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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I have my coffee because There is so much going on right now and I want to start with this yesterday Afternoon Gary gentle and listen this is So important I know there's a lot I know It's all doom and gloom for crypto in The United States right yeah well wrong all that happens I've said this for A long time all that has been going on The reason Gary Gensler was sent is to Hold all this stuff off while Wall Street got their custody ready and when I say custody when you I've said it a Million times when you go on to your E-trade account and you buy a stock For for over a hundred years there are Custody companies that they take that They take that there's an actual stock Certificate I don't care if you I don't Care if you buy one share of Apple you Have a stock certificate but what they Did is they created a these companies Like State Street bny melon all these Huge custody companies they created Um Uh custody companies so they are dealing With that stock certificate okay there's An actual certificate somewhere with Your name on it okay but you don't have To worry about it and that's what they

Knew they had to set up with digital Assets before they can let it go so Gary's job is twofold Give them the time and make sure that Most of this asset class is able to be Turned over to his buddies on Wall Street that's the fact Jack now so he Came out yesterday With He came out yesterday with this little Video he's talking about what a Qualified custodian is okay and then he Goes into this for the lessons and new Technology from the last 13 years under The proposal so he's proposing a new Rule okay they're updating the qualified Custodian rules qualified custodian Would be subject to Independent audits Certain documentation requirements and Yes to segregate your assets segregate Your assets remember that because words Mean things into an account with your Name on it these updated roles would Better help protect your and Groundskeeper Willie's assets with Advisors the rules apply to crypto Gary's so funny isn't he with advisors As well thus that advisor would be Required to keep your crypto with a Qualify now I've said this for years Folks the reason your traditional Financial advisors every time you try to Talk to them about crypto they're like Nah the reason that they the reason that

They've been like that is not because They don't want to because they think It's a bad investment that has nothing To do with it It's because they haven't had a way to Make money off of it yet once they have Custody once they have a custodian where They don't have to worry about whether Or not with about Ledger Nano S's and Hard wallets and all of that once they Have that your financial advisor will be The biggest crypto salesman in the world And all of the sudden when all that talk About oh you shouldn't do this will be Out the window let's start in not on any Crypto trading platform based on how They currently operate but we he knocks Out all these crypto players but Somebody has been having to help these People behind the scenes Wall Street Behind the scenes with custodianship and Getting this all ready qualified Custodian crypto companies may claim They can take proper custody of your Assets but when these companies fail Something that we've seen time and again Investors assets often have just have You noticed I've said it for years have You noticed why have we not been able to Put our digital Assets in a in a um A institutional grade custodian why they Have it coinbase has it all of these People have Institutional grade security where you

Can store those digital assets but They've intentionally not made that Available to retail that's because Gary Has been sent to hand us all hand this Whole industry or at least a large Portion of it over to Wall Street They've intentionally not let us have a Safe way even though they exist they've Intentionally not given retail away to Put their assets into their crypto Assets for us to be able to go walk into A bank or a JP Morgan even and say here They are all right now don't worry about Them anymore I don't worry about Somebody hacking or whatever because It's in an Institutional grade that's What this is about Gear or become the property of the Failed company and you as an investor End off stuck in line at the bankruptcy Court so beware even if a crypto Company Claims that they had custody your assets It's not the same as qualified custody Through our proposed role investors Would get the time tested protections And yes qualified custodians they Deserve so please weigh in who who is a Qualified custodian now I want you to Take note he tweets this out on February 15th at 11 47 a.m look who tweets at 1 47 PM after they've had time to see Gary's little commercial standard Custody do you know who standard custody Is that would be the subsidiary of poly

Sun okay and they are they just happen To be using the same words that Gary Used what their qualified custodian they Have segregate 100 segregated accounts Conflict-free no trading lending Borrowing in that what Gary's been going After they're regulated they're insured They're and bankruptcy remote didn't he Mention bankruptcy and how you'd be tied Into the bankruptcies if you do it with These regular crypto companies it's time To talk about options call us Folks Do you see it I've never been I Own I own a bunch of poly Sun what I Consider a bunch Of their private Equity that I bought on Linked to folks Joe and doso CEO of LinkedIn is going to Be interviewing Jack McDonald tomorrow Because of what I just showed you linked To is now running a deal on on poly Sun If if I'm able to do it I'm going to buy More poly Sun this weekend Um here's the deal for a little I think It runs through Friday night okay Because Friday is when he's interviewing Jack McDonald for a limited time invest 10 okay here's here it is you get a Thousand dollars of xrp if you buy Between ten thousand and twenty four Thousand dollars worth of poly Sun you Get twenty five hundred dollars worth of Xrp if you buy between twenty five

Thousand dollars and forty nine thousand Dollars worth of poly sun and you get Five thousand dollars of xrp if you buy Fifty thousand dollars of poly sun and Up and that's all the way through Tomorrow night But the most important thing here folks This industry's not going anywhere and I I saw this guy this morning who totally Gets it if you don't if you still don't Get it I want you to listen to this man Because he gets it xrp price in 2025 it Depends Ripples in a court case right now if They win that court case and xrp is Deemed that it is not a security You guys you can see xrp pump 25 50 per Coin Some of y'all saying that really doesn't Make sense I looked at the Fibonacci and The Fibonacci show that it can only do But somewhere between eight and ten Dollars during the bull market of 2025. I know let me ask you to do something Take that Fibonacci and kick that Down the street doesn't matter If Ripple wins that court case with the SEC and Gary Gensler and it is deemed That it is not a security you're going To be looking at a 25 to 50 xrp let me Tell you why it will be the only crypto On the planet Earth on paper that is Deemed not a security exactly that means It will have an edge over Bitcoin and

