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Welcome welcome back to the show Everybody take a look at these headlines Listen to these headlines here we got The FED that just raised rates Janet Yellen says the U.S dollar currency Status is in Jeopardy we're going to get Into it we got Moody's Caitlyn long and Don't forget about fed now UAE Central Bank R3 in Enbridge And FCC files a response to Ripple's Letter you're going to want it all Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Thank you [Music] Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.23 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency welcome back good Afternoon everybody 3.5 up on the market Right now Bitcoin 28 300 plus at the Time of making this video ethereum 1800 Plus right now tether market cap 78.7 billion watch the video from this Morning if you haven't done it I'm Telling you there's a lot of money Piling into this asset into the USD Tether looking for a safe haven during This uh crypto choke point 2.0 be very Careful that this doesn't become the Last choke point to happen make sure you Know where you got your money and your Funds xrp right now 44 cents let's get

Started ladies and gentlemen xrp Las Vegas 42 days away is what we're looking At right here we will sell out that's a Guarantee I can tell you that there are Are less than a hundred tickets left and Well under that to be perfectly honest With you if you're going to get a ticket You've been on the fence about coming to This event the opportunity what is the Chances that we're going to have all of These people together in the same place Again for you to be able to rub elbows With participate in a q a fireside chat With Eleanor tarrett and John uh Deaton I mean it's just remarkable so so many Things to appreciate about what's going On at this conference and let's not Forget each and every one of you we have One of the greatest communities online It is time to solidify those Relationships in person on the xrp Las Vegas conference it's going to be Amazing click and get your ticket before They are gone Assets on our platform they believe may Be Securities and they declined to do so Today's Wells notice also comes after Coinbase provided multiple proposals to The SEC about registration over the Course of months all of which the SEC Ultimately refused to respond to how About that for clarity Eleanor terrett says it's like being Thrown in jail and not being told what

You were arrested for it is exactly what It's like Well let me tell you what buckle up we Got some news here U.S treasury secretary Janet Yellen said This Debt default would undermine the Dollar's Reserve currency status Yellen says failure by government to pay Its bills would be economically and Financially catastrophic have horrendous Effect on the financial markets Not to mention the fact like we covered On the video from yesterday about bricks Almost no one is covering that more than Half the world is building a new payment System and it doesn't include the United States And don't think for a second that that's Not rolling around in her mind She knows Not just a debt ceiling which is very Prominent which is very relevant But then there's the old one-two punch We know the FED raised the interest rate Quarter point And what happened last time the FED Raised rates we saw Moody's come in and Do a downgrade and then the next thing You know SBB went under the old one-two Punch Well guess what It's not looking good for the banks Again

Here from gold Telegraph now breaking News Moody's sees risk that U.S banking Turmoil can't be contained That does not sound good is right and on The heels of what Janet Yellen just had To say Boy oh boy do we have something in front Of us what are they going to do turn the Print machine back on again Because it's starting to sound like it's Not working very well Now here's a clip here from Caitlyn long And I want you to listen to what she Says here about How the banking Regulators are crushing Innovating banks that are working with The crypto industry and blockchain Industry and it's because they want to Retro stick with retrograde technology And go back to an analog world listen to This and then I have a thought for you So here's the punch line the systems Have not been updated and that scares The bank Regulators so what did they Systematically do they went out and Proverbially shot the most tech forward Banks now stop and think about that People are voting with their feet to use Better faster cheaper ways of moving Money and what did the bank Regulators Just do shut down some of the most tech Forward banks in the country who can Move money better faster and cheaper That should scare every American because

And you saw it in the white house by the Way this has been all coordinated the White House report that came out the day Before Was dunking on financial Innovation and Talking about how we should basically Just stick with our banks which are safe And sound that was a hilarious Observation because of course we all Know the banks are not safe and sound It's now very clear that there is a Solvency Hole by the way there always Has been it's just that now everybody's Realizing it so the next point is that When the White House is out there saying Basically taking an anti-innovation Stance and you see what the bank Regulators have done to shut down some Of the most tech forward Banks they want To retrograde technology back to the Analog world But do they really and listen I have a Great respect for Caitlyn long And I want to see custodia Bank get a Chance to go because it deserves to But I have to push back a little bit on This do they really want to retrograde Look I understand that the Legacy firms And the governments just don't want Things to change if they had it their Way they would just have things stay the Same but it isn't so Because in July what do we know I'll Tell you what we know in July the

Federal Reserve announced that fed now Will be live So they're going to launch their own System the question I really have is is Have they made that transition from Wanting to cling on to the analog retro Analog retrograde system like uh Caitlyn Long suggested And is it more now that they just want It to be their system Which is easily just as wrong Competition is best a free market open Free market Wrath of common says here now this gets Interesting And it may have some big implications 12 To 15 months down the road including for Ripple project Enbridge doesn't use R3 China Hong Kong Thailand cross-border And the India connection is unknown so Far Dubai at the center if we go into this Article here It says today the Central Bank of the UAE announced that R3 is its technology Provider for the Central Bank digital Currency work Alongside g42 Cloud for infrastructure The three pillars of its first phase Strategy have already been announced With a plan to complete them within 12 To 15 months first is Project Enbridge Now I'm going to remind you right now That James Wallace don't you make me

