15% XRP Price Spike , BlackRock ETF Mystery & The Ripple Rabbit Hole

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and so so here's What happened so I had gone to the Grocery store yesterday to get some Things because I was going to make Chicken and Dumplings for the first time this is my One of my hobbies recently whenever I Whenever I go um uh whenever I want to I Want to try to cook something new once a Week I did macaroni and cheese last week My own uh I mean I go on YouTube and I Find a recipe I find somebody that Sounds and looks like they really know How to to Cook um and then um I I just follow the Recipe so yesterday I was going to do Chicken and dumplings so I've got my Chicken and dumplings stuff I've gone to The grocery store I come in I'm sitting Everything down on the counter and all Of a sudden I glance at my phone and xrp Is going absolutely Nuts so this is I'm R to my computer and I sit down I'm like what is going on Here I was texting people and people are Starting to call me I'm like what's Going on Here this is what was going on just in Black Rock has officially filed for a New ishares xrp trust entity okay and You know I got I was looking around

Trying to find out what's what's going On here is this real is it and you know Usually you default to okay this is Probably some kind of a hoax and all That so then and and the price literally In minutes was up it was like an a 15% Xrp price SP like they're seeing here Saying right here so it went absolutely Nuts like quick Okay and so then I saw what what did I Have pulled up here I think I had this Guy okay I think this guy he's gone and He's deleted his tweet he originally Tweeted had a tweet and this guy his Name is Eric Valkis senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg right here he's saying this is False confirmed by Black Rock by me okay Some wacko must have added using Black Rock executive's name come on man then He says some people questioning whether Black Rock actually confirmed to me this Is false they did a spokes person Confirmed it if that's not enough and You are are still raging they uh please Seek medical help well he went and he Deleted the Tweet with his first tweet Which was he he was basically uh Vouching for it and saying look at this Looks like black rock is filed for I Don't remember exactly how he said it But now he's deleted that tweet as you Can see um so then he comes back now he Says he's turn he's found out from Black

Rock This is fake okay well folks if if The digital asset investor has learned Anything in crypto and in traditional Media and in our entire media and Government really it's that they lie you Can't ever believe anything you hear Nope I can't tell you how many times a Day now that I read and see and and feel Myself we don't know what to trust Anymore we don't know which end is up we Don't know what's true and what's not True now we're seeing deep fakes of Brad Gar darling house where it sounds like Him and looks like him and I mean it It's almost like they want us to be in a State of we don't know which end is up Now I'll keep Going Jeremy Hogan says you can spoof The formation of an xrp ETF trust it's Fraud but it's actually very easy and Just costs $500 you only need to file Two documents attach uh pay the money And you get a placeholder on the State Website that's all I can tell you other Than good night and then he says Conjecture um criminal criminal saw what Happened with eth trust filing files the Xrp trust filing buys $100,000 of xrp on Leverage sells it 74 cents and Pockets $2 to $3 million or Black Rock has Clients who want exposure to xrp and Have begun the process tomorrow will Tell now here's the problem I have this Is for me this I'm still stuck on this

When the Bitcoin filing happened and the Ethereum filing happened all of the Bitcoin ethereum people immediately Defaulted to oh yeah yeah yeah they Their default was not immediately to say Oh this has got to be fake but that's What they did with xrp I watched them All of the Bitcoin ethereum Maxis and The bad guys I watched them they all Immediately oh this has got to be fake That was the default in other words we Got to go look into this and make sure This is real because this can't be real Even though xrp is the only digital Asset in the united states with legal Clarity and that's the fact Jack so Moving along Fred roli says my thoughts On the XR I shares xrp trust story it is Indeed on the Delaware corporate Commission website I search this all the Time to look up right entity to sue in My legal cases could someone file a fake Entity I'm only familiar in filing those In California and Arizona and yes I Could easily file a fake entity on a Real Corporation ation commission Website in those States maybe it's hard To do in Delaware the xrp trust filing 1113 2023 matches the ethereum trust Filing 119 2023 exactly except to the Date of filing and obviously the name of The trust the Bitcoin trust has a Different registered agent than that Listed in the ethereum and xrp Trust

