BlackRock Setting Off a Tsunami in CRYPTO…

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Black Rock about to set off a tsunami in Cryptocurrency and the fact is most are Going to come in when it's too late in Today's video I'm going to break down a Six-minute video all the way from 2017 to 2023 so those who are still skeptical or Those who need confirmation that 2024 2025 will be the biggest shift in Generational wealth in history this is The video for you my name is coach JB What I work to do is make complex macro And micro economic strategies very very Easy for the normal everyday person to Implement them we've helped over 7,000 People worldwide since 20120 with three Amazing free resources number one I'm a Licensed insurance agent I Ure my wealth With tax code 7702 the infinity banking concept people Call it index universal life but we have Free conversations with my licens Insurance team in the description down Below so if you're interested in Figuring out how to ensure your wealth In these volatile times we've helped a Ton of people do that number two is a 16-page guide on exactly my brw plint From my Paradigm I only teach from what I'm currently doing an absolutely free Book in the description and lastly you Can join our Academy seven days for free Um as we finish out this year here it is An education Academy so if you're ready

To jump right in you can try it out Seven days for free on the back end of This video every single video Repetitively I explain exactly how I'm Set up and I want to help as many people As possible understand what I'm doing Only speaking from my Paradigm so let's Dive into this so we're going to watch About a six minute video so I want you To Buckle in I want you to grab some Popcorn and I would highly recommend Highly recommend that you grab a pen and Paper okay so what we're about to do is We're going to take clips from 2017 to 2023 the gentleman sitting on the right Is Larry Fink the largest asset manager In the world Black Rock he is also he is The CEO of Black Rock the largest asset Manager in the world he also sits on the Board of Trustees for the world economic Forum and the Board of Trustees Responsibility is to move the mission And purpose forward so we're going to Watch this video all the way through I'm Not going to disrupt it but I want you To pay attention to how the narrative Changes we're going to go 2017 I think It's 2018 there's a 2020 and there's Multiple in 2022 and then a recent one In 2023 he's going to go from Cryptocurrencies used for money Laundering to cryptocurrency is a flight To safety so pay attention this is Probably the most important video I've

Ever done this is why I'm not emotional About the markets and I never get played Check this out is something you disagree On yes Bitcoin Oh I want what well you tell me you tell Us the things you disagree let's be Clear I don't spend any time thinking About Bitcoin I was asked a question About Bitcoin I responded but I don't Have a strong opinion on bitcoin I heard You say you thought it was I said it was A I believe it is an index for money Laundering okay have you developed a View on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and And and what is Black Rock doing about Them well a I believe in blockchains We're looking at many blockchains we Created provider Aladdin which is really A a blockchain between us and our are The but that's the underlying technology But it's a private blockchain okay but That's we we believe we if we can create More and more uh flow through Information uh by having all the Different reference points of a of a Transaction being uh systematized that's Good related to Cryptocurrencies um I'm a big believer In the potential of what a a a Cryptocurrency can do um I you see huge Opportunities in it but what we're Talking about today it's it's really Much more of a Speculative uh plat you know people are

Speculating on it but most importantly What I think about most of these Cryptocurrencies it just identifies how Much money laundering there is being Done in the world how much people are Trying to move currencies from one place To another so I actually Believe uh you you're seeing the demand For it but let's be clear if we created A global a true Global digital currency I hate the word crypto a digit currency Then everybody had then every then you Would not have money laundering anymore You would have everything understood Everything would be flowing through um Everything would be identified I you Could see all the application except I'm Horrified on one point how do we Preserve uh the system from sorry I have To stop that he said that bitcoin's used For money laundering but if we had a Digitize currency we would have less Money laundering cyber problems because If the whole world is using this one Network for financial transaction it it Presents a lot of systemic risk is it Time yet for Black Rock to either trade In digital assets or digital virtual Currencies if you prefer or to create a Product for your clients we're not Hearing we're not hearing any demand From any of our clients other than maybe Some speculative stuff we're being asked That question but it's more of like a

