SEC / ETH vs. Ripple / XRP : Emails Ruling/Any Day : End of Case/45 Days

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I want to remind everybody I showed this in my last video Um where Jeremy Hogan said because it Really did not even dawn on me that we Only we're only looking at potentially Around 45 days before we get a ripple Decision I think that is huge time flies Doesn't it I mean it's been a long time But it's still at the same time it flies And it was a real this this reply from Him was really a realization and a Wake-up call for me that this is any Moment now Okay and and a lot of things Um two things that I'm thinking about is In the lead up one of them is that any Of my final accumulation of xrp that's One of them now I already have Ripple Private Equity Um and they I just checked and linked Who does have some but they don't I mean This what the second that this decision Comes down Ripple is then one one way or The other Ripple doesn't have to go Public in the United States one way or Another ripples go heading to IPO once This decision comes down whether they do It in London or or the us or whatever

But the point is Is I have a feeling that that Ripple Equity is going to be a lot harder to Get that private Equity wants that for Once that decision does come down and so I was just reminding everybody it's Still there the links in the top of the Description link two is one of my Sponsors go check them out tell them Dai Sent you Um Mr B who works at link2 had a great Tweet today he doesn't tweet often Anymore from his Mr B handle but he says Um 1861 days since xrp hit its all-time High of 3.84 cents since then you could Have met the love of your life got Married had a baby and just celebrated Their fourth birthday I see a lot of pain out there this Hasn't been easy much respect to those Who haven't given up well the digital Asset investor is one of those who Hasn't given up 3.84 cents fourth of January one little known fact is that That is also the exact same day that xlm Hit its all-time high on January 4th of 2018 1861 days ago this is also an Interesting reminder never forget how Fast this baby is going to Skyrocket This is how fast it can happen this was Xrp on the 28th of December 2017 at a Dollar 43 okay this is what the ethereum

People do not want you to remember On the very next day on December 29 2017 Xrp was was larger than ethereum it had A larger market cap at 85 billion okay And um it was at 2.21 cents look at that 24 hours 53 Percent seven days 94 I was there I Remember it folks and ever since then Everything that we've witnessed all the Fud the lawsuits the SEC lawsuit the uh The ganging up in by crypto pundits the Traditional media the crypto media all Piling on and either bashing or stopping Coverage of xrp all coordinated and we Watched it and it was all because of That right there this Is what they could not have folks the The Bitcoin ethereum free pass all of it Happened from that point that's what Initiated now we talked about this uh Last week I believe okay this is a Little clip and they're referring to That and I want to make sure we really Drive this point home as we since we're In that last 45 days listen to what he Says this is about the remember the Library judge Said said made the SEC agree that xrp And or not that xrp but that library in The secondary Market in other words Digital Assets in the secondary Market Are not Securities and got them got the SEC to agree to that but it wasn't a Judgment but the judge did as I remember

The judge did make a comment that that Will be a judgment in the Ripple lawsuit They are going to make a judgment on That issue Library tweeted out coinbase Should re-list xrp under the SEC versus Library standard xrp sold by secondary Holders are not considered a security And Johnny we got an article I want to Dive into you but before we do what do You think about these blanket statements And the fact that library is defending Xrp against the sec's trial yeah I mean You know I know Brad garinghaus has Happened That's exactly what he's been asking for It's very interesting that libraries Coming out and saying that now I guess They feel confident that the SEC is off Their back to come out and stick a a Thumb in there in their eye with this Comment well and this is something that John Deaton John Deaton has always been Extremely confident about I think two things I know one thing the Fact that xrp itself just like the Oranges and Howie were never a security John Deaton has always felt like this Was a winner because the how he did not Say that the oranges themselves were Securities and I've also felt like John Deaton was always very confident that Xrp in the secondary Market was not was Not a security and that the judge just As they did in the library's case in the

Ripple case they'll actually rule on it But in that case they they just made it Put it on the record now so I put this Out today three things that I think will Happen in the SEC versus Ripple case One and I'll add some others on one I Think xrp they will if they rule I don't Know if they'll actually rule on it but It'll be it'll be obvious xrp is not as Itself just like the oranges themselves Are not a security two xrp and and I Don't know if they'll they'll Proclaim It for All Digital assets but at least Xrp the way I heard it in libraries that The judge will rule in my opinion They'll rule that xrp in the secondary Market is are not Securities now that's Huge that's huge because the second they Do that All these exchanges it's like coinbase You don't have any excuses left and Anything built on The xrp Ledger too Flare Songbird all the all the stuff That some of these have been holding Back also if it's built on The xrp Ledger It's fair game That would be my understanding three I Think that they're going to say that the Escrowd xrp has limitations on how it Can be sold and they may Place Additional limitations maybe Institutional accredited investors only Also this guy had uh had quoted my tweet

