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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have here we got BTC Maxi shots fired on the ethereum Community here Jay Clayton on stable Coins you won't believe it Marcus and Fanger from Ripple and tokenization on The xrp Ledger you're going to love it Brad garlinghouse 10 trillion Doll Market and uhoh ripple is hiring and it Smells like an xrp ETF we got that and So much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro [Music] [Applause] Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.69 Trillion do market cap for K crypto and The market is up 1.6% 41,700 plus for Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for ethereum we see 96 Plus 96 billion plus uh market cap for Tether and xrp at 52 cents up 1.9 on the 24 hour off by 3.6 on the 7day range of Price right now between 51 and 53 cents We'll keep an eye on it let's get Started ladies and gentlemen the Countdown is on we're less than a 100 Days till xrp Las Vegas 2024 John Deon The former head of the secur of

Commodities Futures Trade Commission The Honorable Chris Jang Carlo co-founder of The digital dollar project Michael Arrington is going to be at the benefit Dinner Brad Garling house is going to be At the benefit dinner Eleanor terr's Going to be on stage uphold is going to Be on stage David Schwarz is going to be On stage the list continues to CEO of Uphold I Listen so many people are going to be Here and the list is growing and I'm Telling you we've got something coming That you're not even seen yet but one Thing you need to do is to get your [Music] Ticket but one thing that I really like Is I think you'll see a lot more of These Neo banking type of services come Into play I think you will start to be Able to use your crypto portfolio to Have a debit card and pay or you'll be Able to send money you know I could send Money to Fabio or crypto to fabiio just Like I send venmo [Music] Today yeah and fabiio is going to be There with sologenic we're so excited to Have them they just recently came on I Tell you the lists are growing go to xrp to see all the new people that Have signed on in companies it is Growing quickly ladies and gentlemen More to come xrpl now here it

Is Jack MERS oh boy Bitcoin Maxi Lightning Network guy should the strike CEO he says this I think crypto is a Load of garbage I think it's generally a Distraction to what this technology and This movement represents and is here to Change and so how the world is going to Sort out the fact that some kid named Ballic butterin printed a lot of coins In his basement and then pre-sold them To people and has been promising all Sorts of crazy things that have never Happened I don't know is that a security But I guess the point is I don't Care but the point is you do care Because if you bothered to mention it Jack you know you wanted to throw some Shade on the ethereum project right Because at the end of the day Jack's not Wrong on this measure Jack is right he's Talking about eth gate and the free pass That it got very Real very real you know you have a lot Of people out here that have tried to Create a false narrative that uh you Know this the reason that xrp ledger is Not successful because we haven't had The Grassroots adoption from the bottom Up and I think that's a false narrative And I'll show you why I think it's a False narrative it's not just because I Disagree with the others that believe That it's because I believe that they Miss what it is

Ethereum has taken off and there's tons Of projects built off of Ethereum well there was a time when uh Xrp was in the number two spot and was Ahead before the case might even been The reason for the case against Ripple And Xrp but the reality is is that the Reason that there were so many Builders And projects on top of the eth network Isn't because it was such a stellar Network and I know that it's got a smart Contract feature that is really unique To itself and that's wonderful and That's great I'm not diminishing that But what I am saying is is the real Reason that adoption took place on Ethereum is because it got a free pass So let's just hold all of that for a Second until we find out what real Clarity looks like for this digital Asset space then let's talk about the Fact whether we're having problems with Developers building on the network and What have you I got a sneaky suspicion Once we get legal Clarity that's not a Free pass but it is Clarity for the Entire space I don't think we're going To have any problem finding developers Because they they flock to where they Believe they're going to have the safest Place to build and that's exactly what They did with ethereum right so but Obviously that was done with a free pass

So we'll see and then there's this guy Oh boy yeah I know we're not a fan but He's going to talk about stable coins Let's just focus on that part because we Already know that Jay Clayton is not Really I'm just going to keep it I just Keep it here let's listen to what he Says about stable coin figure out how to Custody then then let's figure out how To if we take those incremental steps We're going to get somewhere going the Idea the myth that there was going to be Great legislative change that was going To revamp the Securities markets the Commodities markets create a new Regulator that was Crazy so it's interesting because Obviously uh and I know you wrote op Ops About this topic about your viws on Stable coins and I agree with there Obvious a lot of benefits that stable Coins can provide and I and I hear you Where you mentioned that um stable coins It's it's easy it's a layup that Actually Community could use because of The benefits are there uh you know but The um the crypto Community too is Defense I mean there's been numerous Efforts to try to provide obviously the Stable coin rails and there's numerous Attempts to and obviously I'm not talk About algorithmic stable coins and some Of the scams out there but on a properly Regulated uh uh manner do do you still

