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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I just got back from my 10 Year old being inducted into the Beta Club at his school he makes great grades Like his dear old dad did Some of the time Um Check this out this is uh from CNBC this Morning doing their job carrying the Narrative for the regulators and the Politicians I think it seems like Congress Sort of who regulates what I don't think This is something that the SEC can do on Their own and clearly we are seeing a Lot of talk already in Congress about Crypto but most of it is just sort of Reacting and it's kind of negative and It's like you know we need to do Something but it's unclear what exactly Is going to be done but yeah there's Some basic things that could happen out Of Washington you know there's been talk For example about rules about stable Coins people have been talking about This for a while but the U.S still Doesn't really have like a clear road Map for that Um so yeah I mean I think it's good Congress is going to have to play a Stronger role just kind of in

Establishing sort of just some rules of The road for crypto which we don't Really have right now How important would it be to have a a Spot ETF for something like Bitcoin is It is that ever Going to happen what's the timeline for That at this point and what what's the What needs to be done for that to Actually happen What would chair Gensler Need you think Well I mean you know it's hard to save It right now the sentiment Um about crypto is so negative in Washington that I I'm putting in the immediate future so Negative because of FTX So all the regulators and the Politicians they uh are they are all Meeting with FTX having planning Sessions with FTX and then all of a Sudden the guys happens to be discovered A fraud and that is what allows uh gives Gary who was meeting with Sam bankman Freed and FTX gives Gary the Rationalization that crypto is bad and I'll do a Crackdown on all of it but if You really want to know what this is all About look no further than this video This is from coindust this is a Um this lady used to be in the SEC and She's talking here about what the Problem is well this is how these people Operate create the problem and then

You're the solution crack down on the You create the problem and then you Crack down on what you say the problem Is but oh look over here here's the Solution well let me show you what the Solution is this has been the plan from Day one as John Deaton says here if you Can't kill it crush it for the the Incumbents and then they come in and Save it I've been saying this for Probably four or five years now that This is what they're going to do what Happens to the likes of let's say a Coinbase or a kraken or or some other U.S base density that that trades in Crypto uh that tries to be uh on the Books and and show everything to to Regulators when they're asked what Happens to them Well as long as they can satisfy the Sort of requirements that typically are Imposed on an ordinary broker dealer Like Merrill Lynch they will be fine but this Is a problem because you can't take your Uh your crypto and find a custodian that Can handle it I mean you can't go to the Ordinary Bank custodians we know that uh The SEC has spoken about that so how do You do it Well bny Mellon is launching a new Digital asset custody platform that's From October of 2022 What do you do uh it's a it's a real

Dilemma State streets are offering crypto Custody these are all Wall Street guys What we need is guidance that says okay Here is an asset class that people want To invest in here is a way that the SEC Considers acceptable uh for for custody Of the asset Goldman Sachs is entering crypto custody Goldman JP Morgan and City are all said To be looking at crypto custody and That's from January 15 2021. what do you Think how do you think this story ends Folks it's obvious that's why Gary was Sent he was sent to hold off crypto Until Wall Street was ready and I Believe that they're pretty much ready That's why what I'm doing right now is Buying into these dips it's the ultimate Dip buying opportunity for me now egrag Crypto on this Monday egrag crypto has Decided to get out of bed in aggressive Mode and I like it Um I wanted to show you this he says um Considering the uh he says xrp BML 184 Considering the symmetricity of the Formations xrp of foot official Bull Run Starts at a dollar and 22 cents it's Entered an iwt by penetrating vimi Whatever that is xrp is rhyming with Previous cycle by a factor of 55 plus or Minus and then he says this equals 125. Previous all-time high 335 new all-time High 335 times 5 184.

335 times 5 is not 184. Well I'm not that's more like 16 or 17 Dollars I'm not sure what that means all Right but he's not finished yet Xrp Egyptian Pyramids now I have not He's even got a picture of Egyptian Pyramids I don't even know what this Means at all but I like the numbers Anyway 250 dollars and then he's got uh Whatever those words are cycle one cycle Two cycle three xrp repeats the same Structure that word 13 and a half Dollars that word 135 new formation that Word and largest 250 dollars And this is probably the most confusing Ta that I've seen to date but I like the Numbers okay Um if you haven't figured it out yet to Me the the TA stuff Um is interesting but from a learning Perspective for me but um for me Until you have the case settled you know It's hard to kind of really look at all That stuff but it's interesting to look At anyway because a lot of people do it But this is more where the rubber meets The road for me if Ripple is ready to go All the way to the Supreme Court then Gensler is likely to accept settlement In the SEC versus Ripple he needs that Victory a loss in front of the Supreme Court would look bad for his career and I think that's why Stuart al-arati and All these guys keep pointing at the

Supreme Court I think it's a dual threat A I think the Supreme Court I think the SEC doesn't have a good record and they Know they'll lose at the Supreme Court And B I think that that Ripple knows That Gary needs a shorter term Victory Than what he would get he wouldn't even Be there to win at the Supreme Court now Here here is an attorney that was on um The uh on the on the chains with their Show is called he was on their show and Listen to what he says about the Supreme Court But Justice Gorsuch took the opportunity In the case to sort of say look one of The problems with This kind of legislation and this kind Of things that these agencies are trying To do this again this was the this Was the uh the office of the Comptroller Um not the SEC but when agencies do These kinds of things People don't have Fair notice about them So I think and I wouldn't be surprised if You know this is something that Justice Gorsuch is picking up for reading the Wall Street Journal reports on the Ripple case you know these are the kinds Of things that percolate upward And get on their minds and then they Write about them um so I think it's Really interesting and timely for Justice Gorsuch to be writing on the

