As The XRP Turns , Ripple / Cisco & Winners vs. Losers

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lifp [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and this quote is one of The first things I saw this morning and It struck a nerve with me because I tell My son this kind of stuff all the time Stop watching how everybody else is Living and lock in on you build up build You Up I I tell my son this all the time 99.9% of the population they spend all Their time worrying about what other People are doing and this is loserville I'm here to tell you because winners This is what winners do they focus on Winning losers focus on winners in other Words and you see this on oh boy do you See it on the Xplatform everybody trying to take shots At everybody it's like a constant thing Everybody's taking shots of at everybody But if they ever just stopped for one Second and said hey let me focus on me And being the best me that I can be They'd be shocked by what they could Accomplish by focusing their energies on Bettering themselves instead of trying To drag down people that they're envious Of or many other reasons I guess they Would have but I told my son I said if You want to be a you want to be a Pitcher at the highest

Level I can promise you that worrying About what some other pitcher is doing Is not going to help you you worry about Learning to pitch the best you can pitch And everything will happen good for you But stop focusing on what everybody else Is doing that's that's what losers do Period check this out Google's going to Allow Bitcoin ETF advertising starting Today revising its policy after SEC Approved 10 spot Bitcoin ETFs you have to wonder folks I'm Sitting here sipping my coffee you have To wonder if this right Here um is was part of plan to trigger This Market as we approach the Super Bowl more on the Super Bowl here in a Little bit by the way because there is a Strange conspiracy that's going Around all right check this out this is About CH the ever Grand real estate Company in China this could be H Developer China ever Grand group has Been ordered to liquidate by a court in Hong Kong and owes more than $250 billion in liabilities here's Helen An withal uh well look ever Grand is Really the poster child uh for the Crisis in China's property market today A very big day for that company and for China's economy uh more broadly it is The world's most indebted property Developer it was once extremely Successful here in mainland China but it

Followed this uh model of excessive Growth uh that China followed for many Years lots of borrowing vast building Until a couple of years ago China's Government became quite un comfortable At the huge amount of debt uh these Various property companies had acced um And essentially said enough's enough uh And companies like everr ended up Defaulting on these huge debts now this Court case was bought in a court in Hong Kong by uh ever's foreign investors and It's been rumbling on for a while now Over a year and a half essentially everr Repeatedly able to buy more time but Today a judge in Hong Kong essentially Said enough's enough you have not Brought forward uh did good enough uh Restructuring proposals and we're going To move to put a liquidation order on You it essentially means all of everr Assets can be seized and the money paid Back it will have huge implications in China's uh financial markets it could Prove a test case for many other Developers that have essentially been Facing these difficulties but whether It's actually seen through in the impact On Chinese people still a little bit Uncertain uh and that's because although Of course Hong Kong officially part of China okay folks the the question we Have to ask ourselves is are we watching China's Leeman moment because if we are

This thing could Cascade and remember Here in the US a lot of the markets have Been hit but not the real estate market And I I was telling my wife just the Other Night the you can't have a real estate Market where interest rates are doubled So that people that are buying homes all Of a sudden their mortgage payment is Twice what it was but you but that's not Refle reflected in the the prices of the Homes prices of the real estate coming Down the prices of the real estate have Not moved but we've doubled the interest Rate that this is I Mean it I mean it I smell finan the Financial crisis I was there folks I Know exactly what it's like and boy does Do I am I having flashbacks here um now Um this is a rumor tether uh there's There's been rumors going around for a While that tether holds a lot of ever Grand bonds and and a lot of people are Like oh well that's a rumor that's a Rumor okay well show what you Hold tether I mean it Look and and if I'm wrong here folks Maybe maybe they've updated things where You can go and look at everything they Hold and if they have great good for Them This would be could be a freaking Disaster just by pure coincidence they Just printed at will another 1 billion

You tether is it remember tether's in The money printing bu business and for Some reason they've been left alone from Day one go Figure now those of you that say oh well They're not in the US the US government Can't go after them ask CZ Binance if they can go after them um Okay I'm getting a notification here Let's see okay all right got that moving Along check this out this is pure Coincidence I'm not saying anything by This I'm just just thought it was a clip That I found interesting the judge Linda Chan has spoken ordering ever Grant to Be liquidated uh this is obviously Something that we were expecting um you Know coming today here today and you Know probably the most prominent symbol This company so far when it comes to the Real estate crisis and so certainly We'll see if what sort of Ripple effects This may lead to what of ripple effect What's of ripple effect what's of ripple Effect what's of ripple effect ripple Effect okay um then we've got this Bitcoin having price predictions um These price predictions range from Ark Invest has been the boldest at 1.5 Million all the way down to Bloomberg's 100,000 I don't even know who half of these are Didn't Matrix Port the same company that Was in that controversy a while back