And he goes let me add this I agree Ripple pays a fun I think that part Especially if it's settlement I think That Gary get that's going to be what Gary Gensler wants he wants to be able To hold this up so that he can Proclaim It a victory how does he do that it Needs to be the largest settlement in History that way if he loses his butt in This thing If he if he if Ripple gets everything They want and he really loses his butt He can at least say oh I got a record Record settlement this is you know that Well that's that's if there's a Settlement but and I still say Settlement I still say settlement look At this this is also from Jeremy Hogan This is from February 5th couple days Ago do you think we could get we could Be getting our emails decision this week Jeremy and he said I thought we'd get a Ruling already so obviously my timing's Off in other words the Hinman documents He thought that we would already have a Ruling on that folks that's the ruling When we see those unredacted then I will Tell you I will say up looks like I was Wrong about settlement I don't think it Happens I think we see a settlement Before that happens All right check this out this is Catherine Austin Fitz on um on Tucker Carlson now something we've said about

Cbdc's on this channel or just digital Assets in general from day one and I'll Say it again All of the any new technology can be Used for good or for evil I'll use Drones as an example drones Uh uh drones are one of the coolest new Technologies there are people could use Drones for Warfare or they could use Drones to monitor traffic jams or Whatever okay there's a thousand Different ways I don't care what it is That you can use it digital currencies Are no different they they can be used For pure evil or pure good I'm hoping For Pure good okay but there is no way For us to know we just know it's coming So there I'm sure there's many battles Ahead on making sure that it's not used For evil but it's coming so she's going To tell you here about the evil part the Reality is the financial system gets More controlling and more invasive it's A little bit like bringing up a Corral Around us and cbdc's Central Bank Digital currencies and vaccine passports Are digital IDs are sort of the last Shutting of the gate it's hard for many People to imagine the risks here because We're so used to living with financial Transaction freedom and we don't Understand that when this gate closes on Us we literally will be sitting in a System where the central banks believe

That our assets belong to them and and They can dictate where we can spend Money and what we can spend money on the Important thing to understand is Central Bank digital currencies are not Currencies it's a financial transaction Control grid and it gives the ability For the central bankers and they've said This publicly the ability to not only Set set the rules centrally but enforce The rules centrally if you don't behave You can have your money turned off so if You've enjoyed Liberty it's very hard to You know perceive this Iceberg before You hit it and that's why it's so Important and I commend you for for Talking about cbdc's we need to not let The propaganda persuade us that one this Is convenient or two that we need this Or three not only the dangers of cbdc's But the opportunities if we start to Reverse Financial all right I agree I Don't want that either now check this Out this morning we covered the digital Um the digital pound this guy says According to Daily Telegraph the digital Pound will be risk free yeah well except For inflation and currency speculation And UK's political and military power Um but there's a look at this line right Here out of this article a digital pound Would be issued by the bank and would Not and would not bear interest unlike Other digital currencies such as Bitcoin

It would also be risk-free in other Words they're not going to pay you on Anything on it but it's going to be Risk-free because they said so I think that the only way to do this is To have Have private currencies alongside these Government currencies that way if they Start creating control mechanisms you Can slide yours over into one of the Privately issued currencies that's not Controlled by them Check this out this is Nick Nick Carter Who's a Bitcoin Maxi I don't want to Alarm but since the turn of the year a New operation choke point type operation Began targeting crypto space in the U.S It is a well-coordinated effort to Marginalize the industry and cut off its Connectivity to the banking system and It's working referring to finance plus Signature Bank or something else it's a Coordinated pattern of activity between Fed fed Regional Banks other bank Regulators and the White House all Designed to stifle crypto the crypto Space and start it off starve it of Banking access then of course we have Our old buddy Elizabeth Warren eight Democratic lawmakers including Senator Warren Senator Elizabeth Warren urged The EPA and the department of energy to Compel crypto miners to disclose their Energy consumption data in other words

She's setting it up to send all the Minors out of the U.S well if they Aren't in the U.S yes where would it Send them well maybe you'd heard her Buddies in China because here here's Patrick McHenry and he's uh talking About the threat that is China the Economic threat and I said hey Patrick McHenry China continues to go forward With their digital Yuan while the U.S Company Ripple is held back by a lawsuit Dropped by Jay Clayton and Bill Hinman Who both helped Chinese Alibaba go Public investigate this and that was and It's being carried out now by Gary Gensler who is Elizabeth Warren's buddy The actions of the Chinese Communist Party last week serve as a clarifying Moment China is not an ally or a strategic Partner they are our competitor and pose A a single as oppose the single greatest Threat to America's Global stand well we Know that Brad garlinghouse lays it out Here I I think just we're all kind of Operating from the same Set of facts if you will uh you know the Reason why I say I think China is ahead In some ways because you know I think The US is behind and I think the most Tangible example of that is when the US Government gave regulatory Clarity to Bitcoin and ether and this was two years Ago now more than two years ago uh the

Director of corporate finance bill Hinman gave a speech to you know Providing Clarity that they did not the SEC did not view Bitcoin and ether's Securities it made it uh accessible and So that different platforms different Exchanges even we just saw an ad before We started from arisex different players To say oh okay now there's Clarity Around that so we can invest in that Well I also think we all I think the Follow the blockchain and crypto world Are aware that today because of the Mining control of Bitcoin and ether in China these are Technologies controlled By China and you know I think 25 years Ago the U.S was a leader in making the Internet what it is today but part of That came from regulatory Clarity part Of that came from yeah the I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family Or ask your friends and family who is it Exactly that's giving China this Regulatory Edge it seems to be the People that are in power in the United States now Oh [Music] [Music] Thank you


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