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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got Valente Ripple partner fed now we've got David Schwartz automated market makers we got The bank of England trillions and Hundreds of trillions of dollars worth Of cross-border payments we got that and So much more anybody can make an xrp Liquidity pool somebody roll that Beautiful intro [Music] [Applause] [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now we are at 1.28 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's up seven percent Right now Bitcoin now almost touching 30 000 at 29 880 bucks and change here and We see ethereum almost hitting two Thousand dollars again in 1958 and Change tether market cap now has dropped To 81.6 billion plus we see xrp at 47 Cents it's up 4.9 percent under 24 hours Still off by 9.7 on the seven day let's Get into this ladies and gentlemen this Right here is the one and only it's Joe And doso the CEO of link to interviewed At NASDAQ uh oh good stuff is happening Ladies and gentlemen and I tell you this

I want you to listen to this right here It's not the whole thing I want you to Hear this Quick Clip link2 provides Liquidity in the private Tech sector Founders early investor is even Employees will be able to tap into a Company's liquidity before they go Public or are sold so with me is the Chief operating officer Joe endoso to Explain a little bit more about link2 And what you're doing with the company Let's just start with what you do versus The public markets because you're really In the private market right so explain The difference the difference is really Simple If you're an investor in the public Markets you can pull any number of Brokerage apps on your phone or go to Their website and select a stock and Invest in it it's very very simple very Easy right that's not the case with Private markets at least not until link Two came about okay it's incredibly Difficult to access the stock of the top Tech companies while they're still Private requires a lot of inside Connections and it's a very arduous Legal and financial process of obtaining That stock and transferring ownership From existing shareholder to you if you Wanted to invest We've made it incredibly simple and easy For an individual who's you still have

To be accredited because that's what the SEC requires but as long as you're an Accredited investor you can on our app Or on the website select from some of The top private tech companies in the World and make investments in the same Kind of click and invest way that you do With public company stocks I remember And I tell you it doesn't stop there Because I'm telling you right now there Is no other company like link2 that Works harder to democratize finance and Investment opportunities in private Equity period full stop yes there are Accredited investor rules yes you have To be accredited yes it is the SEC who Put those rules in place not linked to And eventually one day I think those Rules will come down that wall will come Down and you will see linked to standing There with a Hammer that helped bring it Down they're doing more than any other Private Equity company that I'm aware of That can provide the opportunities at Minimum investment that they do it is Remarkable opportunity click that link Below let me tell you something poly Sign is going to become available at 11 A.M Eastern Time 8 A.M Pacific time this Morning and it is going to be a Remarkable opportunity they are really Rolling out the soft launch of their Alternative trading system back end for The accredited investors to begin to be

Able to exchange and sell and buy these Products even when they're not available On link2's platform I tell you what this Is an exciting time for link two it's Exciting time for me and I cannot wait Because guess what I'm doing today at 8 A.M Pacific time I'm buying private Equity and it's poli-sci baby yeah write It down Binance however says the U.S deal uh one Billion dollar deal to acquire bankrupt Voyager digital assets is terminated and We see here from Congress it is Ron Hammond says another example that Binance has no friends in D.C Senator Hagerty out of Tennessee is not only the Senate Banking Committee uh on the Senate Banking Committee but also one of The sharpest Senators on crypto and National Security and that is a fact Jack he is something to listen to on Those subjects while FTX fraud was a Shock to D.C the same won't be said for Binance this is what Senator Bill Hagerty had to say since December I have Voiced concerns about binance's ties to China and the CCP today's report on Their Workforce in Shanghai raises yet Another red flag about their operations Both here in America and globally and The influence of the CCP and crypto Markets how about that one there is a Road ahead for binance Let us not forget on the on the global

Global uh geopolitical scale That D dollarization is very much real And is very much happening Saudi Arabia Is a reminder for where we're going here For the next few pieces of information To set the tone of why all of these Things were important because we're About to hear from David Schwartz here In a second But thinking of what is happening Geopolitically and through the monetary System and how it's structured currently To what's taking place Saudi Arabia is Expressed in huge interest with a Memorandum of understanding a 15 billion Dollar agreement with the brics Coalition to in fact join brics which Would suggest by the actions of Saudi Arabia up until now that they are Absolutely starting to detach and pull Away from the Petro dollar agreement Which elevates the U.S dollar as the Global Reserve currency for the world Now there are some things happening here To pay attention to like Valente Tech Strategic Partners forecast Central Bank Digital currency currencies to lead the Payment industry now this is important Because Volante is a ripple partner right and I Just want to highlight that very quickly Here vellante strategic partners for Forecast to cbdc's to lead the payments Industry and that is obviously coming

