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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and Michael Arrington retweeted This uh picture Brad garlinghouse in the Leprechaun outfit today today is St Patrick's Day right now I am not wearing Green but I do intend on putting some Green on and I was just invited to go Drink some green beer with friends today I don't normally drink beer I'm more of A wine guy and a margarita guy but I Will drink beer I do make exceptions if I'm drinking uh beer by the way my Favorite is draft beer if I'm gonna Drink it I like drinking draft beer Let's check in with the official cool Guy because the first flare drop did Happen today first player and it's Friday I've completed might not be worth A lot but it's happened First player airdrop completed might not Be worth a lot but it's happened it has Happened I checked and I got my first Drop this morning as well now I want to Make a point here and you'll it'll kind Of come together here as we go Um forward Folks if you've been paying attention I mean I literally believe that all of Crypto that we've been watching for the Past 10 years has been kind of a Prototype playground toys and I think

That the the cartoon monkeys were for The purpose of testing out Um testing out tokenization I think That's what they're really doing when The objective of all this has always Been A couple of things first cbdc's second Interoperability between Cbdcs and the different countries and All of that and third and maybe most Importantly the tokenization the Liquidity what would the word be Lick mate I'll just say it this way Making liquid all the asset classes that Have not been liquid in history anything From Real Estate you got in real estate You have to go through a a real estate Closing it's a tremendous process and All of this I think that the future is a World where real estate where you can Tokenize the real estate that you own And have it traded on probably local Markets but also Global markets Um and then tokenizing art tokenizing Anything you can think of Tokenizing contracts you name it Everything has a value and it can be Represented in a token I believe there Will be a day when we go to an attorney I'm gonna I'm gonna actually if one of My sons wants to go to law school I'm Going to say listen you you find out Study Whatever the topic is going to be called

Where tokenization of assets because I Believe there's going to be a lot of People going to closing tables where They are tokenizing their different Assets and they have they need a lawyer And a and a bunch of different stuff in Order to do that and that's one of the Things I think is going to be huge in The next 20 years So Um now look at this this was Larry Fink's uh CEO he's black Brock right This is from James rule for the for the Asset management industry we believe the Operational potential of some of the Underlying Technologies in the digital Asset space could have exciting Applications in particular the Tokenization of asset classes offers the Prospect of driving efficiencies in Capital markets shortening value chains And improving cost access for investors At BlackRock we continue to explore the Digital asset ecosystem especially Areas most relevant to our clients such As permission blockchains and Tokenization of stocks and bonds folks That's the Holy Grail Let's think about derivatives folks Think about all of it all the money then There's this look at this tweet the Banking crisis should mean a crypto ban Influential EU lawmaker If you don't think that these

Bureaucrats and politicians planned this And I make the point here back in the Financial crisis 2008 you didn't hear Any of these any of these clowns calling For a ban on Wall Street Because Wall Street created it Wall Street and the banks created the 2008 Financial credits but you didn't see any Of these guys saying we oh we need to Ban Wall Street Bernie Madoff we need to Ban Wall Street no no no no no no no Because that's not what this is about This this is an engineered thing to try To clamp down on crypto and I think that You know a lot of people think that that All of the things like Bitcoin are Sacred I think if you're lucky they're Going to allow and I do mean allow Because anybody that thinks that they Can't Crush Bitcoin or any digital asset that they Want to is wrong go there's a lot of Ways to skin a cat folks and one of the Ways with Bitcoin is through taxation They could come out and say oh well There's a that's great you guys are all About your libertarian Freedom Movement Right well we're going to tax it 99 Let's see how many people want to own it Then You might you might feel like you got Freedom but the second they slap that 99 Tax on it away goes the freedom you it Won't even be worth owning then and

These people are capable of all of the Above too and then there's this interest Rates could fuel let's see what it says Here interest rates could fuel the shift To a cashless world And that's from Ian Benz almost as if it Was the plan all along Now watch this video this is from the World economic forum and remember this Girl right here nahan urola she was at MIT with Gary Gensler Watch this Any of this sounds familiar to you topic Interoperability both in the domestic Case so bringing together your your Banks and your banking system but also Internationally as well and so Governor Your own I want to turn to you to Discuss interoperability briefly uh There's a risk of further fragmenting Our payment systems if central banks Operate in isolation instead of Contributing to a shared Foundation of Knowledge and a major issue that Requires cooperation is shared standards For interoperability and as Governor Billarde indicated this is an important Role for the central bank to play in Setting these shared standards now You've engaged in Project Icebreaker Which is a collaboration with Norway and Sweden and this aims to test near Instant retail cbdc so we can divide Cbdc into retail which is available to

