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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you the FED on inflation Brazil's oldest bank And taxes and crypto another blockchain Infrastructure company hit with a Wells Notice from the SEC we'll talk about it Hillary Clinton on digital money I'm Already scared entity welfare on cbdc's Not so scared Ripple secretly working With Visa xrp flywheel effect it's in It's in play I think it's in play we're Going to talk about it and how about This uh technical analyst xrp points to An explosion breakout at what time Somebody wrote that beautiful intro and We'll find out [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody it's The show where we don't apologize about Wanting to be wealthy we make no Apologies about it yeah we're here to Get extremely wealthy and make the right Decisions we don't know what those are Exactly but we're all here to figure it Out together as a collective right here You can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube And Twitter ladies and gentlemen it is a 1.04 trillion dollar market cap that's Off by 2.7 percent very quickly ladies And gentlemen I'll tell you something I'm about I'm days away from revealing The live website where you can get your

Ticket to come to the first ever xrp Las Vegas event this is going to be the xrp Army experience of a lifetime you're not Going to want to miss this you won't Believe who's going to be there don't Mess around and sign up and get your Name on that email so you don't miss a Thing and by the way if you want to be a VIP and get the VIP experience and trust Me I promise you once you see what is Going to be happening on that day you Are going to want to be a VIP member not To mention the fact that if you join This group right now the dpmg digital Perspective Mastermind group you get the Learning curve you've been looking for This is truly a mastermind group with Brilliant people in it very supportive Private groups and lessons weekly live Streams no one else gets get your time Back in your life join this group get That VIP ticket by joining this group And make sure you are ready for Las Vegas xrp baby let's get into this link Underneath the video Federal Reserve Expects inflation to decline in 2023 and It would be welcomed ladies and Gentlemen there's so many people feeling The crunch we're all feeling the Crunch And I hope this is the one time that the Federal Reserve is not pump faking us if You're not following Pro Coin News you Should be get my sponsor a follow yeah We love procoin news

Stay tuned for more information about Pro Coin News as well Brazil's oldest bank now allows citizens To pay taxes with crypto now this is the Kind of progress we want to see right Here right well listen when a government Starts accepting something for tax bill That is not just cash their cash in Particular it is a gigantic step forward That is not to be really overlooked Right there ladies and gentlemen now I Reported this in this morning's video But it is serious news and we have to Share it again this is not something you Talk about once Paxos Global receives Wells notice in Connection with stablecoin and Connection to binance USD As previous sources Wells notices are Being set or be are beginning to be sent Stable coins first then exchanges this Is how you take the market back ladies And gentlemen have we not been saying This Isn't this what we've been talking about But for the record What is a Wells notice and shout out to Andrew for this post uh Wells notice is A notification issue by Regulators to Inform individuals or companies of Completed investigations where Infractions have been discovered it is Usually takes the form of a letter which Notifies recipients both of the broad

Nature of those particular said Transactions and investigation findings And I'll just read the rest of it to you Here It says uh the violations to uncover as Well as the nature of the enforcement Proceedings to be initiated against the Recipient so you know Ripple uh received One of these right before 2020 right Look we've heard John Deaton say it I've Said it I believe uh others have said it Certainly The exchanges and the stable coins are The centralized bottleneck to the Digital World to the entire crypto world it is No mistake that they are now going for The throat this is the kill shot ladies And gentlemen That's what this is This is the opportunity to suffocate the Opera the markets as well as the Projects that are only being traded on a Speculative Manner and make no mistake About it and I hate to lean in and agree With Gary on anything but there are tons Of projects that are out here operating In a fashion that they should be Operating under a Securities framework I Think we all can be grown up enough to Admit that the problem with Gary is is He sees no difference between anything That's the problem right However this is an attempt I believe to

