SEC vs. Ripple / XRP Settlement/Judgement Good, Bad & Ugly

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor in just a little reminder let Your Nano or not nano s the The Ledger Has The Ledger X I can't even remember The different names of them but anyway The links in the top of the description There's one of my sponsors you can click On it get it if you don't control your Keys you don't control your crypto you Know the drill There's all kinds of exchange issues and Hacks and you know what so If you don't have one yet this is what I Use and uh click on the link in the top Of the description and get one look at Egrag crypto look what he's calling for He's talking about a w formation Whatever that is And he says xrp will it'll either break The W pattern or it will break at A breakout is coming is what he's saying And it wasn't just him I saw somebody Else say that Um and I don't know I don't know I couldn't find the tweet I Saw a tweet saying the same similar Thing and then I couldn't find it and so We'll just have to uh see if we can find It but anyway I wanted to show you this

This is the Bank of America CEO Bank of America who is a ripple customer the Question is what's exciting is when you Can walk around Bryant Park out here and Go in these little shops there's that For Christmas and be able to tap your Phone or something like that as opposed To being carrying dollars those are Exciting things to get that last mile Electronified that's what to have you And I exchange money if we had lunch Together through Zell that's that's Exciting that takes the cash because in The end day of the 53 billion dollars Expenses on round numbers we'll have Next year five of it will be to move Coin currency and checks around the System and if I can take that down In a safe verifiable Ability to do it know your customer and AML take that down that's a very Valuable thing for us and then you just Ripple that through the industry and we We that's an interesting choice we could Ask them to destroy everything we could We could pay them to reprint the money Rather than have to cycle back in and Out because it was cheaper to move it Around now some of our Contracting Parties have moved around for us might Not be happy with that just Ripple it Through the system now here's an Interesting thread right here folks Sorry I absolutely completely disagree

With Mr Huber completely disagree they Are they are a for-profit company if They if they can get a unique Advantage They will take it any day they will not Go to the scotus for elbow Joe nope okay Um then he says this guy says they have Fiduciary responsibility towards their Own company not a responsibility over All of crypto who is this guy then David Schwartz says the one the thing is we Can't succeed if the industry doesn't Succeed a world where say Twitter's the Only successful internet company is Unimaginable I expect we will always Prefer wins for everyone in the space if We can thanks for the response wasn't Looking to paint Ripple as an unfeeling Evil corporate Overlord only that the Priority is Ripple first and hopefully Everyone else if the cost is right then David Schwartz says yeah I think that's Fair to say I hope we don't get into a Position where we're tempted to walk Through a door and slam it shut behind Us but of course I can't promise we Won't Now you know what this reminds me of Remember when Charles hoskinson said This I always thought that Charles Hoskinson was overly angry and he wasn't Even answering the specifics of what any Of us were saying which is a red flag to Me and then very quickly he said I'm Just not going to go to any conference

That has anybody having to do with Ripple or xrp it was like he was mad at The people at Ripple because of what he Heard listen I've heard rumors that the Ripple case will be settled December 15th and we'll just see and that could Have catastrophic implications for the Industry that right there I always Thought when I heard that is that he had To have heard something that led him to Believe that Ripple would somehow settle Or get out of this case and it would Save them but be detrimental to the rest Of the industry that's what I always Felt like when I saw that and in the in The following days and weeks after that He seemed to get more and more irritated But he never would get very really Specific on what what it is that people In the xrp community were saying it was More like He heard something and it just made him Mad and that's what makes sense to me Now and against that backdrop we know How the X are how the SEC plays ball Okay there we've seen them all the People that have worked that have been Sued or whatever they compare them to The mafia and we know that they what the Way they do things is they try to hold They try to gather information and play Nice and then try to hold these Companies over a barrel and they do that In their negotiations and settlements

Too and they try to hold hold these Companies over a barrel so there's no Telling what kind of tactics they're Trying to use on Ripple as we speak Um life in Gary gensler's World a case Study they're talking about how in April 2021 paxus went in to register with the SEC its Securities clearing service paxo Said that it expected the SEC Registration would become effective by The end of the year 2021 well it's two Years later and surprise paxa still has No Securities clearing license from the SEC but the SEC didn't leave Pax says Totally empty-handed the SEC did deliver A Wells notice to Pax says threatening To sue them for issuing a stable coin Which the SEC now claims is a security Paxis says they're still working with Them Working with the SEC on their Securities Clearing application so it's fair to say Gary Gensler has a bit of Leverage over Pax says that's how they do business so It wouldn't surprise me at all if they Were trying to hold Ripple over a barrel Um in all kinds of ways but we also know Because Gary Gensler said so how this Mafia works a lot of commercial Banks Aren't terribly excited about that Maybe you're going to have to give some Ownership maybe you'll have to get 50 of Your ownership to the 20 banks that are