And it's coming in a big way and we also Know if we go down to this page just so I can show you guys here Ripple right here on volante's website We view Volante as a critical partner For building Ripple's new real-time data Rich payments Network Swift GA GPI as Well but I'm showing this because we Know that dedolarization is really Happening we know that bricks Coalition Is growing very fast we know Valente Technologies is also tied in with the Fed and making faster payments right 24 7 365. so Ripple partner is helping With that Ripple is also a partner on The U.S faster payments Council I Believed on a on the domestic level that This is very important in helping to Organize the domestic liquidity because If you don't organize that first you Really I don't believe can have the Serious conversation about accessing Large value deep cross-border payments Until you've done that now that's what I See taking place here so now then we go Into this news here Ripple partner Volante joins Federal Reserve pilot Program for fed now as well as Ripple as Well right and then we have this news Here just recently announced from David Schwartz I am more personally excited About this feature than any other Proposed xrp Ledger feature in the past 10 years and what is he talking about

He's talking about the automated market Makers and he shares here Lachlan Todd's Thread which we're about to read here And you're going to want every single Bit of it now I'm I'm citing all of These things which seem a bit sporadic And spread out but if we start to look At what we're talking about here whether It's organizing domestic liquidity Whether you're using xrp or not because You don't need it in most domestic Settlement but the reality is is that They're organizing that domestic Liquidity I believe to ultimately be Able to draw on it for those large deep Value cross-border payments now if we go Back to What I showed you here very quickly with The dedolarization and we know there is An issue for the U.S dollar there is a Movement to break away from the dollar Dominance around the world What can help with that A decentralized ledger because that's Where the value is in the protocol The Xrp Ledger So whether we're seeing organized Domestic liquidity take place right with Ripple partners and ripple themselves or Whether we're talking about the ultimate Preparation I believe for a great Financial Paradigm Shift greatest one We've ever seen in the history of Mankind yet to come but it will

I believe the xrp Ledger can play a Valuable role because it is the first Ever decentralized exchange and it works And it gets better and better all the Time with the recent introduction of the Amms which is automated market makers Looking at this thread very quickly here You can see that Lakeland uh breaks this Down no Mev or front running through two Features Federated consensus subset of Nodes the unls agree on transactions Rather than a single validator Proprietary or prioritizing uh based on Gas speeds canonical transaction Ordering it says transactions are Ordered in a deterministic hard to Predict manner protocol native automated Market makers are the blockchain level With liquidity shared across the chain Anyone May create a new xrp liquidity Pool anyone May create a new xrp Liquidity pool one more time Anyone May create a new xrp liquidity Pool that the whole ecosystem may use And those building on The xrp Ledger can Then integrate Dex interfaces without Bootstrapping liquidity now that is a Remarkable point we're going to carry That in a second here stay with me Single-sided liquidity provision LPS Liquidity providers May deposit a single Asset into a pool with half of its value Automatically converted into a paired Asset example deposit 100 worth of xrp

Into a usdc xrp pool with 50 percent of The xrp being automatically converted to Usdc to maintain the 50 50 split Continuous auctions arbitragers May bid For 24-Hour window slots with near zero Trading fees bids are partially Distributed amongst each automated Market maker pool compensating liquidity Providers and reducing impermanent loss Clob functionality is xrp Ledger's new Automated Market Maker Now incorporates Both Central limit order books Functionality as well as automated Market maker pricing with the best Available price being executed for any Given transaction both designs come with Trade-offs but the new amm has the best Of both this is the full article you can Get into here and shout out to latchlam For that and David Schwartz with a Retweet you know this reminded me of This exchange I had back in 2018 When I asked the question if Does the transition away from retail That Ripple was making towards Institutions mean that we will see Retail Market phased out and I asked Still at brow and if so will xrp holders Be able to continue to hold the xrp Without restriction he said in response December 4th 2018 this is how long this Conversation has been going here Liquidity is an ocean with fish large And small many varieties needed for an

