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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel a former Ripple employee says That big news is mere days away having Specifically to do with xrp it's kind of Vague it's a little bit cryptic uh but This this x Ripple employee says and I Quote xrp is going to explode end quote So yes you better believe I'm going to Highlight this because if something Actually happens and I didn't talk about This prayer I'd feel a little bit silly Because this an xrp Centric channel so We'll see to what degree this is serious And even if there is a big move is xrp Going to move sooner than later or are We just going to see does he mean we're Going to see a massive explosion once The market gets hot there there's a lot Of ways that you can interpret this but It's fascinating because for whatever Reason in recent days this particular Former Ripple employees has been saying Stuff along these lines I've reported it In a couple different videos over I Don't know say the last week or so and It was somewhat unexpected because you Know this this guy he made it clear that He's under a non-disclosure agreement so He can't be too specific okay fair Enough but it's also fascinating that Despite the fact that this ex Ripple Employee who was let go because the Company did downsides not because there Was some sort of horrific falling out

Necessarily not that I not that I'm more He he says it was basically just a you Know a downsizing type of thing for a Particular um a department if you will Within within Ripple on a global scale Um you know despite that being the case He's still very positive specifically About both Ripple and Xrp so no sour grapes here apparently He's he's he's still clearly a bull on Both uh but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun piece reads as follows a form former Ripple director has recently teased Upcoming exciting developments for the Xrp ecosystem charging the community to Expect quote unquote big news soon and I Want to set the table a little bit Because I'm sure that many of you have Seen this by now but if not it is Absolutely worth repeating um there is a Post and this is the one that first Caught uh the attention of the xrp Community in in including Crypt media Frankly this is from January 29th and I Reported this once this happened because There was a post where the ex Ripple

Employee in question his name of Shawn McBride was saying things frankly along These lines even back then just you know A little over a week ago uh but he noted He was under under a non-disclosure Agreement and so after uh publicly Stating hey you know the uh the Recruiting team which he was a part of Uh you know he's laid off there was big Downsizing on a global scale he then Said the following and and he deleted This too which was interesting I don't Know what the rationale is for that but He deleted this post but not the rest of The stuff I'm about to show you and he Said what I can tell you is Ripple and Xrp aren't going Anywhere everyone should be excited for The future of both I really can't say More NDA which of course is again Non-disclosure agreement but that's not The only post there's been several Posts uh here we have January 30th uh Sean McBride wrote the following some People just don't understand the amount Of money invested in crypto outside of The US especially in southeast St And United Arab Emirates where they are So much further ahead in terms of Institutional adoption and government Regulation SL Framework those that serve a specific Purpose or purposes and I.E Xrp are already being adopted and

Utilized Successfully by next year every Bank in Japan will be using xrp for crossborder Payments alone oh and in case you were Wondering ing Japan has the third Largest economy in the world and so that Type of comment apparently uh not Included under his non-disclosure Agreement but it does make me wonder What the heck else does he know that he Can't share with us and so given the Nature of the NDA um which of course Ripple is known To do I don't I don't blame him one bit For trying to make make sure he doesn't Go too far out of bounds but I am Surprised he's saying much of anything To be honest with you so that brings us Back to the article from today which Continues as follows this teaser came From Shawn McBride a talent acquisition Leader who served as Ripple's director Of Global Talent acquisition for two Years from August 2021 to July 2023 McBride took to X last Night to prepare the xrp community for What he regards as a big development and So here's the post from him last night Quote big news coming from Ripple and Xrp in the next couple days end Quote So I I don't know what to make of that to Be honest with you because he's no

Longer with ripple he's under an NDA and How would he know timing of anything Relevant to xrp Andor Ripple this Precise given that he's no longer there Presumably the answer would be and this Is only speculation of course uh any Contacts he still has there But still that leaves me wondering why Is he even talking about this like I'm Happy to hear it like I'm endlessly Curious I know you guys are too like Yeah if you've got something that you're Willing to say publicly whatever it is Even if it's a little vague like this Bring it like I I want I want to know What's the perspective Here uh but I don't I'd be surprised if He's just making this up out of nowhere So we'll see if something unfolds here And there's more though so check this Out peace continues while some Proponents expressed excitement in Anticipation of the unknown development Others show showed less enthusiasm Citing a pattern of previous disclosures That turned out disappointing with no Visible positive impacts on the Ecosystem one internet personality Mockingly questioned if the upcoming Development involved an announcement From a major company about using a Ripple product and then not actually Following through with the move okay and And as far as what they're saying here

In this article about being disappointed Until in terms of you know no visible Positive impact this or that they're not Talking about what Sean McBride is Saying you're talking about other Develop in fact they cite a couple I Don't read the whole article but they Highlight um Western Union's pilot with Ripple from years ago and uh you know Western Union didn't move forward with That and I've talked about that a number Of times over the years that's frankly Not surprising they'd be with their Efficient treasuries and uh you know They've got money all over they'd be About the last firm that would be Interested in um in in changing their Business model because it's their Smaller competitors that have to tap Into the liquidity of of large Banks and Have to pay for that uh frequently High Fees though so those smaller firms Remittance firms and Banks they'd be the Most likely to jump on board but uh the Largest incumbents they'd be the last to Jump on board so whether you're talking About Western Union or you know a major Bank like City for example you know Hashish bur former former Ripple Employee who's on the board still I Believe at Ripple uh he's T he talked About that years ago how they they had To find The Sweet Spot effectively for Like what's the right size customer for

