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Welcome back to show everybody check out These headlines we've got SPF and FTX in The news I don't think he's gonna like It because I didn't if we got Ripple Partner expands operations you're going To want that some wallet you're going to Want that to on-demand liquidity Australia domination ladies and Gentlemen Ripple partners with who and What we're going to tell you Swiss gold And xrp oh do tell ripples Brooks and Whistle and what guess what this is Saudi Arabia we got big problems over Here ladies and gentlemen it ain't just A Chinese Yuan somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.03 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're off by two point percent or 0.2 percent excuse me Bitcoin 21 300 Plus ethereum is 1500 almost 1600 bucks Tether market cap is 66.6 billion They're saying xrp 39 cents ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you something Exciting exciting exciting that's right Join us in Las Vegas for the xrp Army Event of a lifetime ladies and gentlemen Click the link underneath the Description in the comment box

Description box and get yourself Registered because this is going to be The xrp Army event of a lifetime I've Been to a ton of conferences and you Know what there's never been an xrp Conference and we're about to have one Do not mess around because I'm telling You right now I'm going to cap this Event off so you will not have an Extended period of time to make up your Mind if you're going to this thing get Your name on this list and we'll give You all the details and you're going to Want to be in that room Right here we see glint ladies and Gentlemen China is accumulating a lot of Gold precisely how much gold China has In its official reserves is a state Secret Amount of gold may be a secret but the Purpose of neck is knackedly clear and You couldn't say it any better check out Glenn as well I've been topping off my Card I love it you will too if you just Click the link below and check out my Sponsor but to the point that they're Making before we get out of here I think You're going to see a very good reason Why China and other central banks are Accumulating gold at an alarming rate no Joke about it This is no joke either shout out to Meadow law man so here is sbf's counter To the press release and the

Presentation that Sullivan Cromwell gave To the creditors committee let us Stipulate that SPF is a little short on Credibility but as medical law man reads It his analysis of the solvency of FTX U.S cannot be immediately dismissed from This well obviously as he said SPF is Short on liquidity but if you look at These numbers here according to SPF That would make FTX quite solvent ftxus That is right so look I tell you Something we need to pay very close Attention to this because what I see Happening here a lot of backdoor money Being found right everybody's buying in And I don't mean metal all man but spf's Trying to sell a certain narrative and Has been since it all went down And I tell you what I see is a lot Happening to make it such that Sam Bankman free gets away scot-free and I Hope I'm very wrong about it Then we have this One in three U.S Congress members Received campaign donations from Sam Bankman freed and other FTX executives Did they give the money back I'm asking for 148 000 friends that Follow this channel Did you give the money back Well Then there's the new Congress that's Ushered in here and as it is said the Republicans are expected to use the 118

Congress as an opportunity to establish Regulatory Clarity for the nascent asset Class an objective widely shared across The financial sector as well as through The halls of government many tags Patrick McHenry we need responsible Clarity and yes we do this is thanks to Steve goldbronson here who shared the New announcement of the house Subcommittee for cryptocurrency Regulation we shall see but we don't Hand out trophies here until they Actually do the work Speaking of doing the work Rath conman Always does the work shout out to him Give him a follow Ripple partner Travelex now works with kayak to offer UK and Australian customers search cars Flights hotels in-app and reload prepaid Multi-currency cards UK involves 15 Currencies Australia 10. how about that I love seeing that as a reminder here in His extension to the comment in the post Travelex offers on-demand liquidity to Brazil it's less clear however if Ripple Net used elsewhere though they were a Part of finnabar uh which was a notable Partner before its dissolution right Here we see an announcement here I love Seeing this Shout out to we'd say when in The xrp Ledger Labs team and everything that They do I tell you You know if it was up to me to do

Anything with The xrp Ledger it'd be a Two tomato cans and a piece of string Right and side Chains would be other String tied off to the side of that with More tomato cans right Thank God for the we'd say wins and the David Schwartz of the world that's all I Could say The upcoming release contains a feature I'm super excited about as it will Expose one of xrp Ledger's super powers Which is pathfinding not an X app but Natively for all payment sign request as He shows here I'm very excited if he's Excited because I don't have the sense Enough to know what the hell they've Done but I know I like what they do and I'm a big fan And here we see Ripple now dominates Australian crypto exchange volumes this Is very important ladies and gentlemen And it is good for presses wrath common Says for on-demand liquidity and BTC Markets they must love all the volume of An on-demand liquidity exchange and this Is where we remind you that if they shut Down all the speculative trading on xrp Today It still has a price and it won't be Zero because there is very real use case Of this asset Ripple volumes compared to less than one Percent on larger overseas exchanges Such as binance and coinbase where cash

