Ripple Test Theory & XRP Transparency vs. BTC/ETH/USDT Secrecy and Lies

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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor here's Ray Fuentes from link Two because this weekend they decrease They are my sponsor by the way they Decrease their prices to five thousand I Think two has just made it easier for You to invest in top performing private Companies with our investment minimums Of five thousand dollars whether you're A first time investor or a season linked To member Now's the Time to capitalize On this opportunity and why stop there You can even invest in link to itself The company revolutionizing the private Equities market and providing accredited Investors with access to private Investing this weekend take control of Your investments in the private Market With link to our platform prioritizes Privacy while maintaining usability and Intuitive features learn more and invest In link to today by visiting our website Or downloading our app there you go Links in the top of the the description Tell them D.A I sent you now Um check this out we covered this from Um this uh where coinbase acquired One River digital where Jay Clayton just Happens to be Um but John Deaton pointed out this Quote we're going to see a lot more

Strategic combinations Clayton said in An interview traditional Financial Players are starting to think about Acquisitions of distributed Ledger or Blockchain companies just as Charles Payne and I discussed Crush crypto so Legacy players can buy this is what they Did in the in the the crypto winner of 2018-19 while they were while they were Going out and talking about go they were Having Goldman Sachs write articles Where they're saying Bitcoins going to Go to zero and all this stuff And meanwhile we found out they were all Buying while they were doing this this Is no different but this time they've Got the help of Gary Gensler on top of It to make it even worse because in my Opinion this is the final this is the Final like real crypto winner before Everything becomes legitimate and They're using Gary as a tool for that My throat wrong sorry about that so That's what this is about that's also The reason I keep talking about link to And this this is not a um sales pitch or Anything but That's part of the reason I'm buying These private equities is because I know That that's what we're in and what Jay Clayton's saying right there's they so Now they've crushed crypto to the point Where think you know that these people Have to be looking at these companies

Like poly sign and all these different Companies that uh and just like they Want to scoop them up or like an I trust Capital or those kind of things Uh but anyway that is that is so what's Going on then representative french hill Who has been pro-crypto Um he says he was delighted to host Former cftc commissioner and SEC Chairman Jay Clayton at the digital Asset subcommittee meet and greet I Organized this week so I said hey Representative Hill do you re you do Realize that Jay Clayton is the one who Got this whole SEC crypto mess rolling Don't you I mean the the the these people are all On the same team and I don't care what They say I'm I'm they talk about new Days and then they're hanging out with Each other and having drinks okay I've lost a lot of faith in in this Country and just people in general Through this crypto thing He grabbed crypto xrp falling wedge Um Whoever that is TA stated that the Failure rate of FW is considerably low Failure rate for upwards breakout is Only eight to eleven percent fw's Bullish formation as it reflects sliding Prices starting to lose momentum xrp is Super bullish and that's really all I Had to read for you there

All right Um this is just a thought I had this Morning and I totally stand by this Remember the first thing Stuart El Doradi said when this lawsuit was Dropped against Ripple back in 2020 the First thing out of his mouth Was This is a ripple test well I've talked To uh attorney friends and in order to Have a ripple test you have to go to the Supreme Court that is what's been told To me by attorneys for that reason That's why I believe that this has been Their threat all along I think that Ripple Stuart El doradi and all these Guys I think they know that Gary wants a Win and Gary can't get a win if this Goes all the way to Supreme Court Because Gary's not going to be in the SEC chairmanship I think he they know That he wanted a tro a ripple trophy so That he could then go and get the Treasury job and I think that's why they Keep saying Ripple test Ripple test is a Threat Um and so and then uh here's some Interesting thoughts from this Ashley Prosper on this there may very well be a Ripple test for cryptos in in the future But my question is does Ripple have to Be the one to go to the Supreme Court to Make it xrp may get its Clarity and Other projects sued by the SEC May

Compare themselves to Ripple these Projects for example the ethereum Foundation may go to the Supreme Court Arguing they are comparable to Ripple Thus creating the Ripple test or am I Completely wrong I think it's going to Go down something like that I do not Believe I think this is Ripple say this Is the Ripple threat hey you keep Messing around we'll go we will go all The way to the Supreme Court with this Gary and then you don't get anything out Of it and we know if we know anything we Know that Gary is all about Gary he Doesn't give a rats behind about you and Me because Gary's already rich and we Know that he meets with his Vanguard the People managing his money over there at The SEC all the time because it's on the Calendar it's part of what he did not Scrub off the calendar crypto companies Behind tether used falsified documents And shell companies to get bank accounts Now folks here's the pattern Have you noticed this about crypto Everywhere where there is no Transparency Our government leaves alone which is Red Flag City okay Bitcoin you don't know who Satoshi is And they don't they don't even try they Don't even talk about it they don't even Braise it as an issue government leaves It alone tether they don't tell you what