Hold the same view that obviously stable Coins have a lot of potential and what Do you think should could be done to Bring stable coins more mainstream if That's a goal that you believe from a Policy perspective we should have I Think stable coins have immense Potential I think we should facilitate Truly stable stable coins in our Ecosystem the amazing amount of stable Coin transactions that have taken place Without a single complaint that I know Of um instantaneously across the globe Are you kidding me Remarkable and we should facilitate that Why has it taken so long because people Have asked for much more than just that As a Start and you're you're talking to You're talking to regulators and you're Talking to legislators that have limited Bandwidth and if you're coming at them With 10 asks and eight or unreasonable They're not going to filter out the two That are Reasonable they're just going to look at This crypto community in a monolithic Way and say you know that's just too Hard that's that's the reality of the You know bandwidth in the legislative Process and bandwidth in the regulatory Process is Limited well there's another reason that That bandwidth might be limited is if

You're a public figure working in an Appointed office like he was and you Potentially are compromised for money Because that's what I believe Jay Clayton is and Bill hman right they pimp Their position out from money that's What I believe they've Done let's talk about stable coins this Way you know I've talked you know yes The on and all ramps we got to do that But you guys know I'm excited about real Stable coin legislation that absolutely Allows the banks to come off of the Sideline the entire financial industry And participate in using these Instruments because it is the digital Money of the internet right it is the Kind of money that can allow you to Participate in a way in the world Economy that you currently cannot today Take a listen to Kevin O's comment on Stable coins stable coins could be a Huge tool for us think about it this way I want to buy Nestle on the Zurich Exchange it can be done in 12 hours but There's a lot of fees involved if I had A stable coin I could do that in two Seconds and there it is and this is Exactly what I've been saying about Banks in the financial system the moment We get actual legislation passed signed In the law you're talking about the idea That banks will move to 247 365 it's Just the way it will be everything is

Going to begin to shapeshift in a Transformational way and never return That's what's coming and you got to be Able to prepare for that and there's an Interesting piece here uh about The Ledger Hooks and David Schwarz talks About this from a coindesk interview Basically and basically what he's saying Here and I just go into this you've Begun testing new feature called hooks That would add smart contract like Functionality to The xrp Ledger what is The road map on that feature and how big Of a deal is that for you all now I want To quickly remind everybody that we have Over 80% vote right now for the clawback Amendment if that holds for two weeks That will move to the lger then there's Also uh the um the other Amendment which Is automated market makers that were Waiting on and very exciting now we're Not there yet that's at 60% I believe it Is at this point so getting very Exciting for that but let's read on here About hooks David Schwarz asked you know We had very little to do with the team Building hooks which was we' say win Right uh they met with us a couple of Times and said hey that looks awesome For a while they were thinking that it Could be something like The xrp Ledger Itself would adopt and it still could be But it's a very major change it's very r Risky in two ways one is a multi-billion

Dollar problem for a lot of people so It's a high risk in that way and the Other way is just that we want the xrp Ledger to be great for payments and it Could make it more like e more ethereum Like they launched their own network Using xrp ledgers technology and they're Going to see how well that works but if They prove that it works very well and It doesn't degrade the network for other Uses then you could see in a year or two A proposal to add it to The xrp Ledger Main net that's the right way to go Right make sure it works on its own no Bugs no issues doesn't compromise the Integrity and design and the current Function of the xrp Ledger which they Know works so well now it's very Precautious very you know uh very Cautious the right approach and it is Exciting to see what would happen in a Year or two from now if that comes Together the right way because we're Moving towards the tokenization of Everything the traditional markets this Is the larger reason we're here listen To Marcus and fanger from Ripple say Exactly that coming to The Ledger baby Yeah thank you very much for uh having Us here having me here super excited to Talk about this uh probably more or most Popular Topic in h crypto this uh year Uh and look so uh my or how am I Involved with tokenization I oversee

