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Welcome back to the show everybody we're T-minus two days till xrp Blast Off says One technical analyst and guess what Else we're getting ready to see A3 Trillion doll crypto Market soon I love All of this we got that and so much more Evidence to say that it is coming too Somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad con Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.47 Trillion do market cap for crypto the Market is up 4% Bitcoin 37,000 slightly Over just over $2,000 for ethereum right Now and the fees went through the roof When the price spiked just letting you Know 86.8 billion plus for tether right Now in the the market cap and 66 cents For xrp we're off by 1.1 in the 24hour Still up 2.7 on the 7 day we'll keep an Eye on it we're going to hear from Technical analyst crypto Insight UK Before we get out of here look at the Range of price between 65 and 68 cents And again off by 1.1 we see I trust Capital still always the Champion yeah crypto IRAs gold silver IAS the best in the planet it really is There's no joke here you have all the

Capabilities to roll over a 411k if you Change jobs anything like that this is What you want to do because it gives you Power to control your IRA look at this You get your own back office it looks Just like this it's so easy to use and Operate you can move the assets around And again you know the only thing better Than buying crypto is buying tax-free Crypto and that's what it allows you to Do Empower yourself prepare who doesn't Want crypto at 59 59 a half that you're Not paying taxes on I know I do that's Why I have it now let's take a look at This US Treasury bonds are not safe Ladies and gentlemen and we go down into This here and this goes all the way back To 2018 they say but I just want to read This the 10year treasury bonds have been Worse investment than gold bu bullion This year last year the year before and All the way back to 2018 and this isn't Just a short-term phenomenon 10-year Treasury bonds have failed to keep up With inflation since the spring of 2008 Before the collapse of Leman Brothers They have effectively made you no money After inflation since 2003 not one lost Decade but two backto back this is a Concern now we just covered yesterday That the United States was downgraded to Negative you know all of this is all Writing on the wall you know people will Still go out here and go nah I don't see

The effects you know and as long as I Don't see the effects I'm just going to Keep living the same way dayt day that's That's the real danger here you know or Some people say well you know I've got a Little bit of money set aside in case Things get a little crazy that's cool But but the real way to prepare for Moments like what I believe are coming Is to not just have money set aside for Bad times or downtimes but to have Enough money set aside to get you Through the downtimes but to also invest To also have the liquidity set aside to Make investments during that time Because that's what the richest people In the world do it's not Financial Advice but it is my digital perspectives And I hope everybody has the ability to Prepare I want you to listen to this This is Lynette Zang who's amazing and We love Lynette she has such a passion And energy and obviously a lot of Knowledge in this space she's going to Explain to you what has happened in this Country with the US dollar and inflation Is very quick but you need every single Bit of it shout out to Lynette for this What is vat money and why are we on that System governments wanted to be able to Tax you without going through Legislation and making it visible to you Inflation was baked into the currency You had corporations that actually

Wanted to pay the workers less but hey If you're making 20 bucks an hour you're Not going to settle for 10 through Inflation if you can make that $20 spend Like 10 the government gets that Inflation tax without you realizing it And corporations get you pay you that Much less without you realizing it That's what central Bankers call Price Stability if you don't ask for more Money that's why central Bankers want Relatively low inflation rates because Then you just accept that money but hey In 1971 the average wage was 9500 bucks And one wage earner could support a Family of four uh today the average wage Is something like 57,000 and you need Two wage earners and your paycheck to Paycheck Fiat money was invented for Governments and corporations at the Expense of the Population I mean that is the quickest One minute lesson right there about Inflation and central banks that it you Can't it can't be any tighter of a Segment shout out to Lynette for that Now let's take a look at this because We're seeing signs here uh from will who Says for the first time in a year and a Half the 90day change in stable coin Supplies just flipped positive as you Could see here right and says this means That we're finally seeing net capital Inflows through stable coins for the

First time since the bare Market began So there is inflows moving in here and It doesn't appear that it's just retail And here's more evidence that we see That there are large institutions Preparing for what is to come in the Very near term it's JP Morgan as we know Has the JPM Coin just added Holy Grail to its $1 Billion per day crypto Network now we got more Let's take a look at this Cypress Dem Monicore and his research team have been Add it again I want you to take a look Here Franklin Templeton take a look CEO Nations like generative AI be a Potential Game Changer you got Representatives from City Bank on this Panel discussion techken finance and Then this name right here Jenny Johnson President and CEO Franklin Templeton so Six months ago I want to take your Attention to an interview that Jenny Johnson had with Danielle Dixon and do You all remember she said this about Blockchain and AR arcial intelligence Start saving for retirement so if they Actually start doing because they love The assets that they're doing great so What can we in the blockchain and crypto Space learn from someone who has been in The space for or been in the financial Services space for as long as you have Uh that and we can maybe do a little

