XRP God Candle: “It’s Coming” & Ripple GC On Loser SEC

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and yesterday uh I think it was yesterday Bobby died the Legendary Indiana basketball coach uh I Always loved watching him get mad he has Some of the greatest if you want to be Entertained type in Bobby Knight on YouTube and you will see some Great Clips the guy had a terrible temper but He had a winning attitude and that's What I loved this guy I want you to Listen to what he says here because so Many people talk about how they want to Win but not not everybody's willing to Do what they have to do to win listen to What he says here like we talk about the The will to win well let's eliminate the Will to win and think about the will to Prepare to win because the preparation Is much more important than the will That everybody wants to win but not Everybody wants to prepare to win this Is what I tell my son every day my son My son has the will to prepare to win This kid is a machine machine this kid Is out the door before I'm even up half The time to go get in more shape for Baseball trust me on that our price is 61 Cent xrp xrp has has moved up and is Sitting there and holding where it is Pretty good it's looking good look what Egag crypto has to say xrp God's candle

Which he's talked about before says it Is coming the request for a price of 65 Cents is still ongoing nevertheless my Preferen is for xrp to conclude this Weekly candle above 55 cents in the Following week it will be ideal for it To revisit the 55 cent level as a Confirmation that a rebound is imminent And that the achievement of one of the $1 Mark is highly Likely I like the sound of that check This out this is a guy on CNBC talking About these interest rates and how bad It is I'm glad you went there because The you know the words may have been Nearly identical the statement certainly As you said was nearly identical what's Not identical to the last meeting is the Move in interest rates 10-year yield was 434 Jeffrey at the time of the last Decision we've been talking about 5% Certainly more recently closer to 4.9% Though you see the drop having today um And he does acknowledge the the tighter Financial conditions existing and the Impact that that is having uh overall so They clearly have been moved by the fact That the bond Market's done a lot of Work for Them I think that's right uh the higher For longer concept has a really dark Underbelly to it that I think has Affected the bond market over the past Six or eight weeks and that is that the

Interest expense on our debt is going up By hundreds of billions of dollars and It goes up every day that the FED funds Rate at 5 and 38% and if the fed's going To raise rates a little bit more which Seems less certain than it was say per Perhaps the last Dot Plot well then We're going to have a lot of interest Expense in in fact 50% of the treasuries Supply and the public treasuries mature In the next 3 years and so if rates stay At these levels we're going to have an Interest expense that goes up to $2 Trillion uh on the federal debt and That's what the deficit is today is About $2 trillion so we have this Tremendous pressure caused by the FED Staying higher for longer and I really Think that the narrative is changing I See it almost on a day-to-day basis now That people are realizing that this Interest expense problem is starting to Come home very quickly in fact if we Have a deficit that 6% of GDP or 8% of GDP in that range which is the range We've been in we will have interest Expense that will be 50% of tax reips in Five years and obviously that's a really Big problem so one thing that the market Has to confront is we cannot sustain These interest rates and this deficit Any longer in fact I'm I've uh started To refer to our debt problem an Interesting sense problem using the

Nuclear uh defense condition the Defcon You you know if you're at DEFCON 5 Everything's fine but I think we're at Defcon 3 now and I think we're about to Go to Defcon 2 on this situation because If you look at the debt clock. org Website they show that we have 21 Trillion of unfunded liabilities in the United States and they also calculate That we have $219 Trillion of assets corporate assets Household assets small business assets In other words our unfunded liabilities Are virtually identical to all of our Assets and I just get this feeling that If the liabilities uh if the assets if The liabilities get bigger than the Assets well that's kind of like you're Running a hedge fund and you're about to Get margin called it would mean that all Of the obligations that we've made we Can't even if we sold everything at Today's prices we can just barely cover Them right now it's almost like we're The equity holder back before the global Financial crisis in a CDO squared type Of financing scheme that ended up Causing parts of the global financial Crisis we need interest rates to come Down or we need the deficit to come down And neither of those are happening this Guy just laid it out perfectly this Country is in a box and it can't get out

Of it they had to have a plan they had To create a plan to collapse this system And I believe the plan was to collapse It Into the new digital system system I Believe they knew this day was coming Listen to this some of the things that We're excited about um especially here I Would say in the region adding obviously To what Jen and Andrew Andrew said um so A recent survey from an ecosystem player Um across UAE and Saudi actually Mentioned that 93% of the high netw Worth individuals that they surveyed in The region are actually looking to Invest in crypto and that survey was Actually done throughout the bare Market So they're buying the the wealth they Buying while 93% of the wealth they Buying crypto while the blood was in the Street institutional adoption and when We say institutional adoption in the Region we're really talking about highth Individuals ultra high NW worth Individuals say mostly on the family Office side we're still not seeing asset Managers or forwards worth like Sovereign wealth funds coming in coming Into Krypto yet but we're definitely Seeing uh you know Deep Pockets money Wanting to invest in crypto and I think 43% of the high net worth individual ual To ultra high net worth individuals that They surveyed are actually looking to

Allocate 5 to 10% of their net worth Into crypto so institutional adoption I Think is something that is exciting that We see as an opportunity here in the Region along obviously with the Tokenization um that we've you know Talked about at length so those are two Things that you know from a regional Perspective we think are big Opportunities uh to oh yes they are and I'm here look steuart alera Wall Street Journal asks is Gary Gensler ever going To win a Case well Stuart winners focus on Winning and losers focus on winnings Gary has just spent too much time F Focusing on the winner Ripple and Stuart Aldera and Brad garlinghouse and Chris Larson so he gets to be a Loser here's from Ripple for many of the World's central banks discussion around CV DCS has shifted from if they uh they Will be developed to win they will be Introduced and widely used this uh so Coindesk actually featured James Wallace Trying to finish this thing up oh here's A good clip Too this is um I guess this guy is um Standard Chartered um in Singapore Listen to what he says well we live in a Days of instant gratification you won't Wait 5 seconds for a web page to load Why would you wait 3 days for a payment To settle so let's go real time the

World is moving real time social Payments and other forms of Settlements well we have had two two use Cases with ripple the first one was on Trade Finance where we tried to solve The problem of duplicate invo financing Uh under the code name trade safe in Which we collaborated with DBS and Ida The Singapore Sovereign um the Second Use case is on crossb payments so uh we Want to make crossb payments real time In instantaneous with full transparency So these are the two use cases we Working On all righty um and then we got this I Wanted to show you this John Deon out Look at this is that where is He um is he in New York is that where That is I don't know where oh here it is Was walking in Time Square with Warner Christina all right I guess that's one Of his daughters um all right check it Out Time Square John deon's book how about Them apples and he just came out with The audio book version and I told John That I am not a big reader I read the News all the time but I'm I don't it's Hard for me to get me to sit down and Read a book so what I did is I had Already bought his book which he still Owes me a signature on but I but I also I went ahead and bought the audio book And so I'm going to be listening to the

Whole thing in the next two days days Because I will do that um while I'm on The move when I travel when I walk I Will be listening to John deon's book Until I finish it I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advis oh I'm sorry I didn't have to do that we're Going into the private group at diix RP And what we're doing is we're delving Further into the FTX organizational Chart and Steven nof has just released Two documents That or two emails that I haven't seen Before I don't think that are emails Sent by Joseph Luben to some of those Guys in the ethereum circle you're not Going to want to miss that go to Dp.com and check it out because we're uh I mean I'm really talking about a lot of Things I just can't talk about out here We'll see you in there I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends at Dip.com That all Roads all roads lead to one Place and it's all connected and you Just got you come in and check this out It'll blow your mind thanks for Listening


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