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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and we're going To start this off with a Brad Garlinghouse retweet of the Ripple Markets report he says as shared in Q2 Our xrp markets report now look a bit Different than before on the plus side Our markets team gives new insight into Xrp Ledger activity um they uh says they They track including daily spot and Dex Trading volume three times growth Q over Q not bad we're in luck Ripple has been The private Equity has been add added to The link 2 platform they keep running Out um go check it out I have not Checked on the pricing or anything like That link 2 is one of my sponsors and You need to go check link 2 out they're Going public they announced they're Going public in 2024 then we've got steuart aldera Another day and another Court finds the SEC again acted arbitrarily and Capriciously is anyone else concerned About this very troubling pattern of the SEC flouting any faithful allegiance to The law under Mr gentler and this is a Reference to this tweet by Paul greywall General Council of coinbase before it Was the DC circuit in grayscale now it's

The fifth circuit and a challenge to its Stop buyback disclosure rule again and Again federal federal courts of appeal Hold that the SEC acted arbitrarily and Capriciously in violation of the Administrative procedure Act the third Branch remains our last best Hope all right then Elon Musk went on For two minutes on Joe Rogan and talked About George Soros I mean Soros Actually you know he he is I believe the Top contributor to the Democratic party Um the second one was uh Sam Backward so and and sorus I don't know I Mean he had a difficult Upbringing um and uh I in my opinion he Fundamentally hates Humanity that's my Opinion really yeah those are the kind Of issues that could come from childhood Well he's doing things that ero the Fabric of civilization you know uh Getting da elected who refuse to Prosecute crime that's part of the Problem in San Francisco n LA and bu Other cities so why would you do That was it Humanity or is it just the United States as a whole I mean pushing Things to other countries tooing the Same thing yeah now George at this point Is pretty old I mean he's Not uh you know he's basically a betol At this point but I mean he he and he's He's he's very smart um and he's very

Good at Arbitrage you know famously he Uh oh that you know that's the kind of Thing you do by locating things offshore And doing things like that isn't it Shorted the British pound that's sort of How I think he made his first money was Shorting the pound um so he's good at Spotting uh basically arbitr like Spotting value for money that other People don't see so uh one of the things He noticed was that In that that the value for money in Local races is much higher than it is in National races the lowest value for Money is a presidential race then next Lowest value for money is a senate race Then a Congress and then but once you Get to sort of city and state district Attorneys um the value money is Extremely good and sorus realized that You don't actually need to change the Laws you just need to change how they're Enforced if nobody chooses to enforce The law or the laws are differentially Enforced it's life changing Laws That's Exactly now just a little reminder this Is from Zer hedge back in December of 2022 SEC chairman Gary Gensler scrubbed The evidence of his meetings with George Sorz and that woman who is married to or I think is married to a guy who used to Be president and Nancy Looney Tune wack

Job Nancy Pelosi okay this is who you Have as SEC chairman Yeah nothing but a political hatchet man As SEC chairman and that is who runs the SEC and that's why our country is upside Down and now he's charging safe Moon Which look folks I remember when this I Remember when this thing here's the way This stuff works anytime it's something That's shady as it can be it's not there And then all of the sudden it is there And I can give you Examples FTX is an example I've used Before I had never I've been in this since 2013 I had never heard of FTX and then all of a sudden I see Tom Brady on TV and now I've heard of FTX I had never heard of it until then Till Tom Brady does a commercial on it Okay I've seen Time After Time Luna Popped up like that safe Moon popped up Like that and all of a sudden Everybody's asking are you buying safe Moon are you buying safe and that's why I stay a mile away from these kind of Things because they're OB it's obvious What's going on now why it takes the SEC This long after all the people have Already been hurt to take down somewhat Something that looks obviously like a Pump and Dump your guess is as good as mine they Spent three years going after Ripple who

Had been completely transparent while Safe Moon did its Thing xrp Revisited a 60 60 Cent Mark It's actually it's gotten as high as 61 I think market value for the first time Since its tumble back in August 16th Along this road back we've seen whales Get gradually more involved additionally There are now uh there are now all-time High 277,000 Wallets holding at least 10,000 Xrp how about them apples then we' got This new um you remember Mike novogratz Has bet dones to Donuts that he that We're going to get a bit coin ETF and he Just happens to be creating one that has Now received its ticker symbol on uh Listed on the Dtcc and I want to finish here by Showing you this clip this guy is sharp I love him he is Greg marinero manarino I think is how you say his name Manarino listen to what Greg Gregory Manino says here he is directly over the Target and in case you're brand new here It is to inflate and then inflate some More and create reasons to borrow more Cash into Existence I don't know what else to say About this it's out of control anyway Looking over at this market and the fear Trade kner into the dollar when you see A move like that it's fear trade you got

The 10year yield selling off the bond Market is selling off people again this Is not this is another thing that's Getting almost no attention on in the Mainstream media we are In some kind kind of uh a a twisted Environment this is the largest selloff The most vicious selloff in bonds that We have ever seen in history this has Never happened before what we're seeing Right now it's getting almost no Attention here um and all this boils Down to is we are in a full-blown Full-on liquidity crisis it's drying up I can't tell you what a threat this is To the people of the world um honestly We are are Marching very rapidly towards A locking up of the system a credit Freeze a credit freeze again I warned About this repeatedly over the years It's happening we got this liquidity Crisis getting worse if this gets any Worse from where we are now and I expect It will be this whole system is going to Lock up you will not be able to gather Goods that you need to survive your Debit card will not work your credit Card will not work transactions will Stop you understand that was the real Problem of you know that kind of reminds Me of um when Chris Larson was on stage At money 2020 and he said we think that Um xrp could help in a systemic Situation remember that it drives me

Crazy too and and people have don't know What was going on during the financial Crisis the real reason why or the main Reason the only reason why Ben banki was Rushed into Congress to tell them that They had to pump billions of dollars Into the system to free up the credit Markets because it was locking up we Were right at that moment where the System was starting to lock up those Billions of dollars that were pumped Into the market was to free up credit That's what it was and of course the Banks needed to bail out was the banks Let's talk about that real quick okay The next bail out or bail in that these Banks is going to need is going to Eclipse what happened Last Time by Exponents the financial system Today has never ever been worse off I Want you to think about that okay we Understand the problems and I've covered This to the point of nauseum with regard To these financial institutions we Haven't even begun to talk about the Real estate issues the commercial real Estate issues that these institutions Are going to face that means you and I Are in trouble like you can't believe Because we are the ones who they suck The funding out of for bailouts of Banks And institutions let me explain this to You another way here okay last time they Bailed out the banks on our backs this

Time they're going to bail out Nations On our backs and it's the central banks Who are responsible for every freaking Thing that we're seeing here right now People it's yes sir but you know what They're not going to do they're not Going to get my physical gold miles Franklin precious medals is my sponsor Give them code dii gold info at miles Franklin.com 952-929-3000 now uh one thing I wanted To mention is that I did I mentioned it Um in the last video but I did talk to Brad comms and if he if he follows Through and ends up doing xrp Las Vegas He has given me his word that he's going To give me a discount code for people in This member group and um other than that I'm going to go to some of my sponsors And see if I can work on getting some Discounts um for the group on other Things as well so that's exciting um It's da k i xrp.com if you want to join The group we'll see you in the group I'm The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that all roads Lead to the island guy and to China or The world the country that starts with a Sea and you can hear more about all of That at Dp.com enter at your own risk it is the

Danger zone Thanks for [Music] [Music] Listening [Music]


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