XRP INSANE Volume Swings & Factors DRIVING Markets

Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel there have been some Insane volume swings for xrp and Interesting factors that have been Driving xrp markets in general just Globally and the recent positive xrp Price action has been attributable Almost entirely to markets outside the United States with the Korean market in General becoming a truly heavy hitter And I've got a chart of to prove just That Um now this activity has resulted in Absolutely insane volume swings Especially from Korea for xrp which by The way is reminiscent of what we saw Even back during the xrp's greatest bull Run in history which started in the at The end of 2017 ended in early 2018. a Korean Market's been a heavy driver But um would you be surprised if I told You that recently many whales xrp whales Became bearish on xrp yet the price Increased anyway due to regular retail Speculators would that surprise you Because it's true and it's not a bad Thing I'll explain exactly why uh but That and then also just in general you Know when it comes to crypto markets my God I'm so glad it's just not 2022 Anymore we are in Bull territory here And you know once you're living through A you know bear Market bottom when You're living through it you don't know

For sure when the bottom was You know for a previous Market cycle I Mean well I was to say previous I'm used To thinking back to 2018 not 2021. uh and then in 2018 that market Cycle bottomed on December 15th but I Will tell you on December 15 2018 Nobody knew that was the bottom of the Market we needed time to pass and see Another Market cycle complete and we're Like oh yeah and then on the way up you Can see clearly yeah that was the bottom So anyway similar similar concept here It's just interesting to see that in Terms of the human behavior which I Think is well very interesting but kind Of important to be aware of and observe The positive xrp price action that led To its all-time high those behaviors That led to that rather They're still here but before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun by the way as I record this Video just in case anyone is curious it Is 5 17 a.m Central Standard Time on Thursday April 13th at this moment xrp Is just a hair shy of 51 cents a Bitcoin

At thirty thousand two hundred and Thirteen dollars so you look bitcoin's Been hovering around and mostly above Thirty thousand dollars now for over two Days straight Fascinating to see and by the way I'll Get to this a little bit later in the Video but uh many are anticipating that We're going to see a blast off further With Bitcoin 2 which I would love to see Because Bitcoin has always LED crypto Markets and that's always been good for Xrp and every other coin that I hold so Love to see Bitcoin continuing to be the Trailblazer leading the way so again 30 213 bucks for Bitcoin market cap for the Asset class 1.26 trillion Bitcoin Dominance at 46.09 and crypto fear and Green index at 61. out of 100. all right So let's talk about these factors in This incredible volume of volatility Just insane volume swings there's this Article from the crypto basic titled Here are the key factors behind xrp 42 Percent rally xrp remains one of the top Performing Assets in the past month Following its meteoric rise from the Lows witnessed on March 12th yeah and I'll note over the last 30 days xrp is Up 37 uh Bitcoin doing well too but not As well bitcoin's up 24 over the same Time period so 37 versus 24 percent Peace continues despite what widespread Claims to the contrary recent data from

Crypto Market data provider kaiko has Has revealed that individual retail Investors rather than Wales instigated The recent upswing in xrp's value now I'm going to elaborate on this as we go Through this but uh this is normal and This should be expected it's always the Retail speculators that determine what The price of xrp is whales large holders Of xrp or pick your crypto in this case We're talking about xrp but what whales You know those holders of any any crypto Asset they behave different than the Typical limbing retail Speculator Because the typical living retail Speculator will fomo into stuff and Panic so that's generally not how whales Behave you rarely see anything like that From Wales Space continues kaiko disclosed this in Its latest data brief of the crypto Markets the market data provider Highlighted the astronomical surge in Xrp trade volume among South Korean Investors as the asset dominated the Markets in Korea's top exchanges Overthrowing Bitcoin recall that this Surge was partly triggered by Speculations of a looming ruling in Ripple's favor in the SEC litigation Okay so I'll pause now yes that's true And I reported on it at the time xrp Volume over there surpassed Bitcoins xrp Over there more popular than Bitcoin for

