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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here we got Charles Gasparino and SEC and industry news Coinbase SEC qualified custodian news oh Boy we got so much to show you on that The crypto floodgates are about to open And by the way where's our song bird in Flair we've got the answers for you Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.16 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency good morning everybody We're up 5.8 on yesterday's news and I Believe it was actually related to Gary Gensler moving the market we're going to Talk about that in just a second Bitcoin 24 500 plus ethereum 1687 and change Tether market cap 69.7 billion dollar market cap they say 39 cents for xrp we are up 2.8 percent Just in the last 24 hours here let's Take a look at this it's xrp Las Vegas 2023 ladies and gentlemen the countdown Is on you better get your ticket because They started doing it I'll tell you we Posted this yesterday and the tickets Are going and I believe this event will Sell out it is limited seating do not Mess around and get your ticket because

It is going to be an amazing day and by The way we got to change that that's 77 Plus million ledgers closed we'll fix That but I'll tell you this two exciting Days if you want to be in a VIP day hit That button join the digital perspective Mastermind group you get a free ticket To the Friday events you want to join This click on the conference day and get Your conference ticket do it now and We've even set up a discount for special Room rates for attendees if you call all You got to do is say xrp Army if you're Going to hit the link you hit the link Book a room that's the way it works and This is going to be a special day with John Deaton Eleanor tarrett and so many others Linda P Jones Clinton Donnelly Daniel Keller From casino coin Glitz CEO Jason Causeins and so many others we have Nick Bureaufedo we also have which you can't See here but it's Joe and doso the CEO Of link two is going to sit down with us Quincy Jones The xrp Ledger and xdc Developer and there's more common take a Look at all these sponsors we are proud To have here Pro Coin News is a sponsor As well make sure you check them all out Sign up click the link don't mess around Join us for the first ever xrp Las Vegas Conference it's going to be remarkable Charles gasparino says breaking crypto Execs are being advised by Securities

Lawyers Not to act on Gary gensler's recent call To come in and talk SEC about whether their operations are Compliant the reason unless you're a Democratic party Insider like SPF Getting on his radar makes you a Target Oh How about that one that's what we've Been saying here how is it that SPF got All that attention Walk right in there and had meetings With Gary Gensler and they don't do any Due diligence to discover what a mess That company was and then turn around And give them a broker dealer's license Um Good reporting by Charles gasparino There and then there's this Recent remarks which we will get into in A second From Gary Gensler about qualified Custodians in the crypto asset space Oh My Coinbase had this to say Chief legal officer Paul Grewal stated That not only is the company already Compliant with proposed changes to Qualified custodian law it is also a Role model for other crypto platforms it Says oh really well not so fast first of All on that front I understand the Argument from Paul Grewal but here's What I have to ask and I went out of the

Way and I sat down with Fred rispoli From huddle law Because you know what where is our Songbird where is our flare Hugo made it Clear that he gave it to you guys but You've been holding it and that property Does not belong to you and let me cue This up for you because frederispoli is Taking action for all of us I'm sitting Here with none other than frederis Poley From hot or law Fred how are you I'm Doing great Brad thank you for having me On hey man thank you for being here and You know what thank you for all the Other work you're doing which is why You're here to talk about that today and That let's start with this because you Got a couple you got a couple things Going here and they're very important But let's first start with coinbase can You tell us what's going on with how to Law and coinbase Of course so huddle law is my firm it's Cryptocurrency uh based and you know I I When I got into crypto it just was a Wild roller coaster and more and more I Said I wanted to do the legal side of Things here so we got huddle law up and Running it's if you want to check it out And you know one we're doing a class Action and you know a lot of times these Class actions happen when a lawyer gets Screwed over somehow and they get really

Upset about it and they say we gotta Sue These bastards uh because you know with Class actions usually in most cases you Might get the card in the mail saying You get 50 cents for this class action Or you get credit monitoring for 12 Years or for 12 months for this class Action but you know I was a or am an xrp Holder and I had xrp yep on on coinbase And you know we all had it on on there When coinbase said we're going to Participate in the flare air drop Songbird came out and we didn't get And then the I hope I hope I could say That on here You're a lawyer And when you know the flare airdrop Happened the second phase of it you know It was very obvious that we weren't Going to get anything that time either And so I was like these guys got to get Sued and we are suing coinbase in a Class action it's in the Northern District of California it's in federal Court uh it's an active case right now And we're suing saying hey you breached Your fiduciary duty you engaged in Negligent misrepresentation you Converted customer funds by not giving Us the Songbird airdrop and the flare Airdrop and so we're fighting to get Both of those back with damages and I Just also wanted to say I'm really proud Of uh Dallas Woody who's the lead