Fair notice defense I don't think Gary Gensler can take the chance on this Going to the Supreme Court and that's Why I think the guys at rip will keep Bringing it up saying Gary you better Come to the table because it's coming so That's another Supreme Court warning and Then this is another interesting clip From this guy listen I've never seen This level of interest in a piece of Private litigation Um like you know you're just talking About it's not private litigation it's The SEC you know regularly trying to do A regulatory action against Ripple but It's just uh involving one private party It's not a giant class action or Anything like that Um no so I've never seen anything Anything like that Um and you know John Deaton and the xrp Holders that he represents Um are really an interesting facet of This case that really make you know as Really interesting wrinkle to it Um I'm sure that's got an impact on the Way that judge Torres looks at the case You know she's been clearly very Interested in hearing from John and you Know in in his investors because I think She recognizes that It's not just about Ripple and that's Why so many people are interested right Like when when they take an action

Against Ripple and they say that it Might be a security and that every trade In a ripple in an xrp might be unlawful Or something for penalties I mean They're impacting people's livelihood That's right now I can't get enough of The official cool guy of the digital Asset investor Channel Mr intuitive he Says sorry not sorry sorry multi-coin Cap I these guys deserve anything they Get folks they've lost 91.4 in their uh Hedge fund in their crypto hedge fund And they deserve anything they get I'm Telling you a net it never sat well with Me how this guy and his partner this Guy's name is Kyle samani he and his Partner Tushar Jane came out and Intentionally threw water on xrp and Bragged about how they were shorting it And we found out later that they they Had two limited partners Union Square Ventures and Andresen Horowitz both of Which worked behind the scenes on the Ethereum free pass all these guys are Major ethereum fans and I've always Thought that they were all out there Intentionally doing that to manipulate The markets and and I it's always been a Bad feeling in my pit of my stomach over These guys and so I mean why would you Go out okay let's say you hate xrp or You hate Ripple but these this guy was Going out of his way to try to create Fun and to try to scare the markets

About what Ripple and xrp represented it And now he's getting his and I don't Feel sorry for the guy I also don't feel Sorry for sending her to me because to Me Senator Toomey is everything that's Wrong with our politicians and and um And so is Jay Clayton both of them end Up at the Apollo group I remember I Remember being at consensus and Listening to this guy on stage saying Yeah we feel like we're going to get we Can get stable coin legislation by the End of the year this was last year Nothing happened this guy leaves now He's going to Apollo and he's getting Paid and he's going to be with Jay Clayton Who he never ever addressed any of the Problems with Jay Clayton and I guess Now we know why he's one of the many Senators who hasn't done squat About Eastgate There was a little dialogue going on Here that I found was interesting uh Matt Hamilton and then these guys Um Mickel says sounds to me like it's being Advertised as a live product they're Talking about cbdc's built on The xrp Ledger Matt Hamilton says feel free to Take that up with them maybe Anthony Welfare will jump in as I see it Ripple Cbdc product Uses private ledgers and ripple has more

Than 20 contracts with central banks Testing or not it seems to me the Product does exist Anthony welfare comes In and says we have a private version of The xrp Ledger which we use for cbdc and Stablecoin projects both Bhutan and Palau are are at an advanced stage as Announced there's a great explanation Myself and let me see this person Anthony Ralphs have given did for the Digital Euro taking you through the tech Let me find let me find it Um then this came out I think let me see What it came out this month Project Icebreaker breaking new pass and Cross-border Retail cbdc payments now I'm not saying that Ripple's involved in This but I am saying that we know that Stellar and xrp have been mentioned by The bis which is the Central Bank of Central banks we also know that the fat Man from the bis was sitting in the room With Brad garlinghouse and Christine Lagarde in Switzerland a couple of years Back So we know ripples in the game this is Interesting because it sure sounds a lot Like what Ripple's been doing if no Foreign digital shackles the Icebreaker Hub will find a bridge currency for Example Norwegian krona that can be Exchanged for both Swedish e krona and Israeli digital shackles and we'll use That to bridge the gap Swedish krona are

Exchanged for Norwegian krona which is In turn exchanged for Israeli digital Shackles The Hub will always choose the payment Path that is cheapest for the payer The benefits of the model demonstrated In the project are it enables Cross-border interoperability allowing Systems with different Technologies to Talk to each other in a standardized way It reduces settlement and counterparty Risk by the use of coordinated payments In central bank money it allows Increased competition and choice for Consumers by decoupling payers from Specific foreign exchange providers as Well as through the use of bridge Currencies it helps reduce costs it Helps achieve increased cross-border Approach it is scalable easily Connecting the systems of many countries It is first transactions take just Seconds to complete and cbdc does not Need to leave a national cbdc system Thank you Project Icebreaker has demonstrated that Central banks can Implement different Technologies for their National cbdc Systems that meet their needs and enable Cross-border payments with minimal Requirements Further areas of work are still Necessary but the lessons so far can Guide central banks when designing their

National Retail cbdc systems I know somebody who's designing retail Cbdc systems or CBD systems in general I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family about the uh yet Another Supreme Court warning Thank you


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