XRP: You DON’T Have To Be First… You Just Have TO BE RIGHT

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. None of what I have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is inherently risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel frequently when it comes to Investing you don't have to be first to The party you just have to be right as Long as you're not too late there's such A thing as being too late to the point Where yeah even if you get some gains It's not necessarily going to be you Know uh something that you're going to Write home about you're maybe not going To be lifechanging but there is such a Thing as not being you know among the First movers but still investing in a Thing that results in life-changing Wealth and that is is exactly where we Are with xrp even today it was true when I jumped into crypto almost 6 years ago It's still true today xrp still I Mean make the point obviously xrp has Not had an all-time high in almost six Years so to make the point and it's Running it's been running today well in Recent weeks really up over 20% over the Last you know really over last couple Weeks Frankly um but you know you may feel Like you're late at times but in this Video I'm going to try and just kind of Illustrate that agree to which we are Not cuz you know what when it comes to Xrp we are right we are right about xrp And it is Lifechanging but um before going further I do want to be clear I do not have a

Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for And so here's a headline from the crypto Basic expert says xrp investment has Bigger potential and opportunity than Stocks of Amazon apple and Netflix uh Yes folks I could not possibly agree More And I I understand if you were in you Know in Amazon and Apple so on so forth That the the as early back as you can Possibly imagine okay I understand that That would be the like conceptually Similar to BN like Bitcoin right after It launched like mining Bitcoin in the Beginning part of 2009 I I understand That but you don't literally need to be In that early even right now Um it's the early days so let me flesh This out a little bit further this piece Reads as follows a crypto expert Panos Mecis recently shared his perspective on The investment potential of xrp in Contrast to stocks of prominent Companies such as Amazon apple and Netflix and yes folks um you'll see and I'm probably preaching to the choir here But he believes that xrp is going to

Substantially um you know outperform Those major stocks and it's like even if You're talking about from the earlier Days for those companies compared to xrp In its early days xrp is still going to Substantially outperform even if you in The future we have all the data so you Can do a side bys side comparative uh Comparison with relative time frames I firmly believe this is the case it's Just you're talking about a complete Shift in the way that value moves around The planet this is something that we're All a part of and when it comes to Amazon apple and Netflix great companies Great stock picks especially back in the Day it's not a new Financial Paradigm Though that's not what that was that's Not what you're talking about a complete Readjustment recalibration of the way That value actually moves around the Planet and xrp is a core component of That so yes much more substantial I Would I would say it's fair to argue Anyway peace continue specifically mecis Argued that xrp has a more extensive Investment Outlook than the stocks of The Fang companies his perspective was Built on a post by renowned stock Investor Brian faldi in a recent tweet Faldi pointed out that late comers to The stock market still have ample Opportunity to make substantial gains Provided they take the Bold move he

Cited examples of successful investments In apple Amazon Netflix made 5 years After key milestones in their Development and let me just go to the Actual post because I don't really need To read the whole article but let's just Get to the meat of it here uh so here's Brian faldi and he shared this with his 517,000 followers on social media Platform X if you bought Apple 5 years After the iPhone launch you made a ton Of money if you bought Amazon 5 years After the Amazon web services launch you Made a ton of money if you bought Netflix 5 years after it started Streaming you made a ton of money you Can still be in quotes late and still Win big and so folks not that it Literally had to be five years on the Dot I think he's making a broader point There right and so yes um xrp has been Around over a decade now but I think I Think the point absolutely still applies Here because there's almost no money in Crypto The entire asset class at the time that I'm recording this video is 1.32 trillion an xrp 64 with a market Cap of 34 billion so compare this Bitcoin's at 688 billion dollar which is Still nothing and xrp is way smaller at 34 billion and that's certainly not a Dig at xrp that represents opportunity There's almost no money in this damn

Thing people haven't figured this out You're amongst a small group of humans On this planet that are in the no you're Savvy almost no humans are even aware They don't know most people don't even Own cryptocurrency or even know what it Is and even fewer who do hold xrp almost Nobody knows what the hell xrp Is almost none way less than 1% of Humans on the planet right now hold Xrp so if we're right and frankly I Firmly believe that we are As the masses come in and the including Institutional money which we on the cusp Of some big stuff here because I think That the you know spot pick one ETF That's a virtual inevitability and That's something that's going to set off Just a Cascade of money and I'm not Saying it all flows in at once and it Won't you could get some major rallies On the excitement of the news and maybe A pullback after that but the amount of Money that flows in over his span of 5 10 15 20 years yeah it's so that's why I'm saying right now this there's reason To be excited here you are absolutely Early to the Party um and so here's what Panos had to Say he actually reposted that from Brian Faldi and Panos Road it's the same with Crypto but with a much bigger potential And more opportunities so many great Projects so much Innovation xrp and

Avalanche are the top lir one Investments in blue chips for Me yeah and I just I mean I don't own Avalanche nothing against it I haven't Researched it but I I certainly agree With the rest of it yes that's Absolutely correct it's not even going To be close in terms of percentage gains Even from this point even with xrp Having existed for a decade yeah things Have Changed and so you know and I have a Feeling we'll see what happens over the Next five years but I have a feeling That even five years from now even Though there will be way more humans in In crypto including xrp 5 years from now And there will be there there will be um Even at point I have a strong suspicion That even at that point it's still going To be like you know investing in Apple 5 Years after the launch of the iPhone as Brian faldi put it even five years from Now and who knows what xrp is going to Be because we'll be past a whole another Market cycle so say xrp whether goes up To 10 bucks or 13 bucks or 15 or 18 Whatever I mean analysts have all sorts Of different ideas and even if you have A major retrace back down so then the Low would be what four or five bucks or Something maybe and then maybe it Settled somewhere a little above that so Maybe that's the case nobody knows for

