Hello this is Matt on the moon family Said day and channel well he had another United States bank has failed or Technically it's on the cusp of failing But look at the headline from Reuters And this is this headlines from Yesterday but it was uh updated a couple Hours ago and this is really the latest News that we have on this but uh Headline is FDIC prepares to place first Republic under receivership yes that's First Republic Bank and what's been Fascinating is that crypto markets seem To not give a damn I can tell you this Xrp sure as hell doesn't care the price Of xrp over the course of this Discussion over the last roughly 24 Hours the price of xrp has just been Trending upwards just like La Dee Da Don't give a damn and it's so Fascinating to see you know in the face Of this news which you know if this were The first bank failure news uh you know Of the year then xrp and everything else Would have been taken on down because You remember it was like within the last Couple months is we had three other Banks fail what were they see if I can Remember the names of their Silicon Valley Bank there was a signature bank And I think the other one silvergate if Memory so that's a bank right did I get That right you guys tell me in the Comment section below I think I got that

Right but either way they're going to be Forgotten in the future anyway why not Just forget them now but anyway I think Those are the three so we've got about a Fourth to happen and some might say okay Well uh yeah Market's not responding you Know to the downside because it hasn't Technically failed yet and I'm like come On buy the rumor sell the news son hence You learned anything yet you know you When you see when you find out the Information that's that's when markets Act and then when the thing ultimately Happens that's when markets just don't Give a damn Um so there was that and um there's also This silly ass headlight I got a couple Things to say about this this is from The crypto basic is xrp primed for a 30 30 30 000 surge analyst weighs it but yeah a Couple things to say but before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun All right is uh as I record this video Xrp is at 48 cents and in case anybody's Interested it is 11 49 a.m Central

Standard Time uh April 29th so Saturday I had to look at my phone here real Quick just make sure I'm getting that Right but anyway uh so xrp at 48 cents Uh Bitcoin at 29 441 uh bucks and and Yeah so again over the last 24 hours That's why like I said the outside of The video xrp does not care about Failing Banks currently anyway currently Uh up uh over three percent over the Last 24 hours uh market cap for the Asset class 1.23 trillion and Bitcoin Dominance 46.3 percent so it the Dominance has just been moving more or Less sideways for at least the last 30 Days you got the crypto fear and green Index at 64 out of 100 it's meaning that The market is back in greed oh a bank is About to collapse we don't care we are Agreed awesome hey love to see it love To see it although I I'm not convinced That uh you know when terrible news will I'm not convinced that you know the Crypto asset class is actually going to Consistently behave differently than uh You know risk off assets or something Like that you know if if there's Something that's going to trigger the Stock market to go down just in a General sense you can expect crypto to And I don't know if it's always going to Be like that but in 2023 that's what's Most reasonable to suspect I just think As far as the banks go it just seems

Like People are kind of used to the news Isn't that kind of weird though you know That that investors out there are just Used to bank failures like well we got Through uh the first three and I guess We're fine so what what's what's one More right Because crypto markets didn't even Flinch in the face of all this but um so Is is uh is xrp prime for a 30 000 surge Uh no the the answer is absolutely no I Don't even need to read the article So here's what I did I went to a uh I Just Googled the percentage increase Calculator I found one and I plugged in Some numbers here And so initial value 48 cents because That's about what the price of xrp is Right now and I typed an increase of Thirty thousand percent that would give An xrp price of 144.48 that would also give xrp a market Cap of 7.3 trillion a little over that Actually so uh well over two times the All-time high of the uh you know crypto Market cap for the just for the entire Asset class So I'm not saying that price couldn't Happen in the future and I'm not making Price predictions either I'm just saying If you're talking about in the short Term a surge to that this like the only People that will evolve or something

Like this is people that are brand new To crypto and don't know a damn thing And don't understand how much money has To flow for that to happen what the Timelines might be but as far as you Know ultimately having you know Individual cryptocurrency maybe it's xrp Having a market cap of over 7.3 trillion That doesn't sound wacky to me in the Least but but I'm not I don't know for Sure if it'll happen for xrp it's it's Like the idea of that doesn't sound Crazy but I mean you could be talking a Very very very long time period uh now The good news is as crypto continues to Be adopted uh you know it continues to Be adopted at an exponentially at an Exponential pace so the rate of increase You know is increasing and that's good You know you and we've seen that you Know for 14 years now despite major Drawdowns on the crypto asset class so Um I don't make price predictions I Don't know where xrp is going to be in 10 20 30 years if you're talking way out In the future something like that Doesn't sound wacky but what we want It's not even just the high price that That is so tantalized I mean it's the Fact that there's so little money in it Right now I don't care what the price is As much in a general sense because There's a lot of factors that play into That including you know Supply and the