Searching the secc Edgar site I shares Bitcoin exists but ethereum xrp trust do Not however the Bitcoin Delaware filing Preceded the SEC registration statement By 7 days no Trad marks have been filed For ey shares Bitcoin ethereum or xrp Trust a lot of I shares products don't Have trade marks although some do I saw The Bloomberg article that said a Spokesperson for Black Rock denied the Filing but it was behind a pay wall and I could not read it beyond the first Paragraph which had no well anyway so We've we' got an anony how come why does It have to be an anonymous Black Rock Source why doesn't someone from Black Rock come out and say this wasn't Real okay all right we're we're going to Go places today in the member group Because I am going to talk Robbie mitnik And I'm going to show you some things That I don't think anybody's Seen it's been over six hours and the I Shares xrp trust filing is still Actively listed on the Isis um Delaware Website if it was F it would have been Delisted by now also in order to apply You must have two notorized Witnesses And the granter must sign the documents As well as registered agents verifying Ident verifying identify identity of Client after serving agent file so the Only source claiming this application is Fake is one single dude who happens to

Be a Bitcoin Maxi who claims he spoke to Black Rock directly and they told him The news is likely real just look at how Feral they become when the narrative Shifts away oh that's see that's the Story here folks why do they get so go So crazy so fast and Default to oh this isn't real that's What they all did we watched them I'm I Could have a doctorate in the Bitcoin Maxis and ethereum Maxis and how they do Things and what they do and then we've Got this xrp shares so if it's fake why Haven't they removed it yet and the Hacker must be real good for hacking the Delaware Division of Corporations and then this is from Chip At on the Chain he put this out this is A clip now keep in mind this is the same This is the same people at CNBC on Squawkbox the same people who never Covered eth gate who never talk about Xrp and if they do they act like they Just don't understand it these are the Same people that would tee up Mike Novogratz to brag about how he was Shorting xrp in 2018 these are the same People that taught you how to in 2017 Taught you how to buy xrp on their Channel and then for some reason right When the ethereum free pass become be Becomes in the works they stop talking About xrp all together and don't talk About it for the next 5 years while

Bitcoin and ethereum have free Regulatory passes when they really don't Have legal Clarity these are the same People these are the same people who Never talk about xrp and how they beat The SEC and how they won the case and Have beat the SEC three or four times Now these are the same people but the Second that there's even a Whisper that there might be that black Root might do an xrp ETF that's all they Can talk About with the company red large I'll Check out the move in the price of Cryptocurrency xrp yesterday briefly Spiked almost 133% after filing for Black Dr fund based on that Cryptocurrency showed up on the official Delaware website that registers Investment Trust Incorporated in that State the only problem Black Rock never Submitted the filing a black rock Spokesperson confirmed that the filing For an i shares xrp trust was false it Is unclear how that false Black Rock Information ended up on the delare Website could have been a great Opportunity for somebody to Profit wow they managed to do that That's still good well you ought to ask Some of your buddies from what I can Tell they're the ones all the your Wall Street buddies are the ones that do all This manipulation and then they get a a

Fine that is like $3 billion less than The amount of money they Made a lot of stuff We the XR Xell don't call it That see they don't they they don't even Want to bring up the xrp Army because They know that we've got them dead to Rights on lying and and and keeping Information away from their viewers That's true and hiring Jay Clayton as a Contributor when they know damn well He's got all kinds of skeletons in that Closet that they won't even ask him About I don't know they they got a lot Lot going on a lot of lot of things Happened very yeah but see you you won't You can't address any of them Specifically you just got to throw a Little bit of shade there Joe you can't Address any of the things that we have a Beef about you can't get specific Because if you do that then you might Get too close to the truth of Things I don't know the Very they got a lot of beefs lot of Isn't that what you call on you call a Be onter you a a be they got a lot with A lot of people I don't want to even Talk about it and you know I don't Really pay much and I don't BL check Mark so you may or may not be writing to Me you know what I'm saying there you go

Don't even yeah you don't you don't want To talk about it that you might have to Confront telling your audience the truth If you did that I'm with the co the Official cool guy the digital asset Investor Channel folks fake or not y'all Just got a glimpse into the future I Also like this one either you buy xrp Before Black Rock officially announces It owns billions of xrp or watch the Price explode and leave the masses Behind today was a small Demo um I'm not going to show that one I But I here's here's what we're about to Do in the member group I decided today Would be a great day I used to do videos On Robbie mitnik what happened to Robbie Mitnik this guy leaves Ripple He does the he does the Susan ay Fundamental valuation Framework he leaves Ripple and then poof He's gone into black rock and we don't Ever we we don't ever find out he never You don't ever see him on video it's Like he disappeared into a black hole no Pun Intended well I decided to go look into Robbie and see how close Robbie might be To ETFs and all that and I did find Something interesting which I am going To reveal in the member group I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please

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