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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you here gold Bitcoin the three bit I'm sorry gold to 3,000 Bitcoin could we see a crypto Super cycle David Schwarz says not so Fast Bitcoin may be a security uh hash Ripple test we got that and so much more New recently acquired Ripple company now Partnering with IBM somebody wrote at Beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad K come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's $ 1.67 Trillion doll market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up 3.1% in The last 24 hours 43,900 plus just pulling back a bit B From the 44 44,000 Mark Bitcoin was at Recently 2253 and change for ethereum Rate now 89.6 billion plus for tether Market cap xrp is 62 cents up 1.8 in the 24hour up 2.6 on the 7 day let's look at The range of price very quickly here 61 Cents on the bottom 63 on the top we'll Keep an eye on it ladies and gentlemen It's I trust Capital I've told you about It you know I'm a customer I'm telling You about it because it is the best Crypto Ira gold silver Ira on the planet Bar none if you don't believe me click The link below if you just changed jobs Left your job lost your job whatever it

Is you got to do something with your 401k you know what you could do roll it Over into your itust Capital IRA and get Your own back office and be able to Control it for yourself look there's Nothing better than buying crypto except Buying taxfree crypto and that's what You can do inside there Now we know all about the idea that There's a dollarization moment coming And it's already in progress around the World we know that there are multiple Countries joining bricks in January 2024 Most of them said to already be in Bricks but we know Saudi Arabia being One of them that's the geopolitical Landscape then we see here at home 64 US Bank branches filed to shut down in a Single week big Banks such as PNC JP Morgan Chase have filed to close several Branches in multiple States amid Troubling pattern pattern rise of branch Shutdowns in recent years you know uh Look geopolitical side of things Domestic side of things you scratch just Below the surface and there are very Very big problems awaiting all of us no Matter where we live I do believe that And I believe that's no mistake in why We're seeing this targets now being Called for up to $3,000 or just under The $2,800 an ounce for gold as we watch the Chart here from dark Defender this is an

Indicator to me to me that we are Absolutely watching something very big Happen around the world as far as the Financial system the monetary system Take place for gold to be projected to Move like this it tells me that there is Something very big coming and I just Hope that we are all prepared enough and Me and my family included to weather the Storm and invest while we're weathering The storm now coming back to crypto here This is Paul Baron and he has Scott mker On the show shout out to both of these Gentlemen and he's asked about a crypto Super cycle and I absolutely love this Response take a listen uh I want to kind Of wrap up on a couple of topics here Ethereum right now many people look at This as the technology that really could Be the next internet and you look at Super Cycles if you compare it to Something say like an Amazon just to Give you an example if you were an Investor in Amazon in 2015 do you feel Like eth may be in that kind of position Where it's just a super cycle and just All the way up just because of the Technology adoption and all that stuff That we're talking about right Now I don't think so but because I just Don't believe in the idea of a super Cycle as I said before and do think Other things will grab market share but I think ethereum is going to 10,000

Bucks the the fact is for a lot of us Who are Crypt native and I learned this The hard way the last cycle like many People even outside of you know Voyager Bankruptcy and and losing Millions there But you know a when the cycle ends There'll be plenty of time to buy back Like three years you know um and I don't Believe that things only go up it's Never happened in any market so I don't Think that the super cycle idea is going To come to fruition just because it's The thing thing that I love but you Become way too overweight crypto right And no matter how much you believe in it You just got to rebalance right and I Failed to rebalance some I took plenty Of profit but I failed to rebalance some In the last market and I regret it and I'm not gonna I'm not going to make that Mistake again when everybody's telling Me that we're going straight to a Million dollars right I think that's Such a great perspective uh it's not Financial advice to me him or anyone Else but uh this is why I talk about and I certainly talk about this inside to Deep PMG which you can join us in there If you'd like uh we talk often about not Only creating wealth but how to maintain It and preserve our wealth and one of The things I am going to do with my Crypto gains is to put them into hard Assets real estate gold silver things of

