Although this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel and in this latest room Temperature Jam I'm going to share with You some data having to do with price Action historically for xrp that I think Is going to make you very happy and upon Reviewing this information what it did For me personally is just reaffirm that My investment strategy is absolutely the Right approach for me specifically Because once I buy stuff I just sit Around and do nothing I know it sounds Boring but it's awesome for me it's Awesome because I understand that when You look at how people typically treat Their crypto Holdings or even how people Get the same human DNA whether they're Investing in you know crypto or or Stocks you can look at how people Treat tumultuous times when it comes to The stock market people getting in and Out of positions you know a little bit Of heat and other Sweating Bullets they Need to be able to sleep at night so They better solid a loss Well even if you're you're selling that A tiny bit of a profit you think that You're gaming the system and you're Figuring stuff out because yeah you Gotcha super big bring and you're very Smart smart data shows that those people That just don't do anything make the Most money certainly when it comes to The stock market and it's the same like

I said same human DNA when it comes to Investing in crypto and so all this data Did was re-affirm that exact position But I will tell you this Uh xrp is mostly historically it has Mostly been on an upward trajectory and It's easy to forget that especially if You're living in a moment where you're In a time period where xrps you know Mostly moving sideways it feels like That or we're in a down moment Um so I don't know how many people are Feeling like it exactly now given that We have seen a notable pop index RP Running from you know 36 Cents or so all The way up to 58 cents and now it's Around 50 cents at the time that I'm Recording this but still it's worth Being aware of this and I think that This is very positive but before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now I came across the data That I'm about to share with you thanks To this article from crypto media Outlet You today and they had this headline xrp Price history predicts something big is Coming this month

After ending march with a rise of more Than 40 percent the xrp price entered April with a small fall At the same time historical data Suggests that it is in the the uh the Fourth month of the year that the major Price action for xrp should occur Based strictly on previous previous Periods it is likely to be positive and By the way and I'm going to make this Data bigger on your screen for you but You know this this headline Has nothing to do with the secv Ripple Case this is just historical data and Historically April's been a positive Month if you're an xrp holder on average Things have turned out pretty well so we Have that we know that is the case That's just data but then on top of that We know that any day now we could end up With a ruling from Judge Torres and it Could be very positive and I can only Imagine what that would do in terms of Price action Uh anyway let me read a little bit Further and then we'll make this this Data full screen for those of you that Care to look Since 2014 for example the xrp price has Shown double digit percentage price Changes six out of nine times in April The only exceptions are 2015 2016 in 2019 in all other years the xrp price Has either skyrocketed or Fallen at such

A rate as well thus April is one of the Four best months of the year for the Cryptocurrency with an average price Change of plus 32.1 percent so let's Make this a little bit bigger for you on The screen for those of you that care to Look and if you want to pause I Encourage you to do so because it is Fascinating you're looking at all of Xrp's historic price action from month To month that's what this is dating back To 2013. with the first month being Tracked August of 2013 all the way Through today And so of course April since that's the Month we're in that month is still fluid So the percentage there is going to Change as uh time passes it's actually Updates in real time here But it's fascinating to see this so Again Six out of nine uh nine years has been Positive for xrp in April and that's Interesting okay it's kind of Interesting to see you know what's the Best month for for xrp typically but you Know what I found to be even more Interesting and this is what reaffirmed My investment thesis for myself It's if you just look at the average Returns for xrp at the bottom of the Screen here I counted this before Recording so if I didn't mess that up Because I admittedly was cutting kind of

Quickie quickly I think for Um nine out of the 12 months just the The average on the whole dating back all Of the years 9 out of 12 months results in positive Price action I kid you not nine out of 12. not may not feel like that if you've Been holding xrp for you know a number Of years in particular we've had to Endure some silly nonsense stuff and There are some periods of time where you Know well sometimes things just are down Like 2018 2022 wasn't exactly so odd just for Crypto in general But if you look here look at all these Positive months this is January through December from left to right Uh so that's that's count the positives One two three four Five six seven eight nine yeah so I did I counted real quick for recording like I said but yeah that's it so nine out of 12 months on average end up being Positive And it's interesting to see that uh you Know November and December historically Are the best on average now it'll be Interesting to see as more time passes How this all kind of washes out in the End because there are only so many data Points the more data points you have the More meaningful conclusions you can draw From it

But you know obviously xrp had its Biggest run in history at the tail end Of December of 2017 so that's a factor you can see in This December 2017. Um from one month to the next up 818.9 percent that's not nothing so Obviously it's going to skew the numbers A bit here and I understand that but Still the the point the broader point That I wanted to make is that the trend Has been to the upside that's why most Months historically have been to the Upside because directionally that's the Way xrp has always been trending it's Just harder to recognize that and feel It in the moment sometimes but in fact And this was interesting too because I Didn't realize this until I I did just Some simple counting before recording This video but uh here now I've flipped To another tab here this is the same Data but for Bitcoin And it was just interesting to note That a Bitcoin actually had a little bit Of a harder time in terms of the number Of months that were positive on average Only eight out of 12. so again for xrp It was 9 out of 12 but for Bitcoin just 8 out of 12 again I'm going to count This with you right now just make sure Because I did admittedly get this really Quick but here one two three four five Six seven yep eight out of 12. and