Circulating Supply I get that but to me It's like given that there's so little Money in the asset right now what's Going to happen when you have more like A crazy increase in demand what does That mean for the multiplier effect in Terms of the increase because that's What matters to me the people that are You know making plays like You know buying you know from Whatever it is like for instance my Average expert buying price I think it's Around 25 cents So you know if you're talking about Going from that to just make up a number 10 bucks Well that's way better than you know if You're buying in at a hundred a hundred Dollar xrp and then and then selling That at 144 xrp you know that's not even A two-fold increase so I'm stating that To illustrate the points that the the Lower the prices that's the more because There's less money in it that's what Makes it more attractive So by the time it reaches those price Levels I'm not going to give a damn I Will be out you know I'm just saying I Just feel like some people that are new To crypto don't seem to get that concept So it's not to dash hopes there's There's tons of reason to be hopeful I Think that xrp is going to be worth an Absolute Fortune compared to where it is

Right now I'm just saying that uh you Know where the fortunate ones that are Aware of it right now but most people Are never going to be rich from crypto I've been saying that for years on end And it's and again that's not to be a Debbie Downer I'm excited because I do Recognize that the everyday person can Achieve life-changing wealth in crypto I Just don't think that most people have Enough knowledge to do that uh have Sufficient patience can control their Emotions and hold uh you know other Things that I've been discussing because Discussing for years ago what causes That level of success it's well It's let's just say it's a dynamic Ecosystem and then as far as the bank Mailing so take out take a look at this Again here's the headline from Reuters FDIC prepares to place first Republic Under receivership The U.S Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC is preparing to place First Republic Bank under receivership Imminently a person familiar with the Matter set on Friday sending shares of The lender down nearly 50 percent in Extended Trading The U.S banking regulator decided the Troubled Regional lenders position has Deteriorated and there is no more time To pursue a rescue through the private Sector the source told Reuters

Requesting anonymity because the matter Is confidential and Um by the way I want to mention this too Because this is hilarious you all are Aware of inverse Kramer at this point Which is it's just this idea that Whatever whatever you know financial Position Jim Cramer States makes sense Just take the opposite of that and you Will do well but if you take what he Literally is is advising uh no not going To do so well so here's a tweet shared By somebody on Twitter it's from Jim Cramer uh March 10th of this year and uh And he simply wrote FRC is new Focus Very good bank And uh and here you go and that's First Republic Bank of course FRC that's just The ticker symbol FRC so First Republic Bank and then it shows right under that Tweet what has happened to the stock Price It's hilarious how is he consistently This wrong think about well you know Bear Stearns Lehman Brothers and all That because in 2008 during the Financial collabs you said that you're Just being silly oh bear Stearns is fine You're just being silly I remember him Using that word I just yeah No absolutely he couldn't be more wrong About everything which by the way it Makes me happy that he says that xrp is A giant con because he's wrong about

Just about everything Um but it gets even more ridiculous Because Jim Cramer as a reporter Watcher Guru says Jim Cramer says the collapse Of First Republic Bank could Mark the End of the banking crisis and it is Imminent the collapse is imminent that's What's being reported here but does that Mean the end of the banking crisis well Now I'm concerned it's going to get much Work just as Attorney John Deaton stated Here he retweeted that and said it must Just be starting Sadly that makes sense But let's dig in a little bit further And get some more perspective so here's An article from the daily huddle Bitcoin To take another leg up as trillions Could potentially go into saving First Republic Bank Arthur Hayes and I found This topic to be interesting because as I cited at the very outside of this Video xrp and really the entire crypto Asset class doesn't give a damn that This bank is just imminently effed right It just the broader crypto space just Investors in general is like yeah okay It's another bank whatever so does that Mean that uh as things get worse and What if the dollar deteriorates does That mean that Bitcoin is going to keep Moving to the upside and all of crypto And so on and so forth uh I'm not so Convinced of that but uh it just seems

