Ripple/XRP-XRPLedger Proposal-New Member Governance Foundation, Can The XRPL Survive?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines why we have to have A govern member proposal for The xrp Ledger foundation and what does it Really all mean well we're going to get Into that and so so much more somebody Rolled up beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad K's Come on in Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now it's $1.7 trillion Market cap for crypto and the market is Off by 0.4% 42,000 slightly over for Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for ethereum 96 Billion plus market cap for tether xrp At the number six spot at 52 cents it's Off by 0.9 on the 24h hour off by 1% on The 7day the range of price very quickly Here here 52 cents on the bottom 53 on The top very tight but we are on the Bottom side of that range we'll keep an Eye on it I do want to tell you right Now about link to ladies and gentlemen It is the home of the best private Equity in the world you don't believe me Circles on there ripples on there Upholds on there link tws on there axum I mean I could go on and on and on but Listen don't think that you're not able To do this just go sign up and register Find out what the details are check it

Out for yourself 661 th000 registered users can't be Wrong ladies and gentlemen this is in Remarkable remarkable opportunity click The link to my sponsor below and get More information right there all right Let's start right here Bitcoin having Price predictions 2024 just to keep it In line here and we know that we could See a pullback a lot of people are Saying we're going to see a pullback Which we kind of expected we've had Conversations pre the approval of the Spot Bitcoin uh ETFs but here are the Predictions Arkham vest says 1.5 million Uh layer 1X says 340,000 bit Quant 250,000 and we see here moving down the Line Bloomberg calls for a $100,000 price prediction right for 2024 So it is really really ranging around Quite a bit here we will have to see I'm Excited to see how this year shapes out We've got a lot to look at today now I Covered this yesterday as an overview And I want to focus on one of the Particular suggestions of this proposal By David feling Ripple developer who put This proposal forth on his own not for Ripple but for his own thoughts and Concerns and essentially what he's put Forth here is he published a proposal For updating the governance structure of The xrp Ledger foundation and many have

Questioned his intentions and Motivations but it is really because he Cares about how how it works and how it Operates and he clarified that his Proposal is a personal initiative not Endorsed by Ripple aiming to address the Perceived lack of individual voices Within the xrp Ledger Community he Highlights The xrp Ledger foundation's Key role in managing essential resources Like websites GitHub repositories and Infrastructure making it an ideal ground For experimentation to Foster Community Participation now the proposal has Sparked considerable discuss Would some question the need for change And then others have also come into it Uh fearing that it could lead to Negative actions additionally uh Elizabeth had criticized the Establishment of different membership Classes suggesting it could breed Division and discrimination because Inside the proposal was a different Buy-ins essentially in one of the Aspects that was cons that he thinks That should be considered for Conversation and debate right is that There could be different buy-ins and Different levels of buy-ins for for Companies and institutions and you could See this right here but here's what I Want to do I want to stay above this for A minute

Because he did post a proposal we Covered it I want to give you David Schwarz's thought on this so you Understand where his point of view is on This as a as a general uh point he says I appreciate this public Clarity from You uh he says David which is David Fueling who put it out David also shared His Proposal with me as a courtesy Beforehand as he did with the xrp Ledger Foundation and the foundation was Receptive to the proposal at the end of The day though he like any other Community member doesn't need permission To contribute ideas and proposals as David said this proposal is a straw man Designed to stimulate open dialogue and Gather diverse suggestions there's no Pressure to adopt it as is instead it's A starting point and opportunity for Collaborative refinement and exploration The Proposal is suggesting ways to make Xrp uh Ledger governance more Transparent Democratic this outcome can Only become more valuable with the Community's input so with that being Said you know again one of the major Things was basically about having people Buy in to The Ledger to a certain degree Right and essentially uh I want to see If this is it right here no that's not It right here let's stay here for a Second and essentially talking about the Different buyin

Levels and this is spurred quite a bit Of push back from people who think okay Well we know that there's a public Ledger and then there's a private Ledger For central banks right and now this has Kicked up a lot of people talking about Two different prices for xrp I don't Believe that I always believe that There's one price for xrp however with That being said I do believe that if Ripple is really doing the things that They're doing and I believe that they Certainly are and they have four to 600 Maybe even more Partnerships now in the Financial world you don't walk into a Room room and tell a bank that xrp and Xrp Ledger is a solution for your new World and your new business model and Not be able to tell them that you've ran The simulation data and you know exactly What price xrp needs to be in order to Facilitate their daily yearly Demands period full stop any company That walks into another company and says Hey we got your solution and can't tell You what that end goal is and what that Picture looks like like isn't the Company that can solve the problem so I Certainly believe that they've been Running simulation data side bys side Comparisons they know exactly what the Volumes and flows that need to happen Exactly what the price of xrp would need To be to facilitate the demand for an

