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Welcome back to the show and we're here For part two of Brad Garling house at DC Fintech week and again every bit of this Is fire if you haven't seen part one go Watch that there's also some highlights And video clips from Ripple swell that You're absolutely going to want but Let's go ahead and get started somebody Roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad k Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is $1.43 Trillion market cap for crypto and the Market is up 3.1% good morning good Afternoon good evening wherever you are Right now 37,000 slightly over for Bitcoin 1900 in change for ethereum 86.7 billion market cap for for USD Tether xrp is 68 cents off by8 in the 24h hour but still up by 10% on the 7 Day let's look at the range of price We're at 68 cents ranging between 67 and 70 cents we know above 66 cents is a Great place to be so hopefully we hold That and continue to play out the way The technical analysts are telling it Telling us it should so we'll keep an Eye on that link to ladies and gentlemen Is the best place to get private Equity

You can do that today if you just click The link go sign up and register get Started over 426,000 registered users can't be wrong If you're not one of them all you have To do is sign up and register and get Started today click the link underneath Before Alder Ripple is gone or link to Or glint or uphold and all the other Incredible products that they have now Let's get right to it because there's Quite a bit left to this and I want you To have all of it without the video Getting too long today this is Brad Garlinghouse on fire you'll hear him Discussing whether or not he would go to The Supreme Court right at the end of This clip here but if you haven't seen The first half go watch the video from This morning and let's get right to this And shout out to Brad Garling house and I think it's Kaylee and I can't remember Her last name but uh shout out to her Anyway and forgive me if I messed her Name up because she conducts an Incredible interview here and I'm Grateful for that as well so take a Listen here we go that is a good thing I Mean the current Supreme Court I uh I Would we'd love to see the Vegas odds on How that would go me too they haven't Been super friendly to Regulators I Think friendly to Regulators no and so It look and that goes back to my earlyer

Point I don't know if the SEC will Choose to appeal this decision if they Do I think it it risks to them Amplifying you know something that They're not yet saying uh I I think it'd Be more constructive for the SEC and Even the industry just to say look okay Let's step back let's Reevaluate as you know I'm going from Here to Dubai other Regulators around The world like we we have been in this Dialogue I've been talking to other regs Around the world for years and there's An open dialogue there's a constructive Dialogue the US used to be looked at as A leader from Securities regulation and Protecting Consumers I think it's become a Political liability the the way the SEC Has approached this in the United States We are looked at here in the US relative To other countries as stuck you know Just we are not leading and even worse It's just kind of looked at The other countries are absolutely Leading the UK I mean I happen to be Going to the UAE later today but uh I Could name five or six countries Japan Even Australia uh Switzerland Singapore I mean these are all countries that are Leading and by virtue of that you're Seeing capital investment you're seeing Entrepreneurs set up shop in those Countries because the rules are clear I

Want to come back to that rest of the World versus the US point but just to Clarify something quickly because you Just said you'll take it to the Supreme Court if you have to you will Ride This Out fight it in the court until it is Done if the SEC appeals there's no Chance that you would end up settling in Some way well that's a slightly Different question I mean look Uh I I we've talked a little about this Publicly now I was offered the ability To settle prior to to you know they Didn't just Sue Ripple they sued me yes And they sued now right that has all Been uh all dropped with prejudice and So you know look that feels really good Asterisk it feels like how did we end up Here like what you sued me as if it was Clear I had to knowingly sell know that Xrp was a security and act recklessly to Not know again people here in the law Know more about this than I do but like There was no chance they were going to Win that and pushing it the way they did It just feels like the SEC should be Part of the solution other countries It's no problem and you joke I mean I Think you were joking to my meeting with The SEC today in another country that Wouldn't I I've met with central banks I've met with uh I you name the Regulator and it's kind of like yeah no Problem open meeting open dialogue we