Ethereum which by the way Gary gizzler Has said those aren't security but that Was just a verbal If you have it on paper there is only One Security in the world from the SEC And that is xrp and it's being not a Security you're going to be looking at a 25 to 50 xrp you'll be wishing you Bought xrp at 30 something cents and 40 Cents I'm serious about what I what if at the Same time you had Traditional Wall Street custodians open Up shop too said to you you can take That little Fibonacci and talk that out The window now if Ripple loses the case And by the way don't forget who helped Find fund who helped found poly sign it Was Arthur Britto David Schwartz who who Created The xrp Ledger and who else was It it was a it was some bny melon exact Same bny melon is one is the I think It's the number one traditional Custodian in the world the game the Security and they have to file some Broken after go and do all kind of stuff And you can't buy it in the United States right only buy it overseas none Of that matters see an eight to ten Dollar xrp in 2025 that if you can't do It in the United States gonna go crash Down right gonna go to zero right You can buy xrp on U.S exchanges right Now and it's still exactly he makes a

Perfect Point Brad growinghouse himself Said it and that is With with xrp the the uh he Ripple is Operating right now as if they've Already lost Top 10. It's been around since 2014 it survived Three bear markets now for sure case With the SEC and one of the top ten all Right on U.S exchanges no can't battle Dot com So using xrp that he is ridiculous it is Going to beat or replace the of the Swift which is how you move the world's Money Xrp oh twenty thousand twenty two hello I like it all right moving along we had This we found out who the two people Were that signed Sam bankman Freed's Bail Guarantor specifically the previously Sealed names of two people who had Signed that bail package have been Publicly uh released yeah this is a Really important story remember that Ascending the freed and his lawyers have Sought to keep these names private for a Lot of security concerns and the Guarantors were now identified and the Unredacted bombs is Andreas papke Stanford research scientist and Larry Kramer the former dean of Stanford's law School remember that brings them close Ties to Sam bankman Freed's parents this

Was a 250 million dollar bail package in Which of these two uh folks these two Folks that were close to Sammy the Free's parents worked with them uh were For guarantors to the package which of Course is one of the largest in history All right and then uh there's their two Signatures right there and then cowboy Crypta who is the official Cowboy of the Digital asset investor Channel I do Follow him I keep running into this Where it says I don't follow people that I do I don't get it Larry Kramer that's One of the people is listed as the Current CEO and member of the board of Directors at the street with Jim Cramer This is starting to make more sense he's Also ex-president and publisher at USA Today That would be the same Jim Cramer that Does everything says everything that the SEC would like him to say then we have This we have Senator Warren who plans to Reintroduce her crypto Bill a de facto Band this woman is about as Anti-American as it gets folks I can't Wait until I don't have to look at her Face anymore she makes me sick but Remember we do have good people Um that are I'm gonna skip that this is I was trying to get to this Um We do have good people that are in Congress that are that are more common

Sense about things this is Tommy Tupperville who actually used to be the Head football coach at Auburn University Where I went to school he was actually There I think he was there part of the Time when that I was there in fact I Remember driving behind him one day he Had a he had a pickup truck and he had a Little dog that he would that would sit In his lap while he drove around campus In the pickup truck I'm gonna have to go To DC and and meet him I've never met Him personally watch this this Financial Freedom Act though gives that one Broker's window uh it's one one area That the investor can say listen I think That this is going to be good I've Earned this money and I think this Company or this whatever they get Invested in crypto is going to do well And they want to invest a small part of Their money it's not all their money It's just a small window in terms of the Of their investment now we go back to Crypto uh you know unfortunately Washington D.C uh Capitol Hill has let Crypto down we did not regulate we ran FTX to the Bahamas because there was no Regulation if we would have kept them in The United States we would have known What was going on with FTX we had two Bills by Parson bills in the Senate as We speak and probably we will be Reintroduced in this Congress to

Regulate crypto it will survive in some Form or fashion digital assets Will Survive but you know the overall scheme Of things what we want to try to do is Make sure the federal government doesn't Step into everything that they're not Supposed to step in when the American People have worked hard for that money They have the right to do what they want To with it and who's to say the federal Government is better at this than than The individual Yep and isn't it you think it's a Coincidence that that they're the Super Bowl ads and they're they're all fine With with gambling and sports betting And DraftKings and all that stuff but Yet crypto's somehow dangerous is Dangerous because it's dangerous to the Fiat system and it's dangerous to the Racket that these corrupt politicians Have had for all these years that's why It's dangerous to them it's not because They don't give a rip if they think it's Dangerous to you which they really don't Has nothing to do with that all right Um there's more that I want to show but I think I'm going to wind this video Down because there's more going on than I want to show but I am going to say This Um xrp is now a supported asset on the Japanese crypto Asset Management Platform fuel hash other members of

Their family are these and I finally I Wanted to show you this before I go this Popped up yesterday and what this is is There this is the to my knowledge this Is the first ever Xrp conference and when I saw this I was Like well this this would be fun xrp Las Vegas like Bitcoin Miami Miami's Overrated to me anyway xrp Las Vegas 2023 in 78 days and it looks like Um it looks like Brad comes is the one That's putting this this on and here's The panels you got Jason cousins from Glint you got molly Elmore Brad coms Nick burafado Joe and doso these guys Are from link2 Quincy Jones is going to Be there he's an x x dcxrp developer Eleanor terrett from Fox Business John Deaton Linda P Jones Clinton Donnelly's The tax guy Daniel Keller from casino Coin is going and uh so that is looking Interesting Um so you can that's you can it looks Like they have tickets there and I'm not I'm not involved in in this folks but But I but I I might have to go I have I Might have to go because I love going to Vegas and there's a lot of people there I'd like to talk to and meet So we shall see but you can you can get Uh he's got a website it's called xrp Dash Las I'm a digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor

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