Not an there's just no recourse to the SEC there's no negative outcome for Anyone and I think it's really really Confusing to me when you know Bill Henman got up to the world in 2018 and Said eth is not a security and you know Now we know from the litigation with Ripple that the the sec's general Council even said this is going to make Things less clear this isn't following The Howie test so you know it just it Feels a little bit and I think there Should be you know some call to Accountability uh and even an Investigative work like how did like why Why would we take an approach of putting Ripple on the defense we got to spend $150 million to show that the law Actually doesn't say what they're saying And then in another case say okay we Think this one's clear like the

Government should not be picking winners And losers so as we talk about this Litigation do you think if there is an Appeal in your case or in in one of the Other cases we've talked about that Ultimately this ends up with the Supreme Court that this goes all the way to the Top listen I think that definitely could Happen I mean certainly and we've said This publicly we are in it till the end So you'd take it to scotus 100% by the Way I again there's a lot of lawyers in This room that is a good thing I mean The current Supreme Court I uh I would We'd love to see the Vegas odds on how That would Go listen I'd love to this is what I've Been saying for a long time you know I Really believe that's how important this Technology this value protocol and the Asset xrp and ripple which I believe Could become the FED 2.0 can really Really be that and look and maybe it Splits off right maybe Ripple goes off To be like an IBM but but in the Blockchain infrastructure world right Maybe there's parts of that that go off To be you know versions of the fed and Swift like ripplet right it you know but Obviously a much better version it can Do way more right But the fact that this could go all the Way and that he's look at the face of Confidence here he

Has I feel like in order to have legal Clarity complete legal Clarity to move All the money as Evan Schwarz has Said you may need to go to the biggest Final resting place that law of the land Is decided which is the Supreme Court Now I'm going to stop that right there So it doesn't get too long but make sure You tune in for part two because Brad is Just getting heated up and it is Remarkable every second of this is Fantastic now before we go I do want to Show you this this too it's the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen and we're About to dive into it here and we're Going to talk today about that country That has a red flag and what it could Really be tied to and about how this Crypto winner may not be over until it Is all revealed and a new US bill from Congress that could help get it done and I tell you something I mean this and This new bill could really prove to all Of us whether we still have our country We believe in or not I'll see all of you In the freedom Zone not Financial advice From me or anyone Else


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