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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I want to let Everybody know the anybody who's a link To uh customer they're they're going to Be running a Super Bowl raffle and I Believe don't quote me but I believe It's to win two tickets to the Super Bowl next year so and it's going to be Going for like the next I think 24 hours So look for an email if you're linked to A customer they're going to be sending Out an email on this thing so keep your Eyes peeled it's going to it's going to Come out um sometime either S I can't I Can't remember if it's going to be Sunday just keep your eyes open just Want to let you know you feel that There's another Shake of the tree uh Before we go I think we're very close to Wanting to go 2024 is going to be a very Good year potentially for crypto and Hopefully also for precious metal crypto Needs to be designed to steal the Precious metals money because they don't Want lots of delocalized little guys With private stashes that essentially Make you your own Central Bank at hyper Valuations St you know maybe make gold $25,000 or whatever this is why I think They created bitcoin this is why I think They won't tell you who Satoshi is even

Though they know who the four Satoshi Arey will be in a year or two's time and Silver $1500 they they just rated the The value of it all and China is Certainly uh buying like Gang Busters uh Precious metals as well uh and dumping Treasuries or certainly to some degree Their treasury port Great Clip Black Swan uh capitalist has Been knocking it out of the park so is Metal La man who is the man who helped Me get back on X on the X platform he's An attorney he's a Vanderbilt law Attorney he was a Securities lawyer he Was on with thinking crypto and I've got Two Great Clips this man is so smart and He's such a good guy he's one of the Good guys listen to what he says as we Believe collectively in um Financial Freedom of Choice you know um I never Promote a token or anything um you know All I do is the beginning of every year Beginning of January I say I am going to Hold Bitcoin another year and here are The three reasons I'm going to do that And I and I do own own other tokens but I don't recommend anything to anybody What I recommend is that we have a Policy in the United States that we Individually get to decide rather than Elizabeth Warren decide you know what Let's strike that one off the list of Available Investments and that one and You know somebody somebody did moneya

Laundering of $70,000 let's strike that one off as Well that to me is inconsistent with the Constitution what this country's been All about and so that's why people like You are really important to get the Message out we're really talking about Financial Freedom because if you don't Get to make your own decisions about What you're going to do with the money That you have earned then you're really Not quite as free as you might think you Are and I don't think the people in Washington DC ought to make those Decisions for us now this clip right Here I mean you're talking about a guy He's talking about how this ethereum Thing is crazy he outline this is this Is a grand slam right here listen to What he says possibly um but you it's It's crazy this ethereum thing so crazy They went into court you know Freddy Rasoi he sued for declaratory judgment The saying hey I he's saying I use Ethereum in my law practice and for Various reasons my clients use it I need To know that I'm complying with the law Again Tony it goes back to the magnet CA I'm entitled to know is what I'm doing Legal or illegal and you know what the The SEC moved to dismiss successfully Moved to dismiss that case because they Said we have not yet decided whether we Think ethereum is a security or not

Which is false because Bill Henman Decided you know and got a lot of input From the other divisions when he said What he said and so this was the year Year and a half ago whenever we haven't Decided then Gary goes to Congress and Is just Cross-examined look it's the second Largest token people need to know you Know McKenry is saying my constituents Need to know what's legal what's illegal Is ethereum in your view of security and He would say surely you'll understand That I can't address the status of any One token and the response was no I Don't understand that at all I'm asking You on behalf of Americans who are Entitled to know what's legal and what's Illegal in in in the realm of Securities Laws and you're saying you refuse to Tell them you'll tell them when you sue Them that's crazy and and and then I Don't know Tony if this was a Coincidence but Leticia James in New York files a lawsuit against this um uh Exchange out of the sell islands where She tasked an investigator in her office To to try to open an account and this This exchange should not have been Available to New York residents but Somehow this guy was able to open an Account and she told them what to do and What she they listed I looked it up one Time over 200 tokens she told them what