To me that people just are getting used To Banks you know failing here but when It comes to how investors are treating The crypto asset class I don't think That an anecdotal incident like this you Know reasonably represent a you know Change in the trend I don't think that Makes sense you know article reads as Follows betmex co-founder and crypto Veteran Arthur Hayes is predicting Bitcoin is going to rally on the latest U.S banking troubles Hayes tell us is 376 200 Twitter followers that he Believes the current uncertainty around First Republic Bank will likely cause The Federal Reserve to inject more Liquidity into the market which could Send risk assets like Bitcoin higher and Folks by the way I'll just note here That this is hilarious because you're Talking about increasing the federal Reserve's balance sheet and then at the Same time what have we been seeing Recently anyway we'll see what the FED Does in the uh you know after next fomc Meeting but what have we been seeing and We've been seeing rate hikes and the Purpose of rate hikes is to you know Decrease in the rate of inflation and Ultimately get it back to where it Should be or historically has been you Know mostly over the last couple decades Right Uh so when you inject money you're doing

The opposite of that it's just my God I'm telling you if the federal Government were your employee he would Fire them I'm just saying I'm just Saying peace continues Hayes says with a Possible Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation takeover or of First Republic Bank due to its Financial Uncertainty the feds May expand the Emergency Bank Loan program it Established last month in a move to save Aileen Banks the bank term funding Program offers one-year loans with the Intention of easing liquidity pressures And helping Banks cover depositors some Have estimated this could result in up To two trillion dollars in liquidity Based on the number of banks that could Use it according to Hayes certain loan Collateral requirements limit the Financial help the federal program can Offer First Republic but Hayes believes This may prompt the feds to expand the Program eligibility requirements Resulting in more Market liquidity Exactly you know it's the same concept I Brought this up the other day talking About the the debt ceiling increase Which just is a fake thing because Anytime you hit the debt ceiling you you Just you just increase it and then bam It's like it doesn't exist so it might As well not exist and so here you have Clear boundaries in terms of what can be

Done by with by the Fed so you just you Just change the rules just do whatever And then bam money printer and send it Out there into the ecosystem and Everything's fine right that's that's The way this is all being treated but Here's the quote from Arthur Hayes Another Friday another U.S bank on the Brink of being debted by the FDIC the Issue with FRC is that their balance Sheet has few treasuries and a lot of Other dog s word like commercial real Estate loans which are not eligible Collateral for the bank term funding Program therefore unless some Muppet Bank decides to bail out FRC expect over The weekend the bank term funding Program is expanded to allow other types Of loans to be eligible to be swapped For freshly printed dollars United States dollars and then Bitcoin will Take another leg up as another few Trillion dollars are added to the tab Money printer go Burr I can't do the little rolling R thing so I'm just I just said Burr like it's cold It's so cold outside So as far as Far as coin I Say is like You know to this point markets don't Seem to care I mean I I personally don't Care you know my stance like I just Don't respond to this stuff when the

Price goes down I was like oh I'm Excited if you got some extra money fine I'll just throw some Throw some extra money purchase some Crypto why the hell not but in terms of What it's going to do for everybody else That just makes important financial Decisions based on emotion yet to be Seen but uh man it's just crazy the ex Because he's probably right that's the Thing if if if if the rules aren't what Would suit to the federal government and Give a moment if you just change the Rules then you do what you want anyway Perfect problem solved you just wash Your hands of that right Ah it's gonna be interesting here but it You know in terms of the potential Upside like I don't know what happens in The short term I never do but big Picture you know that part seems a Little bit more clear don't you think Just However long it takes just broadly Speaking a much larger crypto asset Class individual cryptocurrencies with Multi-trillion dollar market caps that's Coming at some point which is why I was Saying a little bit earlier although I Think it's Bonkers to talk about in the Short term uh 144 xrp if you're talking Over a very long period of time I don't Know what kryptos might get there there May very well be a handful of cryptos

That have Multi-trillion dollar market caps that Are in that range and given the you know The first mover Advantage not literally But among the first for xrp is that Crazy to think that in a very mature Asset class you could have something Like that but but by the time you get up To that point it's like that's not as Exciting and I'm not gonna hold all the Way to that I'm gonna be out way before That and then when the market tanks Because inevitably it will after you Know xrp or any asset hits price Discovery way too quick way too fast Then the creators back down and that's When I'd be interested in in going back And and you know whatever I purchase Back it's it's going to be a pittance Compared to what I hold that now no Doubt but but I will have already made What I wanted to make so it won't matter But still the the best way to accumulate Life-changing wealth when it comes to Investing in my opinion it still stands It's investing in crypto and it's it's Also risky it's definitely very risky That so many people lose everything Because they don't know what the hell They're doing they can't control their Emotions but it doesn't mean the Opportunity isn't there it most Certainly is and it sure as hell is There for xrp

I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I share right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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