Differently I you know in the end this Will be regulated uh you know it's Frustrating there's not Clarity it's Always hard to you know if you're if You're playing a game and you don't know What the rules are that that could be Difficult but I think we have to you Know work constructively with The Regulators um because it's coming right Because it's going to be the core to Financial services um so I think that's One thing because it's coming right Because it's going to be the core to Financial services it's going to be the Core for financial Services see this goes back to what We're seeing in the traditional markets The dollar the bonds all of this and Then understanding that like the CEO Jenny here from Franklin Templeton Telling you this is going to be the core Of financial services this is why I'm Into real world asset tokenization and Projects that help support that Transition into where we're going this Is also where I find my confidence dayto Day when I'm questioning the market Conditions and the crypto winter that We've been in for almost five years Because I understand that as long as I See entities like Franklin Templeton JP Morgan and CEOs like this making these Remarks they're doing exactly what I Said they're not like like buckling down

Pinching pennies and not spending they Are building they are preparing they're Building the market infrastructure the Products the tokenization it's all being Prepared so when regulation comes they Don't still have to do the work the work Will be done regulations will come and Then there will be a Cambrian explosion In this market in the way of use Case Utility and the the exciting part to That for me is that we will not see Speculation at some point be the price Driver of this space and my goodness I Cannot wait for that day then we see This here to speak to this this is Forbes article that came out a couple Days ago xrp braces for imminent Waterers shed moment with potential 300% Surge according to Billy bronwell I Believe it is uh Forbes contributor it Is A3 trillion watershed moment he Believes it could it could uh propel xrp To new heights causing a price panic in The market and and you know what why Wouldn't it xrp is designed for the Moments that I just shared with you just Like Stellar is and Franklin templin on Stellar and in fact Stellar xlm is the Sister of xrp and ripple that's where Jed maleb came from the creator of The Xrp Ledger co-creator with David Schwarz And Arthur brido and now we see this all Coming together there there is going to Come a moment and I believe the re look

The reason I I'm really showing you the US bonds are in Trouble is because I firmly believe that The United States when they decide to Act on a central bank digital currency There's a greater chance that it ends up Being a wholesale Cbdc and there's an opportunity there to Introduce the new wholesale cbdc and and A new tokenized Bond to go along with it You could repatriate all the worthless Bonds that I just showed you today into The new bond issue the new bonds and Cbdcs and as you're doing that what is Really taking place is you're tokenizing The debt and putting it on The Ledger That's the Process we'll see what happens but it Would make sense to me that they did That now coming up soon we're going to See Ripple they're a platinum sponsor at The Singapore fintech Festival so there You have that that's coming up and Obviously keep your eyes out for xrp Las Vegas 2024 ladies and gentlemen and know This if you join the patreon there will Be a discount for xrpl lv24 in there for People who join the patreon which costs Almost next to nothing and there's Incredible content in there as well We're going to hear about that before we Leave but real estate developer in Dubai Is accepting xrp this is the kind of Stuff that's happening around the world

Because there's no confusion here this Is a reminder about HSBC becomes the First Bank in the world to offer Tokenized gold they're doing that with The help of R3 working with HSBC on Distributed Ledger technology but Remember the company R3 bought 1.04 Billion xrp tokens in 2019 as a part of The settlement between Ripple and R3 Over the whole in of xrp remember they Had a 5 billion xrp option contract Before going to court for that Settlement then we see this xrp Blast Off T minus two days what I'm loving This bring it on and what he's talking About here is the fact that we could do This again and see it Target ranging up Around 90 cents maybe more maybe a Little under but this is what we're Looking at here and this is what he's Been paying attention to and I hope that It happens because I believe that the Real blastoff is still yet to come Because it's about the money flowing the Capital inflows coming in to take a Position knowing that they're going to Need xrp xlm and other meaningful assets To help with use Case utility that's the Key so we're going to keep watching this And shout out to cryp crypto Insight UK Will you do a great job we appreciate You brother and then I want to tell you About this it's the freedom Zone ladies And gentlemen you need to join us in

Here there are hundreds and hundreds and Hundreds and I mean hundreds and Hundreds and hundreds of incredible People inside of here zero Google ads my Daily content from YouTube great Conversations no Bots no scammers we get To see your thoughts we get to see your Comments and there are some incredible Ones and we tackled topics that are Really censorship issues right today We're going to talk about that manmade Flu a little bit and I also do fun Things too like share some music with You share things that are not crypto Related it's a great place and it's Turning into an incredible Community Already I hope that you'll join us in There yesterday we had a impromptu live With the goat digital asset investor it Was remarkable we will do more of that Stuff I can guarantee you that it was so Much fun and it went so great but make Sure you click the link and join us Inside of there because this is the real Conversation that's happening and you're Going to want to be a part of it we're Also tackling today the world economic Forum and they're combining brainwave Activity software and surveillance Technology what is just going on with All of this join us in the freedom Zone To find out not Financial advice from me Or anyone else we'll catch all of you on The next



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