Basically with ripple xra contributions To the ex ler which is an open source Blockchain uh and tokenization of real World asss been definitely one of the Key areas for us in terms of like you Know building more native Primitives to Allow for compliant institutional gr Tokenization signing Partnerships um around this and so you Know we're seeing a lot of uh stable Coins obviously uh already as a former Financial instrument represented on The Xfp Ledger uh and are also seeing a Couple of projects around real estate Carbon markets and now we're really Expecting to see this to grow vastly in Terms of scope um debt assets Securities Private equity and so forth uh and I Would say like you know in terms like a Year ago and now the big difference is Um you know it it felt like engaging Particularly with praty in the beginning Maybe more than a year ago it was mostly About like ticking an innovation box and Running through some theoretical pilots And now the conversations are really Becoming real and tangible and Executable and so you know I I would say It's fair to say um that there's there's A lot um that's going to be happening in Terms of like blockchain technology Blockchain related companies and trafi Working together um to really move the Needle and that all makes sense because

We know Brad garlinghouse told us not Long ago about the 10 trillion that's Going to be a market for everybody to Tap into take a listen the the macro Environment around custody digital Assets uh is expected to be close to10 Trillion by the year 2030 and inevitably Uh people are going to need a place to Store those assets and a safe secure and They need to be able to transfer them as Well having good on and off ramps uh Even the a tokenization engine some of The work Ripple is doing around Central Bank digital currencies or Cbdcs so we think the there's a lot of Pieces that uh come together and we Already had and I remember when I first Spoke um you know I remember being a a Call with one of the largest top 10 Banks in the world and listen to this a A bank Ripple was already working with And they were asking us about could we Help them with their custody this is Prior to the medical acquisition and we Weren't in a position to do that and so I think about that Synergy the ability To say to that existing Ripple customer Hey you know here's a Best in Class you Know going head to-head time to time Again and winning uh on the custody uh Level You know to be able to bring that Product to them I think is a great Opportunity for the two companies

Together so uh there you have it now He's talking about custody towards the End of that which is interesting to me Because this just happened Ripple hires A senior manager for business Development in New York with a key role Related to ETFs Oh Boy here it is institutional defi Development of right and there it is What you'll do you see it right here Drive cryptocurrency currencies related ETFs initiatives with internal trading Team and relevant Partners uhuh we love That now to the point that Elanor made Uh is is also a point that James Seaford Has made and I think is a valid point Here um As history has shown in the natural Progression of introducing a spot uh Crypto ETF you normally will have future ETFs first so if xrp gets Futures ETFs Then it's a step in the right direction To one day getting a spot and I think That's the way to see it right there now Let's take a look at these numbers very Quickly here egg rag crypto tells us xrp 21 moving average here uh monthly time Frame 350 650 and $27 is what we're Looking at the most complex uh the most Complex matters needs the simplest Solutions and if you look at this to Kick off the measures moves I assess the

Movement of when xrp is positioned Either above or on the 21 EMA so that's Why you're looking at the 21 EMA and Getting this historical look of the last Three times we saw a pump and when it Went to 350 that was a 500% rise when it If it goes to 650 it would be a 1000% Rise and if it were to go to 2700 bucks It would be a 400% jump the interesting Thing that has been in the history of Xrp is that these jumps and Rises are Not pulled out of thin air they're Pulled from History these Rises these meteoric Rises Are exactly what have happened in 2017 2018 and again in 2021 that's what we're talking or 2020 Or 2021 whatever it was there I know it Was close but um this is what we're Talking about and if we see those same Either one of those three would give us Either one of those three outcomes from Where we currently sit today but look we Just have to watch and see what happens I firmly believe it'll take a catalyst Like stable coin legislation or the Settlement of the case or the OCC as Well as the SEC backing out of crypto in The financial institution and stop Putting the break breaks on it in that Regard cuz Brad garlinghouse has made it Very clear that uh the OCC has been just As much a break uh on the pedal for Crypto and digital Assets in the

Financial system as the SEC so we shall See now I hope you will come join us in The freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen Join us dig Perspectives. and come on in because What I'm about to show you is the Difference between the SNP versus Private equity and you're going to want It the numbers are absolutely amazing They're astounding and you won't believe It we're going to look at that inside I Hope you will join us not Financial Advice or me or anyone else we're going Into the freedom Zone come on In


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