XRP Analyst: Finally, $25 In 2024 After “7 YEARS OF CONSOLIDATION”

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel another chart analyst is calling For $25 xrp this year and so just the other Day I I was highlighting perspective From an analyst that was calling for About the same level uh potentially uh $27 while another analyst is targeting $25 and so while I do not know where the Price is going to go I don't pretend to Know uh I'm not one of the Char guys I Just don't want to be that would bore me To tears I do appreciate the perspective From the analyst that put in the time to Analyze the chart and put their neck on The line by making predictions and Setting expectations for their followers But um I will just say this that the Idea of that Happening sounds plausible doesn't mean It's going to happen but that doesn't Sound crazy to me you know of course the Higher you go in price by each Cent and Each dollar I'm going to be less Confident that's only natural but we've Seen some gigantic bursts so it kind of Depends how how heated the crypto Market On the hole gets because Market Circulates throughout the whole damn Thing so if it does end up circulating Um or if it does well the market does Get heated to a sufficient degree and Then it circulates to xrp yeah it's it's It's certainly

Possible um so anyway I'll share with You the perspective but uh before going Further I do to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice oh excuse Me and you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoy making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun excuse me I'm going to take A sip of water sorry Folks it comes out of nowhere but I do These in one take you know for better or Worse if I say something stupid it is What it is when I started this channel I Just decided I hit record and that's it I just want it raw whatever it is and I Just I want it to be like imagine that You and I are sitting on a patio having A beer having a talk I want it to be Like that like raw we're just I'm say Sharing ideas sharing thoughts that's Pretty much it so apologize for the Cough but that's just that's the nature Of the Channel uh so yeah anyway xrp 52 cents a Little shy 53 cents a Bitcoin at 42311 bucks you got the market cap for The asset class 1.65 trillion do crypto Fear and greed index at 55 out of 100 uh Which is isn't too terribly surprising I Mean we've kind of been moving sideways The last couple days after getting a

Boost up you know getting out of the 30 Upper 30,000 for Bitcoin and xrp Obviously has followed in kind as far as What to expect next here you have chart Analyst credible crypto he shared this Bitcoin price chart and he wrote The Following finding some resistance at our Local area of Supply which is logical as Per my last update vid but we also seem To have completed a low time frame Impulse to the upside as well impulses Most often come in pairs even if a move Is corrective so it would make sense to See a higher low put in here soon Followed by another impulse to the Upside which could take us back to our Range highs it's a Sunday so may have to Be a little patient and wait for Tomorrow for the action to Start yeah and so of course Obviously if it gets boring for a while You know a few days pass but crypto can Only range for so long nothing's going To stay there forever one one of the Periods that stands out to me the most Whenever it comes to boring sideways Price action for xrp specifically was Probably I can't remember exactly which Months but it's probably like maybe July August September somewhere there about In 2020 and for those of you that were There you may recall or might refresh Your memory xrp was just hovering like Around you call like what the low 20

Something Cent range maybe 25 cents Somewhere around there uh it just seemed Like it was just never going to go it's Impossible it's just there is so boring Uh but then it went oh yes then no November rolled around in 2020 and it Seemed like uh it may have been like a Matter of days it was up from that range To like 80 cents which we hadn't seen Literally in years at that point so I I Know it always seems impossible of Course then the SEC lawsuit happened but So again I I know it always seems Impossible but it's impossible until Suddenly reality shows you that it Actually isn't impossible here's Perspective from xrp chart analyst dark Defender he shared this perspective this Morning this just an xrp price chart and He wrote hi all I hope you all are well Let's have an update on the daily time Frame xrp moved towards 52 to 53 cents As we expected the target area was 52.8 Cents and xrp closed just above that Level yesterday and had a break on the RSI this is a great sign for xrp shortly To try the 60 resistance the orange line On top I am happy to see our levels are Pre precisely working but of course We'll be more than happy to see xrp Breaking 6649 first and proceed with the initial Fibonacci Target of wave three at $188 our time is near folks and by the

Way I will note that before xrp in 2020 Ran up to about 80 cents sentiment was Not the best it's it's worse now I'd say But to me if anything that's a sign that You know we might be bottoming out here That's very frequently the case but I Remember in 2020 oh it's never going to Happen xrp it's just going to be low for Everything's going to Happ and and then It took all of like What five months or so for xrp to go From about 20 cents to two bucks and That's with it being artificially Suppressed in terms of price action Because of the SEC it went from about 20 Cents to $2 tfold increase rough maybe Well a little bit less but Still it happens fast when it happens That's why I keep saying like the price Action doing what it's doing now is not An indication that xrp will hit a new Alltime high in the future or that it Will go to zero it's just moving with The rest of the market it doesn't which Another way of saying it is it doesn't Mean anything in a vacuum it just Doesn't um and then we have this from Leb crypto and this is in so this is the Analyst that I was referencing at the Outset of the video so you may recall There was egreg crypto and um he was He's he's been calling for a while now Uh you know xrp potential to hit $27 he Is not the only analyst that thinks that