Venture capital type of uh interchange But we're not hearing client we want to Use this as an asset class no okay Remember he said this is uh I think Early 2017 or late 2017 no demand from His clients used for money laundering It's not an Institutional thing yet it's Far from that as I said it's much more Of a speculative platform for Asia and It's heavily used for money laundering Is it true that you're building out a Cryptocurrency capability Uh no I mean we're looking at it um as I I said in the past we are we are very Excited about blockchain technology That's what we're looking at even in the Aladdin Universe what we're trying to do There so we're looking at blockchain Technologies and we're looking at all The blockchain isn't crypto blockchain Is just the underlying technology well That's the most important thing whether It is a cryptocurrency uh we're we're We're studying them to see how they're Performing just and it may be you know It may be don't your clients want crypto Exposure no I don't believe any client Has sought out crypto exposure really Yes but at some point they might do you Need to be prepared I don't at the Moment no it's interesting Goldman Sachs Is building at a cryptocurrency trading Desk Morgan Stanley is I'm not in Trad Doing the same thing because they there

Are there's elements of people who are Looking to trade it I have not heard From any one client they are looking to To uh uh to buy a cryptocurrency at this Time when when when it becomes more Legitimatized when it has the true uh True open nature of it that you identify Who the players are on both Sides uh that's when we'll probably look At it as an alternative um so just share What he just said he said when it's Legitimized so on the back end of this Video what happened to make it Legitimized interesting right as an Alternative to all currencies but um an Alternative to all currencies I have Right now you are where then you are What do you mean just studying it we're Studying it we're looking how they Perform we're looking at that type of Data to understand it as we think about Other other products but right now I can Tell you it Worldwide I have not heard from one Client who said I need to be in This John in conversation with Central Bank Governor Mark Carney at the Council Of Foreign Relations this morning uh Larry thinkink acknowledging that Bitcoin has got the attention and the Imagination of many people it's still Untested pretty small relative to other Markets and he says it is seeing big Giant moves every day but it's a thin

Market can it evolve into something real A global market think said possibly he Also noted that having a digital Currency has a real impact on the US Dollar making it less relevant not for Americans but International holders of Dollar-based assets he did also raise The question that I think many Economists and executives are wrestling With does it change the need for the Dollar as a reserve currency in other Words John are there other ways to Efficiently transact uh overseas as well As here in the US think uh really Joining a prominent number of High-profile voices Melissa in the past Couple of weeks that are saying yes this Move that we're seeing in Bitcoin and Digital currencies in general it is Generating a active discussion and it's Something that they're watching very Closely yep Guggenheim right Paul tutor Jones Dr and Miller the list goes on and On these days SEMA thank you SEMA Modi It's like wishful thinking isn't it Isn't this okay so this is 2023 I think About a month ago so remember did you Write down money laundering nah clients Aren't interested we're not seeing any Interest at all and this was just a Month ago what this is all about well I Can't talk about the specifics of Anything I think it's just an example of The pent up interest in crypto and I and

We are hearing from clients around the World about need for crypto I mean when You think about I think some of this Rally is Way Beyond the rumor I think The the rally today is about a flight to Quality with all the you know all the Issues around the Israeli War now um Global terrorism and I think there's More people running into a fight the Quality whether that is in treasuries Gold or crypto depending on how you Think about it and I believe crypto will Play that type of role as a flight to Quality What wait a minute wait a minute you Said that crypto is used for moneya Laundering and now it's a flight to Quality and there's pent up demand there Was no demand a couple years ago even Two years ago do you see how this Changes guys problem reaction solution Do you see how as they tell you Cryptocurrency is a fraud they're Building blockchain technology your Money is going to be digitized and it's Going to move very very quickly now guys Very quickly okay Black Rock and JP Morgan are quietly laying the groundwork For the next Bitcoin ethereum xrp in Crypto price Bull Run that was on October 17th so it starts to transition Here then we move over here which was Yesterday Larry Fink wall Street's Biggest Bitcoin believer what Black Rock

Reignited interest in Bitcoin ETFs this Year in part driven by CEO think strong Statement on the role of Bitcoin as an International Currency an international currency I Just showed you all the different clips Guys you got to see it for yourself not From coach JV expressing what he feels About it but basically what they're Showing you guys guys this is what They're doing this is it Larry thinkink Could sees Bitcoin as an international Currency like let that sink in I hope You were taking notes and this is why we Have a strict strict exit strategy this Is why we don't follow crypto uh YouTubers and influencers trying to get Us fed in fed out we have a very solid Game plan okay a very very very solid Game plan basically exiting the markets As everything goes parabolic which is Extremely extremely important so I want To share with you my exact plan at the End of every video I'll share you with You my plan so I'm in cryptocurrency Okay in cryptocurrency I'm diverse Across the way that I set out my Cryptocurrency if I lose every single Dime I'm good to go but I do believe in Cryptocurrency because of this stuff This is how I study stuff I listen to What they say and then I watch what they Do and I make my moves based on where They're taking us not where we're at the