Representative in that case for stepping Up and agreeing to serve because We can't lawyers we can't sue in most Cases you know just on our own we need Clients and he was willing to step up And lead the charge for everybody uh With the Flair Songbird issues of Coinbase and we're rocking and rolling We're going to serve up coinbase serve Them with the pleading soon and we're Going to see how they respond well look It I'm for one grateful for the work You're doing and Dallas for stepping up Because I too am somebody who obviously Is waiting for my flare and my Songbird From coinbase as well xrp holder on Coinbase at a time as a snapshot so I Really do appreciate the work that You're doing and is there any motion as Of yet or is it just too early to know It's too early so we filed the complaint And all we have to do next is serve it Which is just get a process server drop It off at their headquarters and figure Out where Brian Armstrong is and serve Him he's a name Defender in and then at That point coinbase has to respond and They'll do one of two things they'll Either answer the complaint and say come Up with whatever nonsense they're going To come up with as to why they don't Have to give you your own customer funds Or they're going to try and move to Compel arbitration and I won't get into

The details there but just generally Know everybody when you go online and You file these or you sign up for an Account anywhere you'll see a terms of Service and if you scroll down at some Point very deep within where you barely Can ever see it is an arbitration Provision which says you agree not to Sue us in court you'll go into a private Court and you know you can't do X Y and Z and it's just a way for big companies To screw over consumers again and There's a lot of different ways to fight Those agreements to say to the court no We're not going to go into arbitration This is appropriate for federal court And here's all the reasons and coinbase Actually They've lost a couple of other cases Where they tried to push that Arbitration agreement and they're in Front of the Supreme Court right now on An arbitration issue Um whether it's it's a little different I think than the arbitrary agreement in This case but similar and we're going to See who the Supreme Court says there but In any event if we are going to Arbitration or if we get to stay in Court you know we're we're getting how To law is going after everyone's Songbird and Flair so they can get it And if you are interested in joining Just go on to the contact page at the

Website contacts and fill that out That form and you're on the list well Guess well I'll tell you what guess what I'm going to be doing and shout out to Frederis Poli for stopping by and we've Got more to discuss which we will get to I'm sure over the weekend with Fred it Doesn't stop there the SEC is in his Crosshairs as well shout out to Fred for That I will be going and signing up for That as well and I really really hope Everyone else will because I tell you it Is not right the way coinbase is handled Our property no doubt about it changing Gears very quickly here shout out to X Punks this is Dirk right here and you Know what X Factor X Specter is a Sponsor to xrp Las Vegas 2023 we're so Excited and he wants to tell us right Here shout out to Dirk xrp is now a Supported asset on the Japanese crypto Asset Management platform and it shows It right here at fuel hash is where he's Showing that and I'm going to give them A follow right while we're talking about It and shout out to Dirk for that little Update because there's so much going on Around the world it's hard to know these Little things that happen and you wonder Just how strategic they end up becoming But right here we see the financial Stability board FSB will work with other International standard centers to

Determine how decentralized Finance Known as defy activities should regulate Across different jurisdictions it said In a report published Thursday well it Doesn't stop there because you know look Decentralized Finance doesn't differ From substantially from traditional Finance that's the word on the street I've been saying it for years that's What's going on Deep by shmit by they're Not going for any five that isn't Regulated by how about that Write it down The Europe it'll be known as the dark Web it'll be around because you can't Stop detect everybody's right about that But I'll tell you what it'd be known as The dark web That's what it'd be known as What do you think all this suppression And fear-mongering and and holding Everything down the lack of clarity is About It's about the United States government And its Market regulator putting its Foot on the back of the neck of crypto And everybody you can't tell us what to Do in Europe can't tell us what to do in Japan can't tell yeah well it was a Three plus trillion dollar market cap in Crypto would you like to have that back Would you like to see it go to 8 or 10 Or 100 trillion dollar market I know I would

Well in order for that to happen Gary Gensler is going to have to take the Boot off the back of his neck because It's at about a trillion now That's the truth And while all of that's going on European Central Bank is told EU banks With crypto exposure to hold Capital Reserves according to crypto's risk Rating as we covered yesterday in the Past before the crypto related bills Become law in other words they'll tell Them sit down don't move and you better Do what we said do until this becomes Law Don't get tricky that's what they're Saying right here that's what's going on It's what we're watching Uh-huh And here's a little peep into where We're going with this conversation now According to data from look on chain Nearly 1.6 billion in institutional Funds have flowed into crypto Market Over the past six days how about that Ladies and gentlemen While retail investors are being told What fear is out here and there is a lot Of concern obviously It is a crypto winner But look what institutions are doing Most of the 1.6 billion flowed into Stable coins especially Circles issued USD coin how about that

Isn't that something Is it that subject well I believe all of That is because we knew that they knew That this was coming SEC proposes rules that would change Which crypto firms can custody customer Assets is that a fact oh yes it is a Fact and in fact I want to set it up Because shout out to Ray Fuentes and the Link to family here They know what's coming and I'm gonna Show it to you right now link two is Going to show it to you shout out to Rafe Fuentes and I say like let's let's Play the clip it's not long you need hi Everyone it's Ray from link2 today Institutions worldwide are moving to Decentralized finance defy and now more Than ever a qualified custodian is a Must this is one of the many reasons why Link2 invested in poly sign the Transformative fintech company providing Institutional investors with Cutting Edge blockchain enabled infrastructure In support of digital assets across the Capital markets and payment sectors Watch this short clip of the active SEC Chairman Gary Gensler speaking on the Roles of qualified custodians which Pertains to the LinkedIn portfolio Company poly sign what is a qualified Custodian one that safeguards your Assets when you work with an investment Advisor investment advisors advise