Backs tether nobody says anything Gary Leaves that alone Ethereum disguise whales and the Ico Nobody nobody's interested at all in Going and finding out who those people Were even though there could have been Money laundering there nobody wants to Know the government's not interested in That that is not a coincidence folks There's a reason that the government Just happens to not want to go after all Of the companies and or entities or People Where there's secrecy and you're not and Nobody knows what went on but they could Easily find out They could easily go and find and say Okay we met with the four satoshi's and Here here's who they are and then Bitcoin goes down in flames they could Easily say hey we're gonna do an audit Of that ethereum Ico and we're going to Track it all the way back to all of Those those disguised whales their email Addresses and we'll find out all the Individuals that bought and where it Went after that they can do that today They could go after tether today and Find out exactly what backs tether but They don't do it on any three of them And that's the tell folks Listen to this clown and I do mean clown Because everything he says in this video Makes absolutely no sense the whole

Video gives me the heebie-jeebies until There is just you know been the major Issue that's crypto Skeptics have had And let me tell you why he's Rationalizing something that can't be Rationalized the reason he's doing is Because he he's a Bitcoin Maxi and he Knows full well tether props up the Bitcoin price For five plus years at this point and Justifiably so their level of Transparency has been extremely Important they just have a weak track Record there so can we talk about Transparency let's talk and explain that To folks who don't have traditional Finance backgrounds uh in terms of the Quality of collateral Etc We fundamentally don't know where the Assets that they're holding are which is On purpose that's a feature not a bug It's a feature it is a feature that they Are hiding what backs tether all these People that are sitting there with their Money in tether it's a feature that They're hiding from you what what Actually backs it while they say that It's a stable coin like tied to the Dollar or whatever about that please Um and because the really the that's Like that's like saying It's a it's a it was a feature that uh FTX was funneling money to Almeda the

Customer money to Alma that was a Feature not a bug The purpose of tether it was a feature Folks it's a feature that the whales are From the ethereum I see or disguise it's A feature that the government knows who The force of toshis are but acts like They don't and nobody talks about it Those are all features allow people to Hold dollars Dollar like tokens and transact on Blockchains in a way that's remote from The regulated U.S banking system so that Is the purpose it's very different from The purpose of USD I can't even listen Anymore that that is so BS I don't know What to tell you there there's a reason That more people listen to social media In the xrp communities and all of the Others there's a reason and and at the End of this I'll show you some of the Ethereum Denver uh video and you'll it Will further cement the reason we're the Adults in the room we always have been We we're calling out the obvious stuff That is that is either frauds or or Something not good nefarious dishonest Not transparent that's the stuff we that We've been calling out ethgate the Things that are truth that nobody wants To talk about Look at this New a contest to build modern cities and Flying cars might sound like like

Makings of The Jetsons For Trump they're part of the futuristic Policy policy proposal for a Quantum Leap and I went and watched the video he Actually used that word Quantum Leap There are no coincidences folks I think quantum computers are going to Play a major role in this transition That we're all going to do even though Everybody said oh no that's decades out Whatever Um then this one sec officials speaking At the bankruptcy hearing to determine If Voyager should be be sold to binance Said the agency's staff believes binance Us is operating an unregistered Securities Exchange in the U.S and John Deaton says lawsuit is coming Now here's Gary this is this is one of The few times that I've ever seen Anybody have an actual uh somewhat of a Real interview where they're kind of Trying to hold Gary Gensler accountable Well one particular builder in the Ecosystem the Ripple founder had to say A little bit earlier if you could just Take a listen The SEC is kind of playing offense and Attacking the whole industry this is not A healthy way to regulate an industry Your regulation through enforcement as Opposed to where we're seeing in other Countries where they're doing the work Right they're codifying they're creating