Industrial era is dead so in Cryptocurrency I'm across payment rails Uh Supply Chain management we have some Gaming stuff we have some payment uh Payment uh structure or infrastructure Right but in crypto I have a very strict Exit Plan okay in 2024 there's going to Be a couple things the Bitcoin ETF is Going to get approved you're going to Have a Bitcoin having an a and when they Lower interest rates your crypto is Going to go absolutely parabolic so I am The creator of Merlin one of the Co-founders of Merlin we created a Solution this is the smartest way to Track your crypto and I set up an Exit Plan all of you need to have an Exit Plan within here we created this because We use spreadsheets So within Merlin you Have your interface we don't hold your Keys we don't hold your comment just an Interface you can put in your exit plan And as this goes straight up you should Be ex exiting or I am exiting the market On ladders on the way up so as you get Excited and you're coming in and Everybody thinks that Bitcoin is going To go to whatever it's going to get Stuck the exchanges are going to shut Down because they're being liquidated You do not want to be the exit liquidity Most people that are not familiar with Investing or intelligent investing you Are going to be the exit liquidity okay

Unfortunately these institutions don't Care about you the market doesn't care About you they care about making profits Okay so if you're getting into Investments you have to make sure you Get profit so as it goes up I'll be Exiting I'll give you an example so say Xrp if xrp hits its all-time high of $3 Around. 7 I'll be exting 10% of 50% of My portfolio if it gets in between five And $7 I'll be exting another 15% do you See as I pull I'll be putting into index Universal life I Ure my wealth that Allows me to have access to the cash Value of my insurance policies I can Borrow from that insurance policy if I Want to tax-free to invest in other Assets real estate gold silver I'm Really big in business so in my Businesses I've scaled I run I don't run The companies anymore I'm I don't like The word above I am part of the Eco System where I meet with my CFO my coo And we go out and we meet with people Who run our companies okay that's called Scaling and then with the money I make From The increased income every single Quarter from scaling my businesses I Recycle that back into assets into I'll Be continuing to Max Fund insurance Policies buying more real estate and I'm Going to go through this process okay so For me real estate's the next game I'm Not really interested in real estate but

I do need it for the depreciation the Appreciation and mostly the interest uh Um off the taxes as well so interest off My taxes depreciation so I can get less Uh more tax liabilities and I'm not Really caring about the appreciation too Much or the money from the doors I'm Just more interested in the tax benefits From Real Estate so I'll be getting into That next year Um yeah so that's exactly what I'm doing Merlin you can get 30 days for free Everything we offer is 30 days or for Free at first because we want to build a Relationship with you guys again Everything on my channel if you know me That I talk about I have no sponsors I'm Not paid by anybody I'm only paid by my Own ecosystem that's it that way that I Can speak my truth about God my path With Jesus and I can be ethical moral And if anything goes wrong I stand on That I stand on it it's nobody else Controlling my ecosystem or the customer Service or the ethics and morals of our Companies we stand on our own ethics our Own morals integrity and honesty so Merlin you can go down and get 30 days For free everybody has to have Merlin Guys it's so important if you're in Cryptocurrency and you want to properly Exit and make sure that you actually do What you're coming into crypto for is to Make money and build generational wealth

For your family you have to have an Exit Plan don't be sloppy with your exit plan You have to be disciplined guys a lot of People ask too we have customer service Immaculate customer service we have tons Of videos to teach you what an exit plan Is as well so down below download Merlin 30 days for free get all your crypto set Up in there remember we don't hold your Crypto it's just an interface okay it Just tells you your daily gains and Losses it shows all your crypto one spot Set up your exit plan so you're sitting Along maybe you work at a hair salon You're doing hair and then ding it goes Off hey JV you're about 10 10% away from Your target then you know so then you Can go so maybe you don't get home at The end I oh my God it blew past my Price Target so we're going to help you Exit those markets so I love you guys I Appreciate you hope you enjoyed this Video so we always say Warriors rise get Your together let's Go


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