That nature that's why I have the links Underneath the video that's why I tell You contact mil Franklin put dig gold in The subject box for the best prices I Tell you this because this is what I'm Doing I'm not saying you got to do what I'm doing but if you're interested in Taking your gains and putting them Somewhere that they can be safe and earn For you and work in a way that is Protecting you like owning gold then You're going to want to take a position And try to move forward and make those Relationships because I tell you you Know I want to make make sure that I Take the gains I love being in this Space but it is a very highrisk space I'll tell you another point that I love That he made here we see ups and downs In the market crypto Winters crypto Springs right we see these things take Place and we know that we are near some Kind of crypto spring at some point I do Believe we have to see some Reckoning For tether which may impact the rest of The market and certainly Bitcoin but We're also going to take another look at What's going on with Bitcoin we know That Bitcoin is on the verge of getting Approvals for spot Bitcoin ETFs take a Look at this from edrad crypto here as He shows the history here I mean what a Beautiful chart this is so I mean you Know your imagination could take you

Where we should be going here when it Comes to bitcoin but we also know that There's a regulatory issue at play here And the having is in front of us next April take a listen just five months Away so question about the the having I've heard it called the havening or the Having but either one we're getting to That in April I think right um and That's been a bullish thing before I Sort of Wonder is it the same thing Though is that already getting priced in Or is this is there something technical That actually happens that would make it Be priced in closer to the event after Um so what we've seen historically is That the 12 to 16 months after a Happening is the best performance of Bitcoin so that's what everybody's Thinking about um this time you know This time might be different because the Price of bitcoin's higher we now only Have I think it's 900 Bitcoin a day that Come out so that gets cut in half it's Not a lot of Bitcoin but what it does do Is it makes Bitcoin more scarce than Gold so for the first time in history You have an asset that is more scarce Than gold in what way more scarce uh Let's call it a stock to flow ratio so Uh the amount of Bitcoin mined every Year divided by the amount of uh amount Outstanding same with gold and now There'll be quote unquote less Bitcoin

Than gold mined on a relative basis and Look and to to to add to Brian Kelly's Point here you know it's you know to to Build on what he's saying here 80% of The Bitcoin in the market has been held And not sold during this crypto winter That's a remarkable number so there are Things to consider here we're looking at Both sides Ripple's CTO Joel Catz Counters the argument that Bitcoin can't Be classified as a security due to its Nature as free Code David says well not so fast here if You go into this basically what David Says is countering the Viewpoint Presented by Bitcoin maximalist Bruce Fenton citing Bernstein versus Department of Justice decision argued That Bitcoin being free code equates to Protected speech and thus Falls outside Security's classification Schwarz Challenged this argument suggesting that The context and application of the code Are critical in determining its Classification he posited that a broad Range of Expressions could be Categorized as speech but the government Can still regulate them under certain Circumstances you know I went into a Twitter space uh shout out to Perry and Boring and the Chamber of digital Commerce a few months ago and I Highlighted that we need to you know as A collective space and I I made sure

That they understood I wasn't saying it Because I was a maximalist of xrp I was Saying it because Gary gendler's at the SEC Bitcoin doesn't have legal Clarity Bitcoin has regulatory opinion and so Does Ethereum don't believe me it's still True take a look at this as Black Rock Makes changes made by request of the SEC To their filing for the spot Bitcoin ETF These are all the changes had to be made Let's look at number nine number nine Says added SEC action against xrp issuer As an example of potential consequences Of Bitcoin being classified as a Security and if the SEC is the one that Made you put that in there and here it Is right here I think this guy is Joe uh Car Carlos R shout out to him he says Interesting update from Black Rock uh I Shares S1 filing regarding the concern That SEC could take an approach that Bitcoin is potential security seems Silly but apparently the SEC wants the Language in there well you know What and the xrp Ripple Labs is cited All through it and the case any Enforcement action by the SEC or stated Securities regulator asserting Bitcoin Is a security or Court decision to that Effect would be expected uh to have an Immediate material adverse imp on Trading value of Bitcoin as well as the Shares this is because the business