Volume is dominated by market leaders Like Bitcoin and ethereum BTC markets chief executive Caroline Balor said ripple-dominated trading Volumes on the exchange because BTC Markets was a ripple on demand liquidity Partner for Australia effectively On-demand liquidity helps companies Manage cross-border payments without Requiring correspondent Banking and Pre-funding costs It uses xrp to help facilitate the part Of this process hence the trading Volumes on our platforms It is a larger percentage on our Platform as crypto Market volume overall Are still relatively flat across the Industry listen to this Ripple transactions accounted for 10.2 Million dollars in 24-hour volume on Sydney-based Independent Reserve Which is far more than all other Cryptocurrencies combined over that Period get some of that You know I love it It goes on to say here basically that They're they're in Australia so they're Not really concerned about the SEC in The United States I'm not going to say the way Brad Garlinghouse did but I think Brad garlic House said it best and if you haven't Seen the interview from Davos from Brad

Garlinghouse in this other in the first Video from today go watch the video Ripple partners with Solana to promote Crypto based solutions for climate Action Yes take a look at this very quickly I Told you we'd tell you with who it's With Solana and it's for climate action The blockchain entities announced the Launch of bxc at the ongoing World Economic Forum 2023 meeting in Swiss City Davos According to coindesk which First reported development today it says Ripple and Solana Foundation are the Organization's founding Partners while Reagan Network and climate Collective Serve as supporting partners Gbbc and equal networks are championing The initiative they said I think the Climate use case makes the most sense in Terms of real world utility Beyond let's Say speculative retail involvement are You seeing the theme Here Everybody's looking for a problem to Solve because speculative retail Involvement isn't a problem Uh-huh it's like musical chairs you Better find a problem to solve because If you don't It's going to zero Suites gold is now accepting payments For gold and silver purchases in the Cryptocurrency Xrp get you some of that

Yeah that's what's happened And then we have this Deutsche Bank has More than 47 trillion dollars worth of Derivative assets that's 47 trillion Right This is only one bank and people still Wondering how xrp cannot go to a Thousand dollars or more when The xrp Ledger will tokenize the derivative Market I tend to agree with agrag crypto Even though it's a speculative thought I love it And then we see here Brooks at whistle From Ripple he's back in Davos as well As Brad garlinghouse he joined the Current state of play of the industry With uh the gentleman from coindesk There Nicolette I think yeah Nicholas I Think it is so uh as he aptly put it Crypto is undeterred and here to stay Ripple is totally focused on building Around real utility and going higher in 2023 again I tell you what we've been saying here Real use case is going to come from real Companies the bull market in this space For this technology has to come from a Business that can use the technology to Make their business better for not only Themselves but then their clients and Customers That's what application is that's what Use case is And we know Ripple's got it with xrp no

Doubt about it we'll see what happens Though And talk about more use case how about Xrp is a bridge currency for the people In the back I truly believe that this could blossom Into a Black Swan event Or a dream scenario as Dave Schwartz has Said Because it looks like we are watching The erosion of the Petro dollar Agreement right before our eyes and I Tell you I don't believe for a second that you go Off script From an agreement that is worked out to Shore up the confidence of the global Reserve currency of the U.S dollar and You go off script like this You don't do it without Us's approval Because physical War breaks out for Things like this But the Saudis are a pillar of the Petro Dollar system established in the 1970s That relies on pricing crude exports in The U.S currency are now willing to Settle not just in Chinese Yuan but Euros dollars and other currencies first It was the Chinese Yuan through the Shanghai exchange now Saudi Arabia says They're open to settling trade and Currencies other than the US dollar or Just the Chinese Yuan I tell you you do not go off script with

Things like this just cause this ain't a Lemonade stand ladies and gentlemen This is a very big deal and I think it Is very foreboding about where we are Going Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else but xrp is a bridge currency That's going to do it for me Click the link Check out all the specials all the deals You want to go to Vegas and have an xrp Meet up baby you better sign up I'm Gonna cap it off there ain't gonna be But so many seats don't get left out Make sure you're there I'll catch all of You on the next one


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