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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here Visa Target Stablecoin settlements uh oh Russia Minting digital coins what's going on Here Ripple purchases 8.4 billion Dollars worth of xrp uh off the Secondary Market no less somebody wrote That beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.11 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're up point two percent good Afternoon everybody my oh my I love this Crypto space I love to smell it crypto In the morning I love to smell the Crypto in the evening yeah Bitcoin 23 100 plus ethereum 1600 plus tether Market cap 68.1 plus billion right now They say xrp is 40 cents and by the way Usdc we're gonna have to talk about it Today 41.8 billion remember that number Take a look at this if you haven't done It you want to join the digital Perspective Mastermind group because I'm Going to tell you your life is busy and I know that and you can get your time Back with the community and the tools Inside of here to help you achieve your Goals everything from crypto investing And all kinds of tools that you need for

That as well as wealth creation and Mindset ladies and gentlemen which is Really a big deal get in here learn What's going on the true secret weapon Is the collective of this group very Supportive group unlike what you find on Social media especially of recent let me Tell you time's running out we will cap This event and this deal and don't Forget as well if you want a VIP ticket With the annual subscription that's what You get it's xrp Las Vegas it is the xrp Army Meetup of a lifetime ladies and Gentlemen and you will have the chance To network and grow and connect with the People you've made relationships online With forever and there are going to be Some incredible attendees stay tuned for Details sign up it's on the Twitter it's Underneath this video put your email on There if you want to know you will that That is going to sell out I can tell you That right now ahead of time 40 million Xrp worth 15.9 million dollars Transferred from bitso to unknown wallet 41 million xrp were 16.2 million Transfer from unknown wallet to bitstamp 32 plus million were 13 million Transferred from binance to unknown Wallet now in just a second we're going To have a conversation about on-demand Liquidity in the secondary market and About how Ripple has been really to date As far as I know the largest purchaser

Of xrp off of the secondary Market stay Tuned for that very quickly here John Deaton representing 76 000 xrp holders and I'm proud to say I'm One of them yeah and truthfully at this Point if you don't understand it I'll Help you here John Dean's representing The entire cryptocurrency retail Community That's how big this has gotten And he reminds us here that what we're Talking about when we're talking about Xrp or cryptocurrency or a digital asset We're really talking about code computer Code And just because you can make an Investment contract out of something Whether it be a digital asset or a B Repelled or something of that nature or Any other thing or whiskey or whatever The historical precedence have been does Not make the actual underlying asset a Security you could have security Investment contracts over oil we all Know that's a commodity or gold Very nice reminder from John Deaton There general counsel for ripple Stuart El doradi he trolls the SEC a little bit Over the Spy balloon that was shot down He said just release photo of scc's Misguided case following two years of Ripple's Relentless defense You gotta love them when they have a Sense of humor don't you I know I do

Then there was this shout out to Ty this Was floating around he was curious he Shared this here Basically looking with the eyes saying Ripple lawsuit removed from the SEC Website right but if you go there and I Did you can click this link you will Still see it is still listed so it isn't Uh it isn't a sign as of yet that there Is some movement in the case at least That we could see from that knowledge But I do appreciate Tai sharing the Information and getting all of us to Take a further look but this is Something to note right here ladies and Gentlemen payment company Visa is Seeking to build muscle memory around Settlements with plans to allow Customers to convert digital assets to Fiat currencies on its platform if we go Into this very quickly here it involves Usdc and the ethereum network we've been Testing how actually how to actually Accept settlement payments from issuers In usdc starting on ethereum starting on Ethereum and paying out in usdc on Ethereum so these are large value Settlement payments large value Settlement payments this is what koi Sheffield said during a fireside chat Event and coin telegraph's team on the Ground at Tel Aviv Covering the two-day ethereum conference According to the executive global

Settlement with digital assets and Fiat Currencies is one of the Avenues that Visa is investing in he specifically Stated that's been one of the areas Where we want to build muscle memory the Same way we can convert between dollars And Euros on a cross-border transaction We should be able to convert between Digital tokenized dollars and Traditional dollars but wait there's More The pavement giant has been exploring How to incorporate blockchain technology Into existing Network to move money Faster but settlements still take place On the Swift system which is Society for Worldwide interbank Financial Telecommunications a not-for-profit Cooperative Society formed by European Bankers with the purpose of facilitating Secure and standardized transaction Communication between its members this To to me is exciting whether it's Ethereum starting there or not this to Me is exciting because it's a major Payments company looking to be able to Strategize and Target stable coins for Settlement and we all know the cost Efficiency that can come from that the Authorization makes Alpha bank and by The way we also know the pressure it Will put for Clear legislation in order To do it authorization makes Alpha Bank Russia's

Biggest Private Bank the second largest banking Institution that can mint digital coins After the state-owned Cyber bank which Is the largest bank in Russia Federations in terms of assets you know Look Russia is not messing around They're moving forward China's moving Forward brics Coalition is growing like Crazy now expanding to the tune of 51 Percent of the world's population this Will become its own payment fractional Zone right And all of this is really derived around Getting away from the US dollar and the Sanctions that can be imposed because of Swift The world is moving quickly ladies and Gentlemen I showed this this morning but Bear with me for the 43 seconds the People who didn't see this morning's Video and you should go watch that video Have seen the loss of trust and the Dollar and the Euro and the pound as the Currencies and which you can carry out Transactions hold deposits or assets and That is why step by step we are moving Away from the use of these unreliable Compromised currencies there you have it That is said as straight as it can be Said right there they're moving away From it step by step and again this all Points to it's not one day and then the Next day it's something else it points