Really suffocate the market and I've Talked about this for months since last Summer I've been talking about the idea That if you're in some small altcoin I Want you to think now very quickly How are you getting out of that small Altcoin if it's the only pairing to a Stable coin is USD tether or binance USD Think of this for a moment That is a moment to really sit down and Assess Where You Are How do you get out how do you cash out How do you move your assets If the only pairing happens to be Binance USD and God forbid they end up Going after USD tether and if they're Going after binance USD what makes you Think they're not going to go after USD 10. Eleanor tarrett says here shout out to Eleanor speaking with an industry expert This morning on binance USD news the Quote was this I think Gary geser and The SEC have truly lost the plot and Gone mad with power I have brought Bought and sold millions of dollars Worth of stable coins and never once did I think I'd profit from them Again I highlight whether it's the right Side of the aisle or the left side of The aisle in Congress they have the Ability to stop him they have the Ability to submit or to request uh Subpoenas and get to the bottom of all

Of this none of them are doing it Because he's doing the bidding for all Of Congress until they stop them that's Exactly what's happening don't be fooled What they say isn't what they do and They have things in recourse that they Could take and they haven't done it as Of yet Hillary Clinton has declared oh now here She comes Hillary Clinton has declared that it is Time to make cash transactions in America illegal in order to fight Climate change she says I can't I can't even I want to say so Much I'm not going to do it You just saw a very adult moment out of Me right there ladies and gentlemen That's what you just saw Any welfare it's Ripple advisor also has A great book called commercializing Blockchain if you haven't read it I Think you should get it I'm halfway Through it Fact number two commercial Banks issue Around 97 percent of the money we use Now listen to this this electronic money Is not backed directly by the central Bank that should scared the hell out of All of us right there This is why we have deposit guarantee Schemes Cbdc will be the first digital money Backed directly by the central bank I do

Get it and I get what listen I'm picking Up what Anthony welfare is putting down Yes I am I'm smelling what you're Stepping in Anthony And what you're stepping in here is Showing the world that all of this Imaginary illusion of money in the Digital form backed by the central bank Will actually be guaranteed and backed By them and not just some digital number Right Look I I've said this before look the Central banks are not going to sit back And watch this world go to through a Digital Industrial Revolution and be Left behind the music industry was dumb Enough to do that but the banks are not They're not going to do it it's not Going to happen Maybe this is how they get it done Because you do have to think not only do You have the electronic disparity that Anthony was pointing out but then you Actually had the physical cash issue Right This here from Pro Coin News and xrp Crypto we'll give them both to follow Says Ripple may be secretly working with Visa you know if we go into this it's a Reminder of the great work that 24-hour Crypto done give him a follow some of The partners that Ripple have been Working with include D Money Earth Port Currency cloud and Nevada

From those four Visa has completely Acquired currency cloud and Earth port On the other hand It is entered into Partnerships with Nevada and D money You can clearly see how the connections Are being made here directly I mean Indirectly here right however the two Companies completely acquired by Visa no Longer appear on Ripple's customers Pages Additionally the Partnerships seek To expand Ripple's footprint and reach Of visas prior proprietary excuse me Cross-border payment solution without Any mention of Ripple and xrp at this Point in time it is obvious that neither Visa or Ripple will probably willingly Admit such information since the SEC Lawsuit is still in progress however it Seems that the work that boat companies Are currently doing are heading towards The same direction Visa has been working On supporting digital asset transactions On its platform for a while now and Ripple have been working on its On-demand liquidity solution if the two Would integrate their services to Provide widespread instant cross-border Settlements that have little to no Transaction fees it would certainly Begin Game Changer and it certainly Would some speculate it could take xrp To the hundred dollar mark I remind you of this Visa back in 2020

