Ripple/XRP-USDollar In Trouble, XRP Breaking Point, What The Wealtiest People Do?

Welcome back to the show everybody could The US dollar be reaching another Plaza Accord moment we're going to take a look At the charts then we're going to talk About what the wealthiest people in the World do to maintain their wealth you're Going to love that and we're going to Also take a look at xrp breaking point It's coming ladies and gentlemen Somebody rolled that beautiful intro Good Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.33 Trillion dollar market cap for crypto it Is up 2.1 percent good morning everybody Thirty thousand six hundred plus for Bitcoin at the moment it's up 9.3 Percent on the seven day ethereum twenty One hundred dollars almost even 12.2 on The seven day tether market cap 80.7 Plus billion can you believe it that Much of a market cap and the U.S Government has not voiced an opinion About how they feel about a private Company selling a U.S digital dollar and Not showing any of the reserves properly 52 cents for xrp it's up 3.1 percent in The 24 hour and 4.6 on the seven day Let's get started ladies and gentlemen It's right here link two where you can Get private equity and amazing companies

That they've offered and I tell you Right now link to itself I think is an Amazing company I love it poly signed we Know is transformational and Transformative Financial technology Providing institutional investors and Cutting Edge technology and custody I Tell you what there's so much good Coming with that we're going to hear From uh uh Jake Claver from Beyond Broken just one second here Ripple by The way how long is that window open Ledger's up here now all the incredible Companies behind the space are on this Platform if you want private Equity you Need to be accredited click the link Below check out the sponsor and listen Here what Jake Claver from Beyond broke Says about what the wealthiest people in The world do and about how you may be Able if you're in a credited investor Utilize custody through poli-sign Ideally you do exactly this so you find A custodian that will hold your assets And then you will find somebody else That will lend against those assets Because loans against your assets are Not taxable and that's what the Wealthiest people in the world do with Their private equity and all of their Other resources they will acquire assets And then take loans against them to live Their lifestyle or invest in other Things so you don't experience any

Capital gains tax with that so you'll be Able to park it and this is speculation But based on the conversations I've had Make sense uh you'll park it with poly Sign they will custody the assets for You and then you would go to Goldman Sachs or Fidelity or Merrill Lynch or One of these other financial Institutions and then they will issue The line of credit against it that You'll be able to draw down at a low Interest rate and there you have it Shout out to Jake for that information And again reminder that we know that Jack McDonald from poly sign has said That they do intend and to service Accredited investors but not retail so That is something to take note of now Let's move to the overview of what's Going on in the economy and with the Dollar former U.S treasury secretary Lawrence Summers is warning about Troubling signs that the United States Is losing Global influence as other Powers align together you know that They're talking about bricks and Everything that's happening here at grad Crypto shows us the dollar Index which Is known as the Dixie and it says here Show me the chart and I'll tell you the News below the chart is for the next Seven years Plaza Accord we covered that here on This channel last time in 1985 the Dixie

Touched the high end of the white Channel right here Right Got rejected heavily boom As you see At the time Plaza Court agreed among the G5 Nations at France Germany and the UK And the U.S and Japan the goal of the Plaza Accord was to weaken the U.S Dollar in order to reduce the mounting U.S trade deficit weaponization and Dedolarization what pumped the Dixie to Touch the high end of the white Channel And so far got rejected was the process Weaponizing the dollar in my opinion That Greg crypto says de-dollarization Is by Design being implemented because The U.S will get choked if the Dixie Doesn't fall everything will be very Expensive to product to produce import It says here Madness some chart analyst Betting that the Dixie will break out of This descending Channel and hit previous All-time high up here even Understand that a high dollar May Effectively transfer demand from the U.S Economy to economies globally as a Result other world economies Europe Asia Etc may see a boost in their exports From the strong dollar this means U.S Kicking their you know what purposefully The next seven years of the dollar will Fall by Design the chart is saying the Story and charts do not lie so whether