Sure I'm not that's not a prediction I'm Just admitting I don't know but Something like that would seem Reasonable to speculate about anyway That's all I'm saying but even if you're At that level there's still not that Much money in the in the scheme of Things in xrp even at that Point but we're before that even so so That's why I'm saying like this is crazy And to to to bring the point home Further this was news from uh just a few Days ago you guys might have seen this In the headlines but this is this is From crypto potato but this is covered By every every major uh crypto media Outlet micro strategies October Bitcoin Purchase grew stash to 158,00 bitcoin and so they're talking About uh Bitcoin maximist Michael sailor And say what you will the guy he says Some kooky stuff uh I think he's Absolutely brilliant but he has said Some kooky stuff I don't like the fact That he's a Bitcoin maximalist um he Said that xrp itself is a security he Said some nonsense stuff but you see That from the Bitcoin maximist don't you It's like they make sense you can tell They're smart until they use their their Face hole to say something about xrp and Then it's incoherent gibberish and it's Like how do you go from being brilliant To saying some of the dumbest stuff I

Could possibly imagine and so you you do Get that with Michael sailor so I'm just Listening to the rest and despite all That you still got to admire the Conviction this guy has yeah he's a Maximalist and that's a bad approach to To to investing in crypto I believe but He has conviction and he jumped in I Think uh what it's been just over three Years since m strategy jumped in Publicly traded company started Purchasing Bitcoin going against the Grain and and so at that point you know You're talking 2020 if I'm not mistaken You I think that's the right year that Sounds right you know Bitcoin had been Around you know over 11 years at that Point and so the concept I know Brian For he was talking about five years but The it's so early the concept applies That's what I'm saying here and so he Recognized that after a decade and it's True for Bitcoin and I do think he's Right you know and good for them for Being in the green now but he still just Just continues to hold he he just uh no Matter what happened price go up price Go down and he's been getting ripped on Um you know while he's been underwater In terms of investment he he just Doesn't give a damn it's the same Approach that I had and still have when It comes to investing in crypto and Specifically xrp because the first few

Years I was in xrp I was down or at Break even for like pretty much all of The first three Years you know I really was like I was Just but I didn't care it didn't really Bother me cuz I was like yeah that's It's volatility it's crypto but you know Prices don't stay or more people jump in And and now I'm substantially out of That I think my average buying price for Xrp is about 25 Cents but I I did the same thing and so People were calling all of us xtrap Holders through that time oh look at Those bunch of idiots they stupid Banker Coin they're saying a bunch of nonsense That doesn't make sense and people were Giving sailor crap that were you know Like the no coiners the no coiners were Giving Michael sailor crap look at your Stupid little Bitcoin investment going Well does it look stupid now because I Think that um you know even though Extrap substantially outperform Bitcoin That's a no Rainer uh bitcoin's going to Be worth way more and he's got in way Earlier than most even after jumping in In 2020 11 years after uh Bitcoin is Created he's still in way earlier than Almost every person and almost every Firm on the entire planet still so I'm I'm I'm sharing this all it's just some Some uh some of my you know my stream of Consciousness here but just to paint the

Picture of yes the opportunity this Isn't some sort of pipe dream this is a Real thing there's a reason that some of The wealthiest and smartest people on The entire planet have taken notice and Are doing things and you know people Have their preferences because we're Human people are going to like different Things and that's great that truly is But there are a lot of smart people and A lot of wealthy people that recognize The Brilliance and uh spot in the market For xrp specifically of course there's a Position for a liquid cryptocurrency That's blazing fast uses almost no Energy you know all the stuff there's of Course there's a place for that and xrp Has been adopted for certain use cases That are great for that and it's going To be really hard to supplant that and It has legal clarity Now we're so lucky to be here so yes we Are right xrp makes sense it's going to Hit a new all-time high it's going to Melt faces and all the stupid toxic Bitcoin Maxis then we'll have a little Told so moment because it's going to Substantially outperform Bitcoin for the Market cycle and it's going to be Lifechanging for so many people out There listening right now that's my Suspicion and I hope it is for you and If we're wrong and it we could be then It goes to zero that's possible too I

Don't pretend to know I'm just telling You what my conviction is and I've been Articulating the reasons for a span of Years and we are so close we've never Been so close it's been a long journey It's been crazier and more ridiculous Than I ever could have expected I never Would have guessed this especially with The Se you know but we we're Victorious We're on the other side of this thing Market's heating up have fun have fun Because you are here super early and It's about to get absolutely Bonkers I Suspect but don't Know and so here's the post for Michael Sailor in October micro strategy Acquired an additional 155 Bitcoin for $5.3 million and now holds 8,400 Bitcoin that folks I don't care what you Think about Michael saor that is cool And he is you know he's got the Conviction and that I genuinely do Admire admire I I I think the rest of The stuff he says about xrp and some Crazy stuff about Bitcoin and money Being energy all that BL he said some Crazy stuff is what it is uh admire the Conviction I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy or sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon



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