Investors or funds with literally tens Of trillions of dollars of assets under Management they advise mutual funds Hedge funds pension and retirement funds Endowments or those Robo advisor apps That you might use thus it's pretty Important that when you entrust your Assets to an advisor they don't Inappropriately use lose or abuse your Assets that's why we at the SEC have a Custody rule the rule requires that any Advisor who can access your thoughts Must use a qualified custodian to Protect your funds the thing is we Haven't updated our custody rule since 2009 just after the financial crisis and Major frauds like what happened with Bernie Madoff the next year though in 2010 given these events Congress gave The SEC greater Authority and scope to Expand our custody role to better Protect your assets placed with an Advisor not just your funds or Securities but all of your assets and Using these authorities earlier today we Put out a new proposal to do what Congress asks and to account for the Lessons and new technology from the last 13 years under the proposal a qualified Custodian would be subject to Independent audits certain documentation Requirements and yes to segregate your Assets into to an account with your name On it the rules apply to crypto assets

With advisors as well thus that advisor Would be required to keep your crypto With a qualified custodian not on any Crypto trading platform based on how They currently operate but with a Qualified custodian crypto companies may Claim they can take proper custody of Your assets but when these companies Fail something that we've seen time and Again investors assets often have Disappeared or become the property of The failed company and you as an Investor end up stuck in line at the Bankruptcy court so beware even if a Crypto Company claims that they custody Your assets it's not the same as Qualified custody poly sign CEO Jack McDonald will be hopping on a fireside Chat with link2co Joseph endoso tomorrow February 17th at 10 30 a.m Pacific Standard time I strongly recommend that You do not miss this fireside chat click Click the link in our bio to register It's free and please reach out to any One of our investment Liaisons do you Have any questions about the qualified Custodian poly sign or any portfolio Company available on link2's platform See you tomorrow at the fireside chat And that is going to be a fireside chat I am not going to miss I could tell you That and right now by the way look and You guys know uh linked to the sponsor Obviously right credited investor to be

Able to get the stuff but if you can get It I wouldn't mess around look at here I Know I'm looking at staring down the Barrel trying to get some more myself Qualified custodian 100 segregated Accounts conflict-free no trading Lending or borrowing regulated insured Bankruptcy remote check check check Check check check check how about that One just happens to be there if you're Not aware standard custody poly sign Arthur Britto David Schwartz from Ripple Worked on this and look I still remember When David Schwartz was like I'm so Excited I want to talk to you about it But I can't But I'll tell you this if you do make a Purchase today for ten thousand dollar Minimum you will get one thousand Dollars worth of xrp how about that 1K Xrp unbelievable make sure you click the Link Ripple lawsuit building up to be a Watershed moment ladies and Gentlemen Let's not forget this look this is what I've been saying here and I believe with What we saw with Gary Gensler has Confirmed everything we have really Built the patience to endure right I have said for years that until this Market begins to mirror the traditional Conventional markets We're not where we need to be Yesterday was that moment from Gary

Gensler it is not a small thing what he Introduced because trillions and Trillions of money of dollars and funds From institutional players will not pour Into this space until custody is Straightened out first Well that ribbon cutting just went on Yesterday Now we have Poli sign that can bring Real use case of this technology to Their very real company and standard Custody too And then we know the SEC versus Ripple Case is nearing a ruling and a close There I think these are two great examples of Use Case utility that really will Determine the bull market not just these Two companies but companies like them That can incorporate these digital Assets in a manner that can serve the Growth of this industry because the free Market will decide what Innovation wins Or not and that's all we've ever asked Let the free markets decide The SEC sued Ripple in 2020 but if the Company wins this case with CEO Brad Garlinghouse expects to conclude by Summer at the latest it could change the Way the SEC regulates by enforcement The Ripple outcome will set the Direction and tone for how U.S Regulators crypto moving forward fintech Analysts with more insights and

Strategies say Uh Melody Brew echoed a common complaint That there's no Clarity or guidance from The SEC we've even heard that from Within the SEC from hesta purse Gensler is making up rules as he goes in Regards to crypto that's one of the more Significant things that will come out of The Ripple decision will be precedent And if it becomes precedent then I think We've got a lot to talk about after that So look I I don't want this to go too Long but I tell you something What happened yesterday I believe is a Huge signal to institutions that they Can come into this space and seek out a Company I believe like poly sign you got To do the work for yourself it's not Financial advice And begin to custody and participate in This space in a manner that benefits Them and their business and that's how You get new money in here that can scale To the trillions Not Financial advice or me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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