XRP Pre-Allocation & SEC / ETH vs. Ripple Post-Judgement Settlement?

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and the SEC can rule in SEC Versus I'm sorry the judge can rule in SEC versus ripple at any minute Any minute any day probably any of the Next two weeks All right egrag crypto wanted to point Out to me because I was asking about it Uh this morning he he had the Nike Swoosh analysis that gave xrp a 27 Number And so he said thank you for sharing the Chart he said there's six types of Market recovery V you swoosh z w and L Shape and here they are different Economic recovery scenarios so you learn Something every day I hope he's right I Hope the swoosh the 27 swoosh happens I like it now this is what Yasin Mubarak Said today he says I'm now more Confident than ever that xrp's native Status and secondary market sales will Not be classified as a security and Investment contracts respectively I Agree however I'm now less confident That Ripple will have an outright when I Think Ripple will have have to pay some Hefty penalty and admit a portion of Their sales or Securities I agree Overall xrp holders and xrpl developers And users should be happy I agree with

That post-judgment set I basically I Agree with everything he just said I Think there's going to be a Post-judgment settlement I laid it all Out right here here's my SEC versus Rebel predictions one xrp itself is not A security xrp being the oranges the Oranges are not a security extra being The secondary Market is not a security Some past sales of xrp by Ripple are Securities Okay I think that'll happen Ripple pays Record fine okay some and that'll be Involved in the settlement some issues In the case go to trial we never see the Hinman documents post-judgment Settlement Ripple agrees to seal the Henman documents assuming the judge Orders them released okay I believe that This is what Ripple is going to do right Here And I think that that um They'll pay a record fine I think I Think they will agree to that okay I'll Leave it at that now I think the Official cool guy of the digital asset Investor Channel agrees and here he here He is telling you what it will be like When Gary goes on CNBC and I think what He's trying to illustrate here is that Gary Is going to hold this up as a win and I Think Ripple will have no choice if they Want to do the post-judgment settlement

To to let Gary have his win Gary needs His trophy Because remember this is all about Gary From Gary's perspective Hi Becky hi Andrew thanks for having me On Squawk on the street as you can see It's a big win for the yet to talk about Axar pay You see and the crypto enforcement the Judge ruled and denied Ripple's motion That some past sales were Securities now She might have said xrp currently is not A security but you know that's a fact by Fact basis and it only applies to that Digital asset so exactly that's what This that's what ginsel is going to do This case is not going to relieve Anybody else xrp is going through the Door in my opinion and and the others Are going to have to go through lawsuits It could take them two plus years if Congress doesn't do anything she has Continued to go and enforce our rules Against other crypto frauds and this is A big win in the industry Mom I'm Talking to CNBC I'm going to set up I Think he just nailed it the Ripple now Relax So anyway thanks for having me I haven't Left my house in a long time and uh I Might have signed some checks For Hillary Mr bxrp did a poll based on the recent Events in the SEC versus Ripple case do

You think a settlement will occur prior To summary judgment 47.2 percent win saying no He didn't ask if there was going to be a Pre if there would be a settlement Post-judgment that's what I think we're Dealing with okay now this is what I Think that one of Ripple's weaknesses Are and I think this is a very Important part you know how many times We've been called oh that's wild Speculation you can't say xrp is Pre-allocated you can't say the escrows Pre-allocated you can't say that well I Can here's what I contend about that About that little comment As long as there are ndas at Ripple it Is no more speculation to say that there Is xrp Pria in fact it's more Speculative to say that that there's not Pre-allocation than it is to say that There is in my opinion because we have We know it's this is in the lawsuit we Know that there's contracts that means That xrp is pre-allocated to do Something Right here 1700 contracts okay this is From JV he says Um experts the SEC is trying to exclude On Ripple's side something that pops up To me 1700 xrp contracts look at this Defendants offer testimony of Alan Schwartz professor of law at Yale Law School

And he opens on 1700 written contracts Related to Ripple xrp distribution Schwartz report uh areas of X anyway it Goes on Discovery the par uh the parties Produce 1700 contracts which are Specific agreements which Ripple Transferred xrp on contractual To contractual part counterparties in a Variety of commercial transactions in His expert report he organizes the 1700 Contracts one contracts which Ripple Transferred export P directly to Counterparty two contracts by Ripple Counterparties agree to sell xrp on Behalf of Ripple or trading platforms Three Um contracts about by which Ripple paid For various counterparty services in xrp Provided by Ripple and four this is the Big one Miscellaneous contracts that do not fall Into the first three categories he Further distinguishes between the four Categories of contracts explains their Commercial purposes and identify Specific Provisions in each contract He says Compares xrp contracts with Written contracts and Howie Folks There is xrp pre-allocation anybody that Says there's not Just as being naive That's the fact Jack all right Um you need to know 3 45 today John