Talk about Ripple's doing we talk about Our view on the crypto industry no Problem here in the US it's like you Know it's like oh the laws are clear Listen but yet we can't answer is Etha Security boom yeah that's something that The chairman has still not actually uh Today but ask him again today maybe I'll Find him Mah the curtain somewhere I'll Let you know um okay so let's go back to The US the rest of the world topic as You were just discussing it there where Do you think the best example is being Set what should the US be trying to Replicate or does the US just need to be Doing something different but taking That regulator regulatory approach Differently I like I I partly because They're you know a close economic and Political partner to the US I the United Kingdom the UK I think has been very Constructive on crypto and that uh you Know get when I say that they're not you Know again Cher gendler likes to talk About crypto is the wild west it is Absolutely not the wild west uh you know Ripple is a regulated company in many Jurisdictions around the world uh you Can the singap in Singapore we have our Uh license from masas as a major Payments provider uh in the UK we have Well in in Dubai we've applied for the Virtual asset regulatory I can't VAR I Can't remember what the a stands for but

You know it's not the wild west and I Think it's it's a narrative It'll come back Here one second to promote I guess a Political agenda as opposed to sound Policy and uh you know I think there's Still time for the US to remain a key Leader in this space and some of the Most important crypto companies in the World are based here in the United States but you know if you if Brian Armstrong were up here today I think he Would say as well you know does he wish You had gone public in a different Jurisdiction in the United States SEC Approved his S1 but then sued him for Doing things they knew he was Doing how does that make sense okay so You just said you think there is still Time for the US to be a leader how much Time is still time like where in The Hourglass are we well I mean like I want To be realistic about this the United States is what 23% of global GDP the US gets us act together years From now probably it's such an important Economic actor that it feels like that Option always exists because where of Where the us stands in a global GDP Point of view and it is really the Finance capital of the world but there Are other Finance capitals of the world That's right certainly Dubai is you know Trying to emerge even more so Singapore

For sure London for sure and not Surprising me you know I've said Publicly 80% of Ripple's hiring this Year will be outside the United States And it's probably why would I want to Hire more and more people in the United States when the US is making it hostile For me to operate here and even with the SEC case I mean we have US Banks as Customers and you know I've talked to Them post the SEC case and I say okay so Great now we can we have a product Called On Demand liquidity which uses Xrp and so I'll go to those Banks and Say you know should we engage on that Topic and they're like look even though You won the case the United States Government is still hostile towards Crypto the OCC is hostile towards crypto And until that changes the banks of the United States are not going to engage Meaningfully so now very quickly inside Of that because I don't want to Interrupt this many times but I need to Say this here this is why I believe we Go all the way to the Supreme Court he Didn't highlight the problems we've had With the SEC he highlighted the OCC right the office of com controler Currency is pushing back but you haven't Heard them push back that's coming from The banks sitting down with Brad and Ripple and telling them where they're

Getting pressure from and until that Backs off things with the United States Banking system are not going to change In a meaningful way so this is why I Believe that going all the way to the Supreme Court is what needs to happen Here this isn't just the SEC this is the OC as well I don't think the window has Passed for the US to be a leader but I Think uh every day that goes by these Other markets that they want the Entrepreneurs there they and very Quickly I got to say this cuz he's about To bring up London being the second Largest office that Ripple has and Remember what happened in London uphold Has clearance and license from UK Financial conduct Authority who did Ripple just recently partner with uphold And how did they do that by really Bringing and going live in December According to Simon mlin the CEO of Uphold Ripple liquidity hub that's what They've done with uphold and financial Institutions will be able to use it Without holding it or touching it or Anything and get the benefit of it Through a relationship and partnership Between Ripple and uphold keep your eye On London and watch his face as he says It right now once growth uh and you know Again I'm mentioning Singapore London And Dubai has three key examples but I Mean the ripples London office is our

Second largest office going to Eng Meaningfully they want growth uh and you Know again I'm mentioning Singapore London and Dubai as three key examples But mean the ripples London office is Our second largest office well that's a Really good point to your point of You're hiring a lot internationally These are longterm decisions you're Making these are long-term Investments So even if things were to get friendlier In the US would you all of a sudden Shift shift back here how are you Thinking about the longterm for ripple Well look I mean a majority of our Employees are still us-based I I think Eventually if if you zoom out far enough You know none of this stuff barely Existed 10 or 12 years ago fair so if You zoom out far enough do I think 10 Years from now the us is going to figure This out and have a constructive Regulatory framework for crypto a Thousand per. yeah so that's 10 years Okay what about five I you know I don't Know where I would go as we rewind but I Remain a long-term Optimist uh In I I was in Silicon Valley for about 25 years I moved last a couple years ago But better Technologies almost always Win in the end and I truly believe Blockchain Technologies are a path to Reducing friction for financial Transactions to the benefit of many