Model behind most digital assets are Incompatible uh with regulations Applying to transactions and securities If a digital asset is determined or Asserted to be a security is likely to Become difficult or impossible for the Digital asset to be traded cleared or Custody in the United States through the Same channels used by non-security Digital assets in which in addition to Materially and adversely affecting their Uh Trading value of the digital asset is Likely to significantly impact its Liquidity Market partici participants Ability to convert the digital asset Into US dollar for example the 2020 SEC Filed a complaint uh against issuer xrp Xrp Ripple Labs it says into two of its Executives alleging that they raised More than 1.3 billion in xrp sales you Know the rest of the drill but they're Citing this and this is put in there due To the SEC wanting it in There Here's what you got to remember what you Have to remember is this shout out to Wheezy nerd Nation here as we know for a Fact Department of Homeland Security has Interviewed the four people who are in Fact Satoshi they spoke at this Conference to the cftc and the SEC and They all act like they don't know it but They do know it because they just made Black rock put it in here

In case it would be a security now I Believe digital Assets in and of Themselves as xrp are not Securities but the SEC is leaving the Back door open and maybe this is why we Looked at Bitcoin was the most prevalent At that point we had seized quite a bit Of it millions of dollars worth under This is R sead special agent to the Department of Homeland Security speaking To a bunch of people in a room again C FTC SEC officials are in this room the Silk Road investigation so one of our Agents who started looking at another Online Marketplace um through the Deep Web which was called Black Market Reloaded they were sending weapons um Through packages and through at ordering Them on the dark web and he was really Really smart forward leaning agent and He goes I want to go interview Satoshi Nakamoto and we're like What He said Yeah I want to go interview this guy and At the time we're like hey it's a Figment of somebody's imagination maybe It's true maybe It's one Second figment of somebody's imagination Maybe it's true maybe it's so you know We had all this push back from our Headquarters and we thought hey if an Agent wants to go talk to him and we Have some money why don't we send him Let's find out how this works so as it

Came to be the agents flew out to California and they realized that he Wasn't alone in creating this there were Three other people and he they sat down And met with them and talked to them to Find out how this actually works and What the reason for it was and obviously The reason was not so that criminals Would uh utilize it for nefarious Purposes right but how many of us know That for years criminals have been Utilizing traditional cash for nefarious Purposes and finding ways to layer that Money and then integrate it into Financial institutions at the end so There we have it Right Department of Homeland Security Knows exactly who the Satoshi are it's Four people They know who they are is that why the SEC wants this put inside of their S1 Filing for spot Bitcoin ETF again I personally don't feel that Digital assets are securities I think Anything can be packaged into a security For sure but I don't believe uh digital Assets in and of themselves are Securities at all but this is something That obviously you know I I've got Exposure to to some Bitcoin here you Know uh in light of what's coming but You know to me these are the questions We have to ask ourselves and you have to Ask yourself how much risk do you feel

You're really being exposed to what are You actually comfortable with it's it's It is a personal decision for each Individual now before we get out of Here weigh this in where's this at on Your risk Meter yeah yeah Anthony welfare Ripple Advisor shout out to you Anthony fantastic work with IBM from Team Medico as team Medico says we Worked with our partner IBM that's right Ripple acquired Medico partnered with IP IBM to help build hyper protect offline Signing Orchestra known as Oso a new Technology to deploy C Storage for Digital assets which addresses the Requirements of top tier Banks and Financial Institutions who's upset about that not This guy now I tell you what we're Getting ready to get into the real Conversation right here and it is the World evil Forum ladies and gentlemen Let me tell you something it isn't about The pandemic it isn't about the cyber Attacks that have been predicted by 2025 By them which we better be prepared for No no no this is about the next thing That they have grabbed on to to be able To control the world's population this Is no joke and we are going to take it Apart here in the freedom zone right now But that's going to do it for us here Make sure you click the link dig

Perspectives. and join us in the freedom Zone it's next to nothing we're having The real conversation in there you Should join us not Financial advice or Me or anyone else I'll catch all of you On the next One


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