That time period that's impressive xrp Ain't No Fly by Night crypto that's for Damn sure son now as far as the reasons For this well certainly fair to Speculate and I do the same that this is In large part due to the expectation Of a positive conclusion of the secv Ripple case and and people suspect That's imminent and I think that's very Fair and very accurate that's my very Strong suspicion but still the question Is Why why that much interest in activity Over in South Korea I've never seen a Good answer that I just know that it's True this is just data and it's been Like that for over half a decade I don't Know because look some of my frame of References goes back to when I jumped Into crypto it's not like I haven't Researched anything before that but I've Lived through over half a decade of this Stuff and it's always been like this So when it started or why I'm not Cleared if anybody has a really Interesting theory on why this would be Why there's that much interest Specifically in South Korea I would love To know but it's interesting because you Get you also get the disparity in price In terms of The price of xrp on a South Korean Exchange versus what it would be in many Other parts of the world you get this

Huge gap which creates Arbitrage Opportunities Um for some but and maybe the reason That there's such a large gap is is that There are only so many people in a Position to Arbitrage those you know Those types of markets so I I don't know For sure I just know that those gaps Historically have occurred That's why we had that whole coin market Cap Fiasco and I guess it was early 2018 As xrp was around its all-time high coin Market cap uh it looked it looked like Xrp's price just plummeted because they Took out Korean markets because there Was such a disparity but that was the Whole step not that I want to get into That again I've covered that in detail In the past but I'm just noting that There's different Behavior not that I Understand all of it I don't know that Anybody does to be honest with you we've Got any theories again let me know but It's fascinating and again with the most Important takeaway even though we're not Going to understand the reason that Every human is doing everything that They're doing the important point is That they over there in other markets in Markets outside the United States Because it is mostly markets outside the United States they're the ones that Really cause most of the price action For xrp it's everyone outside of the

United States only you know primary Drivers that caused xrp to hit its its All-time high of close to four dollars Here Acknowledged that this massive increase In trade activity among Korean investors Contributed to the asset's latest rally A chart provided by kaiko indicates that Xrp slash KRW so that's the Korean one Of course a trading pair gained a larger Proportion of the xrp trade markets Share starting from March 28th Notably the pair competed with the xrp Usdt pair regarding global market share And so for those of you that care to Look there's a chart on your screen xrp Trade volume and price so you got the Volume in terms of billions of dollars On the left from zero all the way up to 2 billion and you can see it did go Above that And uh then the time frame is from the Beginning of March to roughly the Beginning of April and you can see So Within the last 24 hours I'll just note This just for the record 24 hour volume According to live coin watch for xrp uh 966 million so still pretty high but for Most of the time period that's on that Chart here I'll bring it back up on the Screen you know it was hovering around What what you call like six or seven Hundred billion and that's pretty normal That's very normal in recent times to

See it just kind of hovering around that Level which is in crypto is a pretty Impressive level given that there's not Much money in crypto in general even Even in 2023 I'd argue that anyway 1.26 trillion dollar asset class that's Minuscule Minuscule You know it's look at stocks what like At any given day like 100 times bigger Than that I'm just saying but we had This huge Spike so you can hear see as You got to the later part of January we Spiked up to over 2 billion I don't know If it was 2.3 2.4 billion somewhere in In that neighborhood but if you look at Where the share of the trading came from You can see for most of the month which Is normal it's mostly transactions in Xrp USD and xrp usdt and then you have a Smaller portion in xrp KRW which again Is the Korean one but then it just Spiked so you can see the navy color Here that's the Korean one uh absolutely Massive so that proves the behavior that Led to xrp's all-time high uh you know You know late 2017 into early 2018 those Behaviors and tendencies are being Displayed right now to it it just Happened in recent weeks and I know it Wasn't an all-time high but also the Price of xrp is artificially suppressed And they are aware of the news globally Everyone's aware of the Blues the news

Globally that uh you know in the case is Imminent and things are probably looking Pretty damn good here people are Speculating as a result So you know that hasn't changed and I'm Not making out like it's only Korea That's deciding the price of xrp but you Can see in terms of volume when things Get hot that's a massive percentage That's they were major participants There in crypto or major players in Driving the the xrp price to its All-time high you know half a decade ago Incredible and by the way when we see a Large chunkier of xrp usdt I'll just Note that uh that doesn't mean that that Volume is from the United States oh Absolutely not in fact transactions to The United States I don't know what the Latest numbers are but it's normal Whether I don't know if it's five or ten Percent of global transactions it's it's It's a smaller percentage so if you're Wondering why that yellow stick looks Big there for xrp usdt well that's Because the United States dollar is the Global Reserve currency and so it's it's Utilized the United States are on a Global scale countries the world over And as a result stable coins that are Backed by the United States dollar the Global Reserve are also used all over The dam Planet so that's why it might Make it look on the surface if you