Where they uh put out Some doubt about the Bitcoin ETF the day Before or something is that the same Company anyway this this is an Interesting clip I saw going around from Stefon Thomas previously of Ripple that Kind of lock in I often like to compare Uh Ripple to Cisco because Cisco they Didn't need to own tcpip they didn't Need to make it proprietary they Benefited plenty by being the best uh Vendor for um sort of Enterprise grade Routers and so what we want to be is Like the best vendor for Enterprise Grade routers for money and we want to Be the best asset um for for routing Money and so um at the height of the um Of the internet boom uh actually became The largest company in the world by Market cap just to give you an idea of How big that of an opportunity that Could be and so for us that's that's Plenty big and in fact if we didn't Pursue this kind of strategy if we Pursued a strategy like you know let's Say the Bitcoin maximalist where you're Trying to get everyone to use your Particular currency and your thing then The risk that you're taking is that some Other interoperability solution does Come out and then other people are Optimizing their solutions for that World and you have missed the boat and So we think it's very to build for like

An interoperable future where there is a Lot of competition because that's Driving us to um have very high Efficiency and and very good user Experience and so On okay and then um right here xrp Crypto wolf xrp and crypto overall has Been boring lately now folks this is uh There's been uh there's there's drama I've SE I can't even tell you how many Times I've seen this every time the Market uh either goes down or it's or It's down for a while for a while people Get bored they get frustrated they get All this and that's when all the Naysayers come out that's when all the Drama starts and and I heard there was a Bunch of drama this weekend it was Related to this validators depart as Ripple Dev proposes changes at The xrp Ledger Foundation sparking controversy This is creating discussion around xrp Governance is Ripple trying to take over Tons of Drama do I sit around and worry about All this stuff no I do not I've been s Here for a long time and I've seen all Of this stuff I've Seen how all the stuff gets started and I've Seen I've seen it all folks you you're Ripple just went through three years of A lawsuit spent over $200 million to Defeated the

SEC their largest their their biggest Holding of anything on the planet is xrp To the tune of billions of Dollars like Brad Comm says I'm putting My pennies next to their whatever um I'm Pretty I feel pretty good about my xrp Holdings xrp addresses have nearly Doubled uh marking a whopping 170% surge Since 2020 with xrp Ledger adoption on The rise over 5.02 million active Wallets now holding a balance above zero This month Al loan almost 6 million Transaction between wallets were Recorded xrpl activity is hitting new Highs good stuff little reminder here This is a great picture that Wheezy put Out because it's the first time I think I've ever seen you know we've we've Covered for years now and nobody wants To acknowledge it they they pointed at Ripple and called it the banker coin for All these years Meanwhile the actual Banker coin was Ethereum in fact there's there's even a YouTube channel that does nothing but But talk up ethereum and they go by the Name bankless which they need to change Because it is the bankers coin in fact We have video and you don't even need The video here's a picture that's Amber Balad who was building the JP Morgan Blockchain she was in charge of it here She is sitting with vitalic Butrin and This is and they it was consensus and

The Enterprise ethereum Alliance it was Consensus and JP Morgan that headed up The creation of the Enterprise ethereum Alliance Folks this the biggest lie in in Blockchain is that ethereum is this the Way Joseph Luben paints it's some kind Of like this is some anti-government Anti anti- the system whatever no They've been working with JP Morgan they Had Goldman Sachs program programmers There before the launch andrez and Horwitz was there we've documented it All with Video completely crap this idea that Ethereum is somehow this Anti anti- Bank move Movement Now I showed this yesterday this is a Lawsuit that uh Joseph Luben and Consensus are in with a guy that claims To have created Mega mask metam mask and I asked stepen nof if he knew the if he Knew anything about it I'm very close Friends with uh the guy's name is Joel Deets I'll give him a follow we were Both at ethereum in 2014 I believe Joel's claim as co-founder of metamask Joel is brilliant and honest Luben is Stupid and crooked Luben is his words Luben is trying to write him out of its History just like he did with me and Ethereum I think I'm getting close here To the cut

Off um okay uh this is from General Mike Flynn he says from the beginning this War has been all about filling the Pockets of corrupt us congressmen and US Senators and others running the halls of The of WDC if we don't end this soon the United States is doomed like other Empires Throughout world history it's talking About this all the money they've been Just blowing through into the Ukraine And I retweeted that and I said so was e It was FTX that's what I believe for a long Time FTX was set up for the Purpose Of laundering money that's what I Think now let me um I think I'm going Into the group now I'm going to go into there is a there is a strange Conspiracy theory about the Super Bowl Which I think is at a minimum partially Not a conspiracy theory we don't know to What extent we don't know how twist I we Do have a pretty good idea of how Twisted our world is now but one thing I Know is that there are no coincidences I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family there are no Coincidences folks and I think that this Strange conspiracy has to be largely

True and I'll show you why I think so All right here we [Music] Go [Music]


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