Deaton is going to be on with Liz Clayman and Charles gasparino on um on Liz clayman's show 345 Eastern Time Look at this what are the chances that Today of all days Bitcoin mining rig Manufacturer Kanan this is the same Mining man Chinese mining manufacturer That bill Hinman helped to take public While he was at the SEC Right says they reported an 82 decrease In Q4 Revenue compared to the same Period in 2021 as equipment sales Slumped while self-mining Revenue grew What are the chances and then there's This since we live in the age of Lies I Found this this morning let me see if Let me hold on a second this was I found This this morning this is Valerie Japanese now that when you hear the SEC Say come in and talk to us this is who You're going to come in and talk to and As the library CEO said these people are Not honest you come in and you talk to Them and then they don't do anything Except they won't tell you anything they Just use the information you got to Later sue you well this is the woman She's bragging about all of their Enforcement actions where there was Fraud involved where there was and and How they're going to continue to do These and so I took the liberty to to um Sprinkle in Joseph lubin's where he's Bragging about disguising the ethereum

Whales helping them disguise themselves With only an email address to illustrate The absurdity that she and her agency Has completely ignored ethereum and Given them a free pass while going after All these other people some of the more Recent cases we've brought I think Really go to some of the the fraud and Bad activity that we've seen and Um Can be buy from any number of different Identities The key to you know Taking taking investor harm very Seriously The unit size of a cell Um just to make it easier to disguise We've brought cases against Sam Baker And freed and others for their Defrauding Equity investors in FTX Trading these are allegations that's a Litigating case so I can't go beyond That Um Um a former coinbase product manager for Insider trading Um around information about listing Certain assets trading before that Happens so if you are a real if you want To planning on investing several million U.S dollars In the multiple identities Um Kim Kardashian for touting uh on Social media crypto asset security

Um ethereum max without disclosing uh The nature source and amount of payment Um Um individuals involved in the trade Point Club which is a fraudulent crypto Ponzi scheme that raised uh more than 82 000 Bitcoin worldwide But But we can increase Sedonas email and identity animation Purchase Center And then recently a case involving mango Markets and and an individual that Manipulated uh the governance token Which we alleged as a security and so You know we we will continue to bring Cases where we see Um misconduct uh and I think that that Is in line just not against ethereum Um even though they've done potentially Worse than what the others have done now Max Kaiser is a Bitcoin Max he through And through just about everything he Says in this clip I agree with the Problem is he assumes that Bitcoin was Created by some libertarian in his Bathroom and I disagree I think the Problem is that he that uh the people That he's talking about in this clip are They either created bitcoin or they know Who Satoshi is and have a plan to Destroy Bitcoin because they see it as a Threat We have laws in the books talker but we

Don't have anyone enforcing those laws And implied in these same bank and free Crisis that scam is none other than Gary Gensler over at the SEC who should have Been calling time on this a long ago but We find out that he's actually involved And that there's some what I would call Collusion and the problem is in America You have a country that's ruled by a Kleptocracy every institution in America Is tied to Wall Street in some way They've all been financialized they all Use cheap money they're all Cross-collateraling each other's assets They're all using that money to buy real Assets and they're all undermining the Economy in fundamental ways which lead To inflation which lead to unemployment Which lead to all kinds of dysfunctions In the economy in our medical system in All cross-institutions it all goes back To essentially the deregulation that Happened 40 years ago which led to the Financialization and the over Indebtedness the over leveraging the Economy and now in 2022 since interest Rates are going up That's the end of The Mirage that the Bubble has been popped and if the FTX Scandal and the Sam bankman free Scandal Was like the last drags of a full All right uh and finally you want to see What evil cbdc's look like I keep saying This can be used for good or for evil

Here's the evil side for example Thanussi says China's Central Bank could Put an expiration date on the digital Money Similar to how lottery winnings have to Be spent before a certain date it means That the Chinese government could set up A whole lot of things to have your Currency maybe valid or invalid based on Its own priorities this is almost like Handing over the keys to your business Or to your finance department in some Ways because you really can't control What at the end of the day may happen With the the funds that you're holding Imagine if all the money in your bank Account had restrictions tied to it well You can only spend it in in this Geography you can only spend it by such And such date or it goes back to to us I Mean that this could be done in so many Creepy ways that's why in conjunction With having a cbdc in the United States You're going to have to have something Like a a new Bill of Rights or something Around that you know there's no way not To do it I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that this is pure


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