Industries and the irony and you and I Were talking about this backstage a Little bit for some reason crypto has Become a little bit of a partisan issue I when when I first came to Washington And as Chris said I've been coming here Four or five years uh it was a totally Bipartisan issue and for some reason Recently it's come a little bit partisan Towards Republicans being more open and Constructive saying okay let's pass this Legislation I the irony to me around That is one of the core benefits around Crypto particularly around payments are Customers who are can least afford the Cost of remittances are actually Burdened the most so I'm talking about Uh immigrant populations sending you Know millions billions of dollars into Uh other countries and they're paying You know the World Bank would say 600 to 700 basis points that's outrageous you Know uh again so for for me it's Surprising that it is not uh more Bipartisan and that we would have seen Kind of something pass already uh but Again I think there's still hope and I Think now that we have a speaker of the House maybe will make progress maybe They have to figure out you know how to Fund the government in the next nine Days uh as well so they have quite a lot That they're dealing with but to your Point if it doesn't happen this congress

With this lead of the house Financial Services committee obviously they've Passed a few bills uh out of committee Stable coin legislation and Market Structure bill as well if they can't get It done before the next Election what does that mean I I I I I Don't really know what I mean by that is I I don't know that the uh the Presidential politics I haven't heard Either of you know Biden or Trump really Speak about this I mean I think Trump Once tweeted about Bitcoin or something Years ago uh he would true social it now Yeah that's right sorry yes uh but so I I don't I don't really have an opinion On that I I view this as a bipartisan Issue it's good for the United States to Have constructive engagement with next Generational exponential technologies That truly can have dramatically Positive impacts on our economy to the Benefit of citizens and you know the US If you go back in the history books you Know the fact that the US passed clear Legisl legislative Solutions around the Internet in the late 90s allowed massive Amounts of capital and entrepreneurs you Think about that like I think we're Hosted by AWS here the largest most Important internet companies are based In the United States the the Geopolitical benefit to the United States not just economic has been

Massive because we created the right Environment for entrepreneurs in capital To flow into a next generational Technology framework blockchain is a Next generational technology framework It is going to touch many many Industries I would agree with people say Well right now there's too much Speculation I agree we need more clear Constructive uses of these Technologies To solve industry problems but you're Seeing more and more companies doing That and you're seeing more and more Traction the United States should get Behind that we want these Technologies To emanate here we want to be to have That and for whatever reasons you know I Think the SEC is part of the problem There you know we have uh been Hostile what you hear and you talk about How this is becoming somewhat of a Partisan issue I've spoken with a lot of Democratic lawmakers crypto Skeptics About this and they cite fraud often That a lot of people are defrauded Through crypto scams also things the Questioning whether or not blockchain Ultimately really does anything new that Can't be done already that it's just Trying to recreate something for no good Reason and potentially bad things come With it how much more work needs to be Done to push back against that kind of Narrative well I mean the fraud point

You know and you and I talked a little About this backstage you know uh the FTX Fraud wasn't a crypto fraud I mean yes It was it was a it was a Fraud uh I I don't know like it Absolutely it wasn't unique that this Happened to crypto uh there's other Frauds that in some cases were even a Bigger scale than uh what happened there So listen what he says when I I hear People say well we need legislative Solutions around to prevent FTX it's Like well maybe if Gary gendler and the SEC weren't so focused on going after Ripple and meeting openly with Sam Bankman freed maybe we could have Actually avoided some of that right uh I I don't I don't know I mean you know Gendler won't comment on his meetings he Had with SBF so I don't really know what That's all about but it strikes me those Aren't the laws we need to clarify fraud Laws are there and there's many Jurisdictions you have uh chair benam From the cftc there's fraud I mean There's lots of ways you can address That and obviously Sam B and freed I Think is probably going to go to jail I Know the sentencing hasn't happened yeah Uh but guilty on all seven counts Correct so I I don't think that's the Core of the problem I I think but the Other part of your problem like people Who say there's not enough real