Filed a patent that would allow central Banks to Mint digital currencies using Blockchain and it would allow visa to Collect the paper dollars and turn it Into digital currency now that's a fancy Little hat trick because Visa doesn't Have the patent on the US dollar so There has to be some cooperation between The Fed The government and Visa one would think Head on a swivel ladies and gentlemen Things are happening fast and when you Understand what Anthony was saying here About Commercial Bank issues ninety Percent seven percent of the money But it's not backed directly by the Central bank Now you talk about the whole Visa Cooperation to repatriate physical cash And for the system to introduce cbdc's To begin to bring back a full backing of Electronic money to digital money that Is a huge huge understanding right there Then we have this or Molly Elmore shares What is fair market value of xrp now I Appreciate the work I don't care how Many people say it I appreciate the work That Jimmy Valley Val Hill Capital the Confidential committee and Molly Elmore Have done to try to figure out different Models and ways for retail investors to Understand what fair market value of xrp Actually is She shares this graph here it says back

In 2018 Susan athe Robert michnick built A model to determine the value of xrp it Says here a thread of a m model and what Is the what this model uh with the Update inputs tell us so this is what She has here competing forces for Transactions utility store value Discount rated applied to calibrate the Future value of money remember Susan Athey and Robert Mitch Nick worked for Ripple Susan Athey still works for Ripple with Ripple uh Robert Mitch Nick Went on to work at BlackRock heading up The digital Asset Division so uh that's Where they are right not exactly crack Pots right so these people are extremely Intelligent highly educated and Knowledgeable in this area model Assumptions 10 percent of the total Global transactions moved to The xrp Ledger by 2030 right 10 percent of the Global assets move the xrp Elizabeth 2030 here it says xrp and escrow not Available for store of value discount Rate applies even in assets backed by Current economy if you look at this Virtual cycle flywheel I've talked about This for the last couple years It is about the adoption and increasing Use of the payments and what happens Here is that when you get that demand For payments people start using it but Then what happens is it starts to Dawn On the market maker

That hey I need to use this every day And once they realize it's working good And they need to use it every day They're like you know what I better Start to buy this up because I'm going To need to use it every day and then That starts to you know a flywheel Effect of not only using it every day But realizing the actual importance of It which means you're going to start to Buy it up off of the market and when you Do that it creates a virtuous cycle Known as the flywheel effect very very Key but taking these numbers this is What they work for the numbers through The Susan athe Robert Mitch Nick Ripple Calculator that was developed by them The valuation or the xrp value Calculation daily transaction value at 700 billion time between transactions One second store value demand uh uh 530 Trillion it looks to be there xrp Circulating Supply 56.5 billion discount Rate 10 percent time until steady state It says seven years 2030 price per xrp 4 813 is what they come up with the Ripple Calculator there It's pretty easy we don't know the Answer Right but I tell you something Regardless of the cancer culture out Here trying to cast aspersions on people They could walk to the edge of the ice And say I'm not lying right no but

You're casting aspersions hoping to Gaslight social media let people do what They do If it has value to you Then take it in if it doesn't move on to The next step that's it's that simple It's not complicated right And here we have a quick little video That is really outstanding here uh I'm Not going to play the whole thing but I Just wanted to say uh shout out to the Chosen one for putting it out and Molly For sharing it here but I want to say This the new one one world Reserve Currency I do believe that this is an Ultimate goal and I know that it was Absolutely shared by Ripple on their Website for many years back in 2017 and Beyond that point I believe it was it May still be there I don't know but what I do know is this In order for it to ultimately reach a Designation of that importance of that Level importance we have to understand It's not about the token it's about the Protocol The xrp Ledger isn't really Just a ledger It's a World Exchange And I believe in order for it to Eventually someday whenever that day is To reach such a place a destination of Such importance and demand For its utility and liquidity It's going to have to prove out as a

Payment token first And in order to do that we're going to Need to get to the ruling of this case And should Jim filing be right We know that everything has been briefed And now we wait with the SEC versus Ripple and Brad garlinghouse and Chris Larson and if Jim filing is right and Everything is ruled in and we're ruling On or before March 2023 which is fastly Approaching ladies and gentlemen Maybe just maybe this chart is looking Pretty accurate for a potential Breakout Should we get a favorable decision Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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