Didn't know any better that there are Huge amounts of United States Transactions but that's just not the Case it's just that these stable coins Are used all over the damn place and There are markets where they're not used But I'm just saying it's pretty Substantial and then this other light Blue stick this is just it just says Other so I don't know what's included in That I guess just everything else But anyway peace continues here Xrp trade activity was massively Concentrated on Korean exchanges but Kaiko revealed that most whale trades Were bearish for the asset this is where It gets even more interesting check it Out so how is it that we saw the xrp Price rise but all the people what the Biggest money the in terms of individual Accounts at least how is it that they're Bearish shouldn't they be excited prices Go up well hold on data reveals that on Korea's largest exchange up bit in bitum Orders above 200 000 xrp w a hundred Thousand dollars at today's price we're Mostly sell orders from March 28th Suggesting that whales were looking to Take profit however smaller orders Recorded a balance between buy and Sellers well folks this is what we see Just in crypto in general when prices Are low whales have a tendency to Purchase fear from people who are Panic

Selling and then as prices start to go Up you see whales reduce or completely Get out of their positions So here's a for instance here's a 30-day Chart for xrp so if you go back to the Date they stated March 28th somewhere Around here Yeah you call it right about there for Those of you that care to look your Screen's not required if you're just Listening that's fine I'll just share The concept you can see the price spike From March 28th right on upwards and Then went down a little bit it's been Mostly trading sideways recently yeah That's that's fine but you can see why They're doing what they're doing they're Probably buying more back down here if Not sooner when you look at you know Mid-march experience 36 Cents so when You get to March 28th and you know You're talking about it getting up Around 50 cents and then It ultimately Did make its way to the highest I saw Was 58 cents well is it any surprise That when they bought that low they Wanted to sell once it got higher And it's yeah I'm fine you know fair Enough if there were a major run and say Their conclusion the secb Ripple case or Some sort of catalyst then the whales Could have missed out on all that but They don't take those kinds of risks They don't know those things they take

Measured approaches just in general Sense compared to emotional living Retail speculators they're behaving Differently so this should not be a Surprise it doesn't mean it's anything Bad about xrp they're just playing the Game that's it so all these massive Accounts Selling xrp into the hands of people That are feeling emotions and getting Excited that's just how it works this is True Bitcoin is true of eth it's true of Xrp and every other crypto that you may Hold that's it that's not bad so they Were taking profits on the way up Now as prices are stabilizing here I Mean there'll be I'm sure there'll be News that at some point xrp whales they Begin to accumulate again but if you've Been listening to my Channel or many Other xrp content creators I don't know How many to what degree other content Creators talk about xrp are covering This but I every time there's stories That pop up about it I've been Highlighting that for so much of the Year whales have been accumulating xrp And what do you know as soon as the Price starts to go up they start to they Start to sell That's normal behavior you should expect It it's the retail limiting speculators That cause the volatility and then the Whales just respond to that basically

That's pretty much how this works it's a Beautiful thing I love crypto so it's Fine so it's you're gonna see more whale Accumulation in the future and then as Blooming retails speculators Drive the Price up in the future the whales are Going to sell the whales buy when it's Scary to buy and then they sell when There's Euphoria and or you know huge Excitement That's exactly what we've been seeing Right here so anyway I just thought I'd Share that because it's interesting I Don't know how many people realize but The behaviors from humans that were in Place over half a decade ago that led to An all-time high they're in place right Now and we're in a position where we Actually could see positive parabolic Price action as a result of the end of The SEC Ripple case and where arguably I Would say in bull market territory and Bitcoin is anticipated to move to the Upside there's so many analysts I've Been following I can talk about this More in other videos but Bitcoin like the bottom was end of November folks it just was unless there Was a Black Swan event and wild card Event in which case Olio got me but That's always my caveat that will always Be my caveat outside of anything like That it's at this point I think enough Time has passed we can see that all the

People that we're gonna get scared and Needed to exit they've exited and now We're just gonna keep trending to the Upside And so I don't know if that means we Have a new all-time high for Bitcoin This year you know incredible crypto Chart analyst does think that most don't Though either way it's making for an Exciting year this is a lot more fun Than 2022 can't we agree on that at Least this is a lot more fun than the Dumpster fire year of 2022. and I I Think it's just gonna get better in Particular for xrp holders for all the Reasons that I've decided here anyway Neat stuff here but I'll go ahead and Wrap up I'm not a financial advisor you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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