Entire Financial system I certainly Believe that and it is not 52 Cents Right so with that being said and this Proposal that's suggesting that there be More involvement that you bring bring in This buyin scenario scares people Because then they feel that there's a Possibility that someone could as a bad Actor buy their way in to the actual xrp Ledger foundation and be on the board And they're not really there for good Reasons they're there they bought in Then they plan on doing bad things right Then the other side of this because this All comes back to no incentive is the Best incentive right and now there have Been people that have said that have Been running nodes For a very long time that have recently Said they're going to stop doing that And some have already stopped doing that And then there's a concern that we'll Lose The Ledger running the way it needs To run because it is so costly for Developers to run these things so then There's been a you know a suggestion Through this and other people now in the Conversation opening up that Institutions and other large companies That can handle that cost should come in And bear that cost and some even suggest Ripples should bear that cost however What I want to suggest is

This I don't think that this is the Problem I really Don't because the reality is as I said Yesterday what let let let me let me let Me introduce another idea regulatory Clarity legislative Clarity no confusion about whether You're a developer in your mama's Basement Or about whether you're Bank of America if we have regulatory Clarity And legislative Clarity it's on it's on for the guy in The basement it's on for the girl in the Basement it's on for the financial Institution who's not in a Basement that's what's missing Here and interestingly enough this Conversation kicked up just a little While ago and here was a prediction of $100 to $500 forecast for xrp and Essentially the time frame that was Given for this would put us somewhere Around February of this year this was Predicted about six to seven months ago And this is where the time frame would Come from now this came from Shannon Thorp who operates a former operational Spe specialist at City Bank right who Said these things and I think she even Worked at Wells Fargo I thought as well But nevertheless she worked in the Banking system and believes that this is Going to be a very huge product for the

Banking world right and the financial World and essentially there was a tangle Between her and another uh and a Technical analyst who's calling her out About her prediction right last July was Predicted that would be 1 to 57 months Theory it was a speculative guess right However what is the point here of Arguing over whether it could go to $100 Or whether it breaks a dollar what's the Point the point is the same point it's Always Been we need regulatory Clarity we need Legislation don't get it Twisted we're not in this situation Because developers can't support the Network and not enough people are coming To The Ledger that's a bunch of bull crap the Reason that that's not happening is Because because we didn't get a free Pass like ethereum Did I remind you by the way when it Comes to outlandish ridiculous moves xrp Has had them at least two times Before 2017 2021 and the reality here is is ethereum Back in 2017 went from $836 to In one Year in one Year that was before the free pass an 11,000 per Gain after the free pass when you're

Looking at the who gave it to Him $512 to $481 15 it's obviously come back To two Grand that was a 900% plus Pump After a free Pass an illegally done maneuver from a Public government Agency Bill Henman giving Clarity with his own Test are there any trouble getting Builders on Ethereum of course not because it got a Free pass that Pro perceived Clarity That perceived Safe Harbor to build on Is what the developers flock to whether It be from a company or an institution Like usdc and circle building erc20 Tokens on that Network or whether it be Someone in the basement making smart Contracts or some kind of Nft Project that's what's missing that's Where we Are and I tell you something when I come Back to the idea of there being some Kind of proposal to bring members in That do some kind of a buyin where you Put up so much Xrp to have a certain role Right reminds me of the Shane Ellis Theory it's different but Yet could be the

Same think of this for a moment Whether the governance proposal goes Through or not think about what Regulatory Clarity looks like and why in The hell wouldn't the same thing happen With actual legal Clarity not some Madeup free Pass imagine what that's going to do for The xrp Ledger imagine how many Developers are going to go ah alas it is Our time I can safely build build on This network without any concern about Being hunted down and prosecuted for my Innovative Ideas Right it's so funny that in four and a Half five years people can come up with Different narratives and get lost in Their own head and start telling you That it's because the xrp Ledger isn't Good enough that people won't come out Of their mom's basement to build on it To make it Great It's Lunacy the same answer we need is the Same answer we've always needed it's Regulatory and legislative Clarity and When we get it it won't be a free pass Like it was for ethereum it will be The Real McCoy and so will the hundreds if Not thousands of Banks and institutions That flock to The xrp Ledger because There will be no confusion about where

We're going to Go and where we are right now make no Mistake about it is headed down lower Than the 52 cents we're at right Now support will start at 50 and 46 C and remember this conversation could Dip to 39 Cents and we're still talking about a Five digigit plus xrp in the future Because the only thing keeping us from It is regulatory legislative Clarity the system works the network Works alls we need is the clear path Legally Legislatively and you watch what's about To Happen I'm a Perma baby we're going into The freedom Zone I hope you'll join Us because we're going to get into it in Here the corporate rigging of Elections We've got Elon Musk Robert F Kennedy Jr We got so many others you need to know What's going on I don't like politics Not know most of you don't Either but some of this we must know Some of this we must know and not Because we just need to know it I only Get involved with politics when they Start to come across and meet at a Crossroads of my Pursuits my goals and My Endeavors and we are here and if it's Hitting and touching me at my house you Can bet it's touching you we're about to

Head into the freedom Zone not Financial Advice for me or anyone else I'll see You inside come on In


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