It hits here as it has done and Continues that fall or whether it even Pumps as some say to the former high Before we see a fall either way it is Looking like it is going history is Going to repeat in some shapeway or form Whether it's now or shortly after so This is something to watch very closely Ladies and gentlemen no doubt about it So I tell you about glintpay all the Time and you can check out that link Underneath from a sponsor as well Several analysts have weighed in on the Possible implementation of brics Currency in fighting unilateral Sanctions and the hegemony of the US Dollar in international markets Now see the reason we're talking about This isn't just the danger of what it Means for the dollar It's because I believe it's pointing to We need a solution We need something to come into play that Can help relieve the spillover shocks of Such a moment that is obviously coming To us whether it's sooner or later I can I I don't know But I think all the analysts and experts Out here agree that there is a moment Coming and I think all the experts also Agree that Bitcoin won't be the answer For that moment and I take no pleasure In saying it but as Sweden drives fine O'Neill into bitcoin's mining industry

In their country and region the six Thousand percent increase in taxes per Kilowatt hour of energy May ultimately Destroy the bitcoining mining industry In Sweden And I have said it multiple times and I'll say it again Governments can regulate or tax Bitcoin Out of existence if they want to don't Believe it it's still true So what's left to serve some kind of Moment of a plaza Accord where there's a Dollar devaluation And a huge decline in the dollar because Of that devaluation or what happens in The moment because of a brics coalition And introducing a new Reserve currency For themselves inside of their Coalition And financial system that they've built Which continues to expand by the way Well in my opinion and it does not have To be yours It's something like xrp Which is a bridge digital asset and it Can Bridge digital assets seamlessly You can get on a waiting list right There Then there's this throwback right here From Dillard Rowe and his time at Ripple And I think it's important in A Moment Like This for everyone to hear these Clips again There's been a lot of xrp fund recently On the announcement of the Ripple

Liquidity Hub because xrp wasn't Originally written in those remarks And as it turns out We were correct that it was simply the Marketing department not trying to get Out in front of its its skis because of Their waiting for a ruling in the SEC Versus Ripple case But listen to these remarks they're very Powerful especially now even more Powerful than when he said them In 2018 . so we slid in the early stages uh in That model the MSB doesn't have to hold Any xrp So the exchange is taking the risk of Holding xrp and the volatility of that And that's the starting point when you Have to think about this is this is Brand new territory nobody has done this Ever so you had to take baby steps and Get everybody comfortable you know with It We're doing retail remittances to start Why there's low value because the Liquidity is not deep in these markets So if somebody want to do a corporate Transaction that's immediately like 1000 Million dollars there's not enough Liquidity for it so banks will watch That and say right how's that going and Is that cheaper is it faster is it Better because Banks want somebody else To try it out and say okay that works

Maybe now we'll jump in Actually back in 2016 we did a project With 12 Banks to use xrp between Themselves just as a technical trial They loved it they didn't work they said Okay instead of having a multiplicity of Account relationships that we have to Have achieved that each other trial Banks would have had to have 144 Relationships with each other They just used xrp and motor between Each other and said this works so They've already tried that out and we Know that that's the Holy Grail but they Will take time to get there and Regulators also have to feel comfortable The volatility has to come down as I've Mentioned markets have to get deeper This just takes time so at this point to Answer your question directly we don't Have a bank that is using it but we have Msbs starting to trial it but my Expectation is that sooner rather than Later banks will use it because it makes Sense Now listen to this clip right here where He explains who the escrow is really Intended for and it makes sense because It's intended for the entities that can Bring use case to the asset itself Remember liquidity plus utility equals Value over time Miguel Villas So what Ripple has done is taken about 55 billion of the xrp that we have and

Put it into escrow and the idea is again To provide stability of Supply so every Month we have a billion xrp available For us to do whatever we want to it if You don't use it it goes to the back of The queue It's all under a smart Contract and the idea is to say We will dribble this out so that there Is not a an immediate you know big Overhang of xrp on the marketplace but Ultimately all of that xrp will be owned By institutions that want to use it and All of that xrp will be owned by Institutions that only use it That's the goal and as he said in the Earlier clip it is a baby steps phase-in Operation Which I think should be a really Obvious to anyone who's been in this Space for a while And whether they use it for no store Replacement or if I use as a bridge Currency or potentially for other use Cases so we are certainly beginning to Now look at what are the other use cases You can have for this given the high Performing the network that we have so It will take time but uh You know as that is used to sort of Create deeper markets I think the Utility of xrp will in fact grow and That's kind of where we are headed with It Absolutely and it is so relevant today