The general public and wholesale which Is uh more for financial institutions But across borders so retail across Borders so can you share a little bit About what has been learned here and What are some of the challenge is when You try to address interoperability Between countries All right uh first of all thank you Nia For for having me here Um maybe before I say something about Icebreaker I think we're all realizing We're in the midst of a technological Revolution in the payment system and if Payments used to be sort of more Plumbing they're affecting the i o Structure of financial services and Monetary policy you've been working and That's why central banks are there uh we Are seeing it faster payments smart Contracts e-money crypto assets stable Coins and cbdc as you mentioned is the Is sort of a public good that can be Both complementary public good but can Also uh to these things but can also in Some circumstances uh crowd out some of These things but in the inter-ledger Protocol of public good Some of the advantages have been Mentioned Advanced and safe alternative To existing means of payments ensure the Adjustments of payment system to the Needs of the digital economy cbdc could Be the gateway to stablecoin which is

The gateway to um Instead of stablecoin to find to the Between the new digital economy and the Standard economy and cheap cross-border Which is where your question comes back Sheep cross-border who has been working On that I saw I ran across this Yesterday this is from The Wall Street Journal this is December 29 2017. this Is right this is literally days before Jay Clayton meets with Andrews and Horowitz after his speech at Stanford to Put in motion the ethereum free pass This was literally days before that okay I think that happened on January 24 2018 Or somewhere in there 24th 25th So this is in the and I contend folks This what you're seeing here is the Reason that all of these bad guy forces Went into motion To create the big huge lie that we've Been living living under in digital Assets from that day until now Which is that somehow Bitcoin and Ethereum are superior to all other Digital assets it's the biggest lie That's been told in crypto and this is The reason that they put it in motion They put it in motion specifically Because of xrp's superiority in all Aspects this article is run December 29 2017 meet Ripple the currency that's Running laps around Bitcoin xrp also Called Ripple is more is up more than

Thirty thousand percent in 2017. folks Make no mistake it wasn't too long after This that that xrp really hit its run Okay and that's when they they started Putting up people like Laura Shin to Write the Forbes articles about how rich Chris Larson was and all of that and They did that for a specific purpose to Get the attention of people and to say See we can't let this happen and from That day until today we've had lawsuits We've had media fud we've had crypto Pundits that just don't understand xrp We've had hedge funds that just happen To be invested in by Andrews and Horowitz and Union Square Ventures and Their guys go out and say oh we're Shorting xrp because we think there's Going to be an SEC lawsuit we've had Media that just you know the Becky quick She just oh so you don't get xrp just Like me wasn't that what she said to Mike novograts they had all that stuff Lawsuits SEC lawsuit we've lived through It for the last three plus years And all of that Was because they knew that xrp would Dominate Bitcoin and ethereum that's the Reason it was put in motion that's the Reason Anthony pompliano is one of the Pundits that just he just didn't Understand xrp he played this game for The last three years I'll never forget When he was interviewing Brad

Garlinghouse and uh Brad garlinghouse Was telling them all this and at the Very end of the interview Well I don't understand why couldn't you Just use Bitcoin for that when he knows Full well that Bitcoin doesn't do Anything compared to what xrp does but This was Anthony pompliano back in 2017 Before he was activated along with all These other people to act like Bitcoin And ethereum were Superior He he was telling the truth then if you Think Bitcoin went on a tear once CNBC And institutional investors learned About it just wait till they discover Ripple xrp Because see that's when the truth was Being told and then they went on it was A it was an organized thing all I'm not Saying he was involved in it but he sure Appeared to be there was an organized Machine To Tamp down xrp and bring up Bitcoin And ethereum Eleanor knew all of these Banks to make Uninsured deposits totaling 30 billion Dollars in the First Republic so this is Another bank that's having problems and Here's what here's what you need to get Out of this folks These are the banks right here that are In bed with the government because They're sitting around with the Government and saying all right here's