That range is what's most likely here You have chart analyst Leb crypto who's Targeting something pretty damn close to That he says seven years of Consolidation now mind you of course I Know it's been you know a little over Six years since the alltime high but He's thinking it's going to happen a Little bit later this year but it's Crazy to think by the time that happens It could be about 7 years so yes Patience required and I know we would Have seen it in 2021 if not for the SEC But still we can't control that either Way patience is required that's life it Just it is what it is even if we hate it And we do hate it but seven years of Consolidation 2024 is XR xrp's year Similar to the 2017 pump but lower in Terms of percent gains looking forward To seeing my $25 Target hit sometime This year P.S I do think a big ShakeOut To 25 to 30 cents is still likely in q1 Or Q2 before the pump okay so he's still An xrp bull even though he thinks that There's a good chance we're going to be Seeing much worse price action in the Short term um now if you've been Following my channel I've I'm not afraid To share the positive and negative views From analyst I share a perspective from A ton of analysts my thought is just Let's get them on the record let's find Out who's right who's wrong as time

Passes it's kind of fun I like checking That stuff because I'm a I'm a crypto Dork hopefully you guys are cpto cpto Dorks 2 so you may have noticed if You've been watching my my channel Lately when I'm I'm making videos that Pertain to price I've highlighted a Number of analysts that are warning There is a possibility you could see Like call you know 28 Cent xrp or you Could be seeing you know 34 Cent xrp so A fair bit lower than where we are now And they're not doing that to scare People they're just saying hey this is Something that's possible based on my Analysis on the charts that's the Perspective now for many of them from What I've seen they think that it's most Likely to occur if Bitcoin is leading The way and I would I'd say that part Makes sense if if bitcoin's going to Have a horrific crash everything's going To go down so then I'd say okay but he's Saying on a macro level even if so it Doesn't matter he still firmly believes That what is most probable this year is $25 xrp which again is something that I Don't know if it's going to happen but It always seems impossible when these High targets get hit uh well before they Get hit and then when they do it's just It just seems so obvious oh yeah duh of Course yeah that's oh Humans um and then there's another

Analyst though named mky who responded To Leb crypto seems to be a little bit Skeptical and he said so $25 putting it at 1.25 trillion doll Market cap nearly 2.5 trillion uh dollar Market cap fully diluted value so Obviously 1.25 that's just based on the Circulating Supply but then if you Include everything that's an an escrow Which isn't considered to be in circul Supply even though I dispute that that's A different story though uh they're Saying yeah 2.5 trillion um yeah to me That doesn't sound crazy in the least I've been calling for multiple coins to Have a trillion dollar market caps and Perhaps multi- trillion dollar market Caps for a long time I was saying that Back when the asset class was worth About 150 billion with a be even back Then I was like yeah we're going to have A multi- trillion dollar market cap at Some point and then we we did and it Shrunk back down a bit but you'll have Individual coins too that will have Market caps that big we're just super Early which is great because we have the Opportunity for life-changing wealth and Everybody else can just jump in whenever They want 2 years later and they won't Get that okay but here's what Leb Krypto Said in response well bro I agree it Sounds like a stretch but if we get the Heat and frenzy of $1 million plus

Trillion so he talking about 10 million Trillion total market cap then xrp Taking 10% of it for a few days wouldn't Be too wild it's done that in the past It's a momentum player that sleeps for Years then pumps I expect a big dump Post $25 yeah so that seems like a pretty Fair perspective I mean even not being a Chart analyst I agree with the concepts Here you know because say the market cap For crypto this cycle say we do get that Blowoff top and we do have Bitcoin hit a New all-time high and we do have alts Following just say it gets to10 trillion And I don't know if that would be the Number just hyp just roll with it well That That you could be like so wait a minute So xrp is going to get you know 12 and a Half% of that well no that's not how That works though because if the peak Would be $10 million well that's going To flow throughout the cycle so there' Be individual coins that pop at Different times so if you so to say it Another way if if once the Cycle's done We take a look at the the the high Prices of every single coin it would Probably be a lot higher than 101 10 Trillion if you're talking about 10 Trillion market cap and that's the Top If you look at where every coin was at The top and then slap slap those numbers

Together it probably be more like 30 40 50 trillion you know it'd be a way Higher number whatever it would be so The idea of for for xrp having its Moment in the sun even if it's and it Probably would be like a few weeks Because like 2017 2018 it lasted for Like two and a half weeks something like That the whole run to the top anyway and Then it went back down so yeah the idea Of it going on for you know two two and A half weeks 3 weeks whatever maybe a Month whatever it ends up being uh and Then it has a huge percentage of the Overall crypto market cap for just a Brief moment yeah that does that doesn't Sound crazy to me that's happened before That's happened for tons of coins that's Kind of the point the money cycle so Then profit will be taken and then it Will be put into coins that haven't Pumped yet that's what we always see and Then yeah you'd expect a massive dump After that you're not going to have xrp Run to 25 bucks and then just stay there Let's be real about that that's just What that doesn't mean there's something Wrong with xrp that's just how this Works people are speculating on price Things get Overheated so yeah the idea of it Happening again doesn't sound remotely Crazy so we just got to get through this Phase get through what at least lately

It's been a little bit more boring but That's okay we've had a lot of Excitement in recent months and Eventually things are going to start Heating up I mean even today honestly it Wasn't that boring Bitcoin did get to Almost $43,000 in xrp was at what almost 54 so It was a little bit of excitement on a Sunday but we'll see what happens I'm Optimistic I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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