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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and today is the Day the uphold vault is Here uh they're they're opening the Uphold Vault up to xrp Holders only at First and I think it'll be open to Everything else uh in short order but uh The vault is here I can't play this Video because uh it has copyright music Over the top of it um but but I did uh On the leadup to this I did like test Their beta version of The Vault myself And so um so most likely I'm going to at Least put some of my xrp in the vault um That cuz I I usually I try to keep some Over there anyway but anyway um so the Vault is here and you can go to um um Uphold.com and check it out I think it's Uh you you download the app now in Preparation for this I I had uh got Nick Buedo on the line this morning from link To who is one of my sponsors and I Interviewed Nick to ask him cuz uphold Has all link to has always worked with Uphold and they still do and I want Wanted him to talk about that a bit okay There was one other question I wanted to Ask Nick B buedo from uh link to and That is today the uphold uphold launched The uphold Vault and that the uh they Are starting it with xrp only and I know That link to has been working with

Uphold for a long time and I want wanted To wanted to let Nick address how uphold And link to have worked together and do Work together wow that's that's great Thanks the AI boy I'm so glad they're They're unleashing the Vault you know You and I have been asking them Personally for a vault for years and I'm Just so glad they're doing it so what What a big step for uphold um so we have A tremendous relationship with uphold And essentially what our members are Able to do is they're able to link their Their uphold account to their link to Account so that when they're making an Investment at link to they have a choice They can either fund their account um AC If they're in the United States they can Wire if they're in the United States or Outside the United States or anyone who Has an uphold wallet can choose to use Their uphold wallet and any asset in Their uphold wallet um to make their Investment at link Tu so so and we have A lot of members do this I mean they're You know they're they're you know so and It's funny when we see xrp go on a move I'll see you know more uphold Investments you know or uphold funded Investments made on linku because you Know members I guess are are figuring if They've made x amount of dollars you Know on their xrp they want to go ahead And roll it into private Equity so so we

Have a tremendous um uh relationship With them and it's a really cool feature So if you're on link to now if you're a Link to member now you're not using your Uphold wallet you know even if you're Not ready to to use your assets in your Uphold wallet you can link it now so That in the future if you wanted to do It you can and if you're not yet a Member at link to um and you want to get Signed up and you want to use your Uphold wallet it's it's a great way to Do it yeah and I I've actually done it Myself and I I sold a bunch of xlm Through uphold into polyon equity on Your platform myself and um and I felt It it's like so easy and I'm I'm at the Point now where uphold is pretty much All I use as far as crypto goes and so It's kind and they have uh so much of Everything and and now that they've got The Vault I can actually use that too so Everybody Wins I love it yeah thank you so much All right all right those were two Great Clips that I got with Nick uh today now Crypt bull as he does loves this chart He keeps posting it And I keep showing it because I love it Too every time I look at this chart it Reminds me of this is th this was when We had an actual free market for xrp all Of this because everybody knew it all of This has been the lies the government uh

Regulatory capture from Jay Clayton and Gary Gensler the lawsuits the fud the crypto Pundits the crypto Med media the Traditional media the uh there's not a Coinci it's not a coincidence that Anthony Pompano and CNBC both were were Completely saw the um what what could Happen with xrp in here it wasn't until Here that they just didn't get it Anymore as did novag grats and all the People right they just didn't understand It they didn't understand it so much That that many of them shorted it and Went out and made sure they publicly Bragged about shorting it what do you What do you go figure right I don't know Who this guy is but he's over the target Details yeah I want to say that the case Of Ripple which is one of the biggest Crypto projects crypto companies in the World winning a lawsuit there he is he's A crypto web 3 leader the US regulator Was actually a historic moment for the Whole industry yes the details I want to say that the case sure was and Then we got this clip which is also a Great little clip there was a general Hype about the world transforming and We're in a much more depressive time Where the world feels like it's falling Apart right so so it doesn't actually Feel like um that time at all it feels Like a much more measured time when in

Fact just about everything is about to Change just about everything I can't Think of anything in my investing time That will stay the same M I think one One uh one other characteristic of Pi is About to change Falling apart right so so it doesn't Actually feel like um that time at all It feels like a much more measured time When in fact just about everything is About to change everything is about to Change now um in the earlier video we sh We showed you the clip where Jamie Diamond was talking and you know Elizabeth Warren had teed him up well She wanted the world to see even more More and I I specifically asked her Since she's such a women's Advocate you Know that I find it very interesting That she is a she's such a women's Advocate but she doesn't want to even Ask a question to Jamie Diamond about His banking the island guy for years and Years and years and then settling a Lawsuit so they didn't have to talk About any of it um she doesn't want she Doesn't want to know about any of that She's not offended by that just like how She's real concerned about climate Change but she doesn't want you to see Her getting off a private jet as we've Shown in a video of her hiding behind One of her staffers getting off a Private jet but she's really concerned

About your carbon footprint and all you Know this is who she is right so but This is a clip of her all of her great Concern about Crypto if I can get it to play let me Hit the old refresh button and see if we Can Get her genius Insight chairman so today I want to talk About how criminals are using our Financial system to move money to Finance terrorists drug traffickers and Sanction countries like Russia and I Would direct uh your attention for any Of you who have not seen it since she's So concerned about you know terrorist And money laundering and illegalities I Would tell Elizabeth Warren go watch Narcos on Netflix it's a great show it's About Pablo Escobar you want to see some Money laundering with Cash cash like a lot of it in that show They were literally they would go to Farms and they would have they would dig Holes and the holes would be buried and They would have millions of dollars of Cash in these holes that they would try To keep from getting water in them they Were buried everywhere they were buried All over the place but it's just crypto And North Korea our Witnesses are the CEOs of the largest banks in the United States and they deal with this issue Every single day Mr moan you are the CEO

Of Bank of America so let me ask you if A terrorist group that wanted to attack The United States tried to move money Through Bank of America accounts do you Have systems in place to identify that Activity To report it to law enforcement and to Shut it down uh yes we do Senator okay Mr Diamond you are the CEO of JP Morgan What about you if terrorist group tried To move money through JP Morgan accounts Do you have how about the island guy if He tried to move money through there did You have things in place to stop that Systems in place to catch it to report It and to shut it down we have extensive Systems in place but no system is Foolproof okay but you do have systems In place work on this every day and let Me just ask all of you in the interest Of time just raise your hand if you have Those programs in Place good I see all the hands up look I Believe that none of you want your Banks To be used to finance terrorist attacks But let's be clear none of you runs These anti-money laundering programs out Of the goodness of your hearts Back in 1970 Congress passed the bra Bank Secrecy act to make sure that's we'll That'll be enough of that okay um I'm Going off into the member group here's What we're going to talk about I I don't Know if you've been paying attention but

Elon Musk seems to be up up to something I would call it the musk Mystery he tells the CEO of Disney to f Off last week and then he he had a Peculiar tweet in the last 48 hours and I want to show you a completely bizarre Story that goes goes along with that and I think he's pointing to a lot of stuff Right now the more I see the more I Think that Elon Musk has the backing of Someone someone like the military or Something but we're going to go into all Of that and I think it has every I mean I think these things are all tied into The changing of the monetary system I Don't I don't think it's a coincidence That X is is trying to be the everything App I think that there's an operation Going on here I just feel it in my bones So I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that here we go We're going to talk about what's going On with Elon Musk


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