Ripple and the answer is not the largest Banks out there because again they're Making money from the larger the smaller Competitors rather so that's not Surprising that Western Union didn't Move forward and then they also site Money Gram but that was a successful Relationship between Money Gram and Ripple until the SEC came along and then That rendered the relationship Impossible so they both it was amicable But both Ripple and Money Gram were like Well we can't do anything now so they Just agreed to part ways which is Unfortunate to see that the SEC just Shredded that that was rather Disappointing but but again so like Stuff happens but it's not like there's Something wrong specifically with ripple Or xrp as a result like that's not what That indicates Here but there was an additional comment From Sean McBride and he said the Following uh yeah all you non Ripple Shareholders can shut the f up and he Wrote STFU but that's what that stands For because yes big news is coming Already has come and xrp is going to Explode so piss off if you don't have Anything positive to say so he's getting A little spicy there but he insists that There is something big it's Coming so it's on the record I've shared

It on my channel we'll see if something Comes to pass um but I will say when it Comes to Ripple specifically if this is Some sort of Ripple related news Historically whatever Ripple announces Does not sway the price of xrp Whatsoever historically the SEC has done A way better job messing with the price Of xrp on a global scale than Ripple Ever has cuz when the SEC sued price go Down when the SEC lost price went up so The SEC them uh mucking about and all This yes that had an impact but Ripple Announcing all sorts of endless posi News positive news for the span of a Decade um doesn't seem to matter not in The moment at least certainly not in the Moment but he insists something indeed Is coming and then there was also this Post in response because again Sean McBride the post he said uh big news Coming from Ripple and xrp in the next Couple days and again this is after he Noted he's under an NDA W say win Founder of xrpl labs wrote to him the Said the following and he said must be Quite the news if it is worth entering Insider trading Territory so I don't know if what sea McBride stated there would go so far as To say that and I literally mean that Because I'm not a lawyer um but it is I I will say it is fascinating he's saying Anything at all given he pointed out on

His own there is an IND and can't say Much but he's super positive about Xrp so who knows maybe we wake up Tomorrow and there's some sort of Massive news and everybody's thrilled And xrp price goes up but I'm not going To hold my breath on any Ripple related News moving the price of xrp to the Upside because that doesn't happen like Pretty much never you know the closest We got to that that I can recall in my Six plus years as an xrp holder is when There was a buy the rumor sell the news Thing back in 2018 there was a rumor That Ripple was going to launch uh Xrapid which then became known as on Demand liquidity which has since been Rebranded as Ripple payments but when Xrapid uh was about to get approved There was a rumor it was going to happen And the Rumor ended up being true so Whether it's because the timing just Worked out that that way any because of Coincidence or because somebody actually Leaked some sort of specifics I don't Pretend to know for sure but the rumor Did end up coming to pass in very short Time frame and so um as a result of the Rumor the price of xrp ticked up Dramatically itd have to look look at a Chart to what it was maybe it was like Four weeks leading up to it 2 weeks I Can't remember I'd have to look but then When that news broke October of 2018

Price went down X Rapids live hey great Price went down it was a sell the news Event that's the closest I've seen to Ripple having any any sort of notable Impact in terms of xrp price action and It was a buy the rumor sell the news Thing so if there's something out of Nowhere uh okay in theory I just haven't Really I can't think of a single example Of where that's been the case where xrp Is like popped to the upside when There's some sort of unexpected positive News about Ripple specifically I'm not Saying it's impossible I just I again I Can't think of a single instance of that Ever happening but I'd love to see it But either way I I'll say this and Before wrapping up here even if it's not Something that's going to cause the xrp Price to rise in terms of this level of Adoption and what Shan McBride was Saying about every Bank in Japan using Xrp as a bridge currency by the end of I Think what he said next year whatever it Was like these use cas cases matter in Terms of the long-term viability so even If it doesn't cause a pop instantly that You can see on a chart and see the Timing line up like that okay but I Still believe firmly that utility Matters and will win the day we need to See more developers having more success Building out various projects with xrp Being positioned and functionally useful

Useful here and xrp has a genuine use Case as a bridge currency as Ripple has Positioned it so it's still meaningful Even if you can't see instantly a price Go but I think that more and more people Are going to factor in the importance of That utility as time passes and is There's additional adoption with other Developers so it all matters in the end Even if you can't in that moment see a Pop so let me know what you guys think Here we'll see what happens but I just I'm sorry guys I I couldn't ignore like This is a former Ripple employee a Director who says he has an NDA but then He's still saying stuff got to cover it Man so you you guys just tell me what You think I'm not a financial adviser You should not be sell anything because Of anything I say right that would be Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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