Even more relevant today than when he Said it in 2018 because of the moment We're in and again just to highlight Here there was a lot of hubbub here About xrp not being listed in the Ripple Liquidity Hub announcement of its launch But I think it was pretty obvious to Most of us that you know and they added This language back in it was not in in The original thing but they added it Back in it was exactly as we had said Yesterday as we had speculated and we Were right about that speculation xrp Will be evaluated along with other Tokens for support within the product we Look forward to supporting xrp as it Receives regulatory Clarity in the U.S There you go they're not trying to get Out too far in front of their skis Knowing that they're waiting for a Ruling at any day or any time now this Language is absolutely in here before They made that correction uh importantly Liquidity Hub reduces the need to Pre-fund Capital positions to Source Liquidity and transactions within Multiple venues now I asked that Yesterday before they changed the Language and said and how do you think They're going to make that happen Because they use xrp to do it now let's Take a look at this this is from Merlin Crypto future invest here And if you haven't been in this space

For very long take a look at what Happened in years past and then I want to show you what I personally Believe needs to happen before we could Really see a moment like that take place Again He says we're blessed more than we care To remember though there is that nagging Thought what if I bought it then at a Fraction of a cent remember future price Will beat that record he says in 2017 Early 2018 xrp reached an all-time high Of 3.40 marking a fifty one thousand Seven hundred nine percent increase from Its original price at the beginning of That year although it has since declined Xrp remains significant player in the Cryptocurrency market is consistently Ranked among the top 10 coins in terms Of market capitalization the team behind Xrp and ripple continued to work on Development of The xrp Ledger and its Potential use cases in the Global Financial system overall xrp remains Significant and influential Cryptocurrency in the world of finance And technology and that's why we're Having xrp Las Vegas and that's why it Sold out because this technology really Does solve real problems and right here Is a great reminder from the one and Only CTO David Schwartz that we still Need that top down adoption that we Don't have that we saw in the birth of

The internet take a listen to this clip You're talking about the founding days Of Ripple really quickly here listen to This Yeah at that time so that was probably Mid to late 2011. sort of two cracks Were emerging in the Bitcoin narrative Such as it was at the time obviously the Narrative was you know most of the People with technical enthusiasts they Were very interested in the Technological end and they weren't as Savvy about like how to drive adoption The only strategy that anyone could Think of was a Grassroots strategy you Know and that's not how the internet got Adopted right the internet was adopted By government military for us so it's It's That's key point The internet was adopted not by Grassroots but by the top down by Governments and such Well isn't that what we talk about a lot Here is about a value protocol being Adopted by a government or governments Isn't that what Chris Giancarlo the Former cftc chairman talked about in a Conversation With the Federalist Society Isn't that what he talks about from the Chair John Carlo from the digital dollar Project that it's worth considering It sounds like the the moment and the

Key component that's missing from this Space Because we already have the internet That was first adopted by governments And military right Where's that moment now Like the amount of money I borrowed like All of these other use cases need great Payments and so we just sort of laser Focused in on payments and I think the Other thing that we did different from The very earliest days was everybody Else including us in the beginning had This ground up strategy like if you Don't have a strategy your strategy is Get everybody to use the thing that I Think is great and I think a lot of Companies are still pursuing that but I Think there's also a sort of top-down Strategy and that's kind of what the Internet did like the internet got Governments to adopt it they got Universities they got sort of big Players and so we decided what are the Biggest players they're Banks we went After Banks We probably should have aimed a little Bit lower than that the problem with Banks is obviously like banks are a big Deal like any crypto partnership with The bank there's a big deal but the Problem is Banks Um are slow moving and they're not and If especially and the bigger they are

The less interested they are in Innovation the very biggest banks talk About how important innovation is but Really if they could push pause on Technology they would why why You know why would they not want to Freeze time where they're now like right At the top and so aiming just a little Bit lower you have people you have Companies like non-bank financial Institutions payment service providers These are companies that have the Resources to make a big difference like Scoring one of them using a Cryptocurrency-based system matters you Know it's not like you know you don't Have to get thousands and thousands of Them but also they're agile and fast Moving And there you have it and I personally Believe because I understand that we Still haven't had the adoption from the Top down with blockchain distributed Ledger technology and digital assets Broadly but we see a lot of motion Headed that way even on the G20 level The EU crypto framework for the entire European Union jurisdictions are you Kidding I believe that a positive ruling Providing Clarity in the SEC versus Ripple case for xrp can open the door For just such a moment And I remain enthusiastic while I wait For it because I don't know when it

Would happen It's going to do it for me not Financial Advice for me or anyone else it's just My digital perspectives I'll catch all Of you on the next one


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