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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I have an 11-year-old that's breathing down my Neck because he's out of school he wants Me to take him to get breakfast I said But my audience needs a video let me do My video and then maybe we can talk About it I want to give a shout out to Big Skinny who is the official smart Alec of the digital asset investor Channel we haven't seen from him in a Little while but he's being a smart alec To Elon me musk and we love it he says Elon you must not know or care what Happens in your business if you did you Would have seen thousands of people Asking to reinstate the Dai account he Only has 300K 347,000 followers but Clearly you don't want you don't walk Your talk here is Elon Musk talking God No I I don't want to all but I'm what I'm trying even came up though in the Annual meeting I mean you know do your Tweets hurt the company are Tesla owners Who say I don't agree with his political Position because and I know it because He shares so much of it or there Advertises on Twitter that Linda yarina Will come and say you gotta stop man we You know I can't get these ads because Of some of the things you

Tweet and then he pontificates for a Minute and stares off into space and Then basically says I don't care Um where he can here it is offer me Power I don't Care so in other words Elon Musk should Be able to say whatever he wants to say But not everybody on his platform Because I got turned off for nothing I Got turned off by the way just shortly After Steven nof came onto the scene and I started covering some of what he was Saying now I don't know what this Amelia Um crypto Barbie is thinking but she I Can't show it because there's music in The background I don't know if that's a A little a hit but let me see if I can Find a graphic of it there is a $ 34,38 or 37,1 124 xrp glitch Amelia you're not allowed To show these things even though it's The holiday season I've never seen the Crypto police and the crypto gestapo Take a breath or stop they have to be Telling you what you're allowed to say And not say they have to be telling you How much smarter they are than you you Can't do that because I didn't say you Could because I know more than you do I Am so smart Amia you should know this You're not allowed to say these things You can't just put a tweet out you have To filter it through the crypto police Gapo what are you

Thinking but it's the holiday season and The digital asset investor has your back I will show it because I don't give a Rats behind what the crypto gapo or Crypto police think Think and that's the way America should Be used to be anyway before the cancel Culture came along look at Ripple as the Saying goes if it sounds too good to be True it probably is we've outlined tips To help you spot crypto giveaway scams Including the recent surgeon deep fakes And how to keep you and your friends Safe I would say this folks if it sounds And looks stupid don't do It cuz all of them look so stupid stupid All right dark Defender who has the hasht freed on his Chart I love it high all xrp formed a Cup and handle pattern in the daily time Frame we set targets for a$1 five $188 With the otways now the cup handle Pattern is also blinking xrp to reach Targets can the handle be extended Towards 52 Cent support we still need to Close under the primary support of 60 Cents 2 days um In a row so the answer moments no the Main structure is still in place xrp is Expected hit a15 and a188 in the short Term I like It now folks I am no Bitcoin guy but I Do I do own I did accumulate one Bitcoin In my it trust Capital Ira link to

That's in the top of the description I Think they give you $100 worth of crypto If you click on my link or whatever I Think it's something like that Anyway if we know know anything about Mike noag grats we know that Mike no Gratz bets dimes to donuts and the Reason he bets dimes to Donuts is Because he operates and invests with Information that the the rest of us Don't have okay so when you hear Mike Nrat say something like this in my Opinion you should listen because he's Operating on information that you do not Have and that's a good thing if you Listen this being put in portfolios all Over the world when Black Rock talks People listen um we will get an ETF I Think we'll get it this year I think He's betting dims to Donuts here listen Close he thinks we'll get it this year It won't start trading till next year But it'll be approved this year so That's probably December December 1st That's a big big deal uh that opens up The Bitcoin Market to all the Institutions in the United States and so The FED is finished hiking rates they Will be cutting rates in April or May And probably pretty dramatically that's Good Tailwind for Bitcoin and Global Uncertainty gold silver you know real Estate hard assets Bitcoin are all in my Portfolio um what is it I've been