Utility I mean look I kind of agree with That there's a lot of excitement and There should be but that also was true In the earliest days of the internet There are a lot there's a birth just an Explosion of entrepreneurial activity That did result in the dotc bust but Then you still have emerged from that Google and Amazon and fate meta you know Like uh there's no doubt in my mind These Technologies because they actually Can be used to rewire how transactions Happen there's immense friction in how Crossw payments happen where Ripple's Focused but there's immense friction in Real estate in bond settlement there's a Ways to use these Technologies and by The way I use those examples those Aren't things Ripple's doing but just It's more advocating for the industry at Large well let's talk about Ripple Though and the utility there what's Institutional adoption looking like Outside the United States it's been Great I mean look we I'm sensing a theme Here I I was it was a dark time it when Ripple got Sued one second it'll come back here December 27 2 2020 q1 of 2021 you know We didn't know it was going to happen uh Outside of the United States Regulators Are like we don't understand what the SEC is doing and we continue I mean 2021 And 2022 were some of our best years

Ever grow and the primary measure we use To measure Growth one second tens of millions to Hundreds of millions to billions of Dollars of transactions at a time when We're in the middle of this massive Lawsuit with the SEC so uh other Countries again have engaged Constructively they see how these Technologies can be used to improve Payment flows they see how crossb Settlement works today it's slow it's Expensive I mean actually the the uh Head of the Italian Central Bank I'm Forgetting his name right now he just Wrote an opinion piece in the financial Times about how broken crosswater Payments are it's 2023 and you know uh these are Technologies that actually the US is is Trying to Stymy doesn't make sense so I know you Always would rather focus on xrp utility Rather than speculation but do you have A thought on I believe it's been bit up 30% in the last month uh crypto overall Has been up Bitcoin hit a low of I think 16 or 17,000 now it's I think at 35,000 Xrp definitely has been on a rally I you Know look if if I had a magical window Into what drives crypto prices I Probably would quit this job and just go Do that uh so you know look I I Take A Very Long View the big picture around

These Technologies and and by I'm very Much a multi-chain Viewpoint like yes Xrp is extremely good at some use cases And payments is clearly one but I think There are lots of other uh blockchains That can be used for other purposes that It's not going to be one you know kind Of one winner to take it all I'm already Bracing myself for when I go check Twitter after this to see everything the Xrp Army had to say about this Conversation there is a passionate Advocate Group and you could say that Yes look I I I think that is a good Thing there's obviously a very Passionate Advocate Group around Bitcoin I will say and I I say this to anyone Who will listen like the ideologues and The kind of uh the maximalism that Happens in crypto I think is Counterproductive to crypto and when I See people advocating of like it's all Bitcoin or it's all xrp or something I'm Just like no it's not and I I think we All have to come together and frankly One of the Silver Linings of the case With the SEC has been the industry Realizing like this was important for The industry that's right yes it was Great for ripple and frankly it was nice For Brad garlinghouse to have the case Dropped But it's important for the industry and The grayscale decision I think it's

Incredibly important for the whole Industry to come together and agree on Things here in Washington to to catalyze That legislative solution that we Haven't yet seen all right we're going To have to leave it on that note Brad Garling how's the CEO of Ripple thank You so much what a great candid Conversation there and shout out to both Of them for bringing it together now I Want to tell you about this really Quickly as well today in the freedom Zone we're going to be talking about That country that has a red flag and how A new US bill is coming out Acknowledging that they need to be Stopped when it comes to blockchains and Other issues like tether we're going to Get deep into that today inside the Freedom Zone you're not going to want to Miss it don't forget you also get zero Google ads in these videos right this is A daily content plus extra content in Here and a remarkable conversation from Some really bright people too so join it Less than a cup of coffee cost of a cup Of coffee per month you can be inside of Here as well and taking advantage of all The insights and the extra content That's in here we're keeping the Conversation going Free Speech inside of The freedom Zone and it's censorship Free that's what we love about it we Hope to see you in side too join us not

Financial advice from me or anyone else We'll catch all of you on the next One


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