Ecosystem to thrive and grow yes I was grateful for his comment then I'm Grateful for it now and I tell you this When I come back to understanding Automated market makers and hearing what Is being said here that anyone can make A liquidity pool right anyone May create A new xrp Ledger liquidity pool is Extremely exciting but we are still Waiting for an SEC judgment to make sure Legally that is the case as well as the Technical functionality and capabilities Of The Ledger itself I want to see People be able to get xrp in the same Manner that I have since 2017 and that Is why we're still waiting for the Ruling on the case however with that Being said now let's look a little Further xrp Darren Moore you should be Following him says I invested in this Technology as a Speculator the more I Educated myself the more I realized how The technology was going to change the World I'm looking forward to a world Where the friction is removed where the Middleman is minimal and those costs are Put back in your pocket Global Corporates move 23.5 trillion across Countries Wrath of common recently found Out where there are many new odl Partners some were not in remittances But in small medium Enterprise and Corporate treasury we covered that post The other day as well

And here you see what he's talking about With global corporates move nearly 23.5 Trillion across countries annually Equivalent to about 25 to Global GDP 87 Percent of merchants Executives see Cross-border online sales is the biggest Growth potential the value of Cross-border payments is forecast to Increase from 150 trillion dollars in 2017 to over 250 trillion by 2027 just Four years from now you know What I see out of all of this obviously Is the opportunity for us to become Market makers and again hoping for a Positive ruling in the SEC versus Ripple That anyone who does not hold xrp now Would be able to participate just as the Technical function allows all of us to To tag today Now when I think about that then I see This now this is also a report here Based on what was shared out of this Original report shout out to Darren Moore for the original Link in Wrath of Common so then I saw in the original Report here from the bank of England Which is a long-term partner here and This is Darren Moore right here posting This but shout out to uh Bank of England Long-term partner of Ripple Victoria Cleland Victoria Cleland was the same person who Told us back in 2019 executive director Of banking and payments and Innovation

At the bank of England that she expected A big bang cut over because what you Have with real-time gross settlement is The core Ledger supporting payments Transactions worth hundreds of billions Of pounds a day and we can't have some Members on It While others are not Now this is 2019 and the pandemic Happened two three years hung up into That but the goal hasn't changed Because you just saw the report there From the bank of England here and here Is the full report from the bank of Illinois you could look at it yourself And the remarks on it from Victoria Cleland Now if you go into her article here as She says here after talks at the bank of England internal I.T Department it is Likely the bank will keep the existing System up and running alongside the new One for a period as a fallback so if There was any problem we could recover Back to that part of the challenge is Ensuring all organizations that link to The real-time growth settlement system Are also prepared for the cut over it's Not just the bank of England that needs To be ready we need to know that the Whole industry is ready And I think that's so accurate and even More relevant than it is today she went On to say back then that bank of England Set 2020 as their goal to replace rtgs

Again the pandemic jumped in delayed all Of that and is now expected to be Finalized by 2025 and they may still be On term on on uh on uh track to meet That goal because that aligns greatly With cbdc's and we know that that is Going to be the instruments that are Used to do all of this payment clearing Settlement and whatnot to go along with It so this is getting very exciting to Me ladies and gentlemen and uh one more Thing here I want to show this How do you protect investors when you Lie to them this is what's going on in The United States while all of this is Taking place we're still dealing with This obvious truth here take a look at This the vest Number of these thousands of tokens uh Uh Without pre-judging any one of them meet The standard of being a security and Thus the platforms have a obligation to Come in register work with us so we Already know in the U.S and in many Other jurisdictions that three-quarters Of the market are not icos us so we Already know in the U.S and in many Other jurisdictions that three-quarters Of the market are not icos or not what Would be called Securities even in the U.S Canada and Taiwan with three Jurisdictions that follow something Similar to the Howie test

That we've talked about three quarters Of the market Is Non-securities it's just a commodity a Cash crypto Now I tell you you know that's what We're dealing with A guy who is at MIT who clearly Understood that the entire Market is not Digital asset securities Because he was teaching that at MIT But now in the SEC chair is claiming That all of them are in fact securities This ruling in this case is so important Not just for ripple and xrp But for the entire crypto space Don't believe that it's still true but What I see from D dollarization campaign Happening around the world organizing Domestic liquidity The xrp Ledger being The World Exchange automated market Makers introduced to the ledger to make Everything better everything greater the Opportunity for us as big fish or little Fish to be able to create a liquidity Pool and organize our own way to make Money it's always been the goal and goal Here for me that hopefully someday my Exit strategy is not to exit at all But to potentially create an xrp Liquidity pool to help with the system Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else I'll catch all of you on the next one


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