That's not to speak negatively about Bitcoin Bitcoin is what's kick this all I'm very fond of Bitcoin I'm not very Excited about it because it's not you Know technologically it is what it is And you know the people that we're going To have the most face melting wealth Accumulated as a result of existing They've already gotten theirs you know The Bitcoin is is not the best Investment vehicle for life-changing Wealth in short order at this point it's The altcoin that's my personal opinion Anyway and I've I bet accordingly but so I still like Bitcoin it's not to crap on Bitcoin here But it's it's but the same concept is Still true and I think that's pretty Neat most months are up and that Shouldn't be surprising because Bitcoin's been trending up for 14 years Okay xrps continue to do so why would You think it's gonna stop if you've got A good case for why let me know because I'm just not seeing it because I just Continue to see you know a continued Adoption of xrp continued adoption of Crypto and those things happening hand In hand or do you think if things are Going to land another you know five Years ten years 15 years down the road And that's why it's so exciting to be Here because it won't always be the case You can just jump into crypto and

Achieve those the the types of returns That we're all expecting and what we're Expecting in a general sense many of us I don't think it's unreasonable unless You're talking about the crazy people That believe xrp is going to 122 000 That's Bonkers that ain't happening But in terms of being able to achieve Life-changing wealth for the everyday Person that opportunity is still very Real but if you fast forward a couple Decades not that there wouldn't be an Opportunity at that point either but What I'm saying is it would be More understood that this is a thing It's it's not going to be as reviewed as Risky more money will be in it so in Terms of a multiplier effect no it'd be Substantially diminished it may be no More interesting at that point than Investing in stocks perhaps that at some Point they're going to be about the same In terms of excitement Now we're nowhere near that I believe Anyway But it's It's a hell of a time to be alive right So that's why is is you know as unsexy As my investment approach is for me I'm Just going to keep doing it literally it Is I buy stuff including xrp which last Time I purchased xrp is October of 2020 I believe and that's just because I had A problem I bought an insane amount and

Then I decided if I didn't stop Then like seriously I need some sort of Help group or something because I'm Spending so much money on Um and then I just Diversified since Then but uh my whole strategy just in General whatever the coin is it's just Just buy and then literally do nothing Until one day it will get to a point Where I feel that it's worth uh you know A substantial enough percentage of My Overall net worth where it's like okay It's time to diversify and rep take some Of that risk off the table and then I'll Do that when that time comes assuming it Does and I'm hoping that it will I'm I'm Very optimistic that it will because I Just see the crypto Pi getting bigger And bigger and bigger all I have to do Is precisely nothing and that is awesome I just have to be patient And you know I know a lot of us have uh Maybe not such fond opinions of Michael Saylor I think that there are some good Reasons for that Michael Saylor you know The the founder and CEO of a publicly Traded company microstrategy which uh Michael Saylor he's a Bitcoin Maxi he's Crapped all over xrp said that xrp Itself is a security uh he's got heavy Bitcoin bags I get it he's but this is Why like Bitcoin maximalism it's the Most toxic aspect of what it is to be in Crypto today it's absolutely toxic it's

Destructive it's not grounded in reality And so Michael Sailors living in this Fantasy land where it's just Bitcoin and Nothing else matters completely BS Nonsense but he's got heavy bags so Maybe his brain's been diluted to the Point where he actually believes what He's saying it's either because it's Either that or he just is lying because It would help you know anybody he can Trick that'll you know put some money And then his Bitcoin bags maybe they're Worth more I don't know which it is I I do believe that some of these Maxis Out there actually believe the nonsense That they're spewing and then they keep Telling it to each other and they're in This Echo chamber and then they just Start to believe it enough maybe because They all keep saying this and they just Believe it but so even if you have the Same concerns about Michael sailor in Which case I say well I'm with you join The party I still think that his Approach to investing in Bitcoin Makes a ton of sense He's literally just purchasing whether The price is high whether it's low he Doesn't care whatever it is keeps on Trucking because his company has been Wildly profitable in recent years and so The profits you got to do something with It and so he's just been chucking it Into Bitcoin effectively and so it has