Telling you on this channel folks you Just heard it he told you exactly what To do now Brian Kelly is is back on CNBC To always also tell you and Brian Kelly Is also acting on information that you And I don't have we are just in the Early inning of a new crypto bull market Let's welcome a very Special friend Brian Kelly yes it's Great to be here great to be back what's New B I mean what's new what's new yeah The audience know but you've been you've Been operating your Bitcoin fund still Corre yep yep still um still involved in Bitcoin every day 24 hours a day 7 days A week never stops um but it's been um It's been an interesting year you know I Mean in the last year we've had gone From everything from FTX to now all of a Sudden Argentina potentially you know They've elected a pro Bitcoin president So the momentum and sentiment has Changed dramatically in that part and Then not to mention all the the Potential Bitcoin ETF filings that are Still in the wings here right so where Do you see you know you don't have a Price Target necessarily on bitcoin yeah But what are you thinking in terms of Where you are now so there's a couple Things we know in the past that Bitcoin Has had these twoyear cycles that are Generally centered around the happing And so we have another happing coming up

In April and I'm not one of those people That think the havening is the actual Catalyst but it's one of those sentiment Things that all of a sudden now you have A reduction in Supply couple that with The fact that we have the Federal Reserve that is likely done for some Time being of of raising rates if not we Don't think they're going to go to 10% Maybe they go to five and a half right And then the second part of that is we Now have these ETF filings so for the First time ever just like the gold ETF You're going to have retail investors Not that they couldn't buy it before but Now registered investment advisers your Morgan Stanley wealth manager can Allocate to this and so that's what's Got the Market excited about this new ETF all right be you just named a bunch Of catalysts for the Bitcoin to keep Going higher what do you think the core Is you know is it just digital gold you Know versus like we often hear lots of Folks come on and just say they should Be allocated to that you know we've had The dollar come in and obviously Bitcoin Has been trading pretty well with that What's the core thesis right now if You've missed out this run over the last Year and sentiment was really bad a year At this time and now it's up what 200% Or so why should people be allocating Low single digits percentage of their

Investable Capital to bitcoin right now So I think the easiest way to think About it is digital gold if you have a Portfolio and you've got some all right You get it they are carrying this Narrative because they are wanting their Wall Street has has positioned itself to Pump their bags now I believe that They're pumping their Bitcoin bags and They know I believe it's a my personal Opinion is I believe it's a short to Midterm thing that they want to do and I Think that they're they want to pump Pump their stuff but you better believe That they have the real thing out in the Wings is what they're really Accumulating I mean I think that they Plan on making a bunch of money on Bitcoin but Look this is the same guy remember there Was a reason back in 2017 and 18 xrp was the top performer and every All of these people Knew all of these people knew the market Knew that xrp was the thing Market still Knows but it's be it has been and I Believe is still being held back Intentionally that's why I can I will Continue to accumulate the good stuff Now I'm going to I'm getting I've gotten A little bit of Bitcoin because I think There's going to be a lot of money that Made there I'll likely we'll dump that Into xrp if xrp has not ripped yet when

It does Rip but check this out says Ripp This is Brian Kelly remember CNBC I Don't know what happened but somewhere In November December 20177 all of these people were told stop Talking about xrp don't talk about Ripple or xrp anymore unless you want to Say something bad about it because up Until that point they were doing this a Breakout coin and if so how do you even Buy it fear not because teaching people How to buy XP Brian Kelly same guy now They act like they don't even understand Sure so Ripple has been on an absolute Tear and and just to add to what SEMA Talked about what really is going after Is the Swift Network or International Payment transfers so what you're talking About here is an upgrade of the International Financial system and That's a very big market so that's why People are very excited about it so Let's go to Pon X and figure out how do We buy show how to buy it all right they Don't want to acknowledge this video They they don't they never these are the Same people they taught their customers They taught their viewers how to buy it And then they never even spoke about What was going on in the in the SEC Versus Ripple lawsuit they just sat left It alone and we tried to bring it to Their attention now um yesterday this is Relevant too yesterday the justice