To do she told them go buy ethereum and Then sell ethereum and then we're going To file a lawsuit saying ethereum is a Security and so there is a state Authority Attorney General of an Important state saying ethereum is a Security we've got an SEC chairman Refusing to say whether it is or isn't And then in court the enforcement Decision says we haven't decided yet um So it's ridiculous that we that we live In the these circumstances and it's not Normal it's not what I Experienced you know when I was Practicing law and dealing with the SEC You know they General Uh played it straight and all of the Lawyers that I hired from the SEC and And I have to emphasize this I have Tremendous respect for the SEC Tony the SEC is one of the reasons one of the key Reasons that the capital markets of the United States have Primacy all over the World is because of the integrity and And history of the SEC and now they Won't tell us what's okay and what's not Okay until they sue you and it's it's uh It's not right and it's not consistent With how that agency has has operated Honorably for decades since 1934 yep It's criminal what's going on folks this Was from back in August of 2023 and this Is this Bruce Fenton guy and he lays it Out in a great way too about Gary I'm

Here in Washington DC at the US Securities Exchange Commission to call For the resignation of chairman Gary Gunler this is my industry I've been in This industry my entire life I grew up On the floor of a brokerage firm I got My first job at 14 at a major Wall Street Firm I got licensed at age 19 and I've Been licensed ever since for over 30 Years with a Flawless compliance Record working with broker dealers and Registered with the SEC it is absolutely crucial that the United States markets maintain its place As a respected Global Market free from fraud and Bad Actors Mr Genser your chairmanship and your Behavior does not jive with those goals And does not help the United States Markets I'm calling on you to Resign for many Reasons the ties with Sam bankman free And your agency overseeing the largest Fraud since Bernie made off is reason Alone for you to resign frankly I was Surprised that you lasted a couple weeks After this you had extensive ties with The largest fraudster that we've seen in A Generation you gave him unprecedented Access the kind of meetings that no one Else in our industry is able to get you

Have ties with him with his president And his general counsel who to work with You you've never as far as I know given Any transparency to why you did This we all know the reason that you did It it's because he stole client money And donated to your party you're a Partisan Democrat and you served as Campaign Finance chair under Hillary Clinton and oversaw the payment for the Steel Dossier it's expected that you be Partisan but it's expected more than That that you follow the Constitution And you've abandoned your oath to the Constitution by allowing a fraudster Like this to Thrive because of your political Ambitions your Ambitions to be treasury Secretary and your Ambitions to work With people like Senator Warren to harm The industry far beyond Your Congressional mandate and your ow To the Constitution Furthermore your pushing of ESG and uh Other hyper partisan issues is far Beyond the scope of what you should be Doing as SEC Chair your I'll stop it there but you Get the gist of it I mean that guy was Right on point now these guys I think They're Bitcoin guys but this they with A group called The Breakfast Club it's From March of 2021 but I don't remember

If I saw this or not but they're totally It's like they've had one of them's had An epiphany here and they get it now I Don't think Bitcoin Is that is right over the Target now Check it out steuart alera must be hot This weekend I think he's sending a Message um he's retweeting Charles Gasperino thing about bracing from major Exodus from senior lawyers at the SEC he Says will any of these lawyers be brave Enough to blow the whistle and share Details about G 's controversial Leadership with the sec's office of Inspector General or the house committee On oversight and Accountability another question is When's Patrick McKenry gonna get off his Butt and subpoena Gary Gensler or subpoena some of these guys That are quitting why not now we're Going into dp.com and when we do what We're going to talk about um I saw a Tweet that's like a quick summary of What many of you probably know about but Some of you don't it was called The Shane Ellis Theory it was about how xrp Could go to I think $500 relatively Quickly um and how it would happen so I'm going to show you that for those of Of you that haven't seen it or those of You that wanted a refresher I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for

Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family here we go Shane Ellis Theory Let's [Music] [Music] Oh


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