Ripple CEO Deep Fake(Scary) & XRP Price Glitch AGAIN!

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I got a Really really slow start going with Getting this video out today in fact the The Family um just went for family photos And I I told I I've been lobbying for This for years and my wife finally Agreed to it nor she she used to make us All go into a family photo every like October or whatever and I the last few Years maybe because I'm getting older I'm like why the only ones that we send Out as a Christmas card and all that is Just the kids so why do we have to all Go do it so I finally said why do I have To keep I hate taking photos why do I Have to keep taking photos over and over So she finally agreed and now the kids Do the family the do the photo because That's the one we put out for Christmas The kids do it that's what makes Sense I hate taking photos I mean golly Can't be the only one out there Listening to me so check this out Another glitch I know you're not allowed To talk about these we have another Glitch this time xrp glitched to $1,919 um on coin market Cap the cryp maybe the crypto police are Are are taking a nap on this Sunday and

Maybe they won't get upset but you're Really not allowed to show these type of Things I want to show you a couple of Videos with this guy right here he's the Um uh Hong Kong monetary Authority guy And then I'm going to remind you of who He is what happened to crypto World in 2022 it really plunged from a def summer Into a crypto winter and then Subsequently there were lots of debate About whether that would the the Glide Path whether it would get into a crypto Spring or in Ice Age um the recent Incident seems to be pushing it for into Springtime rather than ice age in terms Of crypto World judging from the Valuation of some of the assets that we Have seen but nonetheless um having seen What we have seen um indeed I can come To two possible sort of um very Conjectural I have to say um conclusions One is if the crypto winter didn't kill It probably it is there to stay for Longer than we originally expected and Secondly you already mentioned Regulation probably we have to start Thinking about how can we at least put Some of the crypto activities that we Think are of Greater economic value into The Realms of Regulation then he's on with the European Central Bank and Onyx by JP Morgan then here's another clip same guy Listen to this topics that we have

Picked for this session uh the topic was Described as banking after crypto CR Crypto shock um I for a while I thought About having to change it around crypto After banking Shock um to be more reflective of the Latest um situation but nonetheless Regardless of which comes first um the Topic actually signifies the fact that Uh perhaps the traditional Financial System and the crypto world are probably Already linked together in some shapes Of form probably more so than we sort of Uh expect uh judging from the incidents That we have seen in the past few weeks In Particular so I was looking at that guy And I was like well he sure looks Familiar and I think it's the same guy Remember this was I think back in 2019 When Brad garlinghouse was in Switzerland and it may be a different Guy but it it looks like a younger Version of him right Here there's Brad garlinghouse this is When Brad garlinghouse was in Switzerland there's the head of the bis There's Christine Lagard small world huh and then I saw This which is not true this guy says the Only person who might have known who Satoshi was well no that's not correct Because Wheezy found a video where the Uh Homeland Security agent said that

They met with the four Satoshi back early back in the day Okay so this is a farce this is not True the question is why does all of Crypto want to pretend like it is like This Satoshi is unknown when they all Know that the Satoshi is known that's The question I agree with Ido finina Here many people don't want to say this But I don't care I have enough courage To say it loud and clear it's time to Shift the focus from ethereum and Bitcoin to xrp and xlm the only two that Work don't say I didn't warn you Mainstream media won't tell you the Truth I agree he's a th% right and so is Brad garlinghouse this is Bloomberg put This out this is in reference to the Other Day when um Brad garlinghouse was on Stage and he said something about how he Would like to see the odds on Uh odds on on what would happen if the SEC Ripple thing went to the Supreme Court and U I think he's basically Daring Gary Gensler to take it to the Supreme Court because he knows that He'll Lose and who knows now I had to show you This because this is about as creepy as It gets I want to make sure several Times not one time but I want to make Sure you all understand th do not scan That barcode right there it's a scam

This is a thous % scam they will steal Your xrp don't do it what this is that I'm showing you and I think it's Important for me to show you and really Explain what this is what this is this Is how scary our world's about to get This is a an AI generated Brad Garling House this is not the real Brad Garlinghouse talking but it's so creepy Because it sounds just like him and this Is the world we're going into I repeat This is a scam this is not the real Brad Garling house saying this this is a deep Fake that do not scan that barcode it is Fake and they will steal your money but I want you to hear what this deep fake Of how this is how scary the world we Entering is yes send a minimum of 1,000 Xrp and a maximum of 500,000 xrp to the Address listed on the website within Less than a minute you will receive back Double the xrp you sent to the same Wallet you sent from this giveaway is Our way of giving back to the community That has stood by us believed in our Vision and held xrp through thick and Thin we are here because of you and we Want to ensure that you share in our Success as we continue to unlock new Potentials and reach New Frontiers we Are more committed than ever to Fostering a community where everyone Thrives thank you for being a part of This journey and here's to many more

Milestones together I want to say it a Third time to make sure you all get it What you just watched was a was a deep Fake it's a it's a scam scammers put This together that is not Brad Garlinghouse talking do not scan that Code do not send your xrp to that code Because they're going to steal your xrp It's a total scam but it's it's so scary How how convincing it is and how real it Looks but I wanted to make you aware of That Now you know uh breaking news Michael Sailor foresees a 10-fold increase in Bitcoin value within the next 12 months That's a price of $789,000 by my maths oh God now let me Tell you what I think is is about to Happen and I can't I can't say this on YouTube or they will G they will give me A strike that's how sick the world world That we live in now now is that's why I Created my uh private group at but let me tell you what's come This this is how I think they're going To bring in this new Financial system I Think they're going to fake one of these And the reason I think that is because All you got to do is look at the the People that have been in power and what They say here's Rah Emanuel I've shown You this one before you never want a Serious crisis to go to waste and what I Mean by that is an opportunity to do

Things that you think you could not do Before well I think that that little Quote right there I think what he really Is saying is always create a crisis and Then never let that crisis go to waste That's what I think that's how sick and How how evil I think this country has Gotten and then you know that woman Right here we can't we talk we we can Talk about her in the group but not out Here she said uh this would be a Terrible crisis to waste and that was Regarding her push for Universal Health Care and then of course Dr Evil we can't Say his name out here um the pandemic Represents a rare but narrow window of Opportunity to reflect reimagine and Reset our world to create a healthier More Equitable and more prosperous Future we'll talk about this a little More in the group going into the group Right now um I found a clip a recent Clip where I think that it's quite Possible That Gary is threatening going after Ethereum okay I'm going to show that in The group then I'm going to go over the Fact that I believe this is what I Believe and I'm going to show you a clip That ties it all together I think that SBF was an intelligence asset I don't Think I don't I think FTX was set up for A lot of reasons we're going to talk About that in the group so go in I mean I mean I'm I'm trying I'm Covering a lot of stuff in in fact I Just saw I won't say any names cuz I'll Keep that private but I just saw a major Figure in all in the whole crypto space Is actually in the group now so this is Kind of getting pretty cool in there so Be sure and check it out I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that we are now Going off into the [Music] [Music] Member


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