What we're going to need you guys to do We're going to need you guys to uh Handle these uninsured deposits over at First Republic and so If you if I'm not a financial advisor But I can tell you that what I do is I Make sure I have a bank account under The 250 000 insured deposit limit at one Of these Banks and I told my wife to do The same and to tell her mother and her Relatives to do the same because it That's about as safe as you're going to Get then Stuart al-arati came out he Says government action that has the Consequence of depriving legitimate Businesses of their rights to bank Accounts is a violation of Constitutional due process Community Financial Services Association of America versus FDIC and what he's Talking about is how the government has Told prospective buyers of Signature Bank they'll have to agree to drop all Crypto business at the bank which is Blatantly illegal for the government to Do okay but what I say to Stuart El Doradi who is right Is what's the big deal about a violation Of the Constitution if you have people In power who have been violating laws Left and right for years now with Nothing but Stern letters from sent to Them from Congress until some of these Corrupt politicians and Regulators start

Going to prison nothing will change Folks I saw the video yesterday we've Got a congressman who literally says Literally says that he has bank records Showing that the freaking Chinese Communist party has sent money to the President of the United States family Folks there's only one word for this Starts with a T I'll let you figure it Out That is the world we live in now and Until things are done about the obvious Of what's going on in this country we Are screwed We live in a world we live in a a mafia Run world now we don't live in the United States of America that I thought I grew up in maybe it was always like That I don't know But let me tell you what What's right is wrong what's left is Right what's gray is white We're black Or white or whatever but there's not Anything that there's no honor left in This country until people start going to Prison You you look after everything that we That we uncovered about eathgate not Only is Jay Clayton not had to answer Any questions about it Jay Clayton's a Freaking I'm assuming paid contributor On CNBC and he's called on to talk about The current SEC investigations because We live in the upside down now we live

In the world where the people who are Not committing crimes are the ones that Are being gone after by our government The people who are committing the crimes And doing things illegal oh they're held Up as upstanding citizens Usual is it to To see act that we saw this cataclysmic Failure play out so quickly and then of Course reports that Senior Executives had had uh sold stock Albeit maybe pre-planned but sold stock As this was unfolding Well Morgan I can't even listen to it Jay Clayton is the voice of reason right Folks I watched I just wanted to show You this I watched Um the uh bit boy had done a show on um He was trying to uncover the he said he Had uncovered the founder of Shiba Inu And it reminded me of this clip back When we were uncovering Heath gate this Is one of the creepiest clips that I Remember coming out from the this is Laura Shin she's she had written her Book The kryptopians and what they're Talking about here is was a shadow Government at ethereum there was a Couple of people that vitalik buten was Scared to even say their names and she Talks about it here and the reason it Came up is because when I was watching Bit boys Shiba Inu video I remembered That we tracked it all the way and these

Same people I'm pretty sure when were Involved in the founding of Shiba Inu Listen You know it was Fascinating People would Be scared to even mention their names to Me they would be scared to say that they Had even just been at an event not even That they've been like doing anything at The event but just that they've been There witnessing something you know Historic so I mean people were yeah they Seemed frightened of them which was Fascinating and Um even you know I mentioned this so Yeah I am giving maybe a few spoilers But When I asked you talk about one of them He whistled You know like he was It just surprised that I mentioned the Name or or just uneasy about it or you Know I don't know but that was his Response so meanwhile Gary ginsler is Going after all the companies where There's no fraud involved but he they're Not looking at this at all are you Freaking kidding me this is the upside Down we live in now folks is things Where there's obvious Shady operations Going on oh we we ignore that but we go After people where we're not even making Accus accusations of fraught Until that changes and these people in Our government that are literally

Corrupt start going to prison We live in a in a it reminds me of the Movie The Lion King at the end the bad Guys took over and it was dark skies and And dark clouds everywhere and then at The very end the uh Lion King Um defeats them and all of a sudden the Sun started to come out well that's what This country needs it's time for the sun To come out I've been hearing for years Now that people The Good the good guys Are working behind the scenes and that That uh that all these people will be Held to account I've been hearing that Kind of stuff those kind of Whispers but Until it happens we're literally living Through those dark days of The Lion King Because Americans know what's going on And it's a really spooky country we live In now I can tell you that I'm going to Finish with this Ripple partners with blockchain Founders Fun to accelerate web 3 adoption That's a good thing I'm a digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family that I am Looking for the sun to come out anytime Now Thank you


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