To do with his conviction on that And and it's fine so like I can I can Respect to the in fact I do respect the Approach and the conviction and you know It's certainly a measured approach and You have to have absolute confidence and Understanding what you're doing you have To be patient You have to not be emotional and so he's Doing all that stuff so like this is Similar in concept to what I'm doing With all the crypto that I hold all of It literally so I do it with xrp I'm Doing it I am doing with my Bitcoin as Well and my Ethan my H bar pick the coin I'm doing it with all of it And and when I'm in a mode where I've Got uh money and I I feel like it makes Sense for me personally to invest money In crypto in general and then I do that I don't care if I'm buying a little Higher a little low I just get exposure Over a span of many years I've now been In crypto over half a decade and I don't Worry about it because I think in the End it's gonna be a major net plus I Don't need to be some sort of wizard I Am not a guru I don't have a financial Background I literally I am the furthest Thing from Financial Guru but I do Believe that the everyday person can Figure out some basic stuff and just by Putting money where it kind of makes Sense and then not touching it for a

Really long period of time it can be Life-changing that has historically Unquestionably been true Certainly in crypto so it's true in the Stock market but uh you know it takes a Longer period of time and more money Going in to get the types of returns but If you're talking about crypto So microstrategy here Michael Saylor I've been buying some Bitcoin again Lately this announced another purchase Yesterday and I just think that this is The approach again Michael Saylor says Some crazy nonsense about uh Bitcoin and Money is energy and blah blah blah and Then he craps all over xrp a little bit So it's just like you know nonsense Coming from there but the approach I Still think is correct And so check this out microstrategy this Is from cointelegraph microstrategy and American business intelligence firm has Just announced its latest acquisition of An additional 1045 Bitcoin for Approximately 29.3 million dollars at an Average price of twenty eight thousand Sixteen dollars per Bitcoin this news Was announced in a tweet by Microstrategy executive chairman Michael Saylor on April 5th As of April 5th 2023 microstrategy holds A total of 140 000 Bitcoin which was Acquired for approximately 4.17 billion Dollars at an average price of 29 803

Dollars per Bitcoin this news comes as a Significant milestone for the company as It continues to invest in Bitcoin as a Reserve asset so there I firmly believe that xrp is going to Substantially outpace any returns from Bitcoin in the coming years but hey Everybody believes in different things That's perfectly fine He's he's got this thing for Bitcoin I I Understand it and technically they're at A loss at this point but it doesn't Matter most most of the time I've been Holding xrp I've been either at a loss Or at breaking for the first few years In particular almost that entire time When I was an xrp I was at a loss and I Just kept buying because I was like yeah But it's a short time period And I Understand that this is just how Cycles Go uh you know it's not difficult to Understand that very basic concept and So I just kept putting money in I didn't Worry you know as I started dollar cost Averaging after xrp fell from its high Close to four bucks I started buying I Think at 55 cents and then it went down To 50 and I bought more and then more at 45 and 40 cents and 35 and 30 all the Way down and I ended up buying it as low As 15 cents And whether I bought some xrp at 55 Cents which I did or whether I bought it At 15 cents which I also did I don't

Think it's gonna matter that much given That I had brought exposure averaging Out to about 25 cents I don't think it's Going to matter assuming xrp does blast Off to you know five bucks 10 bucks 15 Bucks 20 bucks I don't know where it's Gonna go I don't pretend to and I don't Make price predictions but assuming it Gets to a much higher level which I Think is probable at some unknown point In the future unless something changes That's horrific that I couldn't foresee It doesn't matter that I bought some Higher and some xrp lower it doesn't Matter and so that's why this data I Thought it would be fun to share with You from from this website this is a Crypto rank.io And it just kind of paints that picture Of yeah you know I mean they're going to Be some down months and during maybe a Bunch of months in a row where things Are really really down like you know Again 2018 wasn't so out 2022 wasn't so Hot but then you look over a longer Period of time and it's like almost Every month average is out to be up Isn't that telling doesn't that mean That this is a reasonable approach Because I sure as hell think so and so Microstrategy having only been in Bitcoin for so long it's not surprising That they jumped in at a time where Um you know

Anywhere in this range is going to Result in them depending on when you're Looking at their portfolio it's going to Look like they're either a little bit Down or a little bit up is that Surprising I just think back to my Holdings of xrp For the first you know in particular two Or three years I was like yeah it didn't Look so hot for a while but now there's Going to have to be substantial sell-off For me to ever be at a loss ever again Which I mean It's possible it could happen I think my Average buying is about 25 cents so the Idea of it going below that if we get Some very scary news and it Spooks Markets with the secv Ripple maybe that Happens I don't know No that's not going to scare me though I'm just going to continue to hold That's what I've decided for myself here But I'm just making the broader point That In the end for those people that are Sufficiently patient it ain't gonna Matter and that is what it takes for the People that are the people that achieve The life-changing wealth yeah you have To put in enough which is subjective Because everybody has different goals But the harder part is you have to do Nothing I know it's that sounds silly Doesn't it it's so hard to do nothing

Well it is I forget people get their Emotions and like I need to get out of This I gotta chase this other thing That's taken off that's what people do But in the end I'm just looking at data and the data Tells me that I'm doing the right thing For myself I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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