Now you know part of this I mean there Are other ways to build incentives maybe You put a native token in there and you Give you give you know the native token You know so there may be other incentive Ways to beat the current monopolist but But I haven't so you kind of see where Gary's coming from to protect his Buddies look down here Jimmy Valley Asked uh Matt Hamilton what say you About Ripple needing to bribe the SEC That would be horrible right I don't Know if he ever Answered that these guys have been doing All kinds of debates I've seen on on Twitter Uh he hadn't answered him yet that might Get interesting now here's another thing Uh Mr B had tweeted this hi coinbase you Had plenty of time to prepare so let's See those flare tokens apparently flares Going up and Mr B's not happy about it So I I went and retweeted the flare Distribution dates to to remind coinbase And Brian Armstrong additional damages For potential lawsuits against coinbase Brian Armstrong coinbase support begin On March 17th when this distribution Starts this will be when myself as well As a lot of people who had some xrp on Coinbase and other exchanges All of a sudden Damages will will begin to accumulate Because if we can't if we don't get our

Flare that coinbase said they're going To give us then we can't we can't um What's it called delegate it or or uh Wrap it we can't wrap it in order to Receive that distribution so it's a it's A catch-22 for us well Um this meme the crypto meme guy reminds Us that they need to re-list xrp release Our flare re-list xrp give us our Songbird we also didn't get our Songbird I think that that ship has sailed and They may already be in a lawsuit over That I think seems like frederispoli was Suing him over that coin Telegraph Breaking news a rack Central Bank says It plans to allow trade from China to be Settled directly in Yuan for the first Time this is becoming a common theme Getting kind of spooky out there right Um James Fallen Rosalind Leighton filed An amendment amended motion to intervene To petition the court for access to the Hinman diet her original request Suggested the SEC had offered the Hinman Speech documents in support of its own Summary judgment motion when that was Not the case so she had to file an Amended motion Then yesterday if you remember Weezy was Showing this where Gary Cohen was he he Basically showed documents that showed That um Jay Clayton was Gary cohn's uh Plant and then I ran across this clip This is from Trump when um Gary Cohn was

Um Leaving he had resigned from the Trump Administration listen to what he said This is Gary Cohen's last meeting In the cabinet and of the cabinet and He's been terrific he may be a globalist But I still like him he is seriously as Lovely says no question That's pretty wow And then if you remember Gary Cohn was Also the guy who was sitting here on Stage with Glenn Hutchin and Hutchins And Jay Clayton and when when this was Said perspective on what let's talk First about digital currencies and let's Let's talk about crypto stuff Digital currencies today were roughly 92 Percent of all currencies in the world Is digitized you're talking about Fiat Versus crypto just currency all right so Break them up though so look I totally Believe in digital Fiat yeah so digital Dollars digital Yen digital Euros I Don't I don't those aren't crypto Numbers that's digital Fiat so I just Want everyone to understand yeah they Were probably in more agreement no it's Not agreement I'm just saying I'm just Making I'm sort of dividing these two Things apart just like you just did so The first thing you have to understand Is that I think this guy I think this Guy has been behind driving a lot of This bus

Including what's going on with Jake Clayton as well as Gary Gensler I Believe this guy right here might be Behind a lot of it I think we can prove Some of that Um some of it is just a gut feeling uh Look at this Jimmy Valley thought for The day that's a good question from whom Did multi-coin and Galaxy digital Obtained borrowed xrp to short it why Did Perkins cooey write a memo for Ripple regarding Securities Law analysis And then work with polonics to take xrp Offshore these are really good questions Um and there was this from James Flynn Wall Street Journal discusses gensler's Latest effort to exert control over all Of crypto SEC is investigating whether Investor protection laws were violated As uh stable coins were issued now if You remember the other day Eleanor Tarrett said she made a mistake in Saying that Circle had received a Wells Notice well in this article it says that Circle here well let me pull it up make Sure I'll give you exactly what it says So I don't make a mistake here down ooh Now I can't read it but it said Something wait here we go Down here Let me see if we can get to the circle Part Says the SEC is also in coinbase has Disclosed SEC is also investigating its

Stable coin product coinbase maintains a Partnership in the operation of usdc the Second largest stable coin with circle Internet Financial Circle also has Disclosed it faces an SEC investigation A circle spokesman declined to comment So Eleanor tarrett may have been wrong That they didn't receive a Wells notice But they are under investigation Tom emmer tweeted this out now folks When you hear all these people talking About how scary and how bad cbdcs are They are partially right they are right If guys like Tom emmer don't do what He's doing right here Today I introduced the cbdc Anti-surveillance state act to Halt Efforts of unelected bureaucrats in Washington D.C from stripping Americans Of their right to financial privacy the Building does three things prohibits the Fed from issuing a cbdc directly to Anyone bars of the fed from using cbdc's To implement Implement monetary policy And control the economy requires the FED Cbdc projects to be transparent to Congress and the American people any Digital version of the dollar must Uphold our American values of privacy Individual sovereignty and free market Competitive competitiveness anything Less opens the door to the development Of a dangerous surveillance tool after All Americans remain technological

Leader not because we force Innovations To adopt our values under regulatory Duress but because we allow technology That holds these values at their core I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that even though Tom emmer has not shown us a new a new Day has not come with regard to the SEC I'm not saying he's not a good guy I Think that what he's doing here is a Major Plus Thanks for listening Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]


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