A framework that allows an industry to Grow while protecting consumers and I Think that's really what the US is Lagging Now check again tonight I'm pretty sure You might say well look a founder and And that sort of business might be Saying this but what about some of these Players like we've spoken to many who've Perhaps been part of previous Administrations who are now you know Advisors to some of these companies and Worried a little bit about the holistic Nature of really trying to regulate and Worried that it is more about Enforcement rather than rules of the Road at the moment Caroline there's There's nothing incompatible Crypto in our Securities laws there's This is where the LIE is if he calls Something a security it can't be used The way that these these digital assets Need to be used and he knows it British Loss were brought about to protect the Investing public against fraud and Schemes and manipulation and it was Through this idea of full fair and Truthful disclosure registering with the SEC when you're raising money from the Public and the Public's anticipating a Profit it's pretty straightforward Actually Common Sense approach to Helping the public in investing so this Broad field we have one goal at the SEC

Is for them to come into compliance Whether it's the tokens that's basically People raising money or offering so That's what ethereum did and you haven't Done anything to them And it's also what I'll call the Storefronts but they they can call Themselves crypto exchanges or lending Or staking okay that's what Joseph Lubin Is bragging about doing right now and You're not doing anything to him You can't pick and choose winners and Losers that is is at the core of the Problem and I don't even want you to go After ethereum I want a Level Playing Field and and if you don't have a Level Playing Field you have corruption Service or other intermediaries to come Into compliance and ensure that they Aren't uh uh initially the public but Also that they don't commingle the funds They don't take the Public's uh fines And do things we just don't allow in our Financial markets we don't allow the New York Stock Exchange to also play uh with The customers funds and make markets run A hedge fund run a dealer be in the Clearing business we separate all right Enough of him I can only listen to so Much of that now Stefan Huber did put Together he Illustrated the absurdity of This and a lot of you may or may not Remember but early when the when the When we started exposing youthgate the

SEC Charles gasparino had sources is From the SEC and they were blatantly Lying to him and here's the illustration Of the lies ethereum has been given the Great light it could keep working even Though it didn't register any of this Stuff uh Ripple as you know is being Sued uh what's the difference between Ripple and a theory well the SEC would Say Ripple is still building out its Platform the ethereum platform is built Out the stuff is now trading like any Other commodity not a security that is Used to build something where you get Something in return Build on top of that turns out we can Build a financial Plumbing layer concept Of launching something that doesn't Scale and then rebuilding Social plans so the exact opposite Through xrp Ledger is built out the Ethereum network was not built out when They got gave it the free pass it wasn't Going to be scalable for sure Um the ethereum platform is built out The stuff is now trading like any other Commodity not a security that is used to Build something where you get something In return and wise but our current Strategy is that we have three pools of Ether so one pool has the pool that we Sell the other pool is the the Infinitely growing pool that it's going To get mined and the third pool is a

Small pool roughly something like 30 30 Of the user that we sell is something That we're we're going to use as an Organization to pay for development long Term organization To pay for development long term the Ethereum platform is built out the stuff Is now trading like any other commodity Not a security that is used to build Something where you get something in Return We are probably almost certainly going To release ethereum 2.0 sometime around 2016 or so which will hopefully have Much more advanced cryptography Protocols that will really solve the Scalability issue to a much greater Extent we are probably almost certainly Going to release ethereum 2.0 at some Time around 2016 or so the ethereum Platform is built out the stuff is now Trading like any other commodity not a Security that is used to build something Where you get something in return Build on top of that turns out we can Build a financial Plumbing layer concept Of launching something that doesn't Scale them then Rebuilding yes Um Absurd the whole thing's absurd now this Is um Joseph Lube in just a couple of Weeks ago right here saying that Basically he he and he and The

Regulators they're on the same team it's All those other bad guys they're the bad Guys but Joseph lubin's on the same team With us Um there's a Paul over the ecosystem Right now I think in the New Year we Turn that into the opportunity to help Regulators and other uh global leaders To understand how good all this is and How they should have an adversarial Relationship with C5 but defy or the People in our our ecosystem who are Proponents of decentralization we're Kind of on the same team as The Regulators we're trying to empower uh Consumers and institutions and we're Trying to protect them so he's trying to Protect us By disguising the whales in the ethereum Ico I guess is what he that's protection Well there's only two this is I don't Understand why the whole industry is not Outraged by this there's only two people Who have been able to success in crypto That have been able to successfully go In to come in and quote come in and see Us at the SEC that is Sam bankman freed And Joseph Lubin and that's really all You need to know except for this Look at this It this is let me tell you what I see When I see this this is like We're being made fun of when I see this That's this is ethereum Denver

Okay and then there's this look at this Oh that makes me want to vomit all over My keyboard so I'm gonna stop I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that I almost Vomited on my keyboard thanks for Listening Thank you


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