To exactly what I know I've been Watching and tracking for years in this Space it is a phase implementation of Moving away from the major currencies of The world here That's what's taking place Don't believe it it's still true they're Telling us we're not even speculating That is the President of Russia telling Us exactly what they're doing But we also understand that the Countries around the world albeit Russia Certainly China They're all holding some of their Greatest assets to date and it's U.S Treasuries so this step by step is Exactly what it needs to be because just A complete dump trying to hurt the United States is only going to hurt Themselves So as this unfolds and takes place I Think that's why we're seeing the Visas The U.S faster payments Council all of These things coming together the U.S Waiting to the last possible moment to Take a step in this Arena because they Know they have the most to lose they Know that they have the most to be Harmed because it's the U.S dollar that Serves as the global Reserve currency Now isn't it Now let's talk about this Now I know there's been a lot of talk About the confidential committee and the

Buyback there and possibly the FED Buying back uh xrp and then really Exorbitant high prices look I've made it Very clear from this channel the thing I'm interested in from the confidential Committee is getting evaluation that Works for retail investors can Understand what a real true fair market Value for xrp actually is because There's things that we don't know as Retail investors it's quite simple right We don't know how many ndas that Ripple Has because Ripple is not a Consumer-facing company and then we're Not supposed to know right there's no Harm in that right but but that's where We're kind of in this place of we don't Get to know certain things because we're Not an institution We don't know how many option contracts Have actually been taken out and Pre-allocated xrp locked up in those We don't get to know those things but This is something we do get to know and What I see here is Ripple being a good Steward in fact a great steward Of xrp's escrow and what they do for Their customers Now think of this for a moment Ripple purchases 8.4 billion dollars Worth of xrp from secondary markets Since the SEC lawsuit to sustain the Token's price Now if you remember as an example

Tetragon held Ripple shares not xrp but Ripple shares Ripple went and purchased those shares At a higher valuation Than it was currently and currently at That time Ripple had a 10 billion Evaluation Ripple purchased the shares Back from tetragon at a 15 billion Dollar valuation Now Ripple is purchasing xrp from the Secondary market and redirecting that Into on-demand liquidity Now what I find interesting about that Is is that I find that that is really Good monetary policy if you believe xrp To be money I believe it to be money I certainly see it as a digital asset That serves as a virtual currency or a Bridge currency whatever makes you feel Better to say it And what I see here is a huge effort to Control monetary policy of an asset To make sure that it's a reliable price Just in the same manner that you would See the Federal Reserve issue treasury Bonds and then buy them back in order to Create a maintained and trusted price For their product that they offer which Is the US dollar You know I don't see anything wrong with This I see this to support healthy Markets I also see this is like this Could explain why the World Bank in November of 2021

Says they see xrp and xlm as stable Coins now what's interesting to me here Is is that xlm is a non-profit company Which is fine but they had an escrow and Then they burnt the escrow in 2019. So how would they do the buying back and Issuing tokens if they don't have the Escrow anymore maybe they do it with Their own personal Holdings I don't know Xlm Story the way I understand xrp But if we understand that Ripple is Working as a lender of Last Resort as We've heard many suggest inside of Ripple's Camp whether it be Miguel Villas or others Then what we really see is the Exercising of good mod good solid Monetary policy of this virtual currency Digital asset xrp to ensure its Confidence in price against the Fiat Currencies of the world And if you can create enough demand and Enough Reliance for that especially if We see a real moment of the geopolitical Landscape and the economy globally Shifting winds away from a debt-based System and a global Reserve currency Status that's always held by a nation Which is what we've experienced in the World to date so far Then I think what we see is the Opportunity for an asset like xrp to Serve as a bridge as we continue to Watch as the Russian president said step

By step watching Russia China all the Members of brics certainly Saudi Arabia Late as well begin to diminish their Position and U.S treasuries And allowing the opportunity for a Digital asset like xrp to serve as a Bridge to help insulate not only the us But other entities around the world from The spillover shocks and effects of the Chains from a debt-based system to a Multi-polar asset-backed system And what would be so bad about that I don't think anything at all right the Idea is that we're moving to a place Where we could see a world Exchange Where an asset could sit in between Everything of value and make a market For it as long as it has value and it's Been tokenized And if that's the case then I think what We're seeing out of Ripple certainly is Not a guess at whether it's a buyback Ripple has been doing a buy back for Some time now But what I really believe that buyback Speaks to is sound monetary policy which Is something that could be welcomed in a Time like this before I get out of here If you haven't put your name on that List click the link underneath get that Ledger Stacks not your keys not your Crypto love this Ledger Stacks invented By the creator of the iPod and while You're at it click the link for the

Privacy Pros underneath my video as well And get yourself a faraday bag I just Had two of them show up today and get The bill final and make sure whether It's fire or flood your keys your Private words are very very safe click The links underneath the video not Financial advice for me or anyone else And before we get out of here keep this In mind while we move through this Crypto winner Great minds discuss ideas average Minds Discuss events small

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