Play that clip and you know I've played It a bunch I ain't gonna play it again You all know it James Wallace from Ripple has Acknowledged that xrp ledger and xrp is One of the Enbridge tested products not The only one but it is certainly one of Them in the Enbridge category Pilot test what do you ever want to call It Now it says here the wholesale Cross-border cbdc solution with bis and Central banks of China Hong Kong and Thailand which aims to soft launch During that period given that Enbridge Uses a custom Permissioned blockchain we suspect R3 is Not involved With the plot thickens Second is the bilateral cross-border Cbdc project with India announced last Week and finally is the domestic Initiative for both wholesale and Retail Cbdc with proof of proof of concept to Be completed during the time frame You know uh Uh you know we don't know the answer but I tell you what I think we're right to Be watching this one a lot closer In the coming days Now the SEC swings back first we had Ripple submit and file their letter Which was really Justice Gorsuch and the Uh uh Voyager case in support of the

Fair notice defense I think we all are Well aware of that I'm not going to read This whole letter so you can breathe the Side of relief and obviously it's from The SEC so you know most of it is really Twisted not inact not accurate in its Representation this is some of what they Said in there This is what the SEC says defendants Speaking of Ripple shamelessly Mischaracterized the Voyager Bankruptcy Court statements and pluck Choice Phrases out of context in misguided Attempt to boost their unavailing Fair Notice defense now this is coming from An agency a government agency That the judge has already Lambasted by telling them that there is A faithful Allegiance was it Unfaithful Allegiance to the law that's what it was I tell you the SEC and the lawyers Within those walls do not embarrass very Easily I can tell you that ladies and Gentlemen They will say and do anything And they're supposed to be acting in the Interest of protecting us and all they Have done is harm us and go for a Jurisdictional land grab for the agency Regardless of who it harms And think about the businesses that are Put out and buried just like a cigarette Squashed in the ground Think of it

Look at the library case look at Jeremy Kaufman and what they have with Library What happened to them They went in and saw the SEC tried to do It the right way Ripple's done the same thing Jeremy Hogan says here the SEC finally Replies to the supplemental Authority They must be busy with other things Although it raises valid points re the Bittner case which is another case Um it says it attempts to argue that the Voyager judge didn't did not say that The crypto space faces glaring Uncertainty is smirkable you know again This is the kind of language and if I Could just very quickly I'll grab this Spot because this is the The Hot Spot Out of the out of their their filing Defend it this is what SEC says here Defendant shamelessly mischaracterized The Voyager Bankruptcy Court statements And pluck Choice raises out of the Context and a misguided attempt to boost Their unavailing Fair notice defense Nowhere in its order did the bankruptcy Court emphasize any supposed limited Guidance provided generally to Market Participants or even suggest that it Applied outside the specified or Specific proceedings at hand Indeed the words Market participants Appear nowhere in the Voyager opinion in The ruling on the sec's objection the

Bankruptcy court simply referred to The Sec's Limited guidance provided in the Bankruptcy proceeding to the court and To the debtors as to whether the uh Particular circumstances of the Bankruptcy sale of voyagers assets might Raise issue under the Securities Law uh You know concluding then given the lack Of specific charges of violation the Debtors didn't know what they were Supposed to uh to prove on these issues At no point did the bankruptcy court Make any observations let alone findings Regarding the sec's guidance to the Public that is the crooks of the Defendants purported Fair notice defense Nor did the Voyager Court find as Defendants contend that the SEC had not Offered any guidance at all as to what Voyager had to show to prove vgx is not A security look I I find personally all Of that last part of that statement to Become completely unequivocally false it Is absolutely a false statement from What I know and I'm not even a lawyer The judge in that Voyager case Absolutely body slammed them For not providing Clarity he absolutely Did that so I mean you know again we're Not going to try to litigate it here but It's just despicable seeing what the SEC Has done as an agency supposedly Representing the people Now sharing a tweet here from Jeremy

Hogan uh which said I think these two Cases that are bad for the SEC and that And this reply negates the Bitner Decision a little bit but doesn't take Away much bite from the Voyager judge's Ruling but it's all fair notice defense Stuff that's what the takeaway is here John Deaton follows it and says This Not That xrp holders want to go to the Supreme Court but let's not forget the Language favorable to Ripple's Fair Notice defense in Bittner came from Justice Gorsuch who's who used to work Under Michael Kellogg at Kellogg's firm Who orchestrated Ripple's Fair notice Defense and brief And that's where we leave it on this day Go John Deaton go Ripple go Jeremy Hogan Go James cave filing and everybody else Out there we fight until the end we Fight because we know what we know and What we know is is that the SEC is Acting out of the bounds of their agency And we cannot give up because if we do They will win and everyone in Innovation Along with it will lose not a financial Advice just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one


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