Department is seeking more than $4 Billion from binance to end criminal Case against the ex against the crypto Exchange okay they're not going after JP Morgan for manipulating the silver the Justice department did nothing about Them manipulating the silver uh they're Not going after JP Morgan for their Affiliation with that guy with the Island who we'll talk about in the group To the the private group at dp.com Today um but they're going after Binance because they need to crush Binance Wall Streets had to sit on the Sidelines and watch this guy make Billions for years now they need to Crush him so that they can take all that Market share so the justice department Is seeking 4 billion from bance to in The criminal case against the crypto Exchange now it's important to note this Is from January 12th 2018 this is also CNBC teaching you how to buy xrp but This time they're teaching you how to Buy it on binance who the Justice Department's going after now that Actually uses Ripple instead of just Litecoin ethereum Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and to do that we're going to have To send the ethereum to another Exchange In this case I'm using binance but there Are several others including bitsane That I've used before too once you're on The

Binance you'll see some so here they are Teaching they they're they're teaching Everyone how to buy on binance okay now Let's look at this SEC filed a lawsuit Against Kraken yesterday for illegally Illegally operating an online crypto Trading platform so they let they let The the investors that they're supposed To be be protecting for what is it 10 to 12 years to buy and sell and to trade on On Kraken and now they're going to sue Kraken and act like they've done Something wrong does that help or or Hurt those investors is my question Couldn't they have helped them more 10 Years ago if they were so worried about It and then Jeremy Hogan says apparently The $30 million the SEC got from Kraken Back in February wasn't enough it had to Sue them again for more everyone feel Protected again John Deon says make no Mistake about it the SEC is worried About the coinbase um what is that um Motion to dismiss the SEC is worried About the coinbase motion to dismiss Pending the S uh new that's U the uh Department of New York what's the s in That uh I'm I'm drawing a blank anyway The case is filed in the Northern District of California then John Deon Points out another important thing the SEC filed against library in the first Circuit against Ripple and coinbase in The second circuit against Dragon chain

And Kraken in the ninth circuit Gary Gensler is hedging his bets he will Ultimately Lose okay then we've got this from Ashley Prosper the SEC going after Cracken again labeling 11 tokens as Securities that have been listed in Other lawsuits uh against coinbase and Binance so they're saying Now excuse me they're saying now that um Ada algo adom vile Flo ICP Mana mtic Near OMG and salana those are all Securities this once again led by the Most incompetent lawyer in the SEC HG Terrero that's the guy that went after Ripple the list of cryptos is Inexhaustive and includes all the Cryptos named in other lawsuits besides Xrp xrp is not named because Gary got Corrected um then Senator Cynthia Lumis The SEC cannot continue to rule by Enforcement my statement on the Kraken Lawsuit oh yes they can Senator Lumis Because you and all your buddies in Congress on both sides of the aisle are Nothing but talk you could have put Gary In a box a long time ago if you all Really had some guts you have none Gary Is going to do whatever Gary wants Because you are all either on his team Or you have no guts you're all talk Which is why none of you should be in Office I if it was my choice I'd kick All of your butts off all of you that

Have done nothing regarding uh the Crypto um Now we're going off into the private Group and here's what we're going to Talk about we've got JP Morgan we got Apollo Global they are all intertwined we got MIT we got G G Gensler we got Jay Clayton all these bad guys are all Intertwined and we're going to talk About and and it there is some deep dark Stuff too folks and we're going into it In d xrp.com uh that's my private member Group you can go in there and you get um You don't have to watch any commercials So you get to watch the full video you Just watch with no commercials plus an Additional usually between five and even 15 20 minutes um of of content in there Plus you can talk to everybody and see What's going on we also did a um we did A zoom about a week ago me and Brad Comms did and we'll probably do another One here here soon I'm going to talk to Him about it today I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family if you want To hear about what's really going on That I haven't been able to talk about Out here on YouTube or on Twitter oh by The way I'm also talking to the lawyer Today my letter is about to happen when

It with regard to X so anyway go to Da Dp.com for more on all the above and We